How to plow a field?

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How to plow a field?

Adam P Hello,
I am sorry for the dumb question. I have an MF 245, a small 3 point plow, a disk harrow, and a "cultivator" . I have a 30 acre farm in WV, and want to plow and plant a wildflower meadow. The field in mind used to grow crops many years ago, and other fields on my place mainly grew hay. I want to plow and plant one field that is about 4 acres, and then later in the summer start plowing the other fields so i can kill most of the weeds before i really start to grow something. I have no idea how to use a plow once i get it on the tractor. Please advice this greenhorn!

Steve in SJ Find the center of the field in the front center and back, mark off the center with stakes or sticks if you want to just run them over. Eye up the last stake with the first two just to give yourself a straight line. line up the tractor on the stakes and plow as straight as you can. turn around at the end and plow back up the field with the first bottom completely over lapping so that the middle hill is higher than the rest again as straight as you can.

When you get to the top again line up the wheel in the ditch(furrow) so that the first bottom is covering up the furrow. The object is to have all of the hills(accept center) even. I don't Know what adjustments you have on you plow but it is fairly easy to figure out.

Next time you plow the field you want to throw the dirt out so you have a ditch instead of the center ridge

When disking always go off a few degrees from straight to help level field and you will have to disk the ridge several times to knock it down.Don't forget to use a heavy pipe or square stock behind the disk(a little longer).

The disk should also be adjustable, the more rank the adjustment the more dirt gets thrown in the middle. Also slowing down or speeding up will adjust this. Still shooting for level.

In a larger Fields you can divide the field in half or thirds

I would start out in second or third for plowing and jump up a gear for disking and adjust gear as needed

After plowing let the field set for at least two weeks then at least a week between disking. You'll have to disk at least twice

Adam P How deep do you let the plow dig in? That is something i wonder about...........

Steve in SJ some only plow 6 or 8 inches and I've seen guys who plow so deep that they could only pull the plow after a good heavy rain, maybe 12 inches (measured in the furrow after your a couple passes away from the center ridge) Another thing you may want to consider is sub soiling especially in the hay fields to break up the hard pan. sub soilers are usually pretty cheap and well worth the price in some types of soil
BOB UK Hi Adam

The following is a reply a gave on a request on how to set up a two furrow plough for the first time, so as to get some were near a good start.

When I first started to go ploughing I had the same question, but how I set mine up was to get some concrete blocks or strong wood and built a small ramp so I could drive the tractor up on the left hand side wheels (both front and back) this would give the tractor the same tilt as if it was ploughing, the height should be as the same depth you are ploughing at, try 6" first That will give you a good start.

By lowering the plough to the ground (do this on a flat surface) to start with adjust the top link so the base of both ploughs are sitting flat on the ground, then adjust the hydraulic arm so as the plough side is vertical, you may have to lift the plough up and down a few times to get it to sit right but in the end it should look vertical and sit flat on the ground.

Take it out for its first try, the first furrow will be useless as the tractor wheels are not in the ground but the second one will be and any fine tuning can be done.

Fine tuning could be required if the furrow does not turn over completely, this could be because the plough is not vertical in the ground or that the ground is not flat, just adjust the hydraulic arm up a bit to compensate for it. also the plough might not want to "dig" into the ground to get started so shorten the top link this will put the front of the plough down.

If you clean the hydraulic arm were it joins the adjuster you will feel or see a small grove in the lower arm, once you have got the hang of setting it up you can use the mark to set it up every time, by measuring the gap, always turn the handle one complete turn at a time and keep count so you can put it back and try again if you have turned it the wrong way.

Do you have the instructions on using the hydraulics? if not I have a copy I can send you.

Hope this is of help.


If you need some more help let me know


cheryl This is all new to me.Do you disk with your plowed rows or disk across them. If the field was plowed years ago and never disked up should I brush hog over it first. Please help. Just learning Thanks
charles case hunsdon ok i am plowing with a 5 bottom case ih which im pulling with a jd 8410 so my question is after i make a pass and turn around and let the plow down the furrow isnt getting coverd for about 6ft. its just that first 4 to 6ft at the start of my passes maybe yall might be able to give me an idea what im doing wrong.
Mitchell Using a 1974 Massey 175 tractor with a three blade plough. It's heavy in construction with a 12 inch attached rubber tire and extender that goes to the ground for support on the drivers side. Once hooked up I raise this off the ground, without it down I cannot attach because the plough just falls over. Also not sure if it is used at all during ploughing. It has also a steel tail wheel on the back to keep it straight when in use. First time farmer and first time ploughing a field, no idea how to use this but have seen your description on how to use but no luck. Have adjusted it every way I can but does not want to fully turn over the soil no matter how deep or or fast I run it even to a point were the front end comes up in high number one gear. Weeds had been growing for one season only and I have cut them down to the ground, the soil is fairly dry and has approx. 11 inches of black soil before sandy loam. When I adjust it usually the drivers right side blade turns over but can never get more then two blades at any time. Does the concentration of weeds have any effect on it?. Any details at all would be appreciated.....Mitchell
Kevin Demers I am new to the plowing and discing and have some old equiptment the disc has no wheels but has four gangs of eignt each i was told it is a old international model it workds ok but is i try and cut at to much of a angel the front center go together and lift up off the field any help? on the plow it is a three bottem with rubber tires what i am trying to plow has not been turned in 15-20 years and we had horses on it for 6 years tuff going long grass help!!
robert fox where can i find a video or illustrated book/publication that explains and shows how to actually plow, disc, sub-soil, plant farm fields?
i purchased a small farm that came with a medium size tractor, 2 bottom plow, small disc and a couple of other attachments. now i want to plant some deer-management food plots , but have no idea how to set or begin to plow a field.
where can i go to learn the BASIC farm practices?

Re: How to plow a field?

Your start passes will be like that. When you are done plowing the 'width' of your plot, go back and straighten up the 'ends' by making 1 or 2 passes at a right angle at each 'end', throwing the dirt toward the rest of the plowed plot.

Cindy Why is it that I've noticed so many fields are plowed around the perimeter only of their fields, and were left that way over the winter?
Fresh Start USA Farm and Seed Company
Re: Follow Our Farm and Garden Blog for Tips,Seeds, Etc

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