Oliver 1650 Diesel

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Oliver 1650 Diesel

Randy I recently purchase a 1650 diesel, that had sat inside for 6-7 years. It starts hard even when it is 50 degrees out, unless you use the manifold preheater. I have condensation in fuel cap when I take it off. Could water in diesel fuel be the culpret?? Or maybe injectors?? Or is the motor tired?? It runs a little rough the first 5-10 minutes and then smooths out nicely. It doesnt smoke bad or use any oil. Any ideas would be appreciated, as I am new to diesels in a tractor. Only had gassers before. Thanks.
Chas in Tn. If a tractor sits that long even in the dry, many problems will arrive! Injection pumps sitting this long will probally need rebuilt as I have learned from my dads 1655 sitting too long. Clean the system completely and replace all fluids and filters.
Randy I changed both filters and put new fuel in it. Does seem to start better now, but still have a miss. I cracked injector lines and they all made a equal difference. Has somewhat of a white-ish smoke coming out of exhaust and will puff more white when it misses. Any ideas will be appreciated.
Lanny Hello Randy, I don't believe it is unusual for your 1650 Diesel to run rough and smoke and miss a bit when cold. That engine design did not used direct injection as manufactures do today, but used energy cells. The fuel from the injector shot across the top of the piston into an energy cell and burned there setting up turbulance and swirl in the cylinder. The engine had to be warm for this to be efficient. Also remember, Diesels ignite the fuel mixture by the heat of compression, and 1 or 2 degrees of temperature are the difference between smoke and fire. I would think manifold preheat would be normal. Lanny
Don The early 1650 used the cells the later ones used direct injection mine is and runs great even with 5700 hours on it.
steve graves i cant get my pto to stop turning even with the handle in off do you have any ideals of what might be the cure for this
Herb I have an Oliver 1650 as well, it is hard starting always has been, always need to preheat it anything below 85 degrees unless the tractot had been running in the previous 4 hours , and heaven forbid it has to be started below 32, that requires starting fluid, even though i dont like useing it it wont start any other way. So I'd go as far as to the a miss is normal when its cold, once mine is up to operating temp it runs great.
300winchester My 1650 always needs a preheater unless ran and warmed up. have not taken compression yet but ??
indirect injection, takes a while to warm up then smooths right out.

Bob Powell I recently bought a 1650 and the pro won't stop spinning even when its off.Do u have any suggestions...
James S. VanGorden I have a Oliver 1650 diesel and my engine preheater is broke. The preheater is in the clnt
in pipe. I am having a hard time to find one to
replace it. Is there one that matches the orignal
one? Also my lift pump (fuel) looks like it is leaking, how hard are they to find.

wayne where do I purchase the inside filter from the primary fuel filter for a 1650 diesel tractor?

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