Montgomery Wards Signature 2000 Elite riding mower

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Montgomery Wards Signature 2000 Elite riding mower

Dennis Stultz Need owners manual and/or parts list for Montgomery Wards Signature 2000 Elite riding mower.
Joe M. Whats the model numbers?
Dennis Stultz We found an owners manual. Thank YOu.
Dennis S. We found an owners manual. Thank You.
Mary P Where did you find the parts/owners manual? I have been searching everywhere for one.
Mitch Garstang I need the square shank drive shaft/U-joint that connects the mower deck to the tractor. also interested in chipper/vac/dump cart, garden plow, tiller, sickle mower & hydro drive/lift for same.
Email me if you have anything

Mitch Garstang I need the square shank drive shaft/U-joint that connects the mower deck to the tractor. also interested in chipper/vac/dump cart, garden plow, tiller, sickle mower & hydro drive/lift for same.
Email me if you have anything

Mitch Garstang I need the square shank drive shaft/U-joint that connects the mower deck to the tractor. also interested in chipper/vac/dump cart, garden plow, tiller, sickle mower & hydro drive/lift for same.
Email me if you have anything

gerrit marks I need a manual as well. The model #for my 2000 series montgomery wards is: tmo-3214509. There is another number following it: 135m67og088. I really need to know if this is 12v electric or 6v?



jeff jhnoson i have been looking every where for a wards model # 135M670G088 owners manual...where did you find yours?
Jeff Jhonson If anyone has information on a manual plaese e-mail me..thanks
Jona Lloyd
I would like to know where to get an owners manual for a Montogmery Ward Signature 2000 Elite, Model number TMO-3100002 or better yet a toll free telephone number to call for parts.

Jona Lloyd I would like to know where to get an owners manual for a Montgomery Ward Signature 2000 riding lawn mower, Model number TMO-3100002 or better yet a toll free telephone number to call.
Jona Lloyd I would like to know where to get an owners manual for a Montgomery Ward Signature 2000 riding lawn mower, Model number TMO-3100002 or better yet a toll free telephone number to call.
Todd I have a manual and parts list for the mowers, but I am in need of a good phone number to call for parts. My mower is in good shape but I just noticed the steering arm is cracked I am looking for a new one
rick Did you find a place for parts on this model#
RAD Today we bought a Signature 2000 Elite Model TMO3101805 (135P670G088 Is listed under the above number) Serial #1K114H20213. We need an operator's manual for this mower.
rhoda mckinley was wondering if you ever recived a good number to call for parts for the mower? if so please email me info. would much appriciate it thanks

chris Gerrit, it is 12v. I'm also in need of a manual for Signature 2000 elite.


RAD If just one person has an Operator's Manual to one of these models....they could scan the manual and then e-mail document to all of us who need one. That would at least be some instruction...which is better than nothing..which is apparently what many of us have now. Can anyone help? Please?
ed barnhill You can download an operators manual for the MW 2000 Elite from OUTDOOR DISTRIBUTORS.COM. They have a complete list of parts available.
Jeff Jhonson I e-mailed outdoor distributors about a manual for my wards elite...they had none and suggested i try mtd, which i have done and they no longer have a manual in their records...if anyone can help e-mail me please.
Mary P I have not had any luck finding an owners manual, but I have been able to get the front end parts that I needed from a couple of local lawn and tractor parts place in Midwest City Oklahoma and in Shawnee Oklahoma.
Jack do you still need a manual?I have some that Wards printed for these
Jack do you still need parts,I stock most of these parts needed for the Wards lawn equiptment
Jack this is a 12 volt system,I have parts and manuals for these
Fred Williams I found all the info for my signature 2000 on the MTD website , it isnt exatly easy to navigate but all the info you need is right there. If you have a TMO-3398005 bought in 1994 like i do it converts to model# "144Q845H088".
Rhoda what is the name of the web site
Allison Pidoto The illustrated parts lists and manuals can be seen at , Sears also has and IPL (Illustrated Parts List) and carries parts for this (eventho it's was a competitor's item) . Phone numbers are on their sites. May I suggest if you are unsure of a part number, call them and let them find the right one for you, this absolves you if the wrong part is ordered, and they pay to ship the right one. :-)

A friend just gave us their 3100002, purchased in 1993, it looks new! We are looking for the 36" snow thrower attachment, or the 42" snow blade. I see there are a few attachments like tillers, graders, all kinds of stuff, but was wondering if anyone had any success in actually purchasing or owning any of the attachments.

Kindest Regards from the Hudson Valley of NY!

Allison Pidoto I have an original Operating Manual with Illustrated Parts List for models TMO-3100002, TMO-3395309. It's 31 pages, part number for manual states 770-8087H .

I also have the Briggs and Stratton Owners Manual for Model Series 400700, 402700, 404700, 422700. It's a 10 page maintenance manual.

If anyone needs a copy, I will happily make you one, just pay a few bucks for copies and postage. This is from one consumer to another, not my way of making any money or any intentional copyright infringement. Email me if you need one.

Kindest Regards,
Allison :-)

Allison Pidoto PS, I posted this info on June 8, 2005. Would it be possible for us to date our posts, so we know how old they are? I don't want to bother folks who already got what they were looking for. Just a suggestion. :-)
Mitch please remove me from this post I never posted anything on Monkey wards?
I posted about MTD shaft & I have it now.

Ron I need a manual &/or just some one to give me the part numbers for Montgomery Wards Signature 2000 Elite model # TMO3395705, mfg code I142H10036, 42" deck, 7 speed transaxle, 12 1/2 hp Briggs & Stratton I/C Quiet Model # 286707, type #042001, code # 9207024E. I NEED belts...mine vanished. I'd appreciated any help.
signature_2000_elite Go to --- and type in 3395705 without the "TMO" and you should get a complete breakdown page by page for your mower. Also sears might still have the paper manual if your lucky,they run around $25 bucks you just have to look thru the breakdown pages on the sears site until you find it,they dont seem to have then in one certain spot.
This number 132660G088 will work for the parts breakdown on the MTD site for your machine. MTD's website doesnt use the "TMO" number in anyway.

Arlene I am looking for a manual for a Montgomery Ward Signature 2,000 Elite Lawn Tractor. I believe the number is 135M670G708 or 788. We need one to get this thing going. Can anyone help please? Sent 2-28-07
texas*iris MTD Products has an owners manual available for download.
Montgomery Wards Signature Elite 2000 Model # TMO-3200003 is under another number at MTD 133M670G088
and the serial # on your mower.

Their phone # is 800-800-7310 and they were very helpful. It helps to be online when you call.

Vickie Do you still have an owner's manual available? Let me know and how much you would like for it. Thanks,

Richard Bronaugh I am looking for an owners manual for model # 287707. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
Modem Junki You can get the owners manual for the engine, and a parts list, from the Briggs and Stratton website.

For the tractor, the MTD website has manuals, and an online parts lookup that is very detailed.

N327L Here are the online manuals for the Signature 2000 Elite. They are FREE! They are also in PDF format and take a bit of time to download.

bryan Hi,I am looking for this manual also(signature 200 Elite)
can anyone in here help me out with this?

James Barkley I would like to reqest a copy of both manuals if they are still available.



Joe J wow, I just inherited one of these when I bought a new house, just now looking for the battery type. I may also be in need of a manual.
Debbie F. I need a manual too for the Signature 2000 Elite mower as well! If anyone has a line on one I'd be grateful for the information. Thanks
manuel salas I am looking for a manuel on a signature 2000
Jim I just purchased a Signature 2000 Riding Garden Tractor. It runs great but I need an Operators Mannual. Any help would be appreciated.
Robert P. I have a manual for my Signature 2000 Elite mower(TMO-3200003) I can scan and email if anyone needs it. **Posted 4/01/08**

parts list and manual

MATTHEW LAND I need one of both if you can just email them to me @


Esty I need a owners manual for Signature 2000 Elite Model TMO 30000A....Would appreciate any help I could get.
Esty I need a owners manual for Signature 2000 Elite Model TMO 30000A....Would appreciate any help I could get.
Dr. Bootleg I will email pdf's of all manuals for TMO-3395705 to anyone who needs them. Just reply to this post.
van do I need the carburator for this rider. Please help to get one.
Thank you

Sara Johnson I bought this mower used and dont have a manual. If you could help me out I would much appricate it.I am getting no fire from the battery to the starter. Thank you please reply
Sara Johnson I Finally got a owners Manual. Will send it to anyone at no charge. just send me an email address
Vince West can i get this by e-mail? if so, i would love to have these due to my lawn tractor just stopped when the blades hit ground and it won't start now.

please let me know.

thank you

Matt Does anyone have an electric start for an Montgomery Ward Electric Start Tansaxel

I need info on signature2000 3 n 1 lawnmowers tires sizes10& 12 also manuel model #tmo3746606

Jessica I would like to get a copy of the manual or at least the parts list for both. If you could email them to be it would be wonderful if they are still available. Thanks.
Chuck I have a Signature 2000 Elite riding lawn mower from Montgomery Wards. The belt to the motor broke and I need a picture of how it goes back on. I also need a manuel. Is there anyone out there that can help? Model # TMO-3396102 and the numbers after that are 1C033H10202. I have no serial number that I can find on the mower.
Chuck Second message, for a Signature 2000 Elite Montgomery Ward riding lawn mower. I need a diagram of how the belts go on the mower, one being to the cutting deck and one to the transmission. Who carries the parts list or manuels for Montgomery Wards?
Jack Seymour Just purchased a Signature 2000 Elite Model #TMO3200003A with Briggs and Stratton 14hp mod 287707 would really be nice to have manual is you can help.
altixweb thought I would post this for those that were looking for the manual.. found one online!

JoAnn Johnson I have a 1994 signature 2000 elite riding mower that we bought used and the TMO sticker was gone. How will I go about trying to find an owners manual without the TMO number. It needs a new oil filter also.
James Bevington Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a little help. I have a MW(Montgomery Wards) Signature 2000 Elite and I'm looking for a snow thrower/Blower for it as well and wheel weights and chains. Does anyone know where I can find one weather its a MW one or MTD? Any help would be great.


Brian Bell I'm looking for a manual to a Signature 2000 elite. please email me with one or where i can get one.

Thanks, Brian

Michael Lattin I am looking for a manual to attach snowblower to and signature 2000 lawn mower. Does anyone knows where I can find it?
Janet i need part for my montgomery ward signature 2000 elite mower
jay saad I am looking for a snow plow attachment for a signature 2000 riding lawm mower.
DOUGLAS PEEK ineed a part number for my riding mower it a ward the mower is tmo-3100002 i bent the deck spindle and cant find a part number can anybody help me i will replace the whole spindle.thank you doug
David herring Signature 2000 Elite Montgomery wards tmo-3395309 any pdf would be greatly appreciated
Paul W Thompson i have a MW signature 2000 elite with the mod#TMO 3100002 dont know what year it was made
paul Montgomery ward signature 2000 elite model # TMO 3100002 i would like to purchase a used DECK,if anyone has one i would appreciate an email thank you.
Glen D lytle
Looking for upper {719-0314] and lower [719-0313] housing

Mike Leachman Need to know what the drive belt numbers are for the model TMO-3100002
Ezra Peachey Thank You all for the info. I received here . I have a TMO-3100002 2L103H20028 mower . Charger does not seem to be working properly . Anyone have some advice ? Thank YOU for the time .
John Dowe Where can i find the spark plug for my 1994 or 95 riding lawn tractor. I have looked all over and cannot find it. Please Help.
Janet Are these manuals still available? Can you email them as others have asked? If not, what did you decide the cost would be. I have yet to find the correct TMO number.
thank you

Cary W I recently inherited a Signature 2000 Riding Lawn mower originally purchased from Montgomery Wards.. The tension pully and spring that enauges the mower deck is missing..How can i find this for Model TMO-3395309 Thanks for any help
Alfonzo West I have a Sg 2000Elite. The rear rim will not come off i have tried everything short of cutting it off.
Can you help me i need to replace the tire

Ezra Peachey Aug 5,2009 I found manual for TMO 3100002 through 3395309 . very good info. plus parts list. Go to, , click the search button . Up comes a list of 3 sites , click on " [PDF]Operating Manual " . Up comes a " file download " window . ( If your computer is not up-to-date , this will not work . ) Click on [OPEN]button , which will download OPERATING MANUAL for models listed above. It may be printed . Now you have parts list , but how to get the parts . Type in search box , [ ] click search or enter .Now you should see ( Lawnmower parts for MTD Murray AYP and Wizard mowers ) Click on it . Their page comes up . Click on tha box that reads ,(click here to enter parts store )Now scroll down the list to(Montgomery Ward) click on it .Type in your part # you got in your new manual. click on (GO) Now you should have your conversion for MTD part # Which hopefully they have in stock for you today . Sounds easy ? It is . Let me know if this helps . I hope it does . JESUS is GOD with us!

You do not have to remove the wheel to change the tire..
1.) Remove all the air from the tube, preferable by pulling the schrader valve from the stem..
2.) Break the bead on the side of the rim, both sides.. If you cant drive around a little with the tire flat and it will come off itself..
3.) Remove the outer side of the tire with a large/dulled screw driver, if you can get just a few inches of it clear the rest will pull off easily. When it is clear pull down on the tire and the rest should slide off.
4.) Bring the inside part of the tire to the outside rim and pull part of it over the rim edge and then down and it will pop right off..
5.) When replacing the tire, start from the top with the new tire and force it down across the top of the rim.
6.) Install the tube at this point with the tire half on.. I suggest a self sealing SLIME TUBE..
7.) Install the other side of the tire and re-using a dull screw driver (2) place the new tire over the rim..
8.) Be careful not to pinch the new tube when blowing up the tire, the air pressure in the new tube will seat the new tire. If you want to help it along spray the rim with a simple green or similar to make it slick..

Hope this helps, I just did my tractor with new tires and rims last week..

Also I have a copy of the 14.5/42" manual in its entirety if someone needs a copy, I can SCAN and email... MTD is a parts supplier for almost everything...

Eric Tisdale
Re: Electric Starter for Montgomery Ward Electric Start Tansaxel

Need a starter gear or motor for Signature 2000 Elite MDL # TMO - 3214509

It is a Briggs & Straton Engine Model 287707
Type 0220 01
Code 9410134B

ken taylor I have a Signature 2000 Elite TMO-3200003 1F183H3018 I'm needing to find some parts for the motor. Like carb kit, but looking up the engine on the briggs and stratton site I do not find a carb that looks like what is on this one.
the engine is a 287707 0153 01 9306104E
Also need some parts like a new rear rim. Mine got hit and bent/destroyed managed to fix finder but not rim. any help please

Curtis here is a link to the manual online

Don Allison Model #TMO 33944A or MTD #13OA670G088!! I am looking for drive belt and manual for this Signature 2000 riding lawn mower.

Debbie APRIL 16, 2010


Debbie April 16, 2010 FOLLOW UP:

Montgomery Wards Signature 2000 Elite Riding Mower

If you are interested in parts and a free downloadable pdf Owner's Manual you can call 1-800-269-6215 or go online at
You MUST use the manufacturing code not the TMO number for the model number. For reference, it is 11 digits and mine is (135M670G088) and you need your 11 digit serial number. These are located under the seat on the frame just below the battery. There are three numbers there. The TMO- is Wards model number.

It is difficult to maneuver the mtd web site to get to the owner manual section. I would suggest call 1-800-269-6215 for assistance. I was on hold, but discovered the right page and entered the numbers correctly and hit the jackpot.

eddie does anyone know where I can get a bagger for my signature 2000, or anything that fits
Blase Just got a TMO-300000A and know nothing. Are any parts interchangable and what's the big dif ??? -Years built would help. Thanks -- B!
Len Arends Downloaded the Manual, see Debbie's post aboive
R.W.Allen I need a wiring diagrahm or shop manual , if the diagrahm is in it, for S/N TMO-3100002/016242 riding mower. Any help is appreciated !
David Need parts for Montgomery Wards Tractors?
David Need parts for Montgomery Wards Tractors? Most all of the parts with the original part numbers can be ordered at
GERRY CANNON i am in need of a transmatic transaxle transmisson for my signature 2000 elite 12.5/42inch cut.7 speed,my question is where can and do i find a used or new one
Curt My tractor is throwing the belt all the time, anyone else have this or know why it doing it?
Brian Website for Owner Manuals:

Under Model Number: enter TMO 30000A

click: Find Manual

i used mine as example, a popup box comes up with the Owners Guide then click view manual and the .pdf file loads it up and you can print from there - it didnt show a shop manual but its pretty specific.

Happy Mowing!

Richard Looking for website to download the manual for a Montgomery Wards, Signature 2000 Elite, 42" cut.

Art Ellis I have a wards sig 2000 elite 42'" mower in very good condition. It has the mulching blades acessory. I'm told that the openining in the side of the deck must be closed (where the chute attaches) for the mower to mulch. I see a clip there but I do not have anyway of closing that space. Is there a part for this?
Jeff Whitham Not sure how old this is? I need the little "cap" that holds it all on.. if you find a place that sells this stuff, please let me know too. Regards, Jeff
Jeff Whitham

Sears sell the cogs..

Enlarge Image

Briggs and Stratton Pinion Gear #5086D

Ronald L. Gordon I need to find a battery for a 2000 Elite Signature Riding Lawn Mower. Would you please
email me the part number and price of the battery.


Bob Boettcher I have model TMO-3395705 and I cannot figure out how to get the rear rim off the axle. Does it take a special tool? (March, 2012)
Doug Need a manual.Thank you
Dave I bought a mower that has no identification. I've visually matched it with the wards signature 2000 elite mower. It has teh same grill and hood but then they all start to change. They are green and red the tanks are under hoods....Mine is all gray with no markings at all. It has a 7 speed on the left rear fender and F/N/R on the right rear fender, a briggs 18 hp twin all black engine and a 46" deck. The battery is under the hood and it has a gas tank in the back. The drive belt on the front engine pulley is a 754-0358 which is a 7/8 x 54.5" belt but the rear belt has no markings. It looks like another 7/8 belt and it is just a little shorter like maybe a 53.5" belt but I'd like to be sure if anyone knows what belt I need or which mower this might be I'd appreciate any info.
ken maxwell I'm having problems replacing front and rear drive belts -- the manual is very vague. The front belt pulley has pins that are in the way of putting the belt on the pulley. What is the secret for slidinf the belt down onto the pulley as the manual says. I'm stumped -- any suggestions?
Thank you!

bill i have a signature 2000 elite tmo 30000a both deck spindles are the same but one is bad can the berrings be replaced or have to get new spindle and where could i get one at
jeff I need a spindle assembly for model 618-0163
Kelly Sommer I have a Montgomery Wards Signature 2000 Elite and need to replace the deck belt...I can't read the numbers on the old belt to replace it. It's a 42 inch deck if I am correct..Any help would be appreciated. I went to Tractor Supply Company and they need the part number off the belt to figure out which one is needed to replace mine. Thank you!!
fil.arredondo Hello -- I'm looking for diagram on how to hook up the carburetor,what goes where. Took it apart, now there a spring not sure where it goes. It's a Signature 2000 Elite.
rocky benshoff i have a signature 2000 elite 18.5 46 in. 14 speed can anyone give me the model# and serial# so i can get parts for it or send me a link so i can buy a manual for it
Chris I have looked everywhere but just cant seem to find the muffler pipe that fits on to the muffler itself, if anyone knows where i can find one that would be awsome
Brain Came across you email offering to ship TMO-3395705 manual. I need a part for it. If you're still offering to send PDF please do.


Ken Will not start with the key,but you can jump across the start solenoide and it will crank.Does anybody know what the problem is?

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