MF 245 PTO clutch adjustment?

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MF 245 PTO clutch adjustment?

Adam I currently engage/disengage my pto by mashing the transmission clutch down, and then using the lever for the pto to put it in or out of gear. It is my understanding that the pedal by my heel is suppossed to be for this purpose so that you can take the pto out or on while moving the tractor, however, when i press on this pedal there is very little that happpens....the pto may slow down a little but it is really not noticable and most certainly does not disengage. I f i try to operate the pto lever while stepping on this pedal, as you guessed, i will grind the gears.

I cannot find any external adjustment in my manual for this...........maybe someone knows of one?

Dannel Adam, The pedal you described sounds like the Differental Lock. Depressing this pedal allows both rear wheels to pull.
adam p I just found a pic of that in the manual, and yes it is called the differential lock pedal................but i do not seem to find any info on why to use it.....

From what you said, I guess normally one rear wheel is the drive wheel and the other follows? and when you step on the pedal, both wheels push at the same time?

Why would this be needed? ( I am an inexperienced tractor operator with only about 50 hrs experience)

Dannel adam,Yes to both questions. The Diff-Loc is used when extra traction is needed, such as pulling or dragging a heavy object on a soft or slippery surface.

It also makes getting stuck in the mud more fun, as you have both rear wheels buried in the mud instead of one G

smokey2 The PTO clutch troubles may require a adjustment to the 2 stage clutch. This is a common problem. Check Big Deans site for full details and help.
He is the MF guru.
The diff lock lever is what you use when you start to get bogged down with wheel slip. It generally means you need to get the tractor back into the shed before you get really bogged.

adam p What is the link for Big Dean's site?

smokey2 Try http:// bigdean62/ index.html with out the spaces
mitch how to ajust and/or replace pto clutch on massey 245 1980 perkins diesel 6 speed 2 stage clutch
robert oakley i would like some help on adjusting pto clutch onMF 245 tractor.

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