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Massey Ferguson 175 Multi power

Jerold Ketron I just bought a 175 Massey, knowing that a problem with the multipower existed. The previous owner had all the linkage removed and evidently had the multipower placed in the LOW position. I would like to find out what it involves to get the multipower back into High position and to keep it there permanently. As it is now there is no engine braking period, I have fairly steep hilss on my property and at times I pull heavy loads and need the engine to help in the braking when on them.
Any help would be appreciated

Fred Hart I think there in is the problem, when the multi power unit goes out all you have left is the low range with no braking.

You must have the unit rebuilt to have the high range.

I was told if i bought one of these tractors, if multipower was working or not at the time of purchase, just buy it planning on having it rebuilt.

Jerold Ketron Thanks Fred for the quick reply, Nowif I may ask a question for someone that knows more than I do about these transmissions, is thare a way a person could defeat the Multipower completely by either replacing the input shaft or by welding the existing shaft to make it like a regular transmission? From what I can understand, the tractor will have to be split regardless of what route that a person decides to take, and if that is the situation, I would rather do away with the multipower portion completely as I can see no real need for it, I don't plan on ding any ground tillage, just bush hogging, pulling a few trees for firewood, and maybe using a scraper blade once in awhile. Again Thanks for the speedy reply on my original question, I hope the above question is answered as fast
Steven, Avilla MO Multipower is a hydraulic clutch pack that is supplied oil by a pump attached to the 3 pt. hydraulic pump. The lever on the dash operates a valve that allows the oil pressure from the pump to engage the clutch pack. You can take out the clutch pack and bolt it together which permanently puts the tractor in multipower high.
Jerold Ketron Thanks Steven, for the speedy reply, I will do that as soon as the weather breaks, would be sort of cold trying to split the tractor to do what it takes, will just have to be careful when using it the way it is now. Massey's were never known to have really good brakes anyway. I have two one is a Massey 35 Deluxe with the multipower blocked (had it done), and now this one (175). I am in the process of doing a complete engine rebuild on the MF35 now. Again Thanks for the speedy reply

Gary Massey sales a locking device for around $300.00 that eliminates the multi power clutch. The tranny will have to be removed and dissambled to install it. But from a safty point I think this is the best repair. Good Luck!
Davy DC Hello,
I have the same problem with my MF35x multipower. Your 35 with multipower in permanent high, what is his topspeed?

Drew The best over all thing to do, is track down the multipower linkage of fab it up, and re build the multi-power clutch. rebuild costs around 50 bucks,comes with metalic clutches instead of the old fiber ones. but tractor and transmission housing need split. to completely eliminate the multipower you can bolt the multipower clutch pack together through the clutch housing. has to be done on flat surface.Drill press... kind of tough to do. but it locks the clutches together forcing the tractor to run the high gears 3 & 4 . forcing the multipower into high all the time with no slippage. and will gear down hill, as well as maintaining the hill stop.

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