Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

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Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

Joe I have a Sears Roto-Spader (tiller) Model No.785-291040, with a Briggs & Stratton 4 Hp power reverse engine. I am hoping to find someone with an owner's manual since Sears does not carry a manual or parts since 1997. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank You.
Lorne I just bought a Roto-Spader at a garage sale. It cranks up, there's spark at the plug but won't sustain an idle. Any suggestions? Does any one know where to get parts?

Any help would be appreciated :-)

Steve Dear Lorne,
Your machine probably just needs a tune up and the carburator needs to be cleeaned. I have an old model and runs like a champ now. If you know of a source for parts, I would be much obliged if I could be notified. Thanks.

Steve Haldeman

Lorne I have taken the carb off and cleaned it out. I replaced the spark plug, but still it will not fire without starter fluid and then it will hold idle. Any suggestions??

I did find out that the engine has parts available through Sears. The engine number is 143656022. It's a craftsman engine.

Tom Chaffee Have you found any information on this machine? I have one NPA-SEARS 5 H.P. ROTO SPADER - 785295350 and someone took off the engine with the top half of the clutch. Looking for parts and manuals. The rest of the unit look almost new and I have plenty of spare engines that would work on this machine.

Tom Chaffee

april dear john.....I just got the roto-spader today. I would love to get a copy of the manual. I am willing to pay if necc. thanks
Keith Johnson
John I just picked up a roto spade model number 785 50741. Your manual should have the similar parts could I get A copy. I need to replace the shear pin, and cannot locate it. I would be willing to pay you.

Maury Alswede I need the male portion of the conical clutch that has a female spline at the bottom end.
Spline wear in the clutch is the Achilles heal of this excellent product.

Do you know of anyone that has re-sleeved the spline area and cut a new spline. The original was an iron casting and the spline would naturally wear out first when operating against the splined steel drive shaft.

Clutch facings are readily available from your small implement dealer and can be glued on the the female conical part with two part epoxy.

My machine is 39 years old and the engine has been rebuilt at least three times. Still the best of tillers!

Any help would be appreciated.

Maury Alswede I need the male portion of the conical clutch that has a female spline at the bottom end.
Spline wear in the clutch is the Achilles heal of this excellent product.

Do you know of anyone that has re-sleeved the spline area and cut a new spline. The original was an iron casting and the spline would naturally wear out first when operating against the splined steel drive shaft.

Clutch facings are readily available from your small implement dealer and can be glued on the the female conical part with two part epoxy.

My machine is 39 years old and the engine has been rebuilt at least three times. Still the best of tillers!

Any help would be appreciated.

Joe I have a Sears Roto-Spader (tiller) Model No.785-291040, with a Briggs & Stratton 4 Hp power reverse engine. I am hoping to find someone with an owner's manual since Sears does not carry a manual or parts since 1997. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank You.
Dave I also have an old Roto-Spader, but do not have any documentation. There's got to be a parts manual/catalog out there somewhere. Where did you find the model number on the machine? Also, does your tiller have an original depth bar? Mine has only the horizontal pivot bar and I added a depth bar from another brand tiller and I'm not sure its working like it should.


John Heasley I have an owners manual for a 5HP Roto Spader 785-295050. Will be glad to send you a copy if you think it will help.
Bob Booker I have one with a rebuilt engine, but clutch is bad. Mod # 785292050. Looking for clutch parts.

Rob I have a parts list for this Roto Spader if it is of any help. Just e-mail your address. I'm also looking for parts (the gear that mates with the worm gear in the tranfer case)if you where to get parts please send.

Rob I have a parts list for this Roto Spader if it is of any help. Just e-mail your address. I'm also looking for parts (the gear that mates with the worm gear in the tranfer case)if you where to get parts please send.

Greg V. I have a Sears Roto-Spader model no. 785-295350. The motor doesn't run yet but more importantly I think I'm missing a belt. Is it belt driven and does anyone know of a parts manual for it? It's in good condition as far as I can tell. Any information would be great. Thank you.
Gene Ensor Please tell me where I can buy a conical clutch facing? I can not find a source here in South Dakota. Thanks.

Model 785291040

Mitch Garstang I need the square shank drive shaft/U-joint that connects the mower deck to the tractor. also interested in chipper/vac/dump cart, garden plow, tiller, sickle mower & hydro drive/lift for same.
Email me if you have anything

Mitch Garstang I need the square shank drive shaft/U-joint that connects the mower deck to the tractor. also interested in chipper/vac/dump cart, garden plow, tiller, sickle mower & hydro drive/lift for same.
Email me if you have anything

Mitch Garstang I need the square shank drive shaft/U-joint that connects the mower deck to the tractor. also interested in chipper/vac/dump cart, garden plow, tiller, sickle mower & hydro drive/lift for same.
Email me if you have anything

Mitch Garstang I need the square shank drive shaft/U-joint that connects the mower deck to the tractor. also interested in chipper/vac/dump cart, garden plow, tiller, sickle mower & hydro drive/lift for same.
Email me if you have anything

Mitch Garstang I need the square shank drive shaft/U-joint that connects the mower deck to the tractor. also interested in chipper/vac/dump cart, garden plow, tiller, sickle mower & hydro drive/lift for same.
Email me if you have anything

Mitch Garstang I need the square shank drive shaft/U-joint that connects the mower deck to the tractor. also interested in chipper/vac/dump cart, garden plow, tiller, sickle mower & hydro drive/lift for same.
Email me if you have anything

red I have a sears roto-spader attachment-#917251891. I need the aluminum case. I would consider buying the whole thing (running or not).
Geoff I have a Roto-Spader from 1969, model #785-50321. It's a 3.5hp model. I need a replacement clutch yoke - can anyone point me in the right direction to find a source for something this old? Thanks.


george Sorry i cannot help with any parts, but I myself have one of these machines and cannot start it would you be interested in selling any of the engines you say that you have? If so please e-mail me and hopefully we can work something out.
Dave i have a rotospade and it was working fine but now when i let out the clutch the tines dont turn the engine slowly dies like its locked up. it slowly stopped digging with power, now it just doesnt engage the. Is the problem in my clutch or in the gear box. it tried to get the four screws off but they are too tight. Any one with any help would be apprecieated. please email me direct. I have other rotospades for parts i just dont know where to start.
Paul I need a Exhaust valve for my roto-tiller that i am restoring because there is to many pits on my current one. model # is 785 292 050 and it is a
NPA - Sears 5hp Roto Spader. Maybe we can arrange a trade.

John I would like to have a copy of the parts list for this tiller.


Bits I have a 1974 Sears Roto Spader(Model # 785295050). I have been trying to locate the tines for this model but have been unsuccesful. Any help would be appreciated.
marty I Am also looking for a parts manual for sears roto spader 785 291040 .Need info on upper needle bearing on worm drive shaft as mine came out in many pieces.any help would be appreciated.
Jim Heh every one. I have been searching for weeks trying to find anything on my 785-294020 roto-tiller with no luck. I lost the seal on the shaft that exists the crank case and connects to the tines (like the rear seal on a car engine)If I can't find one I may consider un-loading the whole unit. (up for bids, what the heck) I can send a picture, no problem. I may break down and get a newer something. It's definately an old machine but still runs like a champ?
Joe I have a sears roto spader model #785-290030. I'm looking for an engine and a manual, it was a 3.5 I believe
dave Just got old sears rotospader in.
Motor runs good doesn't till
Model 785-94050

Jim Not much of a tiller? what ya gonna do with it, maybe I'll take it for spare parts? Let me know.
Steve I just had a Sear Roto Tiller (785 293020) given to me and cannot get it to fire up. I cleaned the carb and changed the plug but still won't fire. It has an EZ Start engine on it but I have no info for it, not the tiller. Don't even know how old it is at this point.
If anyone has a manual that is even remotely close to this one, would appreciate a copy of it.

Dan G Hi all,
I cant tell how old these posts are, I hope this forum is still active.

I picked up this Sears Roto-Spader walk behind roto-tillerat a garage sale for $10. :)
Its 4 hp.
Model# 785 296031 268

When I first started pull starting it it spit out lots of gas/oil from the exhaust. I took the carb apart and started soaking it in carb cleaner. Then I unscrewed the oil cap and diluted oil/gas pushed overflowed from the opening. Popped the head off to check condition of valve seats. There was a lot of build-up that could cause compression problems and a pretty deep score in the cylinder that could allow oil to get in the combustion chamber. The rings look good. How could that much gas get into the oil?
Is it possible the float was stuck open (it was stiff)and the piston was syphoning straight gas into the chamber and scraping it down into the crankcase through the score in the cylinder?
I am off to have the cylinder bored out (hopefully its not too deep)
I will need to find a gasket for the crank case but sears doesnt recognize this model number (Model# 785 296031 268)I would also like to get a carb kit.

Greg Steve,
Reading your comment, I would assume that after you cleaned the spark plug, that you check that you had a clean spark, therefore, I will not go down that road. I had a similar problem where mine would not start. I inspected the carb inside and found no problems. Where I did find a problem was in the pick up tube. The pick up tube looked OK, but it was still completeley blocked. Mine tube was just pressed in, so I was able to remove it. I tried blowing in it, but it was blocked. Therefore, not wanting to spend any $ on it, I used a dental pick and poked a number of small holes in it and it worked great. Started on the first pull. Take a look at that if you are still having issues.

Greg P.
Does anyone have a parts list or a explosion view of the gear box on this unit. I am having problems with it not wanting to till in forward. Works great in reverse. I just need a look at the insides before I jump in.
Any help would be appreciated.

Sam Just bought a sears 4 h.p. roto spader model number 785291040. can someone provide a parts list or a picture that shows all the parts and number. any help will be appreciated.
Tobey I Bought this David Bradley (sears ) tiller and sears knows nothing about'em would like all info I could get on it
Model # 7855044 c@o not sure of last#
motor# 92902 0737-01 6905218
Thanks to anyone that can help me.
E-mail is Thanks alot Tobey

Wayne Looking for a manual (willing to pay) for a 4hp sears rotospader model# 785299040. I'm thinking any model that is close will do. Please e-mail me at

Thanks so much...

ron I have a plastic fuel tank from my Sears Roto Spader 785.293060 for sale. It was equipped with the Lawson V60 motor, which I recently replaced and sold separately. The fuel tank is in very good condition, and I will sell for $16 including shipping to continental US. Let me know if you are interested.
joseph todd model 785 295050 does anyone have any info

on the worm gear and clutch on this machine

John Heasley Follow-up, I still have copies of the Roto-Spader model 295050 and will send you one for a cost of $15 including shipping and handling. This should be very helpful if you are restoring or repairing this tiller. Includes operating instructions, diagrams, maintenance tips, etc. Send email.
Garey I have a roto spader that I need a manual for. All the ones I see on this site have model numbers starting with a 7. This is an 8 hp Briggs and Stratton, Model Number 917291580 and the serial number is 3297. I'd like to know how old this spader is, and are parts available. I really need a carb gasket. All attempts to make one so far have failed. I can't figure it out, as I am pretty good at making gaskets. Any help will be appreciated.
ford I have a S 300 Roto spader. I also have the owuners manual,and parts list.
Michael Peters I just got one of these given to me and it has some carb adjustment problems. #1 the springs are gone so I have been playing with it and can't seem to accomplish anything. I need some help here. Everything else seems ok. I can get it to start and even turn but it dies as soon as it touches the dirt. Seems like the motor is racing at 100% also.
Is this supposed to have a throttle lever also??
My model # is a 785-295050

Mo does anyone know where to buy parts for the drive train i think i need a gear in there. The tiller just dosnt till anymore :(
Misterstan Today is April 21, 2006.

I bought a Sears 5 HP Roto Spader new in April 1976. It is a 1975 model. I bought it as a model year close out.

The model number is 785.295350.

I still have the manual but it is a little beat up. I'd be happy to scan the pages and email them to anyone who needs it.

I still use it every year. I have made a few repairs to keep it going but it's the original engine and it still runs pretty good.

I have replaced the tines a couple of times. The last time was in 1991 and each tine cost me $9.99 back then.

I need new tines pretty soon. If they are available anywhere (no longer available at SEARS) I will find them.

My email address is

Bill misterstan;
Ihave a Sears Roto Spader model 786 299150. It has a briggs&stratton engine and I can't find what hp it is, no #s. I am going to presume it is a 5hp after reading previous e-mails. Were there any other engines on these machines?

Jim sorry i cant help with what you need. butt i would realy like to know the part# or size of the main drive belt my belt is slipping and getting ready to go and i would like to replace it butt cant find any info on it. thanks Jim
jim blades that may work

shannon I'm looking for the bottom half, the driven clutch, for my 5 hp roto spader. I have the parts and service manual and sears shows the part to be "no longer available". Does any one have one they no longer need?
Travis Chapman Hey i am looking for tires and wheels for a Briggs&stratton, snapper, 4 Cycle Engine 3.5 Hp, Model 92902. I have goggled it but just can not find them. Plus I need a gas tank but i just can't find anything for it PLEASE I NEED HELP.
Bruce Scherer was just given a chain drive roto-spader, model # 917295560. it has craftsman motor with # I43-656022 stamped on pullstarter case, cant find any other numbers anywhere on motor. trying to find out what hp and need a carb float and bowl gasket.
Ken D I have a SEARS Roto-Spader, Model: 785 5073
If anyone has any information on this machine I would appreciate the help. The "conical clutch" and a linkage problem have ceased its use. Thank You.

Tim Priest I am trying to find a clutch lining for this tiller, model # 785291040
APEXDUCK My wife bought a 5hp Sears roto-spade at a yard sale. after reading the post here and doing some work to try and restore this I find my biggest problem is I have a rusted out gas tank. B&S and others want $50 for just the tank. If i can't find a replacement tank for cheap, it's just not worth fixing up and I'll part it out. If someone has a tank let me know if I can't find a tank soon I'll post on here and sell of the parts. Lower unit looks OK (rusty but functions fine) Spline looks solid. I have a new yoke. I'll get the model number posted tomorrow. - 9/11/2006 APEXDUCK
Daniel Collins I have an old roto spader tiller out in the garage , anyone need any parts ? I've yet to find a picture of it online , it is not a side shaft motor ..the frame is hollow and strong , the clutch looks good .it has two sets of tines on each side or can be one set with the removal of a pin .

ted dumont need parts for tiller model 785 291 022
Basil Holowach Need clutch parts for Model # 785.50741. Can anyone help me?
kyle cox i own a sear NPA-SEARS 4 H.P. ROTO-SPADERs model #785293040 looking for a place to buy part sears cann't find the listing for it so i am turning to u guys if u guys can help me please i need the drive belt for it
kyle cox

Dave Johnson Looking for a clutch assy forf the 6 hp rotospader #785.294060;; anybody got one or know of a source? Not only are the linings shot but the splines are worn on the cast iron part.

Dave in Gilroy, CA

John Phillips 25 Sept 2006
I have a 785.294020 3.5 HP roto-spader. I just replaced the tineshaft oil seals with SKF #9878 oil seals, and the tineshaft needle bearings with SKF #B1616 bearings. I got these at the NAPA auto parts store and they seem to work good. John Phillips in Marietta,GA.

Brad Fugate Hey John, what is the diameter on your tineshaft?
I just picked up a 8hp roto-spader, model 917.295581 - the bearings and oil seals are completely shot.
Please email me:

Would greatly appreciate!

John Phillips 29 Sept 2006
My roto-spader's tineshaft has a 1.0 inch diameter. It uses a worm-gear drive transmission. If your tineshaft has a different diameter, take your old oil seals and bearings in to NAPA and they should be able to find replacement parts. My bearings had "Torrington" and the part number "B1616" stamped on them. John Phillips

Dave Smith I have a 3.5 HP Tecumseh engine on a model 785 293020 rototille. I am looking for a repair manual for it.
Lou Hi Has anyone out there found gears for a 785294050oto spader. Great running machine lousey gearbox
Gordy I have a model 785 292050 tiller and I'm in need of a clutch lining. Does anyone have any information as to where to obtain one?

Bill McDonald I have a Roto-Spader that is chain drive which I recently purchased. It came with a 8 HP B&S horizintal shaft engine, 1" diameter shaft, and drive pulley is 2 belt - 3" diameter "A" type belt 4L360. This appears to be original drive assembly. Not able to find a manual. I use an older B&S manual for engine. Good luck. Bill
Danny Correa I would like to know if someone can send me a copy of a Craftsman 6HP Horizontal Shaft Motor. It has never been used and has been sitting in the garage for a few years. I do not have the owner's manual for starting instructions. This motor does not have a primer. THIS IS A CRAFTSMAN MDL #143 666 102.
hunt---vet I have a 785 295 350 104 Sears Roto Spader Which I need a owners manual for.Anyone willing to email one to me please list price and I will contact you.
steve 'I have a Sears Roto-Spader model no. 785-295350'
sounds like a common thread.
I'm looking for a full replacement carb for this model, lost the link i had saved. anyone know of a supplier for this particular brand/makeup?


bassmaster you can find parts list at sers when entering model # dont use space or dash
Robert Chaffee I picked up a sears 5Hp rototiller (front) at curb sale. At home I found it to be a little noisy and found a Broken body mount with plenty of room for a new mounting bolt hole. I re-drilled, bolted and it runs like hell nice and quiet. "But " the previous owner does not have the depth bar or the manual. It has the model No.2472987561499B. I'd Be happy with just the Schematic or measurements. I have the resources to manufacture a new bar. Someone out there has to have something close. If I measure the slot opening size where the blade is inserted , Pin hole, height from ground to center of Pin hole(tiller resting on pavement or concrete,engine off) the blade should be the same correct? I have to go to my girlfriends house tommorrow to get the measurements. I bought it for her. But if anyone out there has a Sears craftsman, 5Hp yellow and white tiller that meets this description , please email me the info. Tks Rob
Robert Chaffee email address correction.
David Urban I have a sears 5 hp roto spader 785.294050 that was purchased new in early 70's. The flexible cable that is used when you pull the handle for reverse just broke . I checked sears and nothing is available. Can anyone tell me how long the cable is from loop end to loop end or if someone has one available.Thanks
John Ackland I just picked up a rotospade sears tiller 785 50360 modle # I need a copy of the parts and all manuals available please contact me at
todays date is 05/07/2007

Joe Matherly So, I thought I was all alone as the owner of a Sears Roto-Spader, Model # 785 295050 206. It just keeps running! It has a 5 HP, Briggs and Stratton vertical shaft engine. I am trying to find the age of model and parts. I have not been able to find an air filter for the engine. I assume they are very old? I sure could use some help finding parts. My roto-spader seems to be intact.
Michael Mitrano Sears Roto-Spader model # 785 295350 115

Hey there! I'm from MA. I was searching Google for any info on my grandfathers old Sears tiller. I recently removed the engine from the body because I was wondering why the machine didnt work so well in foreward, but worked amazing in reverse. I noticed that since there is a clutch assembly in this, I was wondering if there is any retailer or anyone in general who is willing to help me find a place where I can get a replacement part. I also was told by a friend that this certain clutch assembly is hard to find but because the assembly is still used in go carts, its probably easier to replace the whole engine and clutch assembly. Is this a good idea? how many HP should I get if I do choose this route. Please feel free to email me asap. Thanks.

Today is: Monday, May 14, 2007

Bill Van Tine I have a manual for a Sears tiller Model # 785.292050
rob mtd sells parts for this type of clutch
Jim Loomis 5/16/07
I am in the process of rebuilding a roto spader
Model 780-291040
Just like everyone else I am looking for an owners manual and parts listing. If anyone has one for this I would appreciate a copy. PDF format is fine.

Jim Loomis

Tom Andrew I have model 785.295021.Have the manual. Need part # 512628, which is the Latch Pin for the wheels! I can use a cotter pin, the real part is handier!
Gary G I have model # 785294020 Roto Spader. I am looking for a gear box which houses the rope pulley assembly. I hope I am describing this correctly. I don't have an owners manual for a part number.
Diane Hart I need a drive belt for Sears Roto Spader Mod- 785293040. Can anyone help me??? I know Sears no longer services them. Thanks!!!! Di
Tim I have a 785293020 model Sears B&S 3.5 HP roto spader. Looking for a replacement belt. If anyone at all has info for the part I need, that would be great! I would like to get a manual or see specs of this unit or close to it.
Want to get the belt on the right way.

Melvin Loftin I am looking for parts for my Roto Spader 785-291020 if any one knows anything!


georgette looking for tiller parts (lower tiller unit for model #917 60701 mfg by david bradley mfg works thank you
Carol Johnson My dad has an old Sears rotospader model 78550751 (craftsman engine)and says it worked great until he lent it to a neighbor. It came back with the starter not working and says he needs an "impulse starter" to get it up and running again. Does anyone have any idea where he could get one? He does have the manuel but doesn't have access to the internet. If anyone needs a copy I'm sure we could work something out.
Kenny I was given a roto spader model#785295350. I was wondering if anyone was willing to supply a copy of the manual.
Tony Pica I was given a Sears Roto-spader model 785-291040 and as many of you also need the manual and parts list. I would take manuals and lists for simular models as well. Thank you.

Blair Ellis I just bought a model 785 294060 296 sears roto spader and I have no spark It has been sitting for a number of years and I would like to know if there are any little quirks that affected the mag on these I believe from reading the posts that it is a 6hp but am not 100% sure of that
Thanks Blair Ellis

Richard Osborne I have a Sears Roebuck Model 785 292040. I am looking for a manual with parts list etc for this model or a similar model. I am trying to locate the proper size belt.


Steve Im in the same situation, Looking for belt(s) for sears roto spader 785 293040 Can anyone let me know
joseph hello everyone,
l have a late eightys or early ninetys 4hp sears tiller.
looks great but it is locked in gear.
will not respond to a gearshift change
engine is fine
does anyone have a operating manual or a shop manual for these machines?
appears to be in great shape except for the locked transmission

Chris Hi all (14 June 2007)

If any of you are running a B&S engine on your tillers, then you can use the engine info as an indicator for the age of your unit.

Write down your engine info (Model #, Type #, and Code #) and go to the B&S website. It will tell you how to read the code info and find the date of the engine, which should narrow down the age of your tiller.

You can also download an IPL (Illustrated Parts List) from the B&S site, which will provide you with a schematic of your engine.

Just make sure to read the notes in the IPL as the part numbers are different for certain Type numbers.

Also, when ordering engine parts be sure to discuss it with your B&S supplier as some of those numbers will be outdated, but the supplier should have a handy little program that will help him to find the most current part number.

I was able to get new parts for my '75 (muffler, carb body gasket, fuel bowl gasket and screen, head gaskets, cly head bolts, etc) from the B&S supplier here.

.... now if I could only track down a tiller manual!


Chris Joseph

I had a Honda F501 tiller with the same problem.

I had a look inside (no service manual, but what the hey!) and it was simply a matter of the previous owner never shifting gears (okay, that is my assumption) and a light rust forming on the gears/shaft.

I dismantled it enough to get the gears off, then used some 0000 steel wool and oil to work the rust off.

After that it was simply a matter of flushing the gear box (again) to remove any fine particles, then refilling it with oil and it shifted perfectly.

Ed San Diego I also purchased a Sears Roto-Spader with a Craftman/Tecumseh engine. I am also looking for a manual and parts list. I am looking for the way the carburetor linkage is connected. (The start/Run/Off control slide). It was disconnected and I do not know how it goes back together.
William Roth Hi folks,
I read on here that John has a copy of the manual for the 295050 tiller. John, If you have a manual for the sears tiller model 295050. Is there any way I can get a copy of it from you (or anyone else that might have one). I will pay for the shipping and extra if necessary. Please let me know. You can e-mail me at if you prefer.Thanks

Bill in New York State.

Keokki I have a roto spadder mn# 785.294030 sears has it listed as a 4 h.p but my unit has 5 h.p on it? i need the carb and gas tank and a parts list for the unit. Thanks for your help.
BILLY HARPER I need clutch lining ,tines will turn but slip when put on ground. any help appreciated
roy willette i need clutch lining for a 5 hp roto spade 785.294050 any advise where i can get. or possible type of glue to glue piece on cup assembly
Geoff Radant Just picked it up..need any info (manual) for this puppy..serial 785 94050
sean wells good afternoon, i bought an old sears tiller sat. and was wondering if any of you guys could help me determine its age. thanks sean
Chris Guys

Good luck on finding the clutch lining. I have not yet heard of anyone finding a source for these. Whomever does, please post up here for the rest of us.

Geoff Radant

I too am looking for a manual. I tried emailing Joseph (see W Roth post above), but the email bounced back as undeliverable. If I can ever find one I will post up here.


The closest that I could get was to find the date on my engine. If it is a B&S engine, the first two digits of the code (3rd set of numbers) represent the year that the engine was assembled.



PS ... anyone know what type of gear oil the Sears tiller uses?

Jacob Beemer Does anybody have a manual for the model number 785292050. My grandpa need it bad!!!!!!!
chase i have a wind up one motor number 143125011
model number 785 50571 that i need a carb kit for
any help wpuld be great

chase i have a wind up one motor number 143125011
model number 785 50571 that i need a carb kit for
any help wpuld be great

Ron I have a manual for model 785.293060. Is there a way to post here if I scan the pages into JPEG or some other format?

Per the manual transmission oil is SAE 140EP.

Is anyone parting out this or a similar model? I have a clutch lining but the female end of clutch is just about shot. Also the bronze driven gear in trans is cracked on the gear hub. I am still running the machine but its just a matter of time.

I have the plastic fuel tank for the OE Lauson V60 engine; anyone let me know if interested.

You ever wonder what happened to the inventory of parts that Sears maintained? I was still buying parts from them in the early 90s. Had I known there would be such interest I would have offered to buy them when they dicontinued.

Steve Need belt for 785293040 4hp briggs model. Was given this tiller but belt mia. Any leds on aftermarket belt #s ?
L.B. July 28th 2007. I have a 78529603 and from these posts it looks to be a 60s series. It hasn't been used very much since it was new so it is worth fixing.I went to start it and it put gas in the crankcase so it needs a float I took the carb apart and the needle looks like new but the float is bad. Does anyone know where to get one? It is round and made out of brass or copper. Thanks.
Ron Somewhere I saw the clutch lining is still available as MTD part 627422.
Jacob Beemer Does anybody have a manual for the model number 785292050. My grandpa need it bad!!!!!!!
Adam Friedman Howdy Everyone
Here is a VERY helpful link for Basic Identification:

I just bought a Roto Spader
Model#917-292560 Serial#3313
The engine is Model#143-626202 Serial#1351B

According to the link the engine is a Tecumseh and the tiller is really an American Yard Products, btw I think AYP got bought by Husqvarna AB.

Another Great Site is

Does anyone know how to tell the age,manual availability, etc?

Loyal Johnson I have an 8hp sears rotospader,model 78562618127
purchased 1976
I am looking for anew worm gear for it,it is 4inches in diameter,3/4 inch thick,1 inch center
hole,and has 39 coggs, if you have anything like that, please contact me and I will send you a picture of the gear to confirm that it is correct

Chris LB

If your tiller has a Briggs & Stratton engine, then make note of the model, type, and code numbers (generally found on the starter rewind housing) and go the the B&S site. Plug in your numbers and you will get some info on your engine (including part numbers).

Once you have the info from the B&S site you can go to any B&S dealer and order parts.


I haven't found a way to determine the year yet, but if you can figure out your engine date of manufacture you can get a bit closer to knowing the tiller's age.


Email sent!

Chris oops ... forgot to post the date of my post above ...

24 August 2007

Paul I was just given a Sears Roto-Spak\deer 4 hp Briggs & Stratton, Model 783.291040 279.Problem: Reverse won't work. Both cables are intact for forward and reverse, but reverse cable has slipped off something in a metal housing under motor. there akppears to be two 3 inch pulleys and a couple small about 1 inch pulleys which the forward cable is attached too. The reverse cable is attached on both ends but cannot remove the slack with turnbuckle. Cable slipped off something or there is something I can't detect. Engine started great, but tines revolve,I guess because cable is loose. A drawing would be great. Any help?
Chris 27 August 2007

A big Thank You to Ron for sharing the manual with us.

You can download it here:

There are 14 files (pages) to download. I will try to keep those files up there for at least a month, but they may have put me over my personal web space limit. If you click on the link and the files are no longer there, email me and we will work something out.

Thanks again Ron!


Fred Thanks ron and Chris for all the info

Not my model but it sure helps.

My model is 785.297252 332, still searching for engine #

Nicholas I would appricate a copy of your parts list for my roto spader. Thank you Nick
Chris 31 August 2007


If you have a B&S engine, the model, type, and code numbers should be stamped into the recoil housing. You can just get parts from any B&S dealer.


The only parts list that I have is available at the link that I posted on 27 August 2007.

PS .... Ron deserves the thanks here!

Ron 2 Sept 2007

Chris I saw you posted the manual and just realized I scanned the pages upside down!

Ed Miller My neighbor has a Sears Roto-Spader that he has let me borrow. Model 785-294050. The tineshaft oil seal on one side is shot and the other one is close to going. I would like to find a replacement seal for him since he is nice enough to let me use it. Also, does anyone have a source or link where I could find a manual?

One last question (I read about others replacing the tineshaft oil seal and bearings):

Where are the bearings? I assume inside the housing but I hesitate to take anything apart since it isn't mine.

I dismantled the tines when I removed the shot oil seal. I found a temporary fix that is not satisfactory (o-ring), but at least it is usable for now. I would appreciate any help/recommendations to learn more about this rototiller and how to keep it going.

This old tiller is much better than the ones I can rent.

Sept 1, 2007

Chris 04 September 2007


No problem! All I had to do was rotate them when viewing - the important thing is that, thanks to you, we now have access to a manual.


There is a link 5 posts back from your post. Copy that link onto your browser and you will have access to a manual.


Pauline My dad has a Sears Roto Spader 3.5 Briggs, Model #785294350 and is looking for two parts... Any help you might give me would be much appreciated. The parts needed are #513857-Belt, and #512990-Clutch. Please email me at if you have any idea where I might be able to find these parts.


Don Hamrick I have a 4' pto tiller sears model#917-265220.
I need a set of tines and sears only has the
right hand set.I need 12 left hand tines or a
complete set.Anyone out there that can help I
would appreciate it.Thanks!Don

Ron 22 Sept 07

I have a plastic fuel tank from my Sears Roto Spader 785.293060 for sale. It was equipped with the Lawson V60 motor, which I recently replaced and sold separately. The fuel tank is in very good condition, and I will sell for $16 including shipping to continental US. Let me know if you are interested

Ed Miller Sept. 23, 2007


You posted a link to the manual and now I can't access it. Can this be fixed? I was going to show it to my neighbor with the Roto-Spader, and he just got back from vacation.


Chris 27 September 2007


The above link works for me (same link, just re-posted it in this reply).

Are you copying the link and pasting into your browser's address window?

Let me know if it still isn't working for you.


Ed Miller 7 October 2007

Chris - The link to the manual did work at 2nd try, so the site owner probably had the link down temporarily.

New question: I bought two parts to replace the tineshaft oil seals, but I noticed a problem with spacing. Viewed from the perspective of the handles, the left side tine assembly has 1 15/16" space to the first bolt hole from the transmission housing (gear cover on this side), but the right side space is 2 1/8". The tine assembly has just under 2" between the bolt hole and the inside edge which buts up against the housing (or gear cover on the left). I estimate this as 1 31/32".

The bearings are about 1/8" inside the housing, so part SKF #9878 from NAPA (1/4" wide) just fits on the right side. 1 31/32 + 1/4 = 2 7/32 versus the available 2 1/8 + 1/8 = 2 1/4.

On the left side, space = 1 15/16 + 1/8 = 2 1/16.
This means the part is too wide by 5/32. Does anyone else see this problem or is the tineshaft no sitting in the proper place on this unit, which might mean there are other problems inside the transmission housing. I hope not!

In an attempt to fix the spacing I have been grinding down the part from NAPA to under 1/8" thick but I am getting really suspicious of this being an appropriate means to fit the oil seal.

Any insights would be appreciated.


Chris 07 October 2007


I have not had to work on my tiller's gears yet, so I do not have any first-hand knowledge to provide.

However, looking at the exploded view and the accompanying parts list, it appears that the seals are identical for both the left and the right sides (they are both listed as #3 on the parts list). This leads me to believe that spacing should not be an issue.

One can assume the the gear covers have pressed in bearings (they are listed as a one piece item). Is it possible that one of the bearings has slipped on your unit? Perhaps you can use a pipe or socket to tap the bearing back into place, thereby giving you the proper spacing that you require?



John Phillips 08 Oct 07
Ed: I used the same new oil seals and new bearings on both sides of the gearbox and they fit fine. I'm not sure what "bolt hole" you are measuring from; please describe further. Are you replacing your bearings or reusing the old ones? If you are reusing the old bearings, are both of your bearings identical? What shape is your bronze gear in?
John Phillips

David Brown I have a roto spader and i am looking for the engine pulley for the belts. It is a double pulley. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
Debbie 10-25-2007 Tulsa OK-Have an old (70's) Sears 5 HP Roto Spader Chain Drive-Reverse, Briggs Stratton Easy Spin, Mod # 247-2967510626C. Would like to know it's worth. It hasn't been started in years. Also a walk behind Briggs Stratton Gas Powered Edger that's old. Any comments?
Ed Miller 27 October

Can't believe it's been 3 weeks!

The bearings are inset the same on each side.
When I said bolt holes I meant the holes for the
pins which are held with cotter pins. These pins
hold the tines in place. I don't know anything
about the bronze gear (I assume that is inside
the gear housing).

What I did was grind down the width of the oil
seal metal to fit. One seal needed just a touch
and the other needed over 1/8 taken off. I have
not had a chance to run it and see if there are
any problems with this solution.

I can see where there might be something else in
need of attention, but I am hesitant to take the
gear housing apart unless the owner agrees that
he wants to look.

Thanks for your help. I will visit again if I
need anymore help. You people are a lot of help.


David Brown Model #785 299150 Rotospader: I'm looking for manuals to see how and y there are two belts on it and how they are configured..Thanks for any help...
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Mitchell Rhine I'm rebuilding the tiller drive. Problems:needle bearing and seal, (top of the tower shaft) are bad. The teeth on bronze ring gear are worn but useable. The tower shaft, (where the needle bearing rides)is worn, I can work with this. Clutch lining must be replaced. I will be replacing all needle bearings and seals. If anyone wants to see photos documenting the process, please notify me.
Chris 14 November 2007


1. I would greatly appreciate seeing photos! If you click on my name it should take you to an email link.

2. I have read that one can no longer find any clutch linings for these units, so before expending too much time, energy, and money towards your rebuild project, you should probably ensure that you can get that clutch re-lined at a cost that is reasonable.

... if you do find a source for re-lining the clutch, please post it up as there are a few watching this thread with the same issue.



Ken D
Model:785 5073. I need a manual, conical clutches upper and lower. Please help!

Chris 28 November 2007


The link below is not active, but if you copy it to your browser then you can look at the manual that I have on my web space.

Chris 11 December 2007

Needed the webspace and had to remove the manual.

Hope you all have grabbed it by now!


steve wilson Im looking for the end tines on model 785-53005 david bradley sears roto spader, color of the tiller is orange and i should have 3 on each side but only have the main two on each side, missing the outer tines.. i will pay good money for them if original/
Steve Need belt any leds on finding one and a manual for this model
Ian I am in need of a gas tank for a Roto-Spader model# 785294030. An owners manual or any info. on this model would also be very helpful.
Ross adams Have roto spader model 785 62718 324 seeking manual and parts depot.Thanks
Chip Tilly I have a David Bradley (Sears) Roto-Spader walk behind tiller with a Briggs 3 hp motor on it. My grandfather bought it new and at the time he was told that this was the last one made of this type and it had to be special ordered. I do not know if this is true or not. The model number is 785-50722. I am trying to find any info I can on it including pictures.
Chris Steve, Ian, and Ross

I have emailed you a copy of the manual in pdf form (one of the posters on here was nice enough to convert the images to a single pdf).



Mike Can someone send me a copy of the manual in pdf form?

Steve Still trying to find belts for 785-293040 4HP roto spader Any leds on after market part #'s or belt sizes would be greatly appreciated.
Chris Mike

I sent you a copy of the manual.


If you ever find a source for the belts, please post up so that we can all have that info for the future. If I ever come across a source, I too will post it up.



Chris Mike

My email bounced back. Post up a valid email and I will send you the manual.

Iveson Mine is Model # 917.294580, SN 1713. It has an 8 horse Briggs motor-Model 190402, Type 0641.01, Code 73090511. I have recently inherited this prodigious mahine, which I intend to tune up and sell. A link to the manual would be most helpful. Mine is in good shape and runs well, but factory info on maintenance, repair advice, etc. would be most useful.

Does anyone know of a website that has this info or manuals for sale??

Chris April 26, 2008


I emailed you an owners manual as well as some general text on finding info for the B&S engine.



Buzz As alot of you are doing or have done, I am looking for a clutch for a 5.5 tiller, model number 785 291040. When I took it apart I found that it had busted in half. I would glue it but it would probably just break again. Any insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated.

April 27, 2008

Chris April 29, 2008


One of the posters on here (I think he is from Texas) found a place that built him a new clutch using the old one as a guide. He will be posting up his results after he has a chance to use it.

Also, I contacted a place here in Canada that said they could build one using the old one as a guide. I think it's a matter of contacting different companies and finding one that has the capabilities.


Buzz Chris

I appreciate the follow-up and will be looking for this guys post. Thanks again and keep me informed if you hear of any part stores that might carry this clutch.


martin I have a model- 64 - 785 - 294350- Sears Rotospader witha Crsftsman 5 hp--143-235072 (engine tag)
Does anyone have info on year, and access or info on a manual for this model? I do know that the engine is an old version of tecu' , I need the number, or info where to get the drive belt. I got one from NAPA, but it wasn't the right one, d
idn't last. I need a number to cross referance

Tullio need a manual for Sears Roto-Spader model #785-294020 .. need to change belts, cannot locate manual.....

email to .. Thanks!

Chris May 04, 2008

Martin and Tullio

pdf manual has been sent via emial.


Eric May 05, 2008
Hey all
I just bought a Rotospade for $10 bucks I was looking for a manual for it. It's a 4 horse model 785-292040. I am going to forsure have to rebuild the carb it stinks of old gas turned to varnish. I think I will need belts for it. Both belts are on it but both look worn. I think I can get the carb parts from the small engine shop, along with the air cleaner, points. plug and muffler. I'm hoping to find the belts at the industrial supply house. I have read about a clutch and was wondering where this clutch was located. Any help would be great

Steve F Need any belt info for my 785.293040 4hp spader with reverse. Anyone with sizes or part numbers would really help me and this machine get back to work.
Alexander Djordjevich Have a Roto Spader 6hp, 785-293060. Engine has been running erratic, clutch is slipping, and now spark is gone. What is the mfg. of this engine. From these posts, I believe it should be a Lauson? Is there a drop in replacement available, or where do I get engine parts?

I can't even pry the flywheel off this thing. I'd like to save this thing because it's done a great job.

Chris 07 May 2008


I just emailed you the manual. It will enable you to find the clutch.


Your clutch is adjustable (there should be a turnbuckle adjuster near your clutch handle). If the clutch is totally gone you will have to call around to various shops and find one that can re-line your clutch.

Most of these tillers that I've read about have B&S engines. If yours is as well, the B&S site will have a lot of info for you.

Thomas Anthony I just got a 3.5hp roto-spader for free. Put in new points and she runs like a top. It does not have the depth stick though. Where do I find the model number so I can figure out what I need to find/fabricate.



Rich I have sears roto tiller Model 785.299140, need to locate the reverse belt for it #511193. Its just about finished after all these years. Still a great machine..
Don any chance of getting that roto-spader manual emailed to me also? Thanks, Don.
Bob Have sears roto spader model #785.297252 with 4-cycle tocumseh 5 hp motor. Going to junk motor. Has broken connecting rod and broken camshaft compression release. This was given to me a long time ago. How old is it? Anyone know exactly what replacement engine will fit? And does it have to be a 4-cycle?
steve Just got a sears roto spader #785.293050 looking for a clutch lining and also would like to find a manual for it have had no luck with sears they tell me no parts have been available since 1999... Thanks
Steve Hey Guys I know some of you will be Happy to Hear I found a place that you can order the clutch lining from, I have a sears roto spader model # 785.293050 and clutch lining # 503069 I found a cross over number for it that is MTD-627422 from

Thanks Guys and Good Luck...:-)

Richard B 13 May'08 Chip, Chase, and Basil; judging from Model Numbers, it looks as though your tillers are as old as mine. Are any of you familiar with a David Bradley Roto-Spader sold by Sears, and painted orange. It is a walk-behind type, Model No. 785 50620 and came with engine missing. Takes a vertical shaft engine that will fit an 8.0" bolt circle. Just below the engine is a tapered (cone) clutch, male portion, 3.25/3.50 inches diameter by three quarters inch width, with release mechanism that drops the cone away from the engine. I can make the clutch drive parts if I can find approximately the right engine.
Is 4 HP enough or does it take a 5, 6, 7, or 8 HP? The worm drive gear assembly with tines weighs 80-100 pounds. Some sort of wheel assembly is also missing from the rear, which attached by a vertical shaft, about 0.91" diameter.
Thanks for your help.

sawsaw Anyone have a manual for this or know when it was made? Tnx
Eric McCollum This model doesn't use a clutch, the belts preform the job of the clutch

The guy from NC is back with the Roto Spader 785-292040

ok, parts list for the Spader
Points--- Oregon out door Equipment 33-182-0 replaces Briggs number 294628
Carb kit---Briggs number 494625
Head Gasket-----Rotary # 1480
Air Filter-----Rotary 19-1376 replaces briggs 270067 which apparently isn't made anymore
Muffler----rotary 18 1278
fuel filter (in tank) Briggs 296178
spark plug----Champion J19LM
forward belt----3L240 (industry number) Carquest 1240
Reverse belt---- I think it's a 2L200 it might be a 2L210 I had to order it from a industrial supply house (Motion Industries) they seem hard to find. The 2L is only 1/4" wide so if yours has a 3/8" pulley it may not be right. Mine has 1/4" pulleys.

Make sure you check the idler pulleys, reverse uses a oillite bushing (I just re-oiled) the forward used a ball bearing, I was able to gently pop out the grease seal, cleaned out the old grease with carb cleaner and repacked it with new grease, and then replaced the seal

Gas tank (mine was a mess) I used Muriatic acid to clean it out, wear gloves and safety gear it took 15 min and mine looked new inside.

Hope this helps out

Steve Looking for a manual for a roto-spader model # 785.293050

Harold Moore My father has an 8hp Roto-spader (model # 785-62718) and I see that a manual for this has been discussed before. If someone could provide me any related documentation for this model I'd greatly appreciate it.



Chris 23 May 2008

sawsaw & Harold

I have emailed you the only manual that I have been able to find for these tillers. You should be able to get some good information from it.


I believe that I have emailed you the manual as well?

Anyone else - send me an email and I will send it out to you.

Big thanks to those who have posted up pertinent information on these tillers (belt numbers, etc). The info is hard to come by and your posts will help a lot!


Dorothy Kessler I have a 785-294050-318 Would like a book or manuel for this. Please advise.
Rob Just got a 785 297252 291 Sears Roto Spader, worm drive. Starts with starter fliud but won't run. Carb is gummed up so we will see. Any manuals, info, year. Found a stamp on the engine, 143 265122 xxx 71992, any thoughts on the engine or spader is appreciated. If I get it going it will be in the garden today.
roger howard bradley i need a manual chain drive roto spader MN 917251860 i trying to put belt drive back on it.


Gregory Langston I have a Sears Roto-Spader, M # 785.50860.
What engine is on it. The decals have been removed. It looks like a B and S.
I need the air filter element.

Chris 26 May 2008


Look on the shroud that covers the starter recoil. There should be some numbers stamped into the shroud. The way those numbers are structured will help to ID your engine.



Gregory Langston Chris,

I took the air filter housing to an older mower repair shop. The man at the counter said that the engine on the Roto-Spader was a Tecumseh. The air filter replacement is part number 30727. Thanks for the reply.


Jim Miller I am looking for a new set of tiller tines that will work on my David Bradley machine. I have owned this machine for 36 years and it was used when I bought it for $17.00. Help from anyone would be appreciated.
daniel I have a sears roto spader mod# 785 293050 I don't have any engine # because the recoil cover has been replaced any one with a manual or the engine # please get in contact I will pay if nec. thanks Dan
Larry Petrovic Craftsman 24inch 5hp Briggs & Strat. engine.
Model 917-298241 Original owner said the unit is about 30 years old.

My problem is the engine starts fairly well but when I engage the tines to begin tilling, the engine stops running. Some times it continues to run with the tines engaged but will pop or backfire. If the throttle is increased too fast the engine will also die. Other times the unit runs okay. Today I tilled a 40ft x 40ft plot with no trouble. Went to the next plot and could not get the unit to continue running.

Any suggestions ??

daniel my roto spader model # 785 293050 put a carb kit in it and it runs great. Actually I was really suprised how well it worked.Well anyways I buy and fix small engines and sell them for extra spending money. See that many are looking for parts for them I was thinking of putting in the local newspaper for sale. I would rather part it out to make more off it.Anypne interested in parts email me otherwise it will be on ebay parted out thanks Dan
Chris 02 June 2008

Larry Petrovic

Rebuild your carb and verify the integrity of your fuel delivery system. That should get you running 100% again.

Jim Miller I am still looking for a set of tines to fit my David Bradley 785 50440. Thanks!
Jack Barncord I could use a manual for a tiller I've worked on recently. It's a Sears Roto Spader 785291040. Anyone know how old this thing is? It starts and runs great, reverse doesn't work the cable was broken. I didn't want to just tear into it blind.

Thanks, Jack

rob yes I need manual for my 8horse sears roto_spadder.
motor #143626202 /2094r and transfer model # is 917292560/6996. Also , could someone please tell me when this one was made and where if any attachments made and if so where to find them . thank you

jerry I own a sears roto spade and the model number is 785.294050 and i have a full manual i bought it in 1994 and i would not trade it for anything. if any one needs a copy i can get them a copy of mine. i want to thank steve for the info on the clutch linning i needed it.


Dave I couldn't help but join in. I have a #785-294350 Roto Spader that a friend gave me well over 30 years ago. The engine went out and I replaced it with a B&S from Northern Hydraulics sometime in the late 70's. It sat around for many years in the weather. I recently drained the water out of the tranny, filled it with Mobil 1 75-90, pulled the starter a couple of times and it fired right up. Runs like a champ. I've used it a lot the past month with no problems.

dan armstrong Looking for manual for my tiller #785-293050. I see that Cris has one ,and maybe he can send it to me too. Thanks DANO
Chris 18 June 2008

Jack Barncord, rob, and dan armstrong:

I have sent each of you a manual via email.


That seems like a Tecumseh engine number. Try to verify the make of the engine, then go to that manufacturer's site and you should be able to find out the date of the engine. If it is the original engine, the engine's age should be roughly the same as the tiller's age.



I have sent you an email stating that I would like a copy of the manual! Information on these tillers is so hard to come by that I would like every bit of info that I can get. Please and TIA!


Becky S. Could you please email me a copy of the owners manual. My model 785-297250 will start but will not stay running. I need to see how the carb. connections work - I think they are connected wrong.

Becky S. Could you please email me a copy of the manual - my roto spader 785 297250 048 will start but then dies out. I think the connections on the carb. are wrong.

jerry Well last week i bought a sears till at a auction and i no longer need the one i got it is a roto spader model 785.294050. I have the complete unit except the cluth materal all hard parts are there good tines and gear box unit rans fine but needes a clutch pad if anyone needs the parts i got let me know and we can work out a price.


Chris 27 June 2008

Becky S.

I sent you the manual via the email address that you provided.



John Heasley John Heasley has changed his address to

John Heasley For Sears Roto Spader 785.295050 manual contact me. The e-mail address in the previous post has been changed.

Curtis I just inherited a 785-293050 Roto Spader. It's missing the carb and fuel tank. Does anyone know where I can get parts, or a replacemnet engine?
Chris 07 July 2008


Find out what type of engine you have (Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, etc) and go to your local small engine dealer. They can find you the parts that you need.

If you opt for a new engine then there are plenty of online sources that you can find by doing a search on the www (, etc). You can find some pretty good deals online.



Peter Holden I have a model # 785 292050 Roto Spader, the engine is shot but I have a replacement engine. Trying to find the aluminum clutch housing and the right drive belt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Al Williams I would like to obtain an older Sears Roto-Spader that uses two drive belts from the engine to the tine assembly. One drive belt is for forward and the other drive belt has an 180 twist and drives the tiller in reverse. Both forward and reverse are controlled by squeezing the levers at the end of the handles.
Jeff Edmunds Many need Lining - Clutch, part #503069, as used on the 785.295350 tiller. I determined that this tiller was also made under/by Tillsmaith Magna American, Raymond, MS. TMA was acquired by General Power Equipment, Harvard, IL. GPE was acquired by MTD, and as of July, 2008 the small, conical shaped #503069 clutch lining is still supplied by MTD under the GPE part #627422. Mine was $24.00.
Scott W. I have a 785 29 4020 , it starts fine and that it, I'm in need of a manual and and parts list to get tiller to work...

Sonny Chris;
You are doing great here helping us.
I have a Roto-Spader model 785-290071 running good.
Will you please mail me the manual you have.
Maybe I can get some reference to what I have.

I also have a manual for tecumseh engines from
3 to 11 PDF.

Michael Morgan Model #785291040 need a clutch thats goes under the motor that the belt rides on,do not know nothing about it,its a a 4 or5 hp briggs and stratton,runs great no clutch or belt,clutch has bearing in center of it
Anyone has one please let me know age 50 something?

Jim Brinks Jerry, I had a model 785.294050 Roto Spade tiller given to me and could use a manual. I am going to refurbish the unit.
David Schroeder Hi Everybody. I just purchased a roto-spader at a garage sale for $20. I figure I have nothing to lose. THe best I can tell is the model number is 785 291060. It's a 6HP tiller, but that is all I can find out about it from this thing. Does anyone here have a manual they could send me?

I dismantled as much of the engine as I could and cleaned it up, but I don't know what kind of oil to out in the engine, and I don't know what kind of oil to put inside the gear box that turn the blades. Any help?

The piston head is in perfect condition, but the valves look like they are gunked up full of dry crusted oil. I cleaned off as much as I could and it looks pretty clean.



Chris 12 August 2008

Scott W, Sonny, Jim Brinks, David Schroeder:

I have emailed a manual to each of you. It should give you some pretty good info on your respective tillers.

David, the manual tells you what weight of oil you need for that gearbox. The engine info can be obtained by going to that engine manufacturer's web site (B&S, Tecumseh, etc).

If anyone else needs this tiller manual, post up here and I will email it to you. I check this thread periodically and I will do my best to get back to all who post. This manual was provided to me free of charge and I am offering the same deal to those who need it - FREE.

Jeff Edmunds

Thanks for posting up that info about the conical clutch. That is the part that most need and it is great that you have not only found a source, but have shared it with us. Many, many thanks!


Rick I am looking for a tech manual for a Sears Roto Spader (tiller), model 917251890

Chris 23 August 2008


I emailed you the manual.


Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

Thanks Chris, model was a little off.

mine is a model 917251890, 8 hp Briggs, it is the type you pull behind a tractor.


Jerrod Casteel
Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

I need a replacement bearing for the clutch assembly. Have a Sears Roto-Spader, 5 HP Model# 785291250. Any help would be appreciated.

Maurice Alswede Stoudt Small Engine
1923 14th Street
Two Rivers, WI
Tel: 920-793-3161
FAX: 920-553-3300

Roto-Spader by Sears Roebuck and Co.
Clutch Lining Price: $11.00

Lining has to be glued in with a pheolic cement.
This is done by dry fitting the lining in the female conical clutch portion. Then the lining and the conical portion are coated with the glue, married, and clamped between the male and female portion in a vise. Aluminum foil should be placed between the male portion and the lining face while clamping to avoid any glue from solidifying the clutch pieces together.

LeRoy Staudt is now deceased and what is now lost is a machine shop somewhere in Michigan what would resleeve the male portion of the cast iron clutch portion and cut a new sleeve.

If one needs any parts like bearings and bearing seals, take the old bearing and seals to a reputable bearing dealer and they can fix you up very easily. Also, take the shaft and the housing along for positive fit up.

This tiller is by far the best tiller that was ever made. Mine dates back to 1964 when my Mom purchased it from Sears. Since then, her sister's tiller and her's have been married into one hell of a machine. The Tecumseh engine now burns a little oil put pulls mighty strong.

mark I have a r-spader mod#785 50320 would love to refurbish in memory of my Father, who purchased this the year I was born. Any manuals or info would be greatly appreciated Thanks,Mark
Ron I still have like new plastic fuel tank which hangs on flywheel cover of Lawson V60 engine from roto-spader model 785.293060.
ASonera Hi Jerrod;
There is no replacement from Sears. That bearing is pressure fitted into the assembly. Check the bearing number. The bearing mus be pulled out using pressure and heat. You can set the face down over a small piece of pipe a bit larger than the bearing.
Heat it with a propane torch and knock it down in the center with a hammer. Will be nice to use socket of the same size of the inner race of the bearing. No heat is necessary to install it.
Good Luck.

Chris 14 September 2008


I have emailed you a copy of the manual that I have.



Dorinda Briggs and Straton, for the older models, placed a metal tag on the engine with engine # info (located behind the carb). A B&S tag # series starts with the model, then type, then code. The model 143.235xxx is actually model #143235 . Search on the B&S web site for that model # for any manuals and part listings.
Dorinda FYI
The Sears Roto Spader is not only a great tiller, it can also be converted to a very nice lawn aerator. I just picked up a 785-290030 4hp and plan to convert it once I get it running.

Chris 17 Sep 2008


That model number that you gave me is a Tecumseh model number. I managed to track down an Owners Manual (complete with IPL) and have emailed it to you. I included a bit more info in the email.

FWIW (and I am no expert by any means - far from it!), all of the 143.xxxxxx numbers that I have come across have been on Tecumseh engines. Sometimes they do not show up as Tecumseh engines because they were actually made for other equipment manufacturers (like Sears, Sears-Craftsman, etc).

I haven't come across a cross-reference list, but usually what happens is the "other company" will use the 143.xxxxxx number, while Tecumseh will use another number/letter configuration that is more in line with the way that they usually tag their engines (eg. V34-12345A).



Jerry I would like a Owners Manual for a Sears Model 785 Roto Spader. Let me know how much the cost would be. I also need the bottom clutch assembly that does not have the break liner. If someone has the whole assembly I would be willing to purchase it.
My email address is

Appreciate any information anyone has reguarding this tiller. Thanks.

Chris 12 October 2008


I emailed you a copy of a manual that I have.



Craig Hi - just bought a sears roto-spader model C944-625130. Has a 3hp b&S motor. Don't know the year. If anyone has any manuals can they E-mail it to me. It would at least get me started in trying to fix it. Thanks Craig
Chris 16 Oct 2008


Your model sounds like a totally different machine, but I have emailed you the manual that I have.



Fabe Chris, looking for belts for Spader 785 293040 4hp B & S engine. Do you have a manual or part numbers for this model or one that is close to it?
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Oct. 21, 2008.

Chris 22 Oct 2008


I have emailed you the manual.

For belt part numbers, someone posted up some MTD part numbers earlier on in this thread.

Read back and find those part numbers, then you can hopefully find a local source and measure those MTD belts to see if they will work in your application.



Bob Schuller Chris - If you would e-mail me the .pdf of the manual I would much appreciate it. Thanks Bob.
Chris 27 Oct 2008


I have emailed you the manual.



Chris 29 Oct 2008

Here is a little nugget for you all .....

I tilled my garden last night, but finished after dark so I went back out this morning to see if I had missed any spots.

Saw a few spots that I missed so I figured I'd clean it up.

As I started the engine I was thinking how very little hours these machines really see and that my engine would probably last for as long as I would have a garden.

Then I blew a chunk of metal off of my engine block.




Guess I have a new winter project!


Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

Has anyone been able to take off these machine screws (3 showing, 3 more on other side) from the transmission?

If so, how did you do it? I am considering drilling them out, using an extractor, and then finding some new screws with hex heads as those slotted ones do not get along with me.


Chris 01 Nov 2008

Got the screws off by starting them with a hammer and a punch. Now to find some hex head replacement screws.

The internals look great with the exception of the jack shaft, which is marred at the keyway. The pulley is also worn oval so I will be getting both re-worked and will install a new key.

While I am at it I will look into getting both pulleys replaced with ones that accept more modern belts. That should facilitate future belt replacements as the new pulleys will accept a belt which is more readily available.

FYI, my unit does not have a clutch, but instead the clutch lever (on the left tiller handle) engages an idler pulley, thereby putting tension on the belt, which subsequently engages the tines. Good to know that I don't have to worry about clutch replacement!

My biggest concern may now be finding the same paint colour, although I may change it to another .....


George Ross I have a Sears roto-spader #785.297252 with a 5hp tecuseh----engine seized up and I am now looking to find any engine that will work as a suitable replacement. Also have the manual for this machine ---if anyone needs a copy, e-mail me
Chris 05 Nov 2008


I sent you an email requesting a copy of your manual and also included some info on how to get a replacement engine that will suit your application.

HTH and TIA for the manual!


Steve Frazier Chris,
Just like Fabe, I'm looking for a manual for a Roto-Spader model
785.293040. Any chance you can email me the pdf? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Chris 06 Nov 2008


Email sent.

Has anyone else tried emailing George Ross for that manual? If so, have you received a response?



swampfox112 Sounds like an electrical short somewhere. When you engage the tines it causes alot of movement and bounce and maybe is causeing a wire to short out.
Chris 25 Nov 2008


George was busy and managed to get back to me last week.

Thanks for the manual, George!

John Does antbody have a manual for a model 785 294050. I need to see how the 180' belt works on this model. Thanks

Doug Weaver I have overhauled the Briggs engine and now cannot
remember how the carb linkage connects to the
govenor arm. There is only one linkage rod and two
springs. I tore it down and let it set 3 months
before rebuilding! Would love to have a blowup
of the linkage, bought a manual but not descriptive enough for an old guy. Please Help!

Doug Weaver Waiting for someone to send E mail illustration
of throttle and govenor hookup for 8 hp briggs
stratton on my sear roto spader.
Doug Weaver

William Bratton I just read your posting on the repair of roto tiller clutch lining. Since Mr. Stoudt is gone, do you know of any other source of clutch lining.
Chris 25 Jan 2009


Read back through this thread and look for info on a MTD source. I believe someone posted up the part number.

aaron bush I have this tiller with no manual or any instruction and most of the writing has faded. Have changed spark plug, oil and air filter. Hoping to get it started. any helper is appreciated.
Trevor I need a manual for the Sears Roto spader #785 299140. It is a 4 hp engine with reverse.

tk I have a 785.293020 roto-spader in need of the gear housing oil seals. Does anyone have a cross-reference number for these seals? Also, I have the Owners Manual for this model if anyone would like an e-copy. tk
Jason Anyone have the date when model number 247.297750 was manufactured? Also, anyone have a manual for the tiller? Thanks!
Jon Danniken Hi,

I thought I would pass along this link, it is to the Tecumseh Technician's Handbook, which covers all of their motors from 3 to 11 H.P.

While it isn't specific as to our tillers, it nonetheless has information covering any Tecumseh motor which would have been on one.

BTW, here is one covering basic troubleshooting on Tecumseh motors:

Happy Tilling!

Robert My Dad has a sears roto tiller trying to get owners manual. Has a 5hp B&S motor. Could you please email to me. Thanks
john wissel hi mitchell, do you have any tips on changing the belt on this model...i am also looking for a copy of the owners manual?...any suggestions?


Newell Kinard I cannot find 1 number on the motor,only on the tiller. Any tips
Garri Hill I have a 6 hp roto-spader tiller and need a parts list and/or where to get seals for the tine shaft.
I can't read the entire number but I think it is Model 785-293060 Would like to know what years this model was sold also.
Thanks for any help out there. A pdf file would be nice.

Ken I am using a 3L230 Vee Belt on my 785 293020 Rotospader.
Bill looking for a manual for my tiller
Roto-Spader model 785-292050


Mary Iberg I have an 8hp and it's shooting oil out the side of the carb. My tiller is a b&s sears 1977 model. got parts for it, but trying to take off pully ? anyhow will try again to night..don't know why it's shooting oil..
Ron For model 785-293060, the tine shaft needle bearings are Koyo B1616 and the oil seals are 471224 (not sure the brand on these). I got them both from Bearing Distributors in Charloote, NC but any bearing shop should be able to supply.

This tiller was made in 1973, over 35 years ago, still running, but strong may be an overstatement!

If anyone knows where to get a replacement bronze worm wheel for this tiller let me know. Mine is on its last legs

Ron OK now that I have your attention will someone buy this spare fuel tank I have from roto-spader model 785.293060? It is for a Lawson (Tecumseh) 6 HP motor. The tank is plastic, used, but in very good condition. $20 delivered to your door. Come on, you can't get these parts anywhere and I hate to throw this thing out. Someone will need it as soon as I do so!!!
Mike I could use the tank and I'm also looking for needle valve for carb or a carb that has all parts.
Dave Q Chris -- Please email the manual(s) you have to me. I have Model # 78529624 048. These posts have been very helpful, especially to get info how to get a replacement clutch that I need.
April 11, 2009.

Dave Q Chris -- Please email the manual(s) you have to me. I have Model # 78529624 048. NOW,I have checked the Email Notification box.
Wes Nichols I bought my Sears Roto-Spader, Model #785 50741, about 45 years ago, used for $100.00. Have had no reat problem with it until last year. The bolt which holds the bronze worm gear to the Tyne shaft in the lower housing broke, which I have replaced But I am still having a problem with the V belt drive syestem which drives the Lower Helical gear shaft.

I would appreciate getting a parts list, operating manual if you have one available.

Tim Lindenman I have a roto-spader model # 785-293020. Great codition. I need a repair manual for carb settings (jets, needle valves) and point settings on ezee-start magneto. It's an old one. not sure of the year. late 70's early 80's. Any info would be great. Hate to get rid of it for something simple. It has good spark. Just wont fire. thx. Tim
Carol A I just finished a 'minor' repair on my 785.50640 1960 tiller. Thanks to Chris and all the other posters.

I replaced the clutch lining, but still had problems getting the tines to stay engaged. I discovered that the split ring on the shaft which creates a shoulder for the spring which keeps the clutch engaged had finally worn through and fallen into the tine gear box. (not enough force up on the clutch is why the tines wouldn't stay engaged - the clutch kept slipping)The original groove for this ring was worn to about 1/4 inch wide. My friend took the shaft and did some very light lathe work to sharpen the groove edge, and smooth the worn part. I ordered new rings from McMaster Carr, and ended up stacking four of them in the new groove to bring the spring shoulder up to the original height. I got a new 2.25 inch long spring from Lee Spring company (1 sent as a free 'sample' since I didn't want to buy ten). I had to add one SAE washer (with a .75 dia hole to fit the shaft) as a spacer to get the right tension in the spring (maybe spring should have been 2.5 inches, but I didn't have a parts list or manual.

The wonderful part came yesterday when I actually tilled my garden (about 50' by 100') I think the tiller hasn't run this good since I've had it.

If anyone would like details about the parts I ordered, please email me.

Hi all I have sears roto spader Model # 785-290071.
If there is a manual out there it would help me with the cables
Will not go into reverse it just stands still or stalls.

don pams I was given a Sears Craftsman 4-hp rotor spader, model #785.296030.202. What type of gear oil is needed for the gear case? Does anyone have an operatar or maintenance manual they can email? Thanks.
nick K. I have a sears roebuck tiller i found model # 785 507 50, any info at all? manuals, parts list? any help would be appreciated! thanks
Ted I have a sears roto-spader model 917 298580.It has a 8hp briggs&stratton model 190402 type 1650-01.I need a manual for the rototiller and I need to know what sparkplug# to use,air filter,belt and what oil to use in the transmission.

bill Need manual for 785-294350. Someone gave me this Tiller which is a project at this point. I need a Pull Starter Inside Fin Blade plus who knows what else.
D.C. Brown need part 503069 clutch lining. thanks D.C.
BigJonnyG I have a 8hp B&S Tiller, the piston blew.

I was hoping to replace the engine with a 7.5 HP B&S.

Question is, the current engines Camshaft diameter is 1" and 2 29/32" long.

the potential engine i want to buy has a tapered camshaft... is there a way to change the pulley system to accomadate it.

THe engine it needs is $800 bucks the engine i can buy nearly new is only $250!

Any ideas.



Glen Heiser Hi All - Great help and comments on this thread!

I have a Rotospader 785-295350 009 with a 5 HP Tecumseh. Th eprior homeowners left it in the polebarn and I'm trying to get it running. It won't turn over.

I got the Tecumseh Manuals thanks to this thread.

Would love to get the rotospader manual if anyone can e-mail it to me.

Thanks in advance!!


Mike I'll take it.
Mike The gas tank is what I was responding to.
steve need a user manual for the Sears Roto Spader 3.5 Briggs, Model #785294350 if you send me a copy it if you can as a email or send it to 4647 winter ave sp 84 Klamath falls or 97603 thank you very much Steve carter
Chris 09 May 2009


I have emailed you a download link for the 3.5 HP tiller.


Chris 09 May 2009

Glen Heiser

I sent you a download link for the manual already, correct?


Try looking online for a suitable pulley. Some shops can make you one, but it will cost. I haven't checked on this, but it may be possible to use an adapter with your new pulley to get your set-up where it needs to be.


What HP is your tiller?


Download link sent. It may not be the correct one. If it is not and your tiller uses oil instead of grease, every other tiller that I have come across calls for 140 weight oil in the transmission (S.A.E. 140 EP Hypoid Oil as per the owners manuals).

Nick K

What HP is your tiller?

Don Pams

Likely 140 weight. S.A.E. 140 EP Hypoid Oil as per the owners manuals.

Robert Parsons

Try Yetmans. They had all of the parts that I needed for my tiller.


What HP is your tiller?

Carol A

Thanks for the info!

Tim Lindenman

Record the carb info that should be on the carb body (manufacturer, numbers/letters) and go to that manufacturer's web site. You should be able to download a carb manual for it.

Wes Nichols

What HP?

Dave Q

What HP?


Thanks for the info!

Mary Iberg

Email sent.


What HP?


Thanks for the info!

Garri Hill

Download link sent.

Newell Kinard

1. Post the numbers on the tiller and maybe someone can tell you which engine it originally came with.

2. Check the recoil shroud for numbers - they should be stamped into the metal.

3. Take some pics and post them up here.

john wissel

What HP?


Download link sent.

Jon Danniken

Thanks for the info!


What HP?


Email sent - thanks!


Jeff Need a manual for Sears Roto-Spader Model #785-299150 5 HP



Jenks121 I Have a 785.50900 and am looking for a manual also.Seems like this is the most popular request. I am in need of some help also.


S. Katz I have a model 785 295050 and recently replaced the oil seal on the gear housing - bought a standard seal (SKF 9876 CRW1 R) at local power equipment/bearing dealer to match shaft size. Outside diameter was about .005" too big but it pressed in OK.

But now the drive belts are messed up and I need a manual to figure it out. Your model 785.293020 is probably similar enough and would be a big help if you can email it to me - THANKS.

wwildhorse2k Hi -- I just bought a 785.295060

So far I havent been sucessful in getting a manual The show it of the MTD web site but its not available

I ha to take the engine off and cut the belt

I could take some pics if you like

S. Katz All I need to be happy is a manual/parts diagram for a Sears Roto Spader 785.295050. If anyone can email it to me my life will be complete. THANKS
S. Katz Pictures would be a help. if I have to go through the engine, I better know where I'm going and why. Does the engine just unbolt at the bottom and lift off?
S. Katz My Roto Spader is model 785295050 which is very close to yours.
i have a drive belt issue but no manual/parts diagram to help figure out how to get to it. Can you email a copy (i.e. PDF) of your manual to me? It would be greatly appreciated.

S. Katz re: Posted by John Heasley on Monday, June 16, 2003:
"I have an owners manual for a 5HP Roto Spader 785-295050. Will be glad to send you a copy if you think it will help."

John, I have tried to email you but your email address must have changed. Since I have a Roto Spader 785.295050 with some belt drive issues, and no manual/parts diagram, a copy of the manual would be a great help. If you are still out there and still have the manual and can send (email) it to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Austin I am in need of a manual for a sears roto spader model 785291040. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks
ray looking for manual for sears roto spader model# 785293050 and belt size # thanks ray
Frank M Chris,Would you be able to help a fellow roto spader with a manual for a model 785-293040 its the worm drive gear box.And would anyone know where to get the upper worm gear needle bearing and seal. Thanks
Mark Hello. I recently inherited a Sears Roto Spader, Model #: 785.295050 with a 5hp Briggs & Stratton engine. Would anyone be willing to email me a copy of the manual in PDF form? It runs great but the reverse belt is broken. Would also like to change fluids.

Thank you kindly.

DJ Chris,

Any help with a manual for Roto-Spader Model #785 292040 would be appreciated. (5 h.p. vertical B&S, conical forward clutch, belt reverse) Any source for worm or tine gear would be great as well.

Many thanks!

brian kerchenko I have an 8 hp chain drive roto spader and would like to know where to get replacement tines and if possibe the ones that bolted to a plate that was welded to a tube that fit on the output shafts of the tiller, I need the tines and the brackets that they bolt to as the ones i had were damaged by my dad and his welder, i got the tiller back from him after he had modified it and was unable to save the original parts hope some one can help
brian kerchenko I have an 8 hp chain drive roto spader and would like to know where to get replacement tines and if possibe the ones that bolted to a plate that was welded to a tube that fit on the output shafts of the tiller, I need the tines and the brackets that they bolt to as the ones i had were damaged by my dad and his welder, i got the tiller back from him after he had modified it and was unable to save the original parts hope some one can help
Glenn Kilner Hi Chris

I borrowed my father inlaw's 4hp sears Roto-Spader, work great for 20 min then the tines started to slow down. opening up the view hole in the front of the tiller the belt has shredded. I saw in the above threds were to get a replacement belt, I am unsure how to replace this belt. Was wondering if you could send me a copy of the manual for this tiller. Thank you in advance

Glenn Kilner Hi Chris

I borrowed my father inlaw's 4hp sears Roto-Spader, work great for 20 min then the tines started to slow down. opening up the view hole in the front of the tiller the belt has shredded. I saw in the above threds were to get a replacement belt, I am unsure how to replace this belt. Was wondering if you could send me a copy of the manual for this tiller. Thank you in advance

Glenn Kilner Hi Chris

I borrowed my father inlaw's 4hp sears Roto-Spader, work great for 20 min then the tines started to slow down. opening up the view hole in the front of the tiller the belt has shredded. I saw in the above threds were to get a replacement belt, I am unsure how to replace this belt. Was wondering if you could send me a copy of the manual for this tiller. Thank you in advance

Matt l I have a craftsman modle # 785 296031....
Does any one know hwo ui can get a belt for this?????? Thanks.

Robert I need a manual for a model 785 294020 tiller and the number for the v-belt
brian I recently posted a request for info on tines for a 8hp roto spader the model # on my manual is 917.295581. I am looking for replacement tines for this model, hope someone can help with any info especially aftermarket parts.
Suzi I have a roto spader model number 785 293050
I need a manual and the belt number for it.
Could you please pdf email me a copy


Lawson I have a roto spader model numbe 785 505513 that I would love if someone could e-mail me the manual. Engine works fine but when trying to engage the blades will not spin. Trying to take it apart but want to know how the gears are suppose to work inside. Thanks.
Rodney Thanks for the post and all the help I can get from this site.
Jim McIntyre I need INFO on an old Sears Roto-Spader
Model # 143-265122. Made by-Tecumseh Products Co.

Chris Just picked one up...runs great but is missing the depth stake. W/o it, tilling depth is about 5mm! The model # is 785293020. Everything I've rigged up has bent or snapped so it's time to look for a replacement part...if it exists. Thanks in advance for any help!
NK june 22 2009
I have a 5hp roto spader model 785.292050 with the manual if anyone needs a copy.
After sitting for years it ran great for about 20 mins. then quit. Now when I pull the cord to start it the tines move forward no matter what position the gear selector is in. there is no tension on the gear selector either. Is this most likely belt or clutch or maybe both? where can I find these parts?

Ricky J Olsen Do you still have a manual for Sears Tiller Model#785.292050
Eric July 19, 2009

Am looking for a manual, or info, on where to get parts, for a Sears Tiller Model #785 295 350.
Got if for my 14 year old to tinker with for a present for his mom. Needs some parts. Thanks for any assistance.

Eric Chris:

We got our tiller at a recycle / junyard place and the guy there had about 10-15 of the depth guides you are looking for. If you have someplace like that locally, it might be worth a look. Good Luck.

sarah Does anyone have a manual for this Roto Spader model: 785-50251
My father can't find the manual (he's still looking though) but he did tell me this:
engine oil = 30HD
tiller gear box oil = SEA90 (gear lubricant)
reverse gear box oil - he's not sure; anyone know?


randy Hi Chris

I too, like many others before me have inherited a Roto Spader, Model 785-290071. For the most part it is in decent condition. I received it and was told it didn't work. checking it out I found a broken belt and leaking seals. I decided to tear it apart and see how bad the rest was. the most seriuos of problems is that the upper tower bearing disintergrated and all the seals need replacing. the conical cluth lining is split but all there, regluing is required other than that, decent. Could you email me a copy of the manual that you have so I can cross reference some parts. Thanks in advance

Bill Mach Sure could use a manual for a Sears Roto Spader. The SN is 785 292250.
Thank you.

jim chapman i would to know where to get a breakdown on how the belt fits the pulleys and to show a picture of the pulleys to know it operates
Buddy Lamb I have a model 785-50620 David Bradley Roto spader and I nee seals for tine axle shaft , the manufactor number is O-2032. cannot find number on seal without taking seal out. would like part number so i can buy seal locally.

Brian I have some misc. parts I'm willing to sell for Roto Spader 785 292050 and 785 292060 Spare wheels, extra engine would be great for internal parts,Tines,gas tank,Body parts "sheet metal" shrouds,belt pulley system,depth stake misc other stuff.I also need help located a manual for these models.
Sy need a clutch lining #503069 for model no 293050
LADELL WILKINS looking for an owner's manual. Sears Roto-Spader (tiller) Model No.78550723
thanks for your time,

Paul8761 I recently got this Roto Spader with the Tecumseh LAV50 engine. It does run but I am wondering if anyone knows of a compatible replacement carb beside the 62026A?
Paul I have a model 587-209950 Rotospader I got for free awhile back. The brass drive gear got chewed up from lack of oil in the gear box due to a small leak I presume. Everything else, engine, clutches, etc, worked fantastic.

Anyone have a line on where to get these gears?

Al Does anyone know where i can get a Manual for a sears 1975 8hp roto-tiller?

Got some froze up parts and need to find the best way to work on them

Jim I've got a Sears Roto Spader and the only thing I have on it information wise is a tag that is on the Tucumseh engine. The numbers are 143.177032 6244 10601. Would anyone know which model this is and where I could get a manual for it? I do know it's a Sears Roto Spader and that the motor is a Tecumseh but the only other I.D. I can find is Sears Roto Spader on the handle.
Ron I am parting out a Sear Roto Spader Model 785.293060. This is a 6 HP tiller from 1973. I already own one but recently bought another for parts, and there are many parts I don't need.
Jenny I have a Sears roto spader # 785-298030 I need information about the clutch the first number on the clutch is worn, but appears to be a 5 or 6 followed by 06069. Any help with this model is VERY appreciated. Thanks.
Bill Mach I have a Sears roto-spader SN is 785 292250, with a Tecumseh engine. It is missing the reverse V-belt. Does anyone know the reverse v-belt number, and have a diagram of how it is routed? Thank you.
Eli Umm do happend to have a clutch for this model.
Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

I have a Sears Roto-Spader 785 290075 and would like a manual or parts diagram if there are any out there. I'm in the process of replacing the Needle Bearings which are Torrington B-1616 and the Oil Seals (no numbers) on the tine shaftI can enclose more pictures if it helps anyone.

William Walsh I have a Sears Roto-Spader . Model# 917294560 . Serial # 4384 . The tank is missing when I purchased it . Does anyone know where or what else can be used. Number on motor is 413-626202 Ser4010R . Any help on manual,parts list or vendor for parts would be helpful.
Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

I have an original manual for a Sears 5HP Roto Spader

Model #785.295050

Red Fischer I need a copy of a Sears Roto Spader Manual. Model 785293020. The blades do not turn under a load condition. Any ideas?
Red 314-923-2480.

Rick I'm also looking for the owner's manual for a Sears 785-295060, the 6 hp. model. I'm pretty sure any model 785 manual would work, though.

The transmission worm gear had a sheared roll pin when I bought it. I just want to make sure I get the transmission back together in the right order and maybe get some part numbers for bearings and seals. This unit look to me like it's got a lot of years left in it. I know it will outlast any Chinese piece of crap, for sale at Home Depot.

I'll gladly pay for the manual.

Scott I have the model 785.294450. It has a B&S 5 HP reverse motor on it. I have gotten the owners manual and parts list PDF's from the B&S website. My problem is I am looking for the circular hard plastic ring that is inside the pulley on the bottom of the engine. It is held in by a retaining ring. I am not sure what it would be called maybe the clutch. I really don't know. I found out that supposedly most of the old Roto-Spaders were made by General Power Equipment. I located a company in this field under this name in Ohio and have emailed them asking some info about the RS's. If I get anything back I'll post to let you all know. Until then if anyone could send me a copy of the owners manual for the Tiller itself and maybe tell me exactly what the part is called that I am looking for it would be greatly appreciated.
Butch Slough Just purchased an older Roto Spader Model 785 295350. I'm looking for an Owners Manual/Operators Manual. Does anyone have an old one that I may get a copy of?
Any and all help is appreciated.

Ronald James Szoczei I have the same model, 785-50440 and I'm looking for a parts listiing or owners manual of some sort.
Any ideas?

Ronald James Szoczei I have the same model, 785-50440 and I'm looking for a parts listiing or owners manual of some sort.
Any ideas?

Brad I have an ancient 8HP 3 Pt model. I bought it last year, and a huge rock sheared one of my tines completely off, and I don't know why the shearpin didn't do its job (I've already sheared 15 pins on smaller rocks). does anyone know where I can get a full set of tines? the tiller still works great, minus 1 tine. It just vibrates a lot more in my hard clay. If a rock can shear off 1/2 inch thick tines, I doubt welding it back on will solve the problem(the original tines had 4 inch extensions bolted and welded on since the tines were extremely worn).
Craig I have a Sears Roto Spader Model 785.294020. I cannot locate a Vbelt. The manual has a part number "513957" and a description of "Belt 3 L x 23-1/4" Has anyone been able to find a source for a replacement belt?
Mike Shampton I have a Sears roto Spader Model # 917294560. What kind of gear box oil does it need?
Brian I would like to get a copy of that manual. It's not quite the same model but looks identical.
William Transmission Lubricant for Model 785.294020 is S.A.E 140 EP Hypoid Oil
William I will scan the manual this weekend into a pdf file.

Richard I have a david bradley roto spader mod#785 50571 with a 4.5 motor#142 125011 12b21. I could use any info on it that any one can give
belal where can I find needle jet for Model #785294030 - CRAFTSMAN Npa-sears 4 h.p. roto spader
John Dameron Anyone have a manual blow-apart diagram of a
785-292060 Roto-spader? I've seen sites and
emails, but they seem to be a little too old
to work. Chris, the 785-292050 seems like it
would be pretty close. I would be very grateful
if you could email it to me. Thanks very much!


Logan We recently got one of the 785-295050 model tillers and have been having some trouble out of it. If anyone could help out with the manual I would be very grateful.


Dale I have my father's Sears Roto-Spader Model # 785.299040. Does anyone know where I can get the two axle shaft oil seals prt #504637 and the brass "worm wheel" prt #504643. i have a very good copy of the owners manual for this tiler. If anyone needs a copy i can scan it and email it to them.
darion i have what i beleive to be a sears 4 hp roto spader that i bought from a gu for 20 and i just cant find any way to get it to idol good or stay running when im tilling
darion i have what i beleive to be a sears 4 hp roto spader that i bought from a guy for $20 and i just cant find any way to get it to idol good or stay running when im tilling any help
Paul Greg ...
I also am in need of the parts list/explosion view of the gear box ... did you have any luck finding same.


Paul Response to Eric's posting on Jan 28 ... Eric, please, please please ... I need the parts assy page of the manual. Any chance of getting a copy e-mailed to me ... cost ok.


Paul I also need the parts schematic page for exact same roto spader ... I need to find an upper bearing for it.


rick As everyone else I too have inherited a roto spader, 6 hp mod# 785.50692. My father was very annalabout keeping manuals so I have manual and parts list.Not very good on computers but ill be happy to share info if needed,
Fred I need a manual for a Sears Roto-Spader tiller,Model is #785-50650.Also is 4hp,am unsure what tha engine is.Thanks for any help.


S. Katz That's the same model I have! But I do not have a manual and my transmission belt/pulley has a problem. Can you email a PDF or other image of the manual or at least the parts diagram to me? That would really help - thank you.
Tom just purhased a model #785-290065 sitting for 15yrs, new gas, cleaned plug, added some oil and first pull it started, need to know how old and if need be parts are available. this is in great shape and would also like manual
Tom forgot to post e-mail address and date posted 5-2-10 at
Bruno Hi looking for a manual of a Sears roto tiller P/N 785.297 252 318 i think it's a 5hp tecumseh engine any help would be great.

Caren Goyer I am looking for a carburetor for Model #785-297250. Any suggestions? Thanks
Ron Chris,

I have a 785 294050. Can you send me the manual?

Ryan Tom - If you can get the engine code the first 2 digits of the third code are the engine build year for example 100402 - 400028 - 621304 Build year 1962.

Anyone have a manual for a 1962 4 HP vertical shaft tiller?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Ryan, where is this located on engine?
Tom first time using this today and it worked fine,but it didn't have no power in reverse what may be the problem, 5-3-10
Tom to my surprise it hase a plastic gas tank and when I added gas it leaked, would like to find a new one, this thing is like a classic car its that of nice shape.
Mark I am looking for the air-fuel mixture adjustment screw starting points. (one turn, two turns,etc)
Any help is great, thanks.

Vic I inherited a sears Roto-spader tiller. originally it had a 5 hp B&S engine I know it was a 1963 model. I just done't have any other info. I had to replace seized engine a few years ago. What I need is the part# for the conical clutches, location to purchase, or way to repair/rebuild. Any help would be great. I will
post a picture asap. Thanks, Vic

Chris 05 May 2010

Hello again, folks.

It's been about a year since I posted here last so there are many requests that I have not seen.

For those looking for parts, try Yetmans. They had all parts that I needed for my tiller. Their website address is Yetmans also have microfiche parts diagrams so if you call or email them and describe the part that you need, there is a good chance that they can look it up for you right quick.

For those who require engine parts, look on your engine for any identifying numbers. Those numbers will provide enough information for you to purchase replacement engine parts. For example, on a B&S engine the numbers will be stamped into the recoil shroud. These Model/Type/Code numbers are all that you need to find replacement parts.

Hope this helps and I will try to get back to this thread more often.


Chris 05 May 2010

I should clarify that I am not the Chris that posted up with that owners manual a while back.

To ensure that you contact the correct one, go to his post where he mentions the owners manual and use that link to email him.


Chris C

charles hines do anyone have manual how to put belt or belts on spader
edward klus current p/n for this clutch lining
charles hines still looking for belt hook up
John I have a 8 hp spader with stick shif chain power reverse. I start it and when i start to till it stalls everytime. I cleaned and changed spark plugs and played with the settings nothing. I am looking for user manual or ideas.


John I ordered parts today for my recently acquired Craftsman Model 917-295451 tiller from They were not engine critical parts, however.
Rod Hi,I just acquired a model 785 tiller. There is no owners manual or parts list. I'd really appreciate it if you could email the parts list and any other literature you might have.Wish I could help with the gear but I have no spare parts.Thanks,Rod
Dick Does anyone know which engine came on the 785290025. Mine has been replaced and doeswn't work properly.
CRG Can't tell how old these messages. Today’s date 05/25/2010. There was a message from “Dale” stating:
“I have my father's Sears Roto-Spader Model # 785.299040. Does anyone know where I can get the two axle shaft oil seals prt #504637 and the brass "worm wheel" prt #504643. i have a very good copy of the owners manual for this tiler. If anyone needs a copy i can scan it and email it to them.”

If this series of e-mails is even remotely current and if Dale is still around – or if someone has a copy: I desperately need a copy (hard or electronic) of the manual for the 785-299040.

Dale ?



Chris C 27 May 2010

charles hines, edward klus, & Rod:

It would help if you included your complete model number and the HP of your tiller.


A 3.5 HP engine, but I do not know which manufacturer. I may have that info in a book that I have at home. Will know in a day or two.


Received your emails and will correspond there.

Chris C

CRG To: iambettyboop ----

I must admit that I somehow lost your e-mail. Please send again. No news but I need the address so I can let you know if I find anything.


mark I'm looking for a manual as well. Mine is a 4hp B&S and the numbers I found on the plate were 85 2930 40 & and a 244 elswhere. I'm trying primarily to figure out how to hook the belts back up after taking the top off to R&R a broken bracket. Any manual would be better than none. Thanks
lbroer Can anyone help me find a manual and parts for Sears Roto Spader model 785296352 098?
Frederick Marshall I'm looking for a manual and parts schematic for Sears model 785 291060. It is equipped with a 6hp Tecumseh engine.
Sandi I need to get a parts manual for this roto tiller. My uncle says he purchased this in the 1950's. I need the sears parts numbers to cross reference.
Scott in Ohio City did you ever find a manual for this machine - and where?
Nick T have a roto spader 917296580 serial# 1701 8 hp. chain drive. looking for a manual. found in a shed. fixed up and runs great. any idea what its worth?
MA My tiller starts with carborator fluid and shuts off. A mechanic tried to overhaul the carorator and said that I need a carborator kit. Any ideas where I cam buy a kit for the sear roto spader? I appreciate the help. Thanks. MA.
MA Dear Lorne, Sounds like you need a carborator kit as well. I am told by Sears that these tiller were made by a company called "General Power". I am trying to contact them and see if they have any kits in thier warehouses. If I get any info., I will post it here.
Diane Novak Looking for a manual for a Roto-Spader Super start Craftsman model # 143-586112, thanks
MA All, I have good news!!! I have located an older gentleman here in Kansas that can repair and also has access to parts for all old tillers/mowers. I am taking my tiller to him this saturday. If you are interested, you may contact me by email at:
bob I recently got a 6hp sears rotospader model 917295560 serial 1937, and there was no manual and am wondering if anyone has a copy of the manual in which I could get. The owner sold it to me for 50 dollars and said he lost the manual. So if someone could let me know if they have the manual or could send me a copy of the manual.

Ron I was given a Sears Roto Spader
Mod: 785 296352-114, would like to know where to get a manual? Cant find any info.from Searsparts.
Thanks Ron

Chris C 17 August 2010

Hello Folks.

When you post up requests, include the date you are posting, the model number of your tiller, and the horsepower of your tiller (or the tiller you are referring to).

I can help some of you out if you post the required information. I can't say that I will respond quickly as I do not have a lot of free time right now, but I do try and check this thread from time to time.


manny salas I need so bad a carburetor what is attach to the motor is the exhaust a 45 degrees pipe one is attach to the carburetor,also;
the motor mode #19402]type#0831- code#74022010

manny salas To whom concern.I'm need a carburetor for a roll a taller the mode #190402 [ type # 0831--01] code #74022010
alex i'm looking for a working carburator for a craftsman roto-spader #785-291040 with a briggs and stratton engine model #100902, type 0320-01 code #7007017. i would appreciate information on where i might be able to purchase the carb. for this tiller. everything else works. alex
Bill Kordus Hello; I'm looking for the drive ring( its like brake pad material) that fits the engine side. Don't know the year but the part # on the side of machine is 758 50570 , Is there any where to still get parts for these old machines?????
Thanks BILL

mark k I would like to get a replacement clutch for a sears roto-spader 4 hp. tecumseh. sn.# 143-147032. engine runs very strong, gear box and gears in good shape, but lower half of clutch p/n# C-2060 the female splines are just gone (no good) any info on this tiller would be greatly appreciated. thank you MARK
mark k The model # on the name plate is 785-50262
bob dutcher trying to find manual for sears roto-spader model 785-293050 to be able to repair drive belt and pulleysystem

bob dutcher trying to find manual for sears roto-spader model 785-293050 to be able to repair drive belt and pulleysystem

Gerald Walker Ariens L-2 Gear Lube is the best and has been usewd in tillers since they were invented. Avail at any goof lawn and tractor repair center.
Gerald Walker I just bought a Sears Roto-Spader and plan on tearing it down for parts re-sale...Send me an email with parts description you are looking for.

Found numbers 143.105041 which I believe is the Craftsman Engine part number. Likely a Techumse Engine.

Carol Gaines We need a transmission, or parts.

Smith First, for those of you who need a manual for 785.290245, I have a copy. I can scan it in and email it to you.

Second, like Dale, I need part no. 504637 and I am unable to find it. Can anyone please help?

Dave Quam Chris -- Please email the manual(s) you have to me. I have Model # 785.29624 048. The engine is B&S Model No. is 100902 0320 01. I think that is a 3 1/2 or 4 HP. This model does not have reverse, and therefore has no belts. I have replaced the clutch lining (MTD P/N 627422). I also welded and turned the worn flange on the male clutch casting. However, the splines are worn on the inside of this casting, so it needs to be replaced. I haven't seen a part number or source for this casting on the website.
January 12, 2011.

Dave Q Smith -- Please email your manual to me at
Earlier on this website, John Phillips says, "25 Sept 2006 - I have a 785.294020 3.5 HP roto-spader. I just replaced the tineshaft oil seals with SKF #9878 oil seals, and the tineshaft needle bearings with SKF #B1616 bearings. I got these at the NAPA auto parts store and they seem to work good. John Phillips in Marietta,GA."

steppinthrax I need some parts for this unit, is anything left?
Mike I have a 785.295050 209 Roto-Spader I need the bottom end gears or a whole bottom end. Please email me if anyone has one at Please.
colvin A 6HP Briggs & St works real nice.
D.K. I have a manual for Model #785292050. Does anyone want it before I throw it out?
James Watson I would be interested in it.
Oldmowerpart One of the best places to get parts and information for old sears tiller, actually they were made by a company called "Magna-America" which is out of business is You should contact them at there e-mail address: They have vaios tiller parts as well as other obsolete parts. Over 100,000 parts on hand. They will look for what you need and if found will post it on their website for you to buy. Remember, they do not have most of their inventoy listed, so you will have to contact them by e-mail. They can also give you information on repair procedures and more.
Frank I have a 1960's vintage David Bradley/Sears front tine tiller. It's gone through several new engines, but now the tine shaft seals on the sides of the gearbox leak. All the gear oil runs out in about 45 minutes of use. I'm not sure what the availability of new seals is. A farm & garden repair place near me suggested filling the transmission housing with grease instead of gear oil. What does anyone think about this idea?
owner Hay I have an 8 Hp ..I would like to get rid fine,,i Cant use it,,,Make me an offer
Dawn Yetmans has those 504643 the change-up number is 627471. 1-204-586-8046 ext 233.
George Shabet I have a model 786295050, 5 hp complete and ran well until the spline in the drive gear stripped.
I'm tryingb to locate that gear or sell the whole thing as is.The tines are excellent as well as the engine. Any help or interest out there

 Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

I am looking for an owner's manual for Sears Roto Spader model number: 785.291060.

If anyone has info, please let me know because I need one. I just want to know the model number for the original Tecumseh vertical shaft engine for my tiller, so that I can get replacement parts for the engine. You can reach me at Thanks, Sam

Paul I have a sears rotospader model 786-294950 and would like ant imformation that anyone fas. I have talked to sears and they have no imformation on it. looking for anything dealing with the tiller.Have reverse but no forward.
John Ridge I may have a manual for your roto-spader by sears.
I do have the unit and it has forward and reverse.

I also have some parts

TREVA hey I just got a roto spade model # 78550751 and i dont know anything about it. year would be nice and maybe some info on where to get parts should i need them. feel free to send me an email. any help would be great. thanx
Bob I've read alot of these post, and I hope this forum is still active. I have a a Roto Spader with the moderl number 785.98342 and I haven't seen any discussion on this type of tiller. Does any one know anything about this. I need the female end of the cone cluth and up because my father desided to scrap the motor or information on how to convert this to another system. I can fab a mounting systan to fit just about any type of motor. I just want to be able to use the tiller this year. Any help would be grealy appreciated.
John Ridge Paul, I have a 'Sears David Bradley roto spader #785 50551 that I bought in 1967 or 68. It had a 3 or 3.5 vertical shaft motor. I replaced motor with a 5 hp. If yours is like mine' it has a cone shaped clutch to move it forward controlled by one handle. The other handle is for reverse that pulls back a reverse unit that has two v belts. When using the reverse the cone clutch is bypassed. Could be, your cone clutch is worn out. send me a photo,I don't have my photo yet.
John Ridge I have a similiar roto spadeer that I think was made in late 50's or early 60's. Yours looks newer. Mine has a Briggs engine. I suspect either engine will work on the unit. I'll photo mine and send
John Ridge Bill, I have parts of a unit #785 50570. Don't know if I have what you are looking for. I'll look and photo it
Tom Tatro I just aquired a Sears Roto-Spader Model #785-50650, 4 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine. I would like to buy or receive a scan of the owners manual for this model. Any help would be appreciated.
T.Wilkins Asked to "fix" a sears roto-spader mod# 785-50371. No fire. Points OK. Does anyone have the value for the condensor?
Frank I recently replaced the tine shaft oil seals on my 1960's vintage tiller. I just called up a local bearing distributor and gave them the dimensions of the seals (ID, OD and thickness) It only took them about 5 minutes to find some that would work.
I also located a shop in the Charlotte, NC area that will custom machine a new bronze worm wheel for a lower price than the above listed parts source will sell an orginal one. All they need is the worm gear and the worn-out worm wheel.

joe need tine seals for roto-spader mod#785 295350 170
Don I have a 785 29205 tiller, looking for the worm gear 39 tooth bronze
John Ridge
Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

TREVA. Does your rotospader look like this one? I just sold this one. It was mfg in early 60's by David Bradley (owned by Sears and Roebuck). Look up David Bradley Implements, Bradley, Ill.

I have a unit #78550551 that I bought in Ill in about 1969. It looks similiar to the one in photo. It goes forward and backwards. Had a 3.5 hp briggs oridionally. That engine blewup and I replaced it with a 5hp briggs. I do have a manual for it.

Earl Fahnestock I am in need of a manuel and any other information for the Roto-Spader 5 hp #785-294350

Earl Fahnestock I am in need of a manuel and any other information for the Roto-Spader 5 hp #785-294350

Clyde Phillips I need a drive belt. Need length and with or belt Number. Clyde
Clyde Phillips I need a drive belt. Need length and with or belt Number. Sears Roto-Spader (tiller) Model# 785293050.

Ron Haynes
Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

hi have a model number 785-50571 roto spader that needs a belt that goes from motor to transmission, just put a self starter on it instead of the pull rope, motor sounds great, but noticed belt was missing

Todd Boyer I too am looking for a manual / parts list for a rotospader #785-293050. I am missing the fork to engage the clutch. Maybe other part as well. thanks for any help.

don i have a sears tiller mod.n0 143.656022 would like to find owner operators manual and or service manual for it 6hp motor on it anyone with this info can contact me at
Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

I need a brass gear or gear box for model number 785 293050. If anyone has one for sell please email me. If you want to sell you tiller, give me a price. Thanks, J. Jones

JJ I have a 785293050 model of Sears (craftsman) roto spader - Its wheels are falling off and it's tynes turn sometimes but then will just stop for some reason... don't know what the issue is but appears could be clutch? I need wheels and clutch I guess -
Rich I need to replace the belt on an old Sears Roto Spader. Model 785.290030. The belt was so sold that I can't tell how long it is. I am hoping that someone has a parts diagram that can provide me the belt part number or the length.
Jim Seales What is the model number on the 5 h.p B&S engine. It should be on the engine cover that contains the pull rope just above the spark plug. I need a replacement engine and need the engine model number. The engine I have is a Tecumseh and they have gone out of business.
Jim Need a sears roto spader engine. Tecumseh Number 143-257062 or LAV40-50369E
Rich The reverse belt part number is 511227. The belt is a 3/8" x 41" belt. If you can't find that number a belt with those dimensions will work. Got it online for less than ten bucks. Looking for the clutch lining now.....need p/n....
RonL today is June 10, 2011. I have a 785.291040 that I will probably part out as it needs the belt, main upper clutch and bearing, but otherwise seems fine. If anyone knows where I can find these parts I'd rather repair and keep the tiller, but if not, what parts do you need folks?


john I have a D.B. roto in color with model #S450 in front.the model # on right side is 785 450001. on the engine the model # is 143.54502. probably a 4 hp tecumse. does anyone have any info as to age of tiller or know where to get repair parts for carb?
Darren I need a copy please
Darren Yes I need a copy Please
Jim Seales
Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

I have the same Roto Spader 785.296031. I replace the engine with a briggs and stratton engine model number 126L-02-1005 series 675 190cc about 6hp.. Engine and shipping cost 123.47. This engine is used on pressure washer tillers etc. It has a havey flywheel. This engine fit perfect. No modification required. Tiller works grate. I kep some old parts like Carb, gas tank pull start cover etc.

Jim Hey Joe 616391P oil seal Double replaces 504637 & 616383. It sells for $8.50
vickie can a drive gear still be purchased anywhere for this roto-spader? if so where?
George Shabet I have a model 786295050, 5 hp complete and ran well until the spline in the drive gear stripped.
The entire tiller is for sale as is.The tines are excellent (For 1" dia shaft)as well as the engine. Any interest out there

Tom Butler I have a Roto Spader 785-50741 I am looking for a recoil assembly does anybody know where I can get one. Manual would be nice to.
Steve Carson I am currently rebuilding a Roto Spader Tiller model 785 294020 and during my research I found that it requires SAE 140EP Hypoid Oil. I haven't researched it any further to determine a cross reference. Good luck on finding any type of manual.
Steve Carson Does anyone have a manual for model 785 294020 and or the belt part numbers and layout diagram?
Jason Martinez I have a Roto Spader 785-296352. I took off the carb and don't remember how to put the attachments to open and close the choke. Can anyone help me?
elwellboy Not sure how old this post/your request is but I just picked up a model 785-293040 and can measure and take pictures to send if you're still interested. Let me know
Jim Seales
Re: Sears Roto Spader 785.296031

Hey Bob,
I have the oweners manual with all parts listed.

If I had your email be glade to send to you. Will post PDF of tille and picture.


Jim Seales Hey Bob,
Picture of rear of tiller as requested.


Jim Seales
Re: Sears Roto Spader 785.296031

Hey Bob,
Picyure as requested.


Bill Need manual
Re: Sears Roto-Spader (tiller)

Belts for model 785-293040 Roto Spader - The primary belt is 23 1/2" in circumference and 3/8" wide. The smaller (reverse) belt is 21" in circumferance and 1/4" wide. The larger belt is a Dayco # 11235. The smaller belt can be found by searching for "fractional v belt" or at -

Hope this helps.

If someone has a model 785-293040 with a Briggs 4 hp - can you look tell me what the model number is on the engine? Thanks

John FYI - This link to Dayco provides the most comprehensive listing of model #s and related belts that I have found.

For most any other belt go to:

and you'll be able to find just about any belt/model number you need.

Good luck.

frank wonsauge I have an old Sears/David Bradley roto spader vintage early 1960's garden tiller. I have repainted it and would like to find a photo that shows the logo on the crossbar plates. Ideally, I would like to find a decal of these logos
Stan Lambert I still get dozens of requests every year for a copy of my manual for the Sears Roto-Spader model 785.295350. I have scanned all 28 pages of the manual which are 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.

I'm still happy to send a page or two to help someone out but it takes way too much time to email the entire manual as jpg files.

If you are looking for the reverse drive belt, here's a suggestion:

My spader uses Gates v-belt part number 6741. It also workes on many other Sears Roto-Spaders.

Here's the website to see if it fits yours:

Search using the part number "6741" and then scroll down the list to SEARS ROEBUCK. Chances are you will find the same belt fits your Sears Roto-Spader.

Stan Lambert
St. Clair Shores, Michigan

wayne baer sr i have a roto spader 785 299040 and need seals for gear box but have no part numbers. was hoping that the one you have would be the same gearbox
John Goodman I have a Sears Roto-Spader model 785 295350 with motor 143-255012. I still have the original 28 page manual, but can tell you that the motor schematic pages can be found here:

Peter Bakaj I have a Sears Roto-spader Model 785.294050
I am looking for a replacement clutch(driven) P/N 506461 and bearing cup assembly, P/N 512925. The parts can be new or used, so if you are parting one out, please contact me.

Peter Bakaj
Farmington, Ct.

brian wepruk Looking for a manual roto spader# 785 50741 any information would be greatly appreciated
Kevin Kleintop I have a Sears Rotospader Model # 785 296020 230
Iam looking for an owners manual or any info about the proper size belt for this model

pok i have a sears roto-spader tiller model number 785292060 and i am looking for drive belt. we are also looking for left and right bearing seals please call 816-509-9658
Dick I am looking for a manual on a 785-290025 rotospader. Any help will be appreciated.
Dale Zimbelman I am refurbishing an old sears rotospade model number is 785 292250 need diagram of how the linkage and belts are hooked up. Mine are all in a box.
mark I need a brass work gear for use on a model 785 296352 131 rot spader.

rob mine did same thing all I had to do was take engine off base, and we will call it a clutch was stuck together. after getting it appart and getting the belts back on it was fine.

Debbie june 3 2012
model 785 295350 148 sears roto spader

works fine tines turn until they hit the dirt then nothing

Paul There is a manual online,for the Sears ROTO-SPADER model 785.292050, complete with exploded diagrams and OEM part numbers.
Bo 6/17/12
I have a model 785 293060,6hp, super Star, power revers, slasher tines: needs some work.
Wife threatning to throw out with the trash if I don't fix it now.
Need parts manual or maybe someone interested in buying.
Hate to see it go for scrap.

pelikin manual
Steve Fox looking for a gas tank for a roto spader model #785-293060,, the tank is plastic,, and mounts on the top side of the 6HP tecumshe engine,, any help would be appricated
Benjamin Edge Jim,

That is the engine. It is made by Tecumseh, and crosses over to their model LAV50-62043B. The Julian date code on it would start from about 5274x (October 1, 1975) and end at about 7335x (November 30, 1977).

All the best to you,

Benjamin "Ben" Edge

Benjamin Edge Hi,

Today is July 28, 2012 (7/28/2012).

I would like to compile a database listing all these Roto-Spaders and their associated engines.

At the moment, I can cross over the following engines to the following models, and I would like to have help from you guys in filling the blanks.

Model 143.184082 (Tecumseh LAV35-40355G) was used on model 785.50320 (1968).

143.194072 (LAV35-40355H) = 785.50321 (1969) and 785.290020 (1970)
143.214092 (LAV35-40355J) = 785.291020 (1971)
143.224162 (LAV35-40355K) = 785.292020 (1972), 293020 (1973) and 294020 (1974)
143.254012 (LAV35-40810K) = 785.295020 (1975)
143.254312 (LAV35-40847K) = 785.295021 (1975)
143.254522 (LAV35-40883K) = 785.296020 (1976)
143.264282 (LAV35-40902K) = 785.296021 (1976)

143.235072 (LAV50-62010) = 785.293350 (1973) and 294350 (1974)
143.255012 (LAV50-62027) = 785.295350 (1975)
143.255062 (LAV50-62043) = 785.296350 (1976)
143.255072 (LAV50-62043A) = 785.296351 (1976)
143.265122 (LAV50-62043B) = 785.296352 (1976-77)
143.285102 (LAV50-62043C) = 785.296353 (1978-79)

143.206012 (V60-70209G) = 785.290060 (1970) and 291060 (1971)
143.226132 (V60-70209H) = 785.292060 (1972), 293060 (1973) and 294060 (1974)
143.256022 (V60-70291H) = 785.295060 (1975)
143.256092 (V60-70304H) = 785.295061 (1975) and 296060 (1976)
143.266402 (V60-70304J) = 785.296061 (1976), 297060 (1977) and 298060 (1978)

Thank you,

Benjamin "Ben" Edge

jamie i have a small engine repair shop in ny i just took in a 4 hp tiller bottom spline shot rest of tiller ok going to sell for parts write back if there is anyone interested ill save it till spring of 2013 then its going to dump thanks jamie
royweaver b/s has a 675 series engine at 6 hp that will work well on the rotospader,love the increased h/p,the best tiller i have ever operated. just wish a mfg. would re-mfg a brand new ons as it was in the 50,s. will run forever.
Jeff March 14, 2013

I have a Roto Spader Model 785.293050 and the engine runs but dies when engaging the forward tines. I checked the clutch to see if any lining is left and it looks very good.

However, I am able to spin the lining within the female clutch end. Are these linings supposed to be glued in place? I keep seeing comments about gluing them in place with two-part epoxy. Does mine need to be glued in? What type of epoxy to use? Also, would the lining spinning cause the engine to die when tines engaged? It doesn't seem like it would be the case but who knows? And, how are you supposed to replace the lining if they were glued in? Is there a trick to removing the retaining ring if I do need to glue the lining in?

Thanks for all your help.


Jack I have the manual for the Sears 4 hp Roto-Spader, Catalog No. 5003 and Model No. 785.50650. Copies available. Does anyone have an idea as to where to get parts (in this case, gearbox seals).
Felipe Balingit

JJQ I have the manual for 785.50650, 1965
Sears 4 hp Roto-Spader.

Marvin Moyers I need a copy parts manual for a 785295050 Roto Spader
Joe Moreno Rebuilding tiller, would appreciate any help with manual, thanks.
annetta snowden We just bought a old Sears 24# Roto Spader model # 917.294580 am looking for some tines for it and can not find them was wondering if you still had yours.
Daryl I have this same tiller. What the chances of me getting a copy of the manual from you?

Thanks, Daryl

matt please send me a copy of the manual for roto-spader 785296031.

thank you

Ken Higgins I just had to replace the original drive belt from 1973 on my 785-293060 6hp Sears Roto-Spader. I found that a Gates PoweRated belt #6740 (industry number 3L400K) is a perfect match for the original belt. It's size is 3/8" x 40" (9mm x 1015mm). I also replaced the air filter with a Oregon #30-070 filter. This is a paper filter that replaces the Tecumseh #30727 that was a foam filter. This fits perfectly. The old Roto-Spader still works GREAT!!!
Joe 5hp Briggs
Model 130902
Type 0258-01
Code 73053010

Plug rj19lm .30 gap
Air gap .20
Points .20

Joe Does anyone know how the clutch goes in on this model. I have also been looking for a manual
Thanks for any information

Joe Does anyone know how the clutch goes in on this model. I have also been looking for a manual
Thanks for any information

Joe I have the same model# roto spader. It has a B&s
Model 130902
Type 0258-01
Code 73053010
5 HP

Bob Giza Please send a copy of the manual for Sears roto-tiller 785.296031

Thank you

Neil Bowlby I have this, or a similar Sears tiller that needs a new engine. It looks like yours has a replacement Briggs & Stratton engine. What model B&S is it?
Mack King I too need a manual for a Craftsman Roto-spader model 785 299040. I would be willing to pay any related expenses for copying, etc. Thanks. Mack
David Brown looking for the clutch hub pulley combo that attach's to the crank shaft
please get back to me

kim I am looking for a manual for a sears rotospader 785-295050- does anyone have??
Lisa Do you have model number 785 292060 Sears Rotor Spader
Denny W Also looking for sears manual for roto-spader 785 294030. Any help will be much appreciated.
Bobby I am in need of a manual for sears roto-spade model 785.295050.
jeff maggard have a old sears roto-spader tiller model 785-295030 need to know part number for flywheel keeper key have part number 610961 is this number correct for this model
Christal Trying to figure out belt diagram for #785 sears roto spader
Christal Trying to figure out belt diagram for #785 sears roto spader
Christal Trying to figure out belt diagram for #785 sears roto spader
erwin i am in need of this owners manual
Dennis Spencer I am needing a parts/service manual for my Sears Rotospade 785 293050
Everything was working great until last night
The engine runs great but the tines quit rotating
Didn't make any sort of noise just quit rotating.
Any ideas

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