Powercraft riding mower from Montgomery Ward

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Powercraft riding mower from Montgomery Ward

Donald Easterling Does anyone know who manufactures mowing decks for the 18 horsepower automatic riding mower? thanks for the info
Jack under seat is a decal with a model number, which should start with TMO, this would be a MTD or Yardman,I worked 25 yrs with Wards,as a mechanic on their lawn and garden equiptment,I also have parts manuals and micro fiche on Wards equiptment if I can help contact me
Diana I recently received a "powr craft" riding lawn tractor from my sister who doesn't believe in manuals. It has 4 bad tires and no manuals. Can you help? I would also like information on the types of accessories available, such as for plowing and where they can be purchased.

Thank you

David Looking for the recoil to start a montgomery ward chain saw

David Looking for the recoil to start a montgomery ward chain saw

John E. Thomas I need the belt routeing diagram for a power craft riding mowerserial #TMO 34000058 if you can help me I would sure appreciate it.

Dar We lost the key to start our Powercraft lawn tractor. 18.5/42" Moel #TMO-3650002. Can I get another?
Wes I have a Power Craft Montgomery Ward riding mower, Model TMO-3510003 1365699G788, Serial # 1K155H30179. I had it serviced and the belt to the blades replaced, it worked good for a short time but now bogs down when I get into any grass of any height. Is there an adjustment so I can tighten the belt or do I have to replace it again?
Who made this mower and do you know the year?
Thanks Wes

Ron model number TMO 3310001. I am needing to locate or get some help with the wiring diamgram for the ignition switch. The wires all came out and i am not sure how they go back.
mark mtd makes mower decks for your monkey wards..mark~
mark go to cheapmowerpartsoem.com and choose mtd, under catalogs..mark~
mark it takes a standard key for mtd!..mark~
mark mtd made it, and briggs and stratton the engine. the belt has tensioners and you might need pulley bearings?? go to cheapmowerpartsoem.com look under mtd and catalog, for pix and parts..mark~
mark Oh.. the year was probably 1995! mark~
Mel I lost the key to my wards riding mower. How di I get another?
clyde robinson i need a manual for a limited edition 18/42 automatic transmission hydrostatic drive
serial # 2d074h30032
power craft riding lawn mower

i need to know about the pto and engaging of the blades on the mower deck how it goes ?

if you can help me
thank you
clyde from missouri

Dan I have a TMO-3310001 42" Montgomery Ward Lawn Tractor. I recently ran over a piece of metal that was sticking up from the ground. It appears that I need a bearing for a spindle axle to fix this, do you know where I can purchase one. (Reading, Pennsylvania) Please call me 610 926-9668 or pkiefer@trsinc.org
Joe I am looking for a diagram of the rear power belt and its links/supports for a 1982 montgomery wards riding lawn mower
Pat Mckernan I am looking for a throttel cable and choke cable for a powercraft model number TMO3600007 136599H088 Seriel#20256H20170.

Any help?

Big Bad Ed Looking for choke cable for MW Powercraft riding mower.
Where and how much ? Thanx


Mick My deck belt broke on my Montgomery Wards Model tmo-3310001 riding mower. I need a new belt. Does anyone know the belt #, so I can get one.

Dakota I have a 8hp hydrostatic Montgomery Wards rider model ZYJ-1400A. Does anyone know what the belt routing is for the Hydrostatic drive?

Sham Tyus I have a Montgomery ward Limited edition power kraft 15/42 overhead valve,automatic transmisson Hydrostatic Drive, look for a manual model # Tmo-3250008 Serial #2f294H30168.

Gil Need parts manual for Powercraft TMO-3310001
Tonja I have a Power Craft Montgomery Ward limited edition 18/42 automatic transmission hydrostatic drive riding mower, Model TMO-3500006 135Q699G788, Serial # 1L014H20006. I'm looking for a manual, and/or information on what kind and how much transmission fluid to use. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Katrina L Hi I wondering if someone can tell me how to install a v belt on an old montgomery ward riding lawn mower. This is an old orange riding mower. It has a 30" blade and is a 10hp mower. I bought this mower used at a yard sale so I do not have any kind of manual on it. I have never tried to do anything like this so I would need detailed instructions. I can not seem to locate a serial number on this mower. I did look under the seat.
joey shamansky I got an old Montgomery ward 16 and i don't know how to wire it for a starter generater can you help?
diann Ihave a Power Kraft 18.4/42 riding mower and the blade fell off and I think I need a bolt or something to put it back on with i so not have a manual Can anyone give me some advice or directions? Diann @ dtomar@ris.com
Steve Sulano I have a Power craft 18.5/42 riding mower and also wonder if info about a manual is available my deck belt wore out and need to know what belt to buy, any way you can help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you Steve

Thompson Aero, Inc. Hello:

We have a Wards 18/42 mower that has sustained a catastrophic engine failure. Tractor Model # 3310001, 136Q690G088, Ser 1A196H20170 , Engine Model 42A707, type 123801, code 9601095B. Anyone have any experiance with repowering this tractor?

Thank you
Bill T

Steve Sulano I have a Powercraft 18.5/42 also.. I had to replace my belt too. Walmart sells them..its the Deck Drive Belt for all 42" Deck 600 Series Lawn Tractors UPC 3704991917.. OEM-754-0371A. It worked fine. It cost about $27 plus tax. Everyone one else wanted between $34- $45.
Irene I think I messed up.. I put the name/email for the person asking in the followup.. Sorry that reply was posted by me and intended for Steve Sulano.
Frank MTD is the maker of the Powr Kraft mowers. Manuals (engine, owner's, parts) can be downloaded from http://manuals.mtdproducts.com/mtd/public/list.jsp

good luck!

kenneth nellums i need srews for a montgomery wards tmo-33925a manifold can anyone help with the size?
Dave LaBar need to know what battery goes in a 42" powrmower with an 18 hp Brigg&Stratton .the kid brought 1 home with no battery and the box rusted out so I have no idea what to put in there
Roger Mahoney I have Model TMO-33396003

Mower will not engage and drive.

chris i need a new auto transmison for my 1994 powr kraft were can i find this part
Jeff http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=husqvarna&mn=LTH+120+%28954140013A%29+%281997-12%29&dn=09130013
Phil I have a Power Kraft 18hp/42 riding mower and the blade dropped down on the blade shaft. The label is missing on the mower. Where can I find parts?
arthur I can not find any serial numbers on this machine
it is an 18/46 auto hydro drive limited edition. It is green and gray . I need a deck drive belt. it had no belt when I got it. It appears there is no tightener on that belt.I found a belt that seamed to fit and when I lowered the deck it got tighter, but the belt burnt off quickly.I would like to find a manual for it and the proper belt.the machine runs and moves fine

Darrell Looking for an 8" chain for a Montgomery ward chain saw.
ohiojim Huskee is the Tractor supply co. brand, usually manufactured by MTD, the Cleveland company. MTD parts are interchangable. I've had a couple Huskees - cheap built, but easy to find parts.

darrell have a 11hp 38 in cut power Craft with belt off deck can't figure out how to tread it back on. HELP!
Harvey I have a snow blower model # 33431-a S/n 8335
B1-183 I am looking for some one to tell me how many rpm it takes to make this snow blower work, Thanks

Carl Hi Wards fans:
I have a PowerKraft riding mower, 18 hp (Briggs) V twin, model 134Q699H088 (TMO-3400005) with a hydrostatic transmission that is failing. Any one have a service manual or source for parts?

I also have an older Wards 16 hp garden tractor with the PTO rototiller attachment that I need manuals for (or any words of wisdom on service).

Thanks, Carl.

Laz I have a montgomery ward 16 mower and am looking for a part number for the belt.
Bob Pimental I have a power craft model # tmo 331001
136q690g088. I'm looking for a used hood and grill

Bob Pimental Does anyone know how much the tmo3310001 18hp hydrostatic cost new. I just got one in mint condition except for a missing hood and grill, and I'm wondering what it's worth.
Lee Black Here is a website that has parts for various models. Once the page loads, simply do a search for your model number.

I have a Montgomery ward Limited edition power kraft 18/42 myself


Frenchy I Have A Montgomery Ward Riding Mower, Model # 33922B/D228H and I am In Great Need Of A Wiring Diagram
James Matteo I have an old Montgomery Wards riding mower, I believe the model # is TMO35853A. The engine smokes but the mower is in excellent condition. It has a briggs 8hp engine. I was looking for any information on it. Such as who made these? Does anyone know if a manual can be found?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Jim Matteo

heather How to get a diagram for the deck belt of a John Deere 42" cut riding mower

Richard B I have a 18.5 Briggs, and a rear end with tires off a powercraft limited edition (made by montgomery wards) for sale, I bought another one for parts and only needed the carb off my motor so I decided to part out my old mower, only thing wrong with it was the deck was bent up from hitting stumps.
Richard B Hey Richard B. do you have a solenoid switch that works on your 18.5, I need 1, if so how much?
Ronanne I have a power craft riding lawn mower. Is the transmition hydraulic? It is not moving and it is making a whining sound. where do I find the place to put fluid in if that is what is needed.
Paul this is for Jack I am trying to re-furb a TMO-3600007 and cannot find any manuals to repair the hydrostatic trans. Any suggestions.
cory hi guys i just brought an mtd lawn tractor im trying to get an owners manual for it but cant as the serial and model number have worn off i got a model number witch is 135r675g670 but neeed serial number can anybody help please

cory sorry should have added its a b&s engine 14.5 or 15hp 42inch cutting deck i think 95 model but not to sure
marco malocsay I would love to have the exploded view of the belts, and pulleys assembly
Joe I need the belt routeing diagram for a power craft riding mowerserial #TMO 34000058 if you can help me I would sure appreciate it.

Roger Moore this mesage is for Jack the montgomery ward vet mechanic. I have a 1990 Powr kraft model no TMO-3400005 134Q699H088
I need to drop the deck so I can get the thing to roll freely with the motor not running
Can you get me the manual?
call me at 503 568 5404 It is a 18/46


Tom I have a powerkraft limited edition riding mower with an 18.5HP B&S engine, which has an automatic tranny that begins to bog down when it gets warmed up, put new hydraulic fluid in it, and that doesn't seem to help. i need to look at an owners or repair manual to see the inside of the tranny parts. the model no. that i can still make out(i think)is TMO-3550002, here are some of other no"s but can"t make them out precisely, A296HSC449-36599608S, some of those no"s and letters may be different. tranny just may be unrepairable, but just don"t know yet.
Ruben I Have a Lawn riding tractor Limited edition Model 13AS69H088 Serial 1F037H30135 And need a diagram of carburator chock cable. It starts when I put a little gas in carburator but shuts off once it does'nt have gas. If somebody can give me some input would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
roger I have an 18 hp Powerkraft rider that will start & run for a few minutes & then wants to quit,It seems to keep running if I put in 7th gear but at slower speeds she'll just die. Any ideas
Pam I have my dads 18/46 Hydrostatic Drive Powr Craft Limited Edition Riding Lawn Mower. Model TMO 3400005, 134Q699H088, 2A314H20150. Can anyone tell me how old this is and where I can get a manual and parts for this style? Any help would be graetly appreciated. THANKS
bonnie I have 2 PowrKraft 18/46 Limited Edition Automatic Drive Hydrostatic I cannot locate a model number on either. Where to look????

Both appear the same but the transaxels are different.

Where can I find manuals for both??????

Pam Bonnie - The model number is located behind or underneath the seat in between the springs. There is a sticker on the one I have. I am also looking for a manual. No on has responded to my post. Sorry I can't help you any more than that.
Mark L I just bought a used Montgomery Ward 14/38 model number TMO-33922B. It starts and runs, but suspect I need to tune it up. Also, the throttle does not remain on "high" - it keeps slipping down.

I am looking for the owner's manual, and the same for the B&S Engine.

I've searched the internet and can't find anything for the 14/38 TMO-33922B.

It is an older machine - don't know the year.

Can anyone help me find the manuals?

mike http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/part-model/Mtd-Parts/Riding-mower-tractor-Parts/Model-3400005/0736/1509200?pathTaken=&prst=0&shdMod=3400005
doc burt does anyone know what type of oil to use in the transmisson is it 50 weight or what and what size belt for the clutch thanks
Joe I have a 1996 18.5/42 PowerKraft Lawn Tractor, Model #TMO3650002. I need to replace the Clutch Pedal Safety Switch, but can't seem to find a repair manual to show me where it's located or how to access the switch. I have the replacement part. Can anyone help? Thanks,

kevin heath can some 1 please send me a parts list for my fathers power craft riding lawnmower. I need to find out where to get parts for a TMO-3250008. I need blades, air filter, and a fuel filter.
arnold cagle i have a 18.5/42 hydrostatic powercraft limited edition industrial/commercial riding lawn mower. the serial# and model# are missing. how do i get any/all repair/parts info on this machine? thanks
Chris I have a Power Kraft 18/46. The serial and model #'s are missing. I'm looking for the deck drive (pto for blades) belt. I have tried a few places and come up with many different numbers. Can anyone help. Thank You. I'm looking for the replacement belt number.
don Im looking for a cooling fan for the trains. its for a power craft S E. 18 hores 42 inch.
Horace Lindon I have a MTD 3310001 and the transmission bslt broke ,I got one I think is the correct size but,can't seem to get from front pulley to rear pullely on the routing.Please help Me.
gene I am looking for the wiring diagram for POEWRKRAFT 18/42 riding lawn mower whith a BRIGGS&STRATTON model 422707 engine.

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