White 2-180 III

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White 2-180 III

Steven Resler I found a white 2-180 III with a cat III engine it has 2900 hours and is in great shape from what I can see from the pictures and from what the farmer told on the phone. I have a friend who said that these engines are a junk engine though any feedback on it would be very appreciated. Please send responses to my email
Aaron I wouldn't be afarid of it. Some people just don't like the 3208 cat motor, but if its taken care off, there shouldn't be any problems.

You have to be realistic about how they will last. It is a high rpm short stroke motor, so it isn't going to last forever, BUT for its size it will have plenty of power.

Steven It is sleevless right and do they recommend ina overhaul you have to replace the whole block.
Aaron Steven,

Yes the 3208 is a sleeveless motor, but as long as it has been maintained before and you take care of it. It should last a long time. Also, the 3208 has only two rings per piston and it relys on compression to seat the rings tight. If you idle this motor it will use oil. It was made to be run!

So if its in good to great shape and a farmer who had it took care of it (200 hours oil changes, clean air and fuel filters at routine intervals)I wouldn't be scared of it.


Jerry Donahue V-8 diesels in general are inferior to inline ones...5 main bearings versus 7, pump located in hot valley between heads. I ran a 3208 T in a medium duty Chevy with an Allison. It lasted about 100 K... There are a lot of 3208's in the bone yards. The V-8 Cummins 903 ( 9 oh nothin) isn't much better. The only good one that I can think of is the 8V-71 Detroit which didn' make enough horsepower to self destruct. The 8V-92 Detroit did. The 3208 will be fine with proper care and a " little luck ". After all it is a CAT.
Oliver459 I have one and I like it.
AS for the engine, just don't us full rpms and you will be fine

Brent Dumais i would take this motor all day long...as long as oil is changed, etc...i have a 3150 cat in a 2255 oliver. lots of power and torque.
dually guy keep her idled down

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