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Massey Z134 Continental Ignition problem!! Help...

John Anderson Here are the symptoms....

Engine backfires and backfires thru the carb. I feel it is a timing issue. Motor is a 4 cylinder z134 continental.

Firing order is correct 1-3-4-2.

I looked thru the timing peep hole and when the distributor rotor is pointing at the #4 piston is when I see the marks numbered on the flywheel. At piston #1 thru the peep hole I see the white paint on the flywheel.

Also below the rotor is a oblong shaped (round with tapered edges) that the points ride against. This thing is not turning all the time. Only sometimes..... Shaft for the distributor is turning but not the oblong tapered edge thing...

I can give you more detail if you need it. I feel that the timing is 180 out but I do not know for sure. I do know that TDC is the same for #1 as is #4 piston...

Any help appreciated...

GEEBEE Sound as if the distributor needs some work or replacing, the cam is not supposed to move, only the shaft and rotor. #1 and #4 are not the same, when #1 is at TDC on the compression stroke #4 is on the exhaust stroke. With #1 at TDC on compression stroke the points should be opening and rotor pointing to #1 on the cap. HTH.
GEEBEE Sorry John , i must have been having a "senior" moment. I meant to say the cam is supposed to move along with the shaft and rotor :(
steve robbins may sound crazy but i had a similar problem and it was the timing order. try setting timing order in a counter clockwise direction it worked for me.
tracey You are correct it is a timing issue. Your cam is Bad. Check the gear on the front of the cam and the keyway, Carefull with the governor assembly "lots of little balls and parts. This is a fairly common issue w z134's. If you continue to run it like this it will destroy your distributor also overheating the exhaust manifold possibly causing it to crack as well. if it is just the gear and keyway its an easy fix. If not, Unfortunately you have to pull the motor and turn this motor upside down with the head facing down, "to keep lifters from catching" in order to pull the camshaft. Been There Done that....MF202 Industrial....but worth the fix.
Roger Blair I have ignition problems as #1 & 2 spark plugs foul about every 3-4 hours of running. I cannot find the timing mark or hole for it. I believe the timing is off a little. I probably have burnt valves and I need to do a check on the charging system too. But my real question is where is the timing mark? My motor is not the one in the shop manual. I do see the adjustment for the timing chain but I have not seen the "cover" over some hole where the mark and gear is suppose to be. Can anyone help with that?
glencam If this thread is still active I have a similar problem with my TO35 4 cyl gas..the dist gear is not meshing perfectly with the camshaft that I mean I can rotate the dist shaft (not the advance mech) I can actually hear the clunk clunk sound of the gear slopping against the cam gear. The dist gear looks to be OK but when I feel the part of the camshaft gear it feels rather rough? I can't get a good feel of the gear due to it being further down than the length of my finger.

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