Help! No gas to ZTU cylinders

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Help! No gas to ZTU cylinders

Louis Steiner I had the engine running in December last year. I tried to start it again last week, but could not get gas to the cylinders. I cleaned the carb (Marvel Schebler) and replaced the gasket, but no help. I watched the valves open and close. I could blow air into the sparkplug hole on each cylinder and have it blow out the connection to the carb. I had new rings and new valves installed a year ago. I appear to have good compression, but I don't know what it should be.

My understanding of how this should work is as follows: the downstroke of the piston should create a partial vaccumm which will draw the gas from the carb to the cylinder. The venturi does not fit tightly between the upper and lower halves of the carb, but I do not see in the parts manual any gaskets that should go on either end of the venturi. Am I thinking correctly?

I can manually squirt gas into the cylinders and have the engine run momentarily. I am just about at wits end on what could be the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am shooting to get the tractor to a parade the middle of July where hopefully my 89 year old father can drive it.

Thanks, Louis Steiner

wayne etter Check the fine screen in the carb. It is attached to the gas line fitting that screws into the carb.
that is my only guess. I can't help you on the gasket.

Ron did you get it running. I have a loaner carb on my Zau that should fit.
Helmut neufeld I know this sounds stupid but do you have gas in the carb. Could be as simple as a plugged fuel line. Try spraying WD-40 into the carb intake as you turn the engine. If it is a fuel problem it should fire on the on the WD-40. Helmut
Louis STeiner THanks Helmut,

I found the problem in July. It turns out that the intake/exhaust manifold gaskets which were new when I installed the manifold, compressed after running the first time and caused a small air leak which kept a vaccumn from being drawn to pull up the gas from the carb into the intake manifold. I tightened the bolts and it started right up. Sure had me going for a while though!
Louis Steiner

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