Powerkraft riding lawn mower

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Powerkraft riding lawn mower

Jody Looking for the schematic for a powerkraft 18/46 deck
Jody Looking for the schematic for a powerkraft 18/46 deck
Russell Crow I have a Powr Kraft 18.5/42 from 1995, with the Operators Manual and engine manual. It was made by MTD Products, www.mtdproducts.com

Which schematic? wiring, mechanical,...?

Wes I have a MW powercraft model #TMO-3510003, is this the same as yours? Do you know the year built and who built it? Thanks
Mike Smolek I found a old 10HP. PowerKraft rider in a guys back yard,that he through out.. I got it running and put a new drive belt on it.. But I am not sure if I have it on right.. It will move and I can go through each gear.. But I can not stop it. Can you tell me how to ajust the brake and the clutch.. I can't seem to find a ajusting rod on it. I have 3.2 acrs to mow and I sure could use this mower.. It's a bear having to push a mower over all this yard. It must be a age thing I guess.. LOL Any help would sure be appreciated. Thank You
PK Ganoe I have a Powr Kraft (Briggs & Stratton}
Twin Cylinder Riding Mower to sell...Good condition----I need to know approx the asking price I should try....Was left to me and I know very little about pricing.


Alan DeVore I have a Powerkraft (MTD) riding mower that I bought from Wards about eight years ago. It has a 18.5 HP Briggs&Stratton motor, hydro drive, and a 2 blade 42" deck. One of the pulley bearings is worn out, and the belt to the deck just broke. How do identify which part numbers I need? Or is there a model number on the mower, for identifying parts?

Thanks for your time.

Holly Kevin we have a Powr Kraft 18/42.the big blades are so bad. where can we buy the blades.

thanks in advance for your help.

Holly & Kevin

Holly Kevin we have a Powr Kraft 18/42.the big blades are so bad. where can we buy the blades.

thanks in advance for your help.

Holly & Kevin

brianmckaskle need a wiring diagram for the ignition. if anyone can help me i would be thankful.
JimTaylor I have the exact same problem with an identical mower. Did you find the mower deck spindle bearing ?
lawnman I have an old powr kraft mower I dont know much about it. It's brownish with fenders. it looks like it could be a 3-4 hp. It has about a 22" blade. I got it from a guy for 15$. Give me a holler if ya know anything about it.
Terri I have a Power Kraft mower. I need to find a Drive belt for it. Does anyone know where I can find the parts for it?????

Bryan For Sale: I have a Power Kraft 18.5/42 riding mower. Runs great needs new cutting deck. belt look to be in all-right shape. Great for parts
Randy McCumsey Where can you find parts for this 42 in. 18.5hp riding mower?
tom rooney 18/42 Power Kraft. The Spring that operates the Blade up and Down Tension Lever on the side fell off. Where does it connect to, so there is tension on the handle?
Tom Holm I purchased a 18/46 Powerkraft tractor, approximately a 1995 to 1997. I am looking for a manuel and the bagger attachment to the deck of the mower.
steve mcdonald I have a MW Power Kraft riding lawn tractor that I bought back in 1994-1995 its a 18hp/42Inch deck.Does any on know were I can get a grass collector for it.I've tried numorous places and all my attempts have failed.

Tom Ressler I have a 15 HP Powerkraft riding lawn mower. Does anyone know the conversion spark plugs for these? I cannot find the replacement for the spark plug that is in it. Thanks!
ron howell I need a repair and parts manual for an 18.5/42, mdl TMO 3650002136S699G088. Any help you can give will be appreciated...thanks, ron
James I am looking for any information on a PowrKraft 18hp46 deck riding mower ie., the deck belt size, the throttle and choke cable part numbers. If anyone has a manual that also would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James
Barry Looking for a Powr Kraft 18.5/42 manual.
Or were I can download one.

will just got one of these and have no info on it. It has a briggs and stratton engine but no diagram on how to the belts on blade deck. any info appriciated
Mark I tried to start it up and the gass won't go to the carb what should i do.
terri denny
need to know how to fill up hydraulic fluid?

MIke I have a 18/42 Power Kraft, older model, don't know year. I am wanting to know how to put more tension on the belt when the cutting deck is lowered, so the blades don't stop when I try to mow.
roger thompson I have Powr Kraft Limited Edition 18/42. I need to know what size belt it takes and how do adjust the tension on it.
Greg M I own a Power Kraft 15/42 riding mower. it runs great, the transmission is fair, but i cant seem to get the deck to hook up right. The guy i bought it from, didn't give me the manual. Does any know how it hooks up right, or have a manual that they could scan and send. Any help would be appriciated.

crzyilndr A friend gave me a PowerKraft 18/42
riding mower. I need to know where to get new blades and what kind of battery to use. Could anyone help me out with this? Also how do you check if the tranny is good?

Thank you

crzyilndr need to know what battery and voltage to use in a 18/42 powercraft mower and how to tell if tranny is good. Also where to get wiring diagram.
Thank you.

reggie DO ANYONE KNOW THE PROPER SIZE OF THE MOWER DECK REPLACEMENT BELT AND HOW TO ROUTE THE BELT I CAN BE REACHED HERE ANYTIME THANKS TO ANYONE THAT CAN HELP POWER KRAFT 18/42 green and white can not find any serial numbers or any other data plates it has a 18 hp brigg and straton engine
Don Can anyone tell me the size of the deck belt on an 18.5/42 inch Power-Kraft?
Alan Williams I have one to and I nead a frunt end. where can I go to get parts?
John 72" or (36" depending how the manufacurer measures the belt, total length of belt or the loop length).
jwplocks Have 18/46 Model , looking for deck belt diagram.

chris herrera need diagram on belt pattern on blade pulleys
robert Where can I find a manual (or schematic) for a MW Powr-Kraft 18.5hp/42" deck commercial grade lawn tractor? I have the model # and other info, but have come up dry with online services.

Thank you.

Brad Johnson Does anyone know when they stopped producing the Powr Kraft brand?
buck3791 i have a POWR KRAFT rideing MOWER the SERIAL number that is under the seat wore off my dad got it back in 1995 i need part to get for it i am haveing a hard time geting parts i do not know what to do can you help me out this is what i have

powr kraft

it is and automatic transmission hydrostatic drive

18 hp twin 46'' cutt twin cylinder

model number 42a707

type 1238 -01

code 9508225 a

industrial comm ercial please if you can will you help me out thanks for your time chris my email is have a good day chris

Jim I need help to troubleshoot a 18hp b&s riding mower with 42" deck. I have no spark at all. I checked all the interlocks and they check out. There are two wires that go under the flywheel ( red & White ) is there points or ignition module under there?

mark Have 18/46 Model , looking for deck belt diagram.

mark Have 18/46 Model , looking for deck belt diagram.

Larry I have a IMO or TMO33876A H252C MW Powercraft riding lawnmower that I need a battery for and a manual. Thanks in advance for your help.

cat7491 need belt diagram for 18.5/46
Ken I have just received a Power Kraft 18/42 without the mower deck. Is there somewhere to buy a replacement mower deck for this. Right now it just has the snow blade and chains so it can push snow.

Todd im lookin for a schematic for TMO33876a B252D Powr Kraft riding mower, not sure what year it is was droped off in my yard by a friend, trying to get it to run, wont even start if anyone has any information on this mower please email me, thank you for the help
sam I have a Power Kraft 18/42 limited edition automatic
Briggs & Stratton model 42A707, type 1238-01
Where can I find a rear bagger for it

sam I have a Power Kraft 18/42 limited edition automatic
Briggs & Stratton model 42A707, type 1238-01
Where can I find a rear bagger for it

ibail How do you increase tension on mower deck belt.
part of the time it's ok but then it slips and if I take it out of cutting then put it bak in it will usually work. Is the belt needing replacement?

wj sliemers I need to know how to install the deck on a 18/42 powerkreft. mode; 433707; type 1214-01....where can i get a manual? thanks for any help....bill
james i have a 18.5hp/46 powerkraft industrial/commercial mower looking for deck belt need part number mtd.also picture of belt install. thanks
Joe I'm looking for the main drive belt for the blades on the deck. It's an 18/46. Thanks, Joe
Anthony Marshall looking to replace all the pulley's on the mower deck but can't find anywhere in my area. Can you help please?
ray Buffery Have about a 1995 vintage 18.5/12 powerkraft limited addition. Industrial commercial, twin cylinder with Briggs and straton engine. Automatic transmission with hydrostatic drive. Need owner opperator manual. Thanks Ray
Dennis Spicuzza Hello,

I've had my Powerkraft riding mower for years. I'm putting the mulcher blades back on, and I don't remember where all the parts go so the grass won't come out the side. I have a large long black piece, a black half moon shaped piece, and what looks like a green bracket. Could someone send me a picture of how I put it together.

Thanks, Dennis

Carl Wiethorn I have a Powr Kraft Riding Lawn Mower 18/46 and I need the ignition wiring diagram. If anyone knows where I can get it or has one I would greatly appreciate a response. I can be reached at Thank you in advance.


Brenda Looking for a grass collector for a 1996 Powr Kraft lawn tractor. Model# 136S670G088 and Serial# 2H216H10114. Any idea where I can find one? A good used one would be sufficient.


Grant I have a 1995 Powr Kraft MW Limited Edition hydro tractor. Can't find model # to order parts. Anyone have same tractor that they know model number of? It would help alot.
karen need a model number and pulleys and big main belt

John ..I would like the diagram for the routing of the
Deck belts. Is there an Idler pulley between
the Engine pulley and the Deck pulleys.


scott How Do i get manul for Powr kraft limited edition 18.5/42" lawn tractor
Dennis i'm looking for a schematic on a belt diagram for a POWR KRAFT 18/46 Twin Cylinder .
grant walsh im looking for a carby kit to suit this mower can u help pls cheers
Phil I need the belt length for a powercraft 18/42 limited edition riding mower

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