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Fred I am disgusted with these engine cutout mechanisms ......I am very cautious when mowing in reverse and desire this feature for trimming around trees and cutting unusually shaped areas of my lawn. Now , after considerable inquiry, Sears has informed me that my yet to be delivered DYT4000 Lawn tractor will not mow in reverse unless I physically hold the electric clutch button "IN". How can I hold this button in whilst operating the hydrostatic shift lever and steer at the same time? Unless I grow another arm, doesnt seem possible. Any suggestions on how to disable this cutout mechanism?...If there isnt a way too, I'm canceling my order because the tractor will be more of a nuisance than a convienience. Please help !
thingy So the new ones come so you can't mow in reverse,,,that is really a dumb idea,,,wonder what college educated safety "expert",came up with that? There has got to be a wire that you could cut and splice so as to bypass whatever the hell is stopping that,,must be connected somehow to reverse gear shift,,if I knew,,I would tell,,somebody else surely knows,,,can't figure out how any individual could get in any trouble saying how,,,maybe somebody in the lawnmower bussines might,,,but just sign in under a different name,,,use mine,,,me don't care...thingy
john i have gt 5000 and it cuts in reverse without any problem so i dont know what yall are talking about
Carl Tunich Only thing is that if you start modifying the safeties on the thing I bet it will void any warrenty on it.
bontai Joe And if you modify any safety equipment and Heaven forbid, you do have a mishap, you won't like what will happen in court. The plantiff's lawyer will say you deliberately made your machine unsafe. That lets the manufacturer off the hook and puts full liability on you. Just something to think about, especially if you are not the only one to operate the tractor.
Tractor Boy Look for wires coming from the trans or shift lever(should look like a spring of metal) contact me and we will figure from there.
Phil I have tried jumpering the seat switch on an L130 but I can get it to work. Anyone out there have any suggestions?


john michael you all are a bunch of butt-darts. all your stupid comments and no answer. get a life
Mike Just unplug the wires comming out of the switch. there will be 2 just put a jumper wire between them and tape it with electrical tape now ytou can mow in reverse, as for the seat on the L130
same thing, just pull the switch out from under the seat and jump the plug, or you could just take some duct tape and tape the switch closed. pull it you will see what i mean.

bde Great question, I need to know also. Mine has three wires, so a relay must be involved. Anyone bypassed theirs yet?
Dick Lane I have X485 and want to mow in reverse. I have no small children and I am very careful but every time I back up mower shuts off! PAIN I pulled off deck and I see 4 wires in one plug. Whitch ones do I need to jump?

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