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Identifying a Massey Ferguson model using the serial number

Billr50 Can anyone suggest where I can find the model of my old Massey Ferguson - the serial number is 152UA72048D
garymck Try It is best to know the model # before searching.
Jeff Z. This site might help you:

GEEBEE That is the Perkins engine ser.#, the tractor ser.# and model# should be on a small rectangular plate riveted to the dash
Larry Franks Please help me find year model and any other information on a Massey Furgurson 240 made in Great Britton with number 2773 U42129
Gerald Haga Model: 30E
S/N: y 0554
MS NO: 5102

Bill Smith
Re: Identifying a Massey Ferguson model using the serial number

Can anyone help me identify what MF model my tractor is. The serial no. is 9A 83628. The person I bought it from said he thought it was a mid 60's industrial version of a MF35. He removed the FE lift and replaced the hood with the red/gray one you see in the picture. It is 3 cyl. gas.

Jeff Free Massey Ferguson MF 50 Serial Number 534329 what year is this tractor?
ray 9a2I4969 please tell me all you can about this tractor you can
Re: Identifying a Massey Ferguson model & year using  the serial # 9A 139025

Hi i,am trying to find out the model & year of this Massey Ferguson industrial tractor using the serial number which is 9A 139025 thanks

James Reitzas
Re: Identifying a Massey Ferguson model using the serial number

I have a Massey Fuerguson tractor marked model # 101 102, serial # 38065. I am looking for a service/parts manual. Can you help.
Thanking you in advance,
James Reitzas

mark summerville my mf65 has a serial #700142..what year was it manufactured...thanks
JEFF NYABERI I have Amassey Ferguson tractor with the following detail H 2228035 AND F 48961 When was this tractor manufactured, where and what hp is it?
Seth McKibben MF204
J6A 342751

Engine -- Continental Z134

Danny Wrey The Serial No. on the engine of my 235 is 71762. I am trying to find an overhaul kit but am not sure of the engine if it is exactly like the 135s or not.
Roger A Palmbos I have a MF snowmobile SST 400. The thing has been in barn for 30 years and now it runs like a top. The SN is 46006T 1647401669? Can you figure out what year and is it worth anything?

Thank You,

Roger A Palmbos

Jon Simonson It is a 1973 Massey Ferguson with a serial number of 9A153089. What is the model number for this tractor or how can I find this out.
Shane Macon MF Serial # 9A252243, Can you tell me what year model it is? Thanks
Shane Macon
Serial #

Also it has a 236 engine

david looking to find yearmodel its an mf 30b im guessing 1980. also ill need to replace seals in rotor motor that swings the hoe. thanks david
Jamie Currin Hi,Could you please help me with the model and year of my Harry Ferguson TO30 ? The serial# is 111146.Also,are there any websites that give free values? Thanks for any help you can provide.
daniel Need to know year and model of MF.
Serial number is 9A 92548

jerry begay what year is my 240 mf tractor serial# 14051 type 2773

Scott Skelton
Need model number

Marty Robbins Serial Number: 9A I4702I
it is a 135 MF, cannot determine which year manufactured.
thanks, Marty
3 cylinder gas

ken seaholm I have a Masset fergson #94I2944 with loader on it model 100 and #103468 can anyone tell what model it is and year
william newman Can anyone suggest where I can find the model of my old Massey Ferguson - the serial number is 29764
stan slagowski I have a massey ferguson sickle mower and would like to know the model no. i can find the serial no. but that is all, can any one help?
kenny miller what year is this tractor
model # 2402 wd
type 2773
serial# D07064
made in Great Britian


jerry jared serial # of 4345 wd is gbcd14abxak45280 need year of tractor
dacid mccormick massey ferguson 35 turf special saeial no is ugm656000732 what year is this unit
Jay Freeman Serial # 2A260267

Thank you.

Jack Brewer Massey Ferguson
S/#: 439640
I would also like the year if possible

John Ouellette I have a massey ferguson sickle mower that I need to repair, but I only have the serial number.238-150431.I hope that you can help find the model number. Thank You
Mary Skelton Trying to find year build for Massey Ferguson Model 50 Multi Power with S/N SGW 531419
Randall 9a324741 is it a 255 or 265 and what year is it
Karen Anderson My father is working on a tractor and trying to get the year. He thinks it's a 135 sn# 9AT34420 can you tell we what year it is. Thank you
BOB MORTON massey ferg #9a122476 model 135
Ajcamozzi Serial # UNA659101044
Josh Need to know if serial number JH2010 comes before or after S# E60100
Roy Friou I'm looking for the year of massey ferguson model383 serial number D19318. What year was this model made.
Jerry Riggs Need to know what year this one is 9A 110704
Roy the serial number is 9a119749 can anyone tell me what the model number is on this tractor it has a 300 loader and a 54 backhoe on it trying to find a master cyclinder for it thanks


Joe Bowman My serial below steering wheel appears to be:
9A T98425. Trying to determine if correct to purchase clutch, pressure plates, etc

Freida What year was MF35 manufactured with SNM-241639?

Marijan Minkuz Dears,

Culd you please, identify a MF 135
with serial No.:1867505M1F ( Made in France )


Jimmy I could really use some help with my grandfather's Massey Ferguson tractor. The decal on the hood claims it is a 230 but I can`t seem to match up the S/N 9a246490 which is located on the left hand side, below the steering wheel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You..
Terrell Haygood Needing info on a masey Ferguson 230,see.# 9A283980 thanks
Gloria Ramirez I need to fix my tractor,don't have model #
Jim Perko I have an old MF back hoe, front loader. I believe it's a T30 around 1970. It has a rod knocking and I need to get it fixed. But do not wish to order the wrong parts. On the passenger side of the block just above the oil pan and toward the back of the hydraulic pump. It has MF-Bilchrome-3-37112620-A109. Each set of names or numbers is below each other. MF is on top, A109 is on the bottom. I'm not even for sure this is the serial number, ect.
mike brown please help me determine the model of my massey ferguson tractor ser# 9A 315685 thank you as I need parts for it
Ken Question on Brakes for a Massey Ferguson Field Hi-Lo conversion

Serial # 9A204005

Brakes need to be replaced and have questions

Thank you!

Norma Perry We have a diesel massey ferguson tractor 451 with serial number 9361BP23060 & need help identifying what year it is. Thanks
Gary Need to know year model of MF 399 serial number S11238
Thanx in advance

Srjan I need the year of production for Massey Ferguson, 50HX, serial number 5443C6553
Joe What year and model is my MF s#9A92T93
Robert Mellas My Massey Ferguson mower has serial number 41945 on it. I need to know the model number. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Bob Mellas
Pete Gillott Serial number on plate behind steering wheel
Can any one help with the age of my tractor

thomas I have a MF serial # 9A 308583
How can i find out the model number?

garry My mower has a serial number of:

238 031226

wayne hi chance to by 304 Massey backhoe ,steering turn,s 360 degrees, sometimes you turn left wheels will turn right, ect. what type of steering is this do you have diagram?? also needs seal in transmission leaking out small hole at front of transmission and motor, any information on how to separate tractor and repair thank you wayne
Richard Hi

I am looking for the year and model serial number
9A T5979
Thanks for your help

Joe I have a MF tractor with model # and year The S# is 9A 93I92. Does anybody knoe the model and year
Donnie Rieb massey ferguson model 50F serial,2882x2938 backhoe loader I need parts for brakes and hydros rebuilt thur out .how do I find out if its from England or u.s.a.the numbers on the backhoe match anything ?
Chris Is my sickle bar mower a 31 or a 41, wonder when it was made serial # 238063016 ??
Chris My Massey Ferguson sickle mower has serial number 238046757. It is a pull type mower rather than a 3 point hitch attachment. What would the model number be since it wasnt on the name plate? Thanks for your time.
Rick I cannot find the serial # on my massey furguson 50HX, can anyone help?
Gary 9A32646
Debbie Faughn Looking to find out what year a MF is the serial # A48085

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