Dana transaxle 4360

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Dana transaxle 4360

Jeremy My grandfather has a Craftsman/Poulan 14.5hp lawntractor with a Dana 4360-139 transaxle with 5 forward and 1 revers gear. The transaxle went up and I was wondering if a Dana 4360-076 would bolt up in its place? I haven't been able to find any manuals or specifications on either one.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

joel yes it should fit. just make sure the linkage will bolt up.
Bobby L. Hayes I had a Craftsman 38" mower for about 4 years. It had a D4360-48 transaxle. It became difficult to shift, and ending up being junked. I purchased a Poulan 38" mower with a Dana D4360-139 transaxle and within two years the transaxle again started to become difficult to shift, and impossible at times. I, at times had to use my foot to shift it out of a position. I am now in the process of purchasing another mower without a transaxle in hopes of improving performance. Is there a fix for the problems that I have been having, and if so, what is the fix, so that I can perhaps salvage the prosent Poulan mower?

Bobby L. Hayes

Ron I've had the same problems as Bobby, and as a Elecronic Systems Engineer I can't, for the life of me, figure out why you simply don't put a drain and refill plug somewhere accessible on the transaxles. On two 4150 series transaxles, slighly different units, the shifter siezed and both times I fixed them by taking them off and going to my machine shop friend where he added a drain plug on the bottom front (toward deck) and an oil fill plug almost right above the shifter lever.. Both are still in service now and I change the oil out about every 2 to 3 three seasons when ever the shifting begins to get tough.. I use a heavy chain oil 90 WT.. Does it take an Electronics System Engineer to figure out the stinkin things need a little lubrication for long life.. So Bobby, yes if you're mechanical do this just one time.. Drop the rear end off of your mower. Find yourself a good machine shop, add a drain plug on bottom of the 4360 somewhere, I choose the deck side for servicability, then on the top by the shifter add a size 10 hole tapped for adding lubricant, use a heavy oil, again I choose 90 weight, and you'll never have a problem again.. It's worked twice for me, my old timer is 20yrs old Sears Model 917254230 and my baby is 16 years old Sears Model 917255732.. Somebody needs to go over to Dana/Foote/Spicer, or whoever the crap they are today, with a big garbage can, beating on it from one end of the building to the other to wake up all the DEAD HEADS!! The dang things need lubrication GEE tell me it ain't so..

I never buy another one of your products again, because your giving we Engineers a bad name almost to the point of rivaling Lawyers!!

I know, I know, keep your stinkin warranty, I just want to cut my grass!!

R Hauser
PRN Communication Systems Engineer

JimBob The solution I used for two of these confound-it transaxles was to simply install a zerk fitting and pump axle grease into them. This has fixed hard shifting and squeaky axle bearings for me. Caution: Clean/wash/spray off any grease that might exit the brake shaft and coat your brake.

NAPA has zerk fittings that tap into a 3/16 hole. (not a threaded design, but ridged) Drill your hole from the lower rear of the housing, aiming straight for the differential pinion gear. Locate the hole for ease of grease gun usage. Tap in your fitting. Push your tractor to be sure there is no contact with the gear. One axle took about three 10oz tubes of grease. Pump in 2 tubes and drive it around to loosen it up.

Top off your grease a few times per season with about 50 pumps of the lever or whenever the symptoms recur.

LARRY I have a Sears mower 917257630 with a Dana Transaxle Model# 4360-48. Does anyone know if the 4360-140 will replace it.
From Dana's web site if I understand it right this model supercedes all others.

Ed I want to adapt a 4360-139 5 speed on a walking
mower. Looking for the gear ratios.
Any help ??


Judy I have a Sears Craftsman 14 twin 5 speed yard tractor-model 917.255812. It needs Sears part no. 106598X- a pinon and bevel gear. I was told the transaxle was made by Dana. Can you help? It has been a great mower!!!! I believe it is about 20 years old, I am the original owner. I don't want to give up my mower.
R Hauser Judy,
I only looked at the part number before, being in a hurry, and didn't notice the description. Not being familiar with your mower, you pinion and bevel gear should be attached to your steering column. This is not a Dana/Foote/Spicer produced product (unless they happened to make the gear itself - Pray they didn't). They only produce JUNK!! Most junked mowers still have their steering shaft attached. Many Craftsman steering columns are very similar if not the same with just different PN's. Is this gear attached to your steering column?? If so, this may be much easier than you think. You need to remove your old pinion and bevel gear for comparison to the ones at the "Bone Yard". First, you'll need to find a "Bone Yard" in your area, once you've found one, the operators will know where their competition is, if they can't help you, ask if they would recommend another Yard. You'll probably find it or something very close the first try..

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Re: Dana transaxle 4360

I have a Spicer/Dana Transaxle 4360-128 that just started to shift hard into and out of 3rd gear. After reading the other guy's submissions I think my transaxle needs grease, also. I sure can't find one on the net anywhere and I wish I could. Does anyone have any ideas on where to get a transaxle? Thanks people and keep up the good work

Ron Ron you are probably an aquarin like me and will never read this message .a little commen sense is extint today.
Ron I have a Craftsman with a Dana 4360-140 Transaxle that has gone out. I also have an old Craftsman with a Dana 4360-79 with a good transaxle. Any chance that these two are interchangable or at least the innards? Thank you.
RON Ron, thank you for your smart A...reply! And, no I am not an Aquarian.
Sean My transaxle was getting very hard to shift also; Dana 4360-140 on my craftsman LT-1000. Rather than take it apart I followed Jim Bob's advice and put a driveable grease fitting on the bottom of the housing. I squirted approximately 1-1/2 tubes (21 ounces) of Moly Special purpose grease from tractor supply in it, and now it shifts better than new. Don't know how long it will last but...It may be worth a shot, especially to those who might be thinking of opening their tranny up anyway.
vince Can anyone tell me how I position the shift mechanism show I have it in the netrual paositon.

I took my transaxle apart to clean and inspect but i cannot find the poistion to put this back together in.

Thanks guys--this ahs been a big help

Herb Bullis I have a Sears mower with the same trans axle. Never would shift right from day one. The second year it would not come out of reverse unless you rocked it with the clutch. Took it apart replaced a couple items I forget. Typical Sears junk. By the third year I had to replace the deck from rust through! Last year I put a used engine on it. The engine one day just went up in blue smoke. No warning boom.
This mower is used on a flat Florida postage stamp yard. Junk! Want a tractor get a Simplicity. I had two. Not cheap but tough as nails.

looking for a 4360-79 transaxle looking for good transaxle 4360-79 call 734 5587877 thanks joe
Jake When you have problems with Dana Transaxle you could replace it with a Tecumseh Peerless Transaxle, or you could take the Dana Transaxle apart clean out. Then grease drill and tap a hole in the top and fill it with oil. Then put a short bolt in the hole to prevant any oil from leaking out.
Ron I'm looking for a Spicer Dana D4360-139.
AYP #170268.
Any help would be helpful.
My Rider is a Poulan 5 speed

Frank The grease in these buggers dries up and that is the cause of the hard shifting. If you take it apart you will notice the colar that engages with the shifting rod and moves back and forth to select the gears will hardly move at all because of hardened grease and thus no lubrication. Grease the heck out it and work it back and forth a few times and it will shift like it was new again. It took me 2 hours from start to finish.
john I have a poulan with a dana 4361-139 tranaxle,does anyone what i can replace it with cheap.I can'`t find a 4360-139 use,but i can find a boat load of everthing else.
Jim o'connor Can someone tell me what the different is between the different variants,-7,-140 etc.
leo I have a dana d4360-140, its acting up not always allowing the wheel to spin and not going into reverse. Is it possible to take apart and check whats broken or it is pretty much a paper weight if I take it apart, would I need anyparts to put it back together like a new gasket or something??
Scott. T I have a poulan mower with a dana 4360-139. It isnt hard to shift but when in gear it makes a loud noise and it slips. I took the transaxle out and the belt pulley shaft going into the transaxle has a lot of play in it. Is this normal? Are these hard to rebuild? Thanks

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