White 2-105 Hyd. oil leaking down to tran. oil

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White 2-105 Hyd. oil leaking down to tran. oil

Greetings, on our White 2-105 we are having
the hyd. oil escaping down to the transmission
area at a very fast rate. Any ideas?

Jason More clarification please? You are getting transmission oil into your 3speed box?
oliver fan Most likely the oil is getting into the transmission through the PTO. There is a "O" ring that will leak and the oil will be pumped in through the hydraulic engaged pto clutch. Happens quite often, and doesn't cost much to fix.
Oil is going into the main lower transmission
area, not the three speed box. Last year we had
trouble with the same thing, but only when PTO
was running. This time it is without PTO running. One gallon per hour of operation.

Thanks for your comments,

Russ the oil seal in hydraulic pump is bad - but easy to repair, or the o rings in the pto unit are bad - also easy to repair, remove pto unit from tractor, at this time you can check hyd. pump seal for leaks (reinstall pto shaft in tractor and start engine) if hyd pump seal leaks you should see hyd oil running down left side of trans housing. check pto unit by fabricating a small funnel type reservoir that will fit into pto control valve and fill with oil - if oil level drops the o rings are bad and pto needs overhaul - good luck
Mike_MN Did you get this figured out Don? I am having the same issue on my 2-105, oil draining into trans, frothing oil escapes out of stick shift at a high rate when pto is engaged and tractor is at pto rpms. Local shop told me it requires a split of the tractor and a couple thousand to repair, so I'm going to attempt myself due to cost. This thread and Oliver Fan and Russ's comments are giving me hope that maybe I won't have to split her? Anyone have thoughts on my situation? Thanks much!
Michael Wallace How much hydrolic fluid do these tractors hold ? I blew a line and its completely empty anyone know

jeff the hydraulic cooling pump that is behind the hydraulic pump in the trans. seal is dryed out. just replaced one.
trent cates I have a 2-105 leaking hyd. oil out a small 1" hole on the bottom right side of rear end housing,have to add 1 gallon hour now up behind the seat
john blades have foton tractor, leaking from hyd area, into gear box, just now found out, have any idea, john
randy I have problem with hydraulic oil getting into rear end ,Bearing went out of pto we fixed and put together worked fine then next day went to move it no power steering , How to fix Thanks

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