need manual for haban 42 " snow thrower attachment

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need manual for haban 42 " snow thrower attachment

Doug Hi,

we have a murray 1997 riding tractor and a haban snowthrower attachment model # 24582 but are missing the last 4 pages of the manual. We need to buy a v belt but do not know the part number.

LONG BELT #19893

Dowe I just got a manual for mine, model #24582, by calling the number I found at Mine goes on a Murray tractor. The last four pages of mine are parts schematics and part numbers, which are worthless since Haban is out of business. I have just been informed that the parts for mine will have to be fabricated. It may not be worth the month-long wait to get the manual. Good luck.
Brenda I have the above mentioned tractor. I found the Haban snow thrower, new in box in a local swap book. The gentleman claims he never took it out of the package when he bought his tractor in 2000. He has no desire to hook it up and is selling it cheap. From your experience, is this a good thrower. Is it 2 stage and will it fit my tractor? Thank you for any information.
Thomas Troutman How does one grease the bearings????? Tom Troutman @ Thanks for your help!!!!
arto pokka i need to buy belts but do not know the part number
begt b I need the manual to haban snowthrower attachment model # 24582 I don't have one. I bough one and it was no manuel with it
Please Murray don't have one here in Sweden

Jared If you still need this let me know, i can scan my copy for you
j00fek if you still have the manual and could scan it, send to

much appreciated!

thomas roberts have a haban 42" snow thrower and no manual, it is #842.240510 sold by craftsman, i have a craftsman 917.272030 lawn tractor 18.5 hp, if someone knows if it will fit or how i can find out, pleease let me know, or has a manual for the snow thrower i would be glad to purchase a copy.
Dag I have the 42" Haban snowblower attachment hooked to my 18.5 hp 1999 Murray tractor.

I have the manual and can share it with whoever needs it.

I have literally taken the entire thing (snowblower) apart and put it back together.

First of all...the belts.

The lower v-belt is a 5/8 x 87 inch belt that you can order from Grainger or Fleet Farm, the Upper Belt can be either a 44", 45" or a 46" they are all 5/8" wide. I recommend the 45". (you can also get from Grainger or Fleet Farm.)

Second, this company went out of business because they manufactured horrible, crappy products and made every single design mistake they could have made. This thing is like a rube golberg machine.

The absolute worst flaw is that the bearings on the auger are open, but are housed in a poorly welded casing meaning dirt, water and crud can get in, but it is impossible to grease them. Even worse than that, the whole thing is welded to the driveshaft, so when the bearings crap out (and they will) you can't replace them. You have to take the whole thing to a machine shop and have them fabricate a new drive-shaft and bearing assembly that will fit on the auger drum.

I paid $700 for the snowblower attachment, but I have at least that much into it just in belt replacements, now the auger shaft is going to cost me $400 more.

This was the single worst purchase I ever made. I hope the idiot who designed this piece of crap gets hit by a truck.

Jonathan I have a Murray 46371x92a tractor and a 24579 snow thrower attachment. I have no manual though and cannot figure out how I should hook this attachment up. Does anyone have the manual? Thank you!
Grek Hi, you can get most of the manuals with the manualfox search engine.

Check the result pages or send them a search request:

Loren Ellingson I need the haban snowthrower manual THANKS

greg I just bought a crafsman 842.240510 snowblower it needs a part to raise & lower the bucket, can someone help? I can't figure out what it looks like.

Bill Hi Guys,

I have a late model 4500 craftsman tractor and have a haban snowblower model 842.240530 is there a set of brackets out there that I can purchase to mount it?

Nancy Wiseman
We just got a murray(Haban) snowthrower model 24579 -new in box but we need the installation instructions and manual for it does anyone have one and could share it or tell me where I can get one

Ville I need manual snowthower model 24582. if you have please send it to me
Sue I just need the schematic for replacing the belts on the haban 24582 snowthrower. Can someone send it to me as an attachment or send me an email if you can fax it.
Fred Holland
Re: need manual for haban 42 " snow thrower attachment

I also have the #842.240510.
A 1993 version. And Haban did not go out of buisness because they built crappy products.
And my driveshaft is not welded to enithing but slides out easily and sealed bearings are not meant to be greased. But you can put additional rubber seals on them if you want.
With the new Kevlar belts, if you are going through belts than you do not have it set uo correct.
Mine is set up on a 2005 DLT 3000 which is also a 917 series with the 18.5 so it should fit perfectly with one minor adjustment.
And I also have the manual if you need it.And I paid $175.oo for mine and it also has never been used. Use sticky motorcycle chain lube on drive chain, adjust it properly and this thing will last forever.

Bill S I have model 24582 With manual (last page=40) belt Nos: Long-23948 Short-19969 What is size of long belt? Mine has grease fitting for the jackshaft accessed through a hole in the left side of the housing.
zac Could anyone help me with a manual for a 24582 snowblower, i cant seem to get it set up right, thank you
aron hi, i was wondering if anyone could forward a manual for the 24582 to


davidmcgilloway loo king for a manuel haban 24852 snow attachment

davidmcgilloway looking for a copy of haban snowblower attachment manuel Thanks Dave

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