Honda 4013 Lawn Tractor

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Honda 4013 Lawn Tractor

David Dickinson Does anyone have any information on a Honda 4013 lawn tractor? I have the opportunity to purchase a used one (approx 1996 model) and wanted to know if these were good tractors etc.


bontai Joe I always thought they were good tractors, but over priced when new. Now they are orphans as Honda stopped selling tractors in the US and you might have quite an adventure finding parts.
bill wendorf I have one and love it. But I cant find the manual. That's why i'm on this site. Bought it new and have never had any problems with it. Since they went out of business, i'm trying to service it myself, just easy stuff like changing the oil. good luck!
Greg I have both the owners manual and the service manual. I'm glad these are reliable machines as I would most chassis or motor items look intimidating.I suggest caution changing the oil to prevent oil from dribbling under the motor into the PTO clutch. The PTO clutch has an adjustment to maintain play in the engagementlever. I paid l local Honda Power Equipment dealer to have mine replaced. It required a special tool but parts were available. My 38 year old Wheel Horse filled in the meantime, I can fix it and it gives a better cut.
green grass i like to get a used honda 4013 tractor for my landscaping business. and body know if they are good for everyday work?
Paul Elliott I am looking for any advice I can get on how to adjust the PTO clutch on a Model 4013.

Rob Schramm Anyone know the location of the Combination Switch on a Honda 4013 Tractor?
Tom DeWetter
I have i=one and it runs great but the problem I have and others as well, is the drive pto for engaging the mower blades this is a friction clutch type unit, and it has failed but according to Honda and everyone including a honda blog, Honda has disscontinude this part. Can anyone help me out or does anyone know if we can change it over to the newer PTO drive system, and at what cost. thanks

Martin Hi. I have a onda 4013 ride on mower, Like with Tom DeWetter's honda 4013 mower, the it starts and drives perfect, BUT the cutting clutch has failed, so the cutting blades will not turn when you move the lever forward to engage it.I would also like to know if any other/newer clutch system could be used instead give they have discontinued making this 4013 model part. Also, a mechanic said to me, that while it would not be the best, most ideal fix, he claims it may be possible to put a couple of spots of weld in te existing defective clutch to make it a fixed clutch, meaning it would start turning once you start the mower with no way to stop the blades turning until you switch off the engine, a bit like the smaller push mowers... It may be one or possible the only way of getting iyt to work....??
tony take pto clutch off its not that hard take in to a local clutch supply house one that can send out for repair have it relined in 2011 cost about $250.00 had to sand down new linning to get proper fit but works great. now i have new problem looking for looking for relay control for my 4013.
Walt Gibbs I have the same exact problem as Tom DeWwtter with my 4013. What did he end up doing? Fix or Scrap?
vajenson All the parts for the 4013 are available for 20% off and the clutch disk is $77.00. That is cheap in comparison to a Briggs electric clutch. Most all the manuals are also on line for free, just goggle the mower and model. Come on folks this is one of the best mowers made!
vajenson The web site is I forgot to include that.
vajenson All manual are free for Honda on line.

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