MTD wiring diagram

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MTD wiring diagram

Bob Why is it that MTD will not supply a wiring diagram with there manuals. I been told that thay are not available, hard to believe.
chris need more info
Bob My tractor info follows.

Bolens Mod. 14AG808H163 S/N 1A093H20266

Thanks in advance.


Oscar Also need wiring diagram for MTD Yard Machine
xaivair i need to know how to rewire my 14 horse briggs lawn tractor who ever had it before did a number on the wireing the battry cables are still there along with the starter cable and a handfull of wires that go to god only knows were
can u give me a idea as to how to do the wireing and hook up the starter switch


Kevin Helms help me too,went to Iraq and the mice did a number on it .12 hp mtd ,.. red orange yellow black and green wires coming from ignition i just want to do it without the safety switches could you give me a clue if you have the time,thankyou Kevin Helms
Joemama According to MTD website wiring diagrams are included in Tech Manuals available from them @800-800-7310 need model # and serial #. Cost $10 ^
an el,ectrical diagram for mower model number
138504000/d058g. BRIGGES-SRATTON ENGINE 190707-


an electrical diagram for mower model number
138504000/d058g. BRIGGES-SRATTON ENGINE 190707-


Louie For an illustrated diagram of all parts on your MTD lawn tractor, go to:
Then choose "Launch Illustrated Parts Look-up Tool"
Enter your model # 136L660F062 and click "search"

howard rogers here is the wiring info for an mtd yardmachine. i can senda schematic if you need one. mtd wiring color code

headlights,________1 green (goes to ignition switch) & 1 blue (goes to headlight switch).
light switch,_______1 blue (goes to headlight) & 1 white (goes to engine)
seat switch,_______1 yellow/white(goes to brake/clutch switch)
& 1 yellow/black(goes to deck switch)
deck switch,______1 orange/white (goes to starter relay) 1 yellow(goes to
brake/clutch switch). 1 orange/black(goes to brake switch) 2 yellow/blacks 1 (goes to seat switch) the other goes to a connector with a yellow wire?
ignition switch,____2 green wires 1(goes to ground) (the other goes to headlights)
starter relay,______2 battery cables 1(goes to + side of battery) other
goes to starter. 1 red wire goes from positive side of relay to 20 am fuse. 1 orange/white wire (goes to deck switch)
20a. fuse holder,___1 red(goes to + side of starter relay. 1 red/white (goes to ignition switch)
brake/clutch switch, 1 orange(goes to ignition switch) 1 orange/black(goes
to deck switch) 1 yellow/white( goes to seat switch)
2 yellows, 1 (goes to the engine) other (goes to the deck switch).
engine,___________ 1 red/black(goes to ignition) 1 white (goes to light switch) 1 yellow (goes to deck switch)

howard rogers how it works. nuber one the first thing to do is upgrasde the battery cable from the relay to the battery. it is too light. the deck has to be raised all the way up for the enginre to start. if you aree sitting on the seat with the deck engaged you break the connection bewtween the engine and ignition. if a deck switch goes bad it will give you a multitude of headaches. you can have it raised all the way up and it still wont start. the brake/clutch switch will keeop you from starting it with out you pushing on the pedal but it will not kill thew engine unless you don't have the deck all the way up which energizes the belt for the mower. coils can go bad. to check coil you have to remove the shroud and do a resistance test on it, but before you do be sure you are getting fire to the coil. the red/black wire goes through the ignition switch. one way to test it is to run a jumper from the battery to the engine and if your starter will energize it will start even if you have a switch problem. this is a trial and error system of course. e mail me and i will send a wiring diagram as i traced irt off of my mower acircuit at a time(time consuming but worth it,)
dwayne truex i have a old lowes mtd tractor it has 12 hp,i am having trouble with the wires going to the ingention swicth who ever had this mower took upart the harness all i have are separte wires and i keep burning out the coil.the way they had that it hard to trace them with a diagram,can you help thanks dwayne
Paul I have an old MTD Lawn Flite 16-44, model 137-697-500... Is the headlight use the same wiring as the Yard Machine?



Re: MTD wiring diagram

when did mtd buy out cub cadet. I have a 1420 hydro cub that I just bought used on the internet. I got it home and installed a new battery and turned ther key on.. the wires started smokeing and all melted together. I cant find any help on the cub website and thought it was made after mtd purchased the company. can anybody help me figure out my wiring problem. i want to bypass all the safety switches and just get it to start so i an move it. thanks

AMF I have the same elect. problem as everyone else. Someone before me messed with it. I put in a new switch and solenoid. Cannot get this thing to start. The starter will work, I jumped a wire over to it, still spins, if a little weak. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the safety switches? Clutch plate does not even hit the switch. Do not know if deck switch should be up or down to start. I am not using the deck on this to mow with, only to pull a cart for yard work. Thanks, Tony
alison Hi i urgently need a wiring diagram for the above MTD, especially, the ignition switch

Moose Can you get them wiring diagram for a older MTD...Thanks
Nathan hello

im takin a 14 hp single cylinder out of a 02 mtd yard machine and putting it in my racing lawn mower but i need a wiring diagram to re wire it.

if someone could email one to me that would be great

Mike I have looked everywhere for a wiring diagram for my statesman riding lawn mower 139-653F016/J209H3387-91. It belonged to my dad and I'm tring to redo everything, but I need help with the wiring. Its a 12HP, 7 speed, 38 inch cut.
Zach i Have a Lawnmachine with a 16.5HP B&S and the previous owner tore out all the wiring. is there anyway i could rig up the starter and a kill switch? im not using it for mowing its just to use on my land to get firewood. i have a saftey kill switch im gonna put on it when im done. i know theres a way to wire it this way becouse a few ppl on lawnsite told me how to do it but the beeped(%$#^) out what wires i need, where they go, and what they do. any one know how? Thanks
roy bissett my lawnflite 908 tractor keeps cutting out when i try to engage cutter i have checked the switch on the catcher and the cutter drive lever and they are ok,help
Mike Ambery Smith I have bought an old lawnflite garden tractor. it works, but roughly. It sais 18 44 on the side. i can't see any other numbers on the machine - it has had a bodge modification or two in its time. it has a twin cyl B&S engine.
What may the model number be? I need parts for it

don payne I have a digram for the old mtd 1400 series if that will help any one but I need to know how to hook up a three prong starter switch to the engine
brandon if its motor parts you need you have to use the model,spec code and date code to determine the engine in order to get parts.this number is usually located on the blower housing. for parts relating to the mower itself you will need to use the model and serial number usually located under the seat on the back portion of the mower or possibly on the frame in order to get those type of parts. hope this helps some
joe c i have wire all over the place and just need to know about the wire to the cabaration and why i have one on it. it is a briggs stratton moter need help e-mail me help
SHAUN help,
have a problem on one or maybe more ? of the switches or even the elec solenoid under the battery. would really appreciate a wiring diagram.
thanks in anticipation!

SHAUN help,
have a problem on one or maybe more ? of the switches or even the elec solenoid under the battery. would really appreciate a wiring diagram.
thanks in anticipation!

Betty Boop Can someone please send me a wiring diagram for a 1993 MTD Ranch King Garden Tractor or something close to it! I have spent too much tinme on trying to find one and still have not!
Thank You.

Steve I have replaced the ignition switch but it is not getting the power to the plug I have a 1996 MTD Yard King 18 1/2 HP
JOHNNY TREVINO i need to know if somebody can tell me how to wire my mtd lawn tractor somebody worked on it and wires are all mexed up.
JOHNNY TREVINO the model number on my mtd is 289707 the type is 015401 and the code is 9502171a if this helps.
Jody Cudmore need a wiring Diagram for my mtd mower
numbers are as




johnny rose i have a briggs&stratt 17.0 i/c on a yardmachine rider use it for pushing snow only no deck just a blade the key & wiring is messed up how do i rewire to a push button start no key no safty switch just start and kill switch
john i have a 2002 yardmachine mtd moldel 313707 type 0162e5 sn.020513ze.i need wiring diagram its has a briggs stratt engine 17.5
Tye spires I have a mtd lawnflite 16/44 dual cylinder and I has A 16 horse Briggs on it and I can't seem to find a wiring schematic for it if anybody has any ideas on what web site I can find I want to turn it in to a mudder if anybody has ANY idea like lift kits and how to get the rims off and moving the starter solenoid up and water proofing the engine and wires that would sure help thanks
Bruce Bilger Yardman model 694. I have replaced the switch under the blade lever but the blades keep running when the blades should not run in this position..Any Ideas? Thanks.

Also what makes the blades shut off when this plunger is depressed?

pete I just want to get rid of all the safty switches and put on a simple starting switch.I have a switch on the back side of it has 3 post . Ign , sol ,bat .can anyone tell me how or what wires I need to hook up a pic. of the wireing would help . thanks

Eldon C. Kilberger I need a wiring diagram for a MTD Model 13AU604H402 46 inch cut lawn mower

Thanks, Eldon

Jim Douras does anyone have a wiring diagrame for mtd yardmachine model 13AC762F308 as i am having problems with the ignition switch there is nothing at the key does anyone have any ideas on this because i have run out of them
Vince Burke Looking this up for a friend. Just what he was looking for.
Mi ke I have a MTD yard machine and it wont start i dont know much about these but im not getting any fire to the kill switch at the seatplus theres a loose wire i cant find where it goes could anyone send me a wiring diagram for a 14hp yardmachine model number

Cuts off when blades engaged

matt I have.two wires coming from top of mower a yellow one and a red one can u tell me what there are please

rick maley 14.5 hp I/C/42 7 speed shift on the go. Model#287707 Type#0224-01 Code#970414ZD how to simplify start without wiring harness?
Spike Bell I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 1989 MTD riding lawnmower...runs like new love it

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