Snapper Mower Belt Diagram

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Snapper Mower Belt Diagram

Ryan Parmenter I have an older rear engine Snapper mower. I need to replace the main belt on it, but can't figure out how the belt should be run around the rear part. There is a large wheel that always turns and a rubber-rimmed wheel that looks like it engages when I start the blade. Can anyone help? If a diagram is available, that would be great; pictures are always nice.



Greg I have a Murray 17.5 with hydrostatic drive that is 6 years old. The Transaxle has begun to make noise and has become slugish and is alot slower than it used to be. The belt is in good condition. Does anyone know what might be wrong or how difficult it is to rebuild the transaxle if necessary. This mower is equipped with a Peerless Transaxle. Any input would be greatly appreciated
george cartin i have same problem as ryan parmenter pertaining to installing cutting blade belt on my older snapper. serial no.53031114 model no. 280855 thank you
ky redneck Ryan,
Assuming you have an old Snapper Comet, as I do, that "large wheel that always turns and a rubber-rimmed wheel that looks like it engages when I start the blade" is your drive train. Try having someone depress the clutch pedal and watch what moves under the rear frame, below the motor. Now, have that person move the gear shift and whatch the "rubber rimmed wheel" move inward for lower gears, and outward for higher gears. The "blade" belt goes from the pulley just above the "large wheel" attached to the crankshaft to the pulley on the deck. Blade engagement is by a idler pulley attached to a handle and spring, also located on the deck, that tightens the tension of the blade belt. The simplicity of the Snapper Comet is a work of art.

Robert I have an old snapper mower I need some help with.
The motor runs good but it will not pull.I replaced the rubber wheel.And it will still not move.There is something behind this rubber wheel that is loose.Can anyone tell me if there is supose to be a spring or something holding these parts ?

David Does anyone have the belt diagramn for the deck belt and pulley? I have an older rear engine with handle bar type steering. Great mower but cannot get the replacement belt to work. I cannot figure out how the idler pulley is supposed to attach. A diagram would be helpful.

Charlotte Short I have a snapper riding mower Model LT16. Can anyone tell me how install belt on pulleys correctly. I cannot figure out how the belt is routed correctly.

Erwin Kourik My snapper riding mower model #280855 suddenly wouldnt engage in reverse and omits a high pitch squeel. It does the same thing when engaging first gear but engages as usual alright in upper gears.
Dale Donald I need belt diagram for Snapper tractor Mod.LT145H38CBV


scot k Robert if you need some parts and professional info contact the people at ( I can help you with any type of repair but I can't tell you exactly what the terms of the part are called; so many different part name variations;sounds as if threads on the face plate off of the crank shaft is stripped out.
Noah I, like David, have an old rear engine snapper mower with handle bar steering;where can I get a diagram showing how to replace belt?

Frank Cromer i just replaced my drive belt of my mower ,its maybe a 8 years old mower ,and when its under lil stress ,they belt seems loose ,just wonderi how to tighten,thanks
Nette Hey guys, I see a lot of us need a diagram. Me too. Did anybody get a diagram on how to put the Snapper ride on lawn mower (rear motor, 30-33 inch blade) MOWER BELT DIAGRAM?

I agree it sure would be easier to see a diagram.

I used to know how to put on the 30 inch mower, but apparently my 33 inch is a tad different or my memory has gone.

Anyone get a diagram?

Hoping and THanking you in advance.

Steven Ky redneck was very helpful for me. I have a 30in deck and in order to get the belt on I depressed and locked the brake/clutch allowing clearance from the drive train and clutch(rubber lined wheel) and then had to put it in gear 5 to clear the other obstruction from left to right, also I started from the rear. Seemed a lot easier after findeing out how all the parts moved around. hope this helped
Shannon Foster I am having the exact problem with needing the diagram for the belt on an older Snapper riding mower Model #30085S 8HP rear engine riding mower. I can't get the belt on the rear pulley but then I dont know how it goes on the tensioner pulley as well. Please help.

Jodie Minniear

I found what I was looking for on pg 79 of the first Illustrated Parts List link. Hope this helps you all!

loyce barmer need diagram to put on a napper belt model lt160h421bv
SYLVIA ARGUIJO need belt diagram i have 3314520bve33.
ed kolberged mower belt diagram and owers manual for model lp145h38cbv
James Collins Model828 snapper mower how do you gwet new belt on?
ric k dills need diagram of belt on 33 inch snapper
walter g coats need diagram for deck belt installation on 28"rear engine snapper mower thanks
harvey dail i to ,a diagram for a 8/28 rear engine snapper riding mower, belt replacement.
sammy lansdell i have a rear hydro drive snapper rideing mower that i need the routing of the belts please
ray archie my church have ben gave a snapper riding lawn mower but the belt is not on right in the pto done away work we need a diagram.model#nzm21520kwv with kawasaki h641v motor
STEVE need diagram for deck belt installation on snapper hydro modle number LT155H42BBV
Gail Caputo I have a 1979 snapper model 3312 mower that I am having difficutly getting a new belt on. Can you help?
Tony Having same problem with old snapper riding mower need digram for Mod. # 30085
heath howell i need a diagram of the way the belt for the blades goes on.its a real old lt 12.5 snapper .if any one has a picture of how it goes on i would appreciate it.i hit something in the yard it jumped off.thank yall
Jane Scroggins
Re: Snapper Mower Belt Diagram

I need to find a diagram for installing a belt on a Snapper rear engine mower 331313BE. The belt broke and I have no idea how to install a new one!


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