International harvester loader/backhoe

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International harvester loader/backhoe

Ray I have a Internationl Harvester loader/backhoe tractor, 3514 series ser#3641, International deisel engine,#3136 316R1, I am trying to find out the cc's and the horsepower of this engine,and the year of the tractor, and somewhere one might buy parts and manuals
Pat F. Ray, I have the same tractor/backhoe. I was able to get six (6) different manuals/parts books from a local Komatsu dealer here in Denver. I did not find a listing for the part number that you gave but there a listing for part number 3 136 314 R1 which is a intake manifold. Also, the operator's manual shows one (1) diesel engine, a 4 cyl (D-239), 239 displacement. I hope that this will help.
John Shutters Needed: Engine or good rebuildable block for International backhoe. Also needed: Information about engines used in International backhoes, especially about engine swaps, etc.

D Gault I have an International 2500 Series B with a backhoe. Unit runs strong but I am trying to locate a service/repair manual for the backhoe.

Any suggestions?


August 19, 2005
From: Pittsburgh.....PENNSYLVANIA

I have an INTERNATIONAL B2500 ~1978,with a backhoe ( and some books ).

Let me check if I have the service manual.
I'll let you know.....


D Gault Roberto - Thanks; keep me posted and let me know what you find.


tom boarman I have a model 270A IH bachoe with a 4 cyl diesel which I am looking for a motor or block for.Don't know where to look or exactly what to look for (ie:hp/size etc.) any help would be appreciated
Susan Quinton I was told the one I have is an 640 utility international but I can't seem to find anything on this . I looks almost the same as the 3414 international harvester with the backhoe and loader on the front. Could you please help me with this

Thanks Sue

john evans I have a IH3414 diesel back hoe model about 1975 and I need new hydrolic pump installed. swings side to side good but does not extend out and out riggers are slow to go down. is there any way to increase the pressure on the pump? Or could there be some blockage on the new pump? Where could a person get a manual?
David Baggett I have bought a IH 5500 loader with it's backhoe removed. I'm fitting a backhoe from a ditch witch. I would like to find a hydraulic diagram for my loader. My backhoe is closed centre hydraulics and I think the loader is open center.

Thanks for any help.

Paul Ray, I have a 3514 International serial#3594
year is 1964.

Sue Tappin Hi any one have any info on removing the starter on a 3514 on a 1970 something 3514 backhoe??? Sits under the fuel tank , panel in cab can be removed but unit doesn't fit thru opening. Thanks for any suggestions!
JS Mokros Looking for help. We have an IH 3444. Seemed to be running fine until one day when it acted as though it ran out of fuel and died. We tried several things to get it started, but to no avail. We have begun to dig into it and removed the fuel lift pump and fuel injector pump...we found a place that can 'check' the injector pump, but are having troubles locating a lift pump. The tractor is an early 70s model to our best guess, and the bronze colored lever that sticks out has the numbers: 7950157 then EN32B EV. Can anybody help us find a manual for this tractor, and possible replacement part/part number for the lift pump mentioned above? Thanks for your time~ J&S
Re: IH 3414 Diesel loader/backhoe

I have this backhoe and I am trying to get an idea of year. The only ID plate is from a dealer with a number 965. I don't think that is a serial number. Engine has a number #5040912R2 so I am not sure if I can get a year by using this number.
Any suggestions?

1975 Case IH Backhoe #3444

Some of the wise ole' retired mechanics need to put together a website that shows photos and tells how to identify year, model, engine, and so forth for the Case IH construction side, because the Agriculture side doesn't seem to wish to mess with it, nor does Dresser seem to wish to either. Any takers.

Rick Channell I have a 3414 backhoe rubber tire loader and wold like to know the yr. it was built. I would also like to know when the last one was built.
Thank you
Rick C.
ps. my backhoe has a diesel engine.

freddy I have a 270A from 1980, need some parts, and also need a parts manual for verify those parts number. Any sugestion about where can I buy a part manual and also buy a engine parts?

ken I have a international 2500 series b with backhoe. need an injector pump. new or used? i have not had any luck finding one.
Gary I have a D239 engine that I am trying to set engine timing and injector pump. Can any one help me?
John I am looking for information about my IH 250 Series A backhoe loader, Model: 1-250PH, SN: 2340127B101032-X-
I would like to know more about the year, engine, how to service, maintain and restore it. I'd appreciate any information on who has information about it.
Thanks, John

gary j. My IH3444 diesel backhoe has bd154 motor in it.
Bob H I have a international 2500 B Series 4 cyl gas engine is lock-up I can't find tractor serial No.or engine no.
Rocket Our 1980 intersmashable loader had its Hydro fluid changed.We lost power steering.we bled the line at the steering cyl.however no help from that.any suggestions?
dave r we have a 2500D and it would run for a few seconds then quit. changed the filters and flushed out the tank the best we could. now we are trying to get the injector off and it will not release from where it mounts. is there something im missing? all nuts and bolts are off and were frazzled.
Kevin I have a contact at Frederickburg Equipment that can help anyone with year requests and find parts. I have a 1964 3514 that he has helped me with. I have rebuilt the injectors,replace the head gasket, new thermostat,rebuilt deverter valve, vavle cover gasket. Don can get you part numbers so you can find and order the parts required. Remember these tractors have 2 engine sizes. the engine number is located on the drivers side of the tractor "or the rights side" on the engine block directly under the fuel filter.
The number for Don is 830-997-7533

Tom I have a 2500 b series backhoe. Trying to find out where the hydralic filters are located and how to change them. thanks
ryan I have a 63 model international harvester backhoe 3414. Does anyone know the horse power for a 4 cylinder gas and need used parts to make it into a 3 point arms exc. also looking to buy any manuals please send any information to Thank you.
scott I have both manuals for the tractor (3414) I will check i the books for the specs to see if the horsepower is there
ryan Scott thank you could you send me an email if you find the engine size thanks again.

Roderick Palmer Year"1970--we need Service&parts Manual for this !--if anyone have this & not need it--please let us know asap--we need it asap!--let us know how much it for sale?--we live here in state of Pa..thanks for attention&Care,R.D.P.
Scottie Godwin I'm looking a shuttle clutch for a 2500 international loader backhoe
Jack in middleboro,mass I bought a 3414 int backhoe/loader from my next door neighbor's widow, it runs good but the steering does not work. Not long b-4 he past away he told me that something was wrong with it and he had started to take it a part,he noted it the service manual that he check the steering wheel pump and it was ok the wheel turns round&round and does nothing can any one help me Thank-you JACK
esp.philbrook Starter will come out thru dash panel. Must remove steering wheel. We hoisted it to top of cab. Big P. N the A. Good luck!

JOHN need to know were to get the return tubes for the injectors on a abd154 diesel , also i need the glo plug wires. thanks john
Joseph Richter I am parting out an Int 270A backhoe, everything is in good shape except transmission. New hydraulic pumps.
Sean I have a 3514 and looks alot like the gary and Dougs picture above. I am looking for a injection pump any winners?

Gary Palmer I need a new injection line for a 239 motor on the number 2 cylinder.
Joe mato I have a 1978 B2500 IH tractor loader
can someone tell me what hydralic oil it uses?

dennis sims Hellow I have a 1964ish international backhoe loader, were is the best place to get manual on hydrolic system? And maybe a transmission manual. I want to see how it works. Its a hydro but I dont know how it works.

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