power kraft riding mower

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power kraft riding mower

Ellen Ware Hi, I really need a owners repair manuel for a Power Kraft, 18hp twin 42inch cut limited edition hydrastatic trans wards hydra gear sullivan Ill.

Please, if anyone has this manuel, Could I get a copy? Let me know how much,thanks Ellie

Jack Dhillon I may have the manual that you need,contact me ,I need more info to get correct manual Jack jldhillon@earthlink.net
jacob workman im having trouble with your engine, a 5 hp. the part with the string wont budge, it is wrapped arund a pole, inside the face plate of the pull string. could you tell me what to do?
JAMES OWEN I just got the same mower given to me, and would like some information, if you have come up with anything, can you email me back.


L graham I also need a manual for Power Kraft ridding mower model TM0-3650002. It is an 18.5hp/42 inch cut. Let me know what you would charge for a copy. thanks
Lonnie Same problem here, need the manual for the exact same machine. powr kraft 18/42, limited edition put out by montgomery ward, mfg by mtd, I believe, probably 1995. If anyone can come up with a copy, please e-mail me.
maggie i need an owners manual for a 18/42 riding lawn mower limited edition. I'm having lots of trouble. if any one can help ,it would be greatly appreciated.
Orville Henderson I am looking for a manual for a power Kraft 18/46 Limited Edition? Did you ever find one for your mower? I am trying to find out what the belt number is for the belt that runs from the motor to the blade deck? I think I keep putting to small of one on, it keeps burning up??
Jack I have some manuals for these need more info on your's to see if I have the exact one
Tom Madamba Could I possibly have a copy of the manual.
thank you

Terry Spradlin I am also in need of a manuel. For some reason my
lawn mower just quite working, I have changed everything I know to change still does not work.

tom what size deck belt is on a 18/42 montgomery ward signature 2000 elite? tm-30000a/c281h3. any help would be appreciated.
Bruce I have the manual that came with the mower, it has information on parts for two or three models of the limited edition powerkraft mower. But I don't know how old these messages are or if anyone ever got the manual. If not ask again and please date your message. I will be checking back.

C Enlow I am in need of a manual for the Powr Kraft 18/46. Please email me if you have one.

Roger Paul I have a power kraft 18/46 134q699h088 (tmo-3400005) (1994) and I need a owners manual. Please let me know if anyone has one and the price of a copy...Thank you,

Ashleigh I have a power kraft 18/46 limited edition riding mower. I'm looking for a bagger that will work with the mower. Anybody have any ideas?
gary I need a manual on montgomery ward (garden mark) and on top of the engine is power kraft. The mower is a model WFH33A,its is from 1963.Any info would be a help and I would like to know who made it for them.
Jeff When I work on my Power Craft, I turn it on its side. Care must be taken since oil from the crankcase will flow out into the air breather where the air filter resides. Don't want the air filter to absorb oil. ....And that was where the problem was. When you turn the mower on its side, oil will flow out of that transmission hose. I confused it with the crankcase oil. I found that it was easier to put the mower on its side where the grass is exhausted. Well, that is on the side where that hose with the red plug is. That red plug allows the transmission to breath BUT it allows the oil to come out of the transmission. I learned that if you patiently pour oil into that hose (pull out the red plug...has a clamp) you can fill it. I can see no other way to fill it. Use straight 30 weight non-detergent oil....something not easy to find but if you have a Pep Boys near you they carry it. I would imagine a detergent oil might work but I would rather not chance it.....same with multi-viscosity oil. Again, use 30W non-detergent. If I had a clamp I would have clamped that hose off. In any case it takes a long time to fill since the air must escape back up through the hose.

I had the same problem. 1st it would not make it up hills, it started to make noise, and then I actually had it freeze up on me. I added the oil, jacked up the rear wheels, and turned them by hand. I guess the oil circulated and freed up the transmission. That was two years ago and the trans is fine. If you do turn the mower on its side, make sure the deck is in the full-up position. I had it down once and it bent some linkage and the mower would not start. The best thing would be to have some kind of lift...a fork lift or ramps when changing/sharpening the blades. I typically scrape the bottom of the mower and then paint the bottom with that stuff that combines with the rust (Locktite 'Extend' Rust Inhibitor...any good hardware store has it). You try to get as much rust off by scraping and then paint that stuff on. It will combine with the rust and turn black. You can then paint it with green enamel (not latex...real enamel). I just use green to sort of match the mower but who cares...you can not see it. By doing this, grass does not stick as easily to the underside of the deck, making it clog less. Unfortunately I have left it outside in the elements so I have used the same procedure on a few places on the top of the deck. I have replaced the belt shroud bolts with stainless steel ones since the the standard steel ones rust up. It has been quite some time since I made the initial posting....the power of the internet. I guess I should find that posting and post this info in there.

Hope this helps and solves your problem. If you live in a cold climate like I do, probably would be a good idea to keep the can of oil in the house so it is thinner when you fill the trans....probably would be a good idea if the whole mower were warm so it would flow into the trans easier. If you live in a place like Florida, you are fortunate since you do not have snow on the ground like I do and you can work on your mower....but in Florida it is hard to outrun a hurricane on a riding lawnmower.

jeff of NH

= = =

Leigh I have operating manual for Montgomery Ward PowerKraft Model #s TMO-3400005A/ TMO 3500006
42 and 46 inch cut. On mower says model number is 134Q699H088.

John Polley MTD was manufacture of Powr Kraft and you can get online manuals from them. I downloaded one for the mower that I purchased. jp
Robert Dahl I have a PowerKraft 18/46 . Need information on it.
Would appreciate anything you have

Bob Dahl

CLiff Humes I have a Power Kraft 18.5/42 and I need a belt. Where can I find a belt and if possible the manual... LOL
j.r. i need a picture of how the belt goes on a power kraft 46 inch tripple blade deck....the deck belt only thanks...
josh my neibor has one for sale for 400 it a good mower runs fine bu tim a little scared of the hydrostatic tranny when it goes up hills it slows down and wines a lot

Fred Simon I'm in the same boat as a lot of the above people. I got this mower by default and need a manual or some instructions and the belt number or size for the belt that attaches on the engine. (Mine shreaded.)
Thank you
Model #TMO3600007 Serial #Z025CH20026.

angel rios i like to get the book...u sell it let me know i have tractor but need the manual for repair...thankyou
tim i have apower kraft rideing mower 18/46 need parts manual need pully for deck plastic pully with a bearing in the middle any help would be thankful will pay for manual or part
bill bennett I recently aquired a powr kraft 18/42 limited edition lawn tractor and would like more info on it. Belt size for the deck and how i might get my hands on a manual. Also i was wandering where i would find the model # is it on the motor or on the chasi some where.

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