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brendon Hi all has anyone had problems with the gear box on a mf 3080.
ive just brought a 1987 mf 3080 and after buying it everyone has informed me that the 3000 series had a problem with the gear box has anyone got any idea of what it was that went wrong with them?

Geoff Gane Hi Brendon,..in a word...YES..as an ex MF service engineer I know only too well that the first of the 3000 series gearboxes were a problem..however as time went on there were many modifications to them and problems did become fewer and further between but were still not uncommon..the final solution in the end was to fit an exchange gearbox but it only gave you 16 gears instead of 32 I have done many and was one of the first to fit the new gearbox which did finally seem to cure the problems..the main problems were the A-B range and the bearing in the centre of the bottom shaft where the mainshaft joined with the front input shaft..However you might be lucky and have a gearbox that has been well modified and correctly set up so just keep your fingers crossed...the 3080 was and still is a great workhorse...if you need any more info or help please feel free to contact me....Best regards...Geoff
Brendon Thanks mate good to know what the deal is.
ive only just got off the phone with the dealer and he said that my gearbox and engine were rebuilt not that long ago the 3080 has done 9500 hours.
he seems to think its only done 100 or so since rebuild.
every thing sould good no rattles out of the box or engine one of the reasons i brought it in the first place.
I can stand at the back of her and i can hear the hydrolic pump in the box working everythings that quiet.
but now i wonder how long its going to stay that way .... what should i look out for in the way of signs somethings wrong

Brendon Hi Geoff
just sent you an email but it wouldnt go threw unsure why ?
I will just post it here maybe you could email me after reading my posts
Hi mate
thanks for answering my question on the mf3080 gearbox as you probably donít know Iím in Tasmania Australia a fair days drive from you I would say lol .
anyway as you may of read by now Iím interested in knowing what signs to look out for so I can keep an eye out for damage, maybe I can fix it before it stuff something.
also as I think I said in my reply on the site I was informed that the box and engine was rebuilt around 100 hours ago the 3080 has done 9500 hours is this also an unusual thing at the amount of hours.
Also can you inform me of what hours are to km per hour is it 100 hours 100 kilometres? No one seems to know down here
anyway thanks again, any info you can send my way would be great
Hobart Tasmania Australia

Geoff Gane Hi Brendon...yes it would take an hour or two to get to you...I would have to take lunch with me to have on the way lol...you probably won't know if anything has gone wrong until your steering goes tight..the steering gets priority over anything else in the hydraulic system for obvious reasons..the hydraulic filtet clogs up with all the debtis from the gearbox and no oil gets through..the low hydraulic pressure warning light will come on and you will have no pto..difflock..A-B range change and 4wd will automatically come in..If the dealer you have bought it from tells you what has been done you should be hopefully ok..9500 hours and a gearbox and engine rebuild and you should be ok.can't help with the kilometers/hours bit but in the UK it was roughly thought to be 50 miles/hour so 9500x50 might give you a rough idea as to what "mileage" your 3080 has done...I'm still here if you need any more help/info...Best regards....Geoff
Brendon thanks Geoff
one more question how many hours do you think between services ?
and what should be done every service. Would you do all filters every service or every 2nd service?

Geoff Gane Brendon if my memory??..serves me correctly..every 250 hrs change engine oil & filter..blow out air filter...that should be done weekly/daily if working in very dusty conditions...500 hrs change engine oil/filter and fuel filters and water trap and fuel lift pump and to be safe the hydraulic oil filter...every 1000 as for 500 hrs but change all the oils...transmission/hydraulic oil..engine and front axle/4wd hubs..grease every service especially front axle 4wd axle shafts..in fact all points should be done on a daily certainly weekly basis depending on operating conditions...the cab filter should be cleaned every service and oftener if need be...Remember I am going by UK spec and from memory...it's been 4 yrs since I worked as an MF service engineer...if you have one you should be able to find al the relevant service info from your tractor service/operators handbook..I hope that the info I have given you is helpful but if you need any more please contact me again....Best regards...Geoff
Andy It would be worth noting that when operating tractors fitted with that A-B gear-box A & B ranges should not be changed when the tractor is travelling at speed espicially when changing from B to A. A change from A to B can be made but 1st,2nd,3rd & 4th gear lever should be in neuteral. 3000 series driver.
Brendon yes i guess it would be worth being in the right gear before working it for sure. as changing from a to b i think i would be wise to have the right gear before moving off and would say going from b to a on the move would be a bad thing and would put extra load on the box but i will be stopping before changing ranges full stop but thanks for your advice evrything worth a noting
Re: 3080, 3050

I have a 3050 wd 32 speed 1990 model with a loader, i am now just on my 3rd clutch, i have had the tractor since new, only i drive it.
There is one thing i have never been able to fix. That is the tacho stopped working at 2,500 hours, i brought a new one but that made no difference?
I have also found the front swivel hub bearings are a problem with the loader, they need replacing and shimming often, i now have fitted grease nibbles in covers, also in the bottom of the gear lever changes.
I also went the one big battery, in stead of the two batteries, this stop all the corrosion at the battery terminals.
I also fitted an other large oil filter on the dump return of the frontend loader, as i learnt very early one about the need for very clean oil in the transmission, with a stuck valve in the 4wd solenoid.
I have found another problem, and that is the breather on top of the gearbox lets in water if you wash the tractor the hose, this is still a problem on some of the MF new models i have seen! I like the 3050 tractor itís about as good as a d4 dozer. Owen, Newcastle, Australia
Another problem i have is that the draft control, has become over sensitive, over time, i have hard ever used it, i use a slasher most of the time, but with the switch is the down position, it shudders, or goes up and down, so i have to put it in the natural position all the time to stop it, i disconnected one of the lower link sensors but that didnít make much difference, do you have any ideas please, Owen, Newcastle Australia

joseph.boateng i have a MF 3080 and all the solinoid on the tractor have stopped working
how can i get one to buy or get it repaired.
i understand there are 5 solinoid on thge tractor
i need help please.

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