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massey ferguson 124 twine tie square baler

seth am having problems getting my bales to tie on my MF 124 twine tie baler. sometimes one side ties & then other times neither ties
Geoff Hi Seth, Was the bailer tying ok when you finished using it last season? That is the first step to cover..if so it a well known fact that that the knotters on a 124 bailer will never refuse to tie (provided it has suretie knotters and not rasspe type fitted) Mostly the most common fault I have come accross is either the string tension not tight enough ors the knotters clogged up and sticky from the pollen on the grass. Increase the tension on the string where it comes through the string box and monitor the situation....always keep a check on any adjustments you make so you can revert back to where everything was incase that particular adjustment doesn't work. Give the knotters a good clean and lobticate with release oil and ordinary engine oil and see what happens, that is the way I always went when attendind a baler problem/breakdown....Geoff
bill If you or the person fixing your baler has a not had much experance repair knotters on this series of balers, Leave it too someone who does. Parts are hard to find for the knotter and some like the twine disc i was looking for, are discontinued from agco (massey). Located one in quebec for $800.00. ended up buying a scrap baler.
Mike Eckroat I have a MF 124 baler. Last year I was having problems with the knot not coming off the bale hook. The old mechanic that was working on it told me that is was wore causing it to bind up. $500.00 later a new bale hook I had my baler running. In the next 500 bales only 4 broke. Put the baler away for the winter, pulled it out this year looking for a good season, and the new bale hook was doing the same thing as last year with the old one. Fought it for two nights and my customer decided to roll it up in big bales. The right side, new side, looks just like the left side, which never misses. Whats wrong with it? I'm using plastic twine, was using sisal twine but the mice like it too much and was loosing to many bales in the barn. The baler is in great shape, but I'm going bald from pulling my hair out. Any suggestion?
seth I have a 124 massey ferguson twine tie. I got it at an auction, so I am not very familiar with its performance record prior to me owning it. It is a very well built machine and all the major components work very well, that is until it comes to the knotters. It will tie on the side towards the string box, but the other side towards the wheel will not release the knot. It will tie just fine, but then it fails to cut one of the two sides of string. The pressure of the next bale pushing against that string then breaks the string and it is left in the knotter. The next knot comes along and the process is repeated, so on and so on until there is a great big mess of string and knots all wrapped up on the knotter. I will clear this mess and get 12 to 15 bales and then it messes up again, some times I wont even get that many out of it.I have the owners manual and have checked all the timings, the needles, the knotters-I have done eveything that the manual says I will say that the manual is NOT very clear or precise in all of its instuctons, that being said-it has taken me 3to4 attempts to follow through with some of the instructions it gives until I get it right. I have spoken with many older farmers and have followed there advice of slicking up the knotter with emory cloth, soaking the knotter in diesel, oiling it down, I have cleaned away old caked up grease with brake cleaner. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh I dont know how many hours I have spent working on this stupid contankerous knotter. Because of this thing being so unreliable, I have lost a couple of good hay tracts, and had hay on my own land sit through downpours of rain. I dont have money to replace the baler, I believe it has potential, I just dont know what to do to make it work better. Somebody please tell me what is wrong if you know what it is doing. Thank you very much.

GEEBEE What are you using for twine ?, if you are using 9000 try using 7200 it is a little thicker and works better in the old balers.
bill things too check are that the knotter assy is shimmed tight to the bevel gear, this is done by removing the roll pin through the knotter shaft and placing a shim between and rotate the roll pin it will be flat on one or two sides. this corrects timing problems. Next remove bill hook and take it apart and clean well. DO NOT just wash the outside the plunger on the inside is what is sticking. make sure the cord disc hold down collar is tight to the disc. sharpen the knife and adjust it closer to the cord disc.
Lou Get an operators manual It will show how to adjust your knotter. The knife adjustment in relation to the twine disc is the problem in 90% of the cases.
Jody where can I get a manual. I can't find the one we did have. Is a manual on line where I can download?
jody our bales are coming out lose and crooked, what should we do?
DEA N HENLEY am having the same type of knotter problems did you find a cure
Michael 124/128 balers:
make a mixture of 2 part diesel and 1 part oil,
shake well,
when knotters start missing, give the offending knotter a good squirt,they love to be oiled , yeah i know it sounds wrong, but its easy, give it a try.

keep pick up chamber full, the hay should flow up pickup like a carpet, don't make rows to tall, or thin.
this will keep bales flat and tight.

kevins smith Not Sure when this all got posted. Do people still need cures for there balers?
Jeremy I have a Massey 124 and am having the same problem as Seth inside bill hook not releasing and the string looks chaffed as it is eventually broken and you end up with several knots on the bill hook. So yes any answers suggestions would be great I oiled with wd 40 but no help...
bart My baler is tieing the knot, but the knot is staying on the bil hook, not coming off and breaking the twine. As anyone else had this problem and how do I cure it?
Wade Check your knotter timing, also make sure the needles are proper distance from the knotter, also twine tension adjustment should be around 15lbs pull, and there is that disc to the right of ur right side knotter that could be adjusted and that should fix u right up
My 124 was doing the same and I had my friend adjusted it and we made 700 bales and broke 1
Also ur knife adjustment is critical to close and the twine will not pass through and the twine balls up, also there is shims for the knife

Blair Gear went on hay pickup..wth do I gotta do to remove it....
Sean I was having problems with my Massey 128 tying properly. Fixed the problems by tightening the twine tension out of the twine box. Went from tying every fourth bale to not missing one.

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