Montgomery Wards Gilson Hydrostatic 16

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Montgomery Wards Gilson Hydrostatic 16

Joe I have been looking everywhere but have not been finding much information on this mower. The Mower stamp reads: GIL 33160 C and 47X90944. It has a 48" deck stamped GIL 33161A and 63548. I finally found the deck second number 63548 on a cross ref. sheet I found but all the numbers on the mower aren't close to anything I have seen. I am looking for some manuals, the Gilson equivalant model number for the tractor, a snow thrower and any type of bagging setup for the mower deck if possible(or mulching conversion) and maybe snow plow blade. I also have the chipper and tiller (not for sale)if anyone needs help with those, I can try. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks!
chris that is the correct model number gil33160c. i found this in my microfiche set 1976 but so far no attachments listed. ill keep looking
chris i found a list of attachments, ill try and scan and send them to you later
Joe Thanks! I am really interested in a snowthrower for this tractor. Do you know if there any aftermarkt ones that will fit evin if a little modifying needs to be done. I can weld and have a welder but getting things to work right might be hard (power lift etc) Thanks!

Jed Haas I am looking for a manual or some guidance on installing the mulcher/chipper attachment to the Gilson Hydrostatic 16. I am also looking to purchase a snow blower attachment for that unit. Thanks for any help.

Bob I have some leakage from the shaft sticking out of the top of the transmission. Who might repair this transmission?

Dan Sampsel
I have a snow thrower attachment for the Ward's (Gilson) GIL-33047A 14 HP tractor, if anyone is still interested....

Judie Bailey My husband just had a Montgomery Wards Gibsom Hydrostatic 16 given to him. The model # is
GIL 13160A. It has a rototiller attached to the back. We would like to get hold of a repair manual if possible. Thanks for any help!

Ted Davis I just picked up a MW 16HP Lawn Tractor, 42" mower (right hand discharge), with a hydrostatic transmission. The Model No. is GIL 33162 B. It came with no manuals and little instruction--any help/info would be welcomed. I would very much like to find a rototiller attachment. Thanks in advance to anyone with information, parts or stuff.
edward keen I need pump for gil33421-a ward/gilson hydro 16..Any info on this unit would be appreciated. This a good tractor except for parts. Thanks GINO 925-938-9600 Call collect before cal time
Jim Richert I have a MW 33047A - 14 HP and am interested in the snowthrower. Also do you have info on the tractor such as where to check the Hydrostatic drive fluid level, filter type and other maintenance items.
Thanks, Jim

chet proegler I also have a montgomery wards gil-33047a with a bad vickers hydrostatic pump. If anyone has one or knows where to find one let me know. thanks Chet
Al I was just given a Gilson Hydro 16 Model # 53027-44692with PTO and need a fuel tank to start with. As we get further in getting this machine out of "moth balls" and back into the field I may have additional questions and quests for other parts.
Dan Sampsel I have a complete unit (Tractor, 48" Deck, 14 HP engine and snowblower, minus a hydro transmission, the tranny bew last fall). First person to show up at my door with $200 can have it all. The unit is in good to very good working condition, minus, of course, the tranny. I'm located in SW Oregon, for anyone interested.
dave I have a montgomery word hydrostatic 16 power-lift model NO GIL 33185 A. works great what would this be worth if I sold it?
boyd ten haken can you give me the numbers off of the motor?
boyd ten haken I was just given a Gilson Hydro 16 Model # 53027-44692.I would like all the info i can get.please help me
mark i have a montgomery wards hydrostatic 16 for parts with snowblower does not run
Curtis I have a model #33160A Wards Hydrastatic 16. I hope someone out there has a manual for this machine. It runs very well but has leaked a lot of hydralic fluid and I can't figure out where to put in fresh fluid or how much. There are 2 pipe plugs. One near the filter on the pipe leading to it and another on the side of the differential. Both are so low in the system thatI can't believe that either could be for oil level point.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Björn Hi. Does anyone have a manual for the Gilson Hydro16 tractor in PDF or similar? I found instructions for the engine at the B&S website but i have none for the tractor itself.
jim husted i, too, have a montgomery ward hydrostatic 16 and also hunting for a manuel or info on drive unit oil level's-- where to check oil level's------------ thank's -- jim
billy davis I have a copy of the owners manual and parts lists for a gilson hydrostatic tractor model#53020 and 53022.E-mail me if you want a copy.
billy davis The manual I have for my Gilson Hydrostatic H-16 tractor says it uses 4qts of type A transmission fluid. As far as filling it, I installed a pipe from the plug by the filter up about 6inches so I can change filter and refill w/o worrying about fluid spilling everywhere.
C.J. Bunce I'm looking for the wiring squmatics for a model GIL 33160 B with a B&S (model-326437 type-0135-03
code 7401281)engine, gear drive starter. If anyone has a copy, please email it to me.

Marty Shane I have model GIL33424A MW with 48" mower deck, 16hp, Hydro, 3pt and manuals for both. I would like to add a snow plow to it. A 3pt grader would be easy to find, but I would prefer a front blade. Can anyone make a suggestion?
Colin I have a Gilson Tractor model 53019. Iam searching for a owner and parts manual for this beast! Can anyone help me with this or have any idea where I could get one?
corey i have a gilson wards hidro 16hp tractor all the numbers were painted over, but i am looking for a wire scamatic
Re: Montgomery Wards Gilson Hydrostatic 16

hello i just bought a gil 33185 a hydo 16 does any one have any pics of the attacthments i do have the front plow

John T. Neat Site and thank you.
I own a Montgomery Ward GIL 33186A Tractor with most of the attachments.
I am looking for a Montgomary Ward/Gilson GIL 33431A Snow Thrower Attachment 42 Inch.
I have all the manuals with part numbers for all the attachments except for the mowing machine. I will print and send for cost.
Thanks John T.

Steve I have the MW garden tractor Model #is gil 33420. Im having trouble hooking up the snowblower drive belt. I'd also like to find out what year it is and possibly find a manuel for it. Thanks
Dean I have a 18hp.hydrostatic drive Montgomery Wards garden tractor, model Gil-33423A and I need a snow thrower for it. I believe the model number I need is Gil-33053A.If anyone knows of one let me know,thanks
nick I have a montgomery wards tractor but it needs a new 16hp engine does enyone know where i can find one for cheap???????????????
ian I have a 16 horse hydro, apparently I am not alone, and I can not get a spark from it.
Gary Gribble Where can I find the model number on a Gilson 16
single cylinder tractor?

nick Does enyone want to sell there MW or Gilson 16hp riding lawnmower that is located in Washington?
rodney i have mw 15 and (16 with hydrolic lift)
mower deck and tiller 15 starts right up need starter for 16 has mag 15 has starter generator
plan to make one out of the two or sell for best offer

Pat I'm looking for an oil filter or part number for an oil filter for the hydrostatic transaxle. My model # is gil33421 A. It is a twin 16 HP.
Pat Yesterday I replaced the belts on my MW gilson 16. I just took the old ones to Napa Auto Parts, they measured them and I was out the door in 5 minutes with new ones. The deck belt # is Gates B87, it measures 21/32" X 90" The Belt that goes from the engine to the deck is Gates # B78, and measures 21/32 X 81. These are heavy duty drive belts and cost about $20 each. It took only a couple hours to drop the deck, clean it, replace the belts and reinstall it. Hope this helps anyone with a 16 hp hydrostatic.
grandpaclint i have the same tractor and the steering gears are stripped-------anybody know where i can get replacement parts, or can a machine shop repair them
thanks for any help


Gary D Montgomery Wards 16 hp briggs with hydrostatic drive 1975 or 1976?
Looking For Manuals and a guard cover over the drive shaft area between the seat and dash collum.

nick does anyone know what a 16hp montgomery wards riding lawnmower is worth that doesnt run or what would be a decent price for one?


Chet Hagerbaumer About a week ago I found a Wards Hydro 16 and it is in pretty good shape. However I would like to find a manual (or Copy) so I can give it a thourough going over. It does need a paint job and that's in the process right now. It does use a little oil and the lift valve leaks a little (needs new seals). Otherwise it's a good old machine. I would like to pick up some new decals sometime in the future. Model number is 33165-A and the engine is B-S 326437-0135-03 Code7702031. It has front material bucket, 42" Snow Blade and 42" mower deck. If anyone has information they would like to share......I'm all ears.


nick i found a hydrostatic 16 montgomery wards riding lawnmower that doesnt have any implements that come with it and it has a carb problem for $175 is it a good deal or not???


Rob Esposito I was given a Gilson H-16 with model number 53020 44234 Does anyone have a carberator or a carberator rebuild kit for my tractor?
vic.cooke I just aquired a MW gilson h 16 lawn tractor , and i need to find a manual for the unit , does any one know if a pdf version is available and where to get it ?

Thanks Vic

C.J. Bunce I'm 18 years old restoring my grandpa's 1974 16 hp Montgomery Ward lawn tractor for a 4-H project and would like to make a front bumper for it with the same mounting style as the snow plows but don't have access to one for measurements. If anyone would be willing to email me a scetch of the mounting brackets with detailed measurements for a snow plow or knows of a plow for sale near Kansas it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
vic if you still have a manual i could realy use a copy , pls let me know

also do you have info on the vickers hydrostatic transmission ?

smith i have a lift bracket and can help
C.J. Bunce Clarence, I'm from Perry, what would be a good time or place I could meet with you to look at it?
Vic does any one know how to check , or fill the oil on a vickets t66 hydrostaic transmission

also does any one know a good location to get a manual for a MW Gilson h16 53020 tractor

nick Vic
To check the transmishion fluid in the hydrostatic transmition you have to tip the fenders and seat back there should be little switch that you tull infront of the seat. also if you need to fill or change the transmishion fluid and filter you will need about (5 qts. of ATF 220 or equivilant). i dont know the exact number of oil filter but i took the old one into Auto Zone parts and we couldnt find any numbers on it but the best match was a (FRAM PH16)if you have anyother questions i may be able to help you with them!

Jeff If anyone is looking to buy a couple of complete gilsons w/mowers to restore let me know. These tractors were tractors that had thousands of dollars of work done to them and were never picked up from the dealership. I purchased them in an auction when the dealership closed it's doors. 1 53043 Gilson 16hp s/n-8164A1-3xx , 1 53043 Gilson s/n- 0116A1-7xx. Pictures and more details on request. I have some NOS spare parts also(elect pto clutch). They have some rust, stored inside for the last 14 years. One of them had a short block installed (18hp). One has a dealer option electric lift installed. Both manual trans. w/new variable speed pulleys. The decks were gone through and have new/renewed spindles. thanks.
joe I have a complete set of manuals for the 16hp hydrostatic lawn tractor #GIL-33160C, #GIL-33162B. also the snow thrower #GIL-33053A and the rotary tiller #GIL-33095A. I have a partial manual for the mower attachment, but some pages are missing and i'm in the process of locating the remainder of the booklet, will repost when i have found them. i can email these to you if needed. my email is squish588 at msn dot com
charles ok those of you looking for the manauls go to yahoo groups tpye in gilson tractors and there are 3 groups that have all the manauls for them that where i found all mine

ps im the one with my tractor pic above

dave Anyone out there wanting to part with a 48'deck for my hydro 16 ?
craig enlund i just purchased a mw model gil33186 lawn tractor and would realy like to get ahold of the owners manuel for it , any one have one or know where i could get one?
chris paxton Need parts does anyone know where I can get help for a deck Part#GIL-33161A 48 inch Need the deck rusted out
Matt I am looking for the Lift Link (#12682) for the 42" mower attachment(#GIL33151C). I cannot find it.

I am also looking for a sickle bar for this lawn tractor as well.

Billy Tucker C.J.

I saw your post about restoring a Montgomery Ward Gilson 16.

Do you happen to have a parts manual for this machine? I need a belt for the mower deck and can't find a part number or size anywhere.

Thank you,

Billy Tucker

Re: Montgomery Wards Gilson Hydrostatic 16





nick i was wondering what a decent price would be for a montgomery wards riding lawnmower with the rototiller,mower deck, and snow plow atatchment? i gave $400 for mine but i found another one and they want $600 is that a good deal?
Terry I have a Gilson model #52104A 48590 looking for any info on it I can find, thanks.
i have an 11hp green gilson anyone see one?

Shannon My exFIL and son are working on a GIL 133185A. Does anyone know where I can locate an electronic version of the manual or at least a schematic of the engine? Thanks in advance
Re: Montgomery Wards Gilson Hydrostatic 16

I am placeing up for sale a Hydrostatic 16 in good working condition. It has the Rototiller deck on it. I have pics if anyone interested and I have the id tag for the tiller.


Rob Mix
Re: Montgomery Wards Gilson Hydrostatic 16

This is a photo of the tiller id tag. I am asking $500 for this and you can drive it away.
Local pickup only. MPLS MN area

612-770-0001 Ask for Mike

Dennis Forrester I have the 16 Wards Gilson with the tiller. I have some manuals and a breakdown for the tiller. I have the tractor running but due to the long storage time with the tiller tied in the up position, I can't get it to release down. I am nervous to break the case because the chain drive would need to be undone to access the crossbolts. I have used penetrating products for days and tapping the casting. Any ideas. I plan to use hotter heat today but need to be careful of the rubber o-ring inside the casting. My book says to use 140 weight gear oil in both of the tiller chain cases. fill from the top plug till it runs out of the botton smaller plug. Do this for both cases.
chuck looking for mower deck89-33161R 48"OR 89-33151R 42" side discharge. 89-33147 42" rear discharge. fits WARDS 67-74 12to16 HP
Walter Bartlett I have a MW Gilson Hydrostatic with twin cyl 16 HP B&S. It was made I believe in 1982 and sold new in 1983 and was 2 yrs old when I bought it. I've replaced nearly everything on at least once but need to find a manual with part numbers for the mower. The mod # of the mower is 63640 GIL 33897A. The tractor is mod GIL 33891A and the manual doesn't show anything on the mower. I know there are new quill's that are the same as some lawnboy and other?? but I can't find them. Seems like everyone has owned Gilson material at some point and a parts man told me recently Husqvarna owns them now. Would pay reasonable price for the deck manual if you have one.
tom hedin anyone still have a tiller attachment 4 sale for a gilson 18hp?
dennis morris I need to know the hydro filter # and the hydro fluid # and amount. The model # is gil 33424A
Matt Brooks I am interested in any Gilson/Montgomery Ward tractors, running or not FOR SALE. Even if you just have parts or attachments. For those of you looking for manuals or help, come join the gilson collectors group on yahoo. Its free and we have almost all manuals in PDF form. Also a lot of our members have experience and tips on working on these little tractors, Thanks Matt in NJ
Norm Williams I have the Montgomery Wards Hydrostatic 16hp tractor with a Gilson front loader and rear PTO, model gil 33153B. I need a manual and instructions how to install the rear PTO belt. Appreciate any help.

Terrel Sayre I have two one 15HP 1970 one 71 with 48" mower needing center mandrel double pulley have some parts available ...let me know I have a manual also tractor and mower
Terry Sayre I have Mechanical Drive Tractor Owners Guide
for 12HP to 16HP Models 33130A 12HP,33135A 15HP.33140A 12HP,
33144A 15HP,Parts supplement book 33145A 16HP, Gil-33154A 16HP, Gil-33155A 15HP,Gil-33160A 16HP

I've got a Montgomery Ward Garden and attachments 4 page front and back ...shows briefly about different attachment but not details

I've got Montgomery Wards instruction maintenance Engine Brigs #302431 to 302437 ,326431 to 326437
oil points plugs carb adjustments, bore,stroke L head Briggs general info wire to starter from B. to S. B. Plus to starter to gen. A. then B to Ground governor spec. email me

Ron I have one of these for sale, with snowplow, grader blade and spare rear wheels along with duel wheel connecters. make me a reasonable offer.
jim I have a a 33186a with snow blade 42 inch mower and tiller. I have manuals and parts list for all if anyone needs parts numbers or diagrams. I would also be interested in any other attachments or parts tractors feel free to email me
HORACE Ihave got a hydrostatic 16 Model 326437 Type 0135-03 code 7405241 . Icannot find any info on this motor other than it is not avail in the u.s.a.CAN ANYONE HELP?
Ben zajicek I have a gilson h16 with a blade and deck my neighbor gave me for working for him i need a gasket kit for the briggs motor on it and was also wondering where the filler plug on the hydro is
shawn how much are you asking and can you upload more pictures
DBB I need a wiring diagram for a gil-33185a or gil-33186a, a simple one,wire by wire,part by part.
jen What was the years Montgomery ward lawn mowers were made?
Billy I have a 1978 mw gilson 16 hp for sale with 48 inch deck,48inch snow blade,4 foot sickle bar,spare engine,spare carb and some other parts and original owners manual.the tractor and attachments are in good working condition e-mail me if interested .
Timothy hello i have the same tractor that is yellow in the pic above i am needing a dash tower for one like it if you have one please contact me please mine got burnt in a shop fire and the dash tower got melted
bill van "Joe" was looking for a snow thrower.blower attachment for this tractor. I have one that was purchased new and used two times. Have an ad on St. Louis Craigslist now with it for sale with wheel wgts. If still interested (your post was not dated or I could not find one) you may e-mail me and I can send you photos and info.


Bill Lindh Just bought hydrostatic 16. Need picture or manual on tiller. Am putting on an old Craftsman 3' tiller which works well but am guesing on attachment parts. I have shop and can fabricate well. The hydralics work well on the Gilson and I can see basically how the tiller should be mounted on the 3 point set up. I can figure it out but the three point attaching assembly parts are missing so I am reinventing. My nature is to over complicate so the picture or manual would help lots. I will pay as necessary and thank you. Bill L.
scott brunnet I have a couple of mower decks and snow blowers still in boxes was a dealer years ago
E dorado got my monkey wards tractor at 14 im 46 now she runs hasnt in a while any body want 2 adopt call 7605530503
Laz I have a working MW 16 hydrostatic for SALE. It comes with mower deck, and I also have front blade, but the harness for the blade needs repair. It also comes with manuals. I can send pics if interested. The mower is in Michigan.
Van Hydrostatic transmission wants to pop out of second geat.
Any ideas what may be wrong or what to look for.
Thanks in advance for any help.


Ken Tolbert Terry:
Just found how to post to you. I just got a 1973 Montgomery Wards 16 HP variable speed tractor with no model/serial number badge. I have the following info: B&S engine 326434 0134-01 7302061 and starter generator delco remy Dec 11, 1972 model 1101864. The PTO light wiring is missing and would like supporting manuals for correct model, but I know the serial number is gone forever. Wiring diagram is important to me. Would love to have correct or at least close to correct owners guide and parts list, but do not know which ones to choose from your list. Can you help me? Thanks, ken

Britt Got a GIL33186A from my uncle. Need a manual. Please let me know how much you need to send a copy.

Thank you in advance.


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