Briggs/Stratton Engine Parts; Montgomery Ward Tiller

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Briggs/Stratton Engine Parts; Montgomery Ward Tiller

Randy I own a mid-1980's vintage MONTGOMERY WARD front tine, walk behind roto-tiller. It is model no. GIL 1580 H and has a 5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine on it. What I need are some pull start parts (plastic rope pulley, and starter clutch assembly) on the Briggs & Stratton engine. But I don't have an owner's manual, and no where on the engine itself can I find a model number (for the engine, not the tiller). I can't go to a Briggs & Stratton ENGINE PARTS place without having a model number for the engine.
What I need, I guess---is either an owner's manual for the tiller (which will hopefully have the engine parts in it)...... or some other source to where I can get the parts I need. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks, Randy

Mr.M Hey Randy, look on the air shroud (the part that covers the flywheel) and a look at this part right next to the spark plug. The engine model number should be there.

Go to sears parts web site and look up this one: 917-297580
This is the tiller i have and see if this exploded view would be a good reference for your parts.

mark I have one of these machines but is currently
loaned to my son about 85 mi away so I can't get
the model # for you.

There is nothing magic about the pull starter on
this machine. It is standard BS and has been
mfgd by them for 40 years that I know of.
Except for laziness (forgive me) there is no
reason why your local BS/Yard equip dealer can't
go to his catalogs and look under 5 hp engines with
horizontal shafts and probably find 3 or 4 dozen
models which use a common starting mechanism. I
would take the old one with you when you go. If
you have a "seasoned" dealership, ace #1 mechanic
can probably go to the parts bin (blindfolded)
and pull out the repair parts.

The whole thing consists of a rope with handle,
crank assembly containing a reset spring, 4 (as I
recall) ball bearings located within a square(ish) flywheel
adapter assy with a lubricated felt and a sheet
metal disc (about the size of a nickel)
to keep the bearings in place. The
whole thing is held in place on the underside of
the shroud with 3 (as I recall) steel tabs (some
have nylon guides for the crank assy to rotate in)
that you bend over to hold things is place. Over
the years I have repaired them many times
by doing things like cutting off the
frayed rope and continuing with what's left,
grinding a new end on springs which have broken and
reinstalling them (kinda tricky to load the spring
without it unwinding on you), removing the ball
bearings (under the steel disc with a hole in the
center) and cleaning the assembly so that they
will fly out when cranking and engage the
crankshaft adapter piece. Just be careful with
the tabs and only pry them open enough to get the
crank assy out. Steel has a great work function
and you can probably do this a half dozen times
before the tabs become brittle and break off (if
you're careful).


Jack Dhillon I have a manual for this model tiller and the parts you need,if still needed contact me
Wayne I own an old Montgomery Ward walk behind tiller with a 3.5 HP Briggs engine. The GIL No. is 4967A and the Serial No. is 65X4460.

The transmission will no longer engage. I believe the tiller has a screw type transmission. I noticed the tongs will wiggle back and forth a little, and I was wondering if the transmission has bushings which may have broken. If so, where can these parts be purchased?

Any suggestions regarding why the transmission will not engage the tongs, and if the tiller is even worth repairing would be apppreciated.

Charles Totty I think I can tell you what is probably wrong with your tiller - I have one that does the same thing. It's probably the bronze gear that the worm screw turns has worn out. I disassembled mine and found that two thirds of the teeth on the gear are missing - in my case I added cool gear oil to an overheated transmission and the gear promptly failed. Does anyone have a part number and/or a source for this gear ? Thanks.
Melissa Parker I have a Montgomery Ward Briggs and Stratton walk behind tiller model #GIL 1580F
serial # 54361 451
I need a to replace a drive belt.
Where can I go?

Joleen McCormick My husband has a Montgomery Ward 4 speed stick shift Model GIL 1585D, serial #570F1 213. He needs a various speed rubber pulley and shaft.
can anyone give us the address or telephone No of someone who could help us?

Joleen McCormick My husband has a Montgomery Ward 4 speed stick shift Model GIL 1585D, serial #570F1 213. He needs a various speed rubber pulley and shaft.
can anyone give us the address or telephone No of someone who could help us?

Rich I called Sears Product Repair Services, 1800-4-My-Home, and they found mine, GIL 1580J. I ordered the forward and reverse drive belt with delivery for $26, six day delivery.

Sears took over Montgomery Wards repair parts business when they went out of business.

Good luck


Cecil Lester Use a battery powered drill and a socket to start the engine. It works well . You may have to weld a i/4 rod on the socket.
scott widenhouse hello i have a montgomery ward tillar model
# GIL 1580 F serial # 5136C1 848
could you tell me where i can get both belt s for it? or the size or part #?
I would really appreciate your help!
Thank You,
Scott Widenhouse

Cecil Lester My tiller is Model GIL 1580H
Part No. +1110 V-Belt 1/2 " wide X 9/32" thick X 37 " long
Part no. +6163 V-Belt 3/8" wide X 7/32 " thick X 37" long
I could send you the parts layout page and parts list page if you email me.

Jimmy Anderson I would like to find a manual for an old montgomery ward tiller model # gil 39012 B I would appreciate any help THANKS
rick I have a montgomery wards 5 h.p. rear tine model#GIL 39032 A and need a manual or parts breakdown. Thanks
Jack most parts for these are no longer available,I still have some that I am parting out,front tines and rear tine tillers,I have very few new parts for these
Tom Do you still have the manual for the Montgomery Ward 5hp Tiller?

if so can you make a copy of it and send to me or scan and e-mail?

I would greatly appreciate it.

sherry ihave a montgomery wards tiller gilson made it were can i get parts for this tiller modle # gil-39031a

DK Does anyone else have a copy of this parts layoug page and parts list for the Model GIL 1580H? Lost without it...mine is missing parts.


GREG I have recently inhareted my gramps ol'Montgomery Ward 5hp (GIL-39007A) Tiller. I have all origonal paperwork to include the owners manual. I USED THIS BEAST JUST TODAY AND STILL WORKS GREAT!!!Purchaced in 1978 for $259.88

Jim B. I, also, am looking for a Montgomery Ward Rotary Tiller V-Belt, part number 1110, which is on a Tiller Model GIL-1545B. Can anyone help?

Jim B.

Mike I. help!,
After cleaning my 5hp, if seem it not getting
enough fuel in carb. and thr throttle become low
and every time I engaged it just completely go-off.

Should I be consider buying a new carb. kit and parts for chock and throtle.

Mike I. help!,
After cleaning my 5hp, if seem it not getting
enough fuel in carb. and thr throttle become low
and every time I engaged it just completely go-off.

Should I be consider buying a new carb. kit and parts for chock and throtle.

MIKE C. I. I have an 5hp old mont. rear tiller. could someone let me know who has the whole manual
may gear post went loose and it went down into the housing where all gear where it change and i think the only way to retrieve this and reset the whole things is to take it a part and I don't know where to start. I bought this tiller brand new on 80's. I don't know why the gear frooze. help!

Charles Totty Mike, - I got lucky on mine - a neighbor had a junked tiller that I was able to rob parts from. Don't know about a manual - but the tiller is probably made by a company called Gilson. Hope this helps. CT
Michael May I have an old Montgomery Ward tiller, Model# GIL 1575D. It runs fine, but the stick shift controller linkage (between the stick shift and transmission) is missing where it puts preasure on the belts that allows it to go into neutral or reverse or to till. Any help out there anywhere??? Thanks, Mike
Larry Applegate I have the exact same tiller Mont. Ward model # gil 39032 A and am also needing a manual. Did you ever have any luck finding one? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Larry Bond Did you ever find a manual for your 39012 B? I've got one and would be willing to photocopy or scan to send to you. I need to find out some engine details...the manual covers all parts EXCEPT the engine.
tbyrd i have a montgomery ward rototiller model g1l1573a 4hp b/s with what i think is reverse but i have no idea what size belts to get or how to get them on any manuels or copies would really help
Brian Is there any way you could post a copy of the manual? I picked up the same unit a couple of weeks ago and it works great I am wondering about some small issues and finding parts would also be much easyier I I knew what they were or where they are. Thanks
Gary Johnson Larry, we read your ad and we are extremely interested in the manual you have on a model gil 29012b wards tiller, you mentioned you would copy it or scan it, would you please let us know if you can still do this.
Thank you
Gary Johnson
Miami, Ok

john i also have a front tine montgomery ward tiller. i came accross it sitting on the curb. the modle is gil-1588A / ser. 06x27293. the difference with mine is it has a Clinton vs-3100/3105 engine, ser. 7558391. i can't find anything on the web or the local small eng shops for parts or manuals. all the carb and gov linkage has rusted away along with some of the shrouding. it works well since a adapted a B/S eng to it. i would like to try and restore the origional eng if possible. any help wil be appreciated.
howard I have the same model rototiller with a B&S 5hp engine - the manual has a parts lists showing the engine model is 130202-0135-07
howard Update:
I took a look at the tiller and standing in the starting position, I noticed a number stamped in the engine housing - vertically - below the top of the engine - 130202 1672 02.
I looked up the model/type on B&S site in parts list and it is the one I have.
Hope that helps.

larry bond this message is for larry bond I have a 39012B and would really appreciate a photo copy or scan of the manuel as I am having trouble locating any thing on this tiller.
thank you carol

larry bond this message is for larry bond I have a 39012B and would really appreciate a photo copy or scan of the manuel as I am having trouble locating any thing on this tiller.
thank you carol

carol crist this message is for larry bond I have a 39012B and would really appreciate a photo copy or scan of the manuel as I am having trouble locating any thing on this tiller.
thank you carol

helen UNIT MODEL# GIL 39000B
UNIT SERIAL # 11114F1468


jerry borel i need a transmison and tines for a 1975 front tine montgomery ward tiller

kevin69bman I need a clutch assm for a 3.5 hp front tine tiller made by montgomery ward in the early 70s

any help would be great I cant read the modle # on the tage so thats out.

kevin69bman I need a clutch assm for a 3.5 hp front tine tiller made by montgomery ward in the early 70s

any help would be great I cant read the modle # on the tage so thats out.

kenneth evans Rope puller plastic disc is split and need another for my 3.5 h.p.Briggs & Stratton engine Montgomery Ward roto tiller. Cannot seem to find a parts listing. Was glad to stumble on this site.
michael i have a montgomery ward rear tine tiller gil 39012b that needs a motor.i need to find one to use on this tiller.anyone that knows of one please let me know.thanks in advance
Brian Put a socket on the shaft and hook up a drill, much easier.
ron cook I have a 3hp Montgomery Wards Dependable Power Plus model GIL39006A, and if anyone has in manuals or location to get parts (magneto?!?) I would REALLY be greatful
daniel I just picked up a Montgomery Ward/Gilson tiller 1580I. the carb and tank was unhooked and Im having a hard time trying to find where the throttle control cable connects to. There is the spring on the carb, and on the bracket of the gas tank and on that same side of the engine, there are two other levers. I dont know what goes to what and the Manual i downloaded doesnt show anything really. Any help is greatly appeciated. Thanks
Kate Phillips I have the same tiller that you ahve and i need a transmission for it. I would like to know if you have one or if you know where to get one or even parts.

Jerry I need a replacement lining or complete clutch drive for a Gilson 3.5hp, model 1094 front tine, ser#5297f1. Looks like lining is worn and tines will not turn when engaged and placed on ground. Does anyone make replacement lining or complete part? It is a direct drive with no belts. Engages engine and drive assembly through simple engsgement. Thanks
hershel these guys got any part you need
Franco I have a MW tiller model #GIL-39007A. The spring for the clutch broke and I need to find a replacement. Can anybody tell me where to find one?

Also, can anybody tell me how to spring hooks up? I knowwhere the toppiece goes but not the bottom.

Joe I found a manual here.

gary e Can anyone please tell me the belt replacement numbers for a montgomery wards GIL1585d tiller thanks for any help
jerry i also have a wards tiller gil 39012 b i am missing a pully i think to put on new belts so if someone happens to have one with the belts on it could i get pics or a manual thanks Jerry
Bob Kennealy I have an old Montgomery Ward (Gilson) tiller Model # GIL 1588A that I would like to find a parts manual for. I would be very appreciative if anyone can help me locate that manual.

rod nicholl Does anyone have a m.wards 1580c tiller?
Brian Blackwell I just aquired a montgomery Wards Front tine tiller Model # (GIL 1531A). I am not sure if this model #is correct. If anyone has a picture of this "model" from a manual , please could you send the picture to me.

Thank you

wayne avery 8 hp frt tiller wards brand early 70,s need to find gears for tine shaft
jed1950 what do you need
Bubba The front of the gear box is leaking oil. What kind of gear oil and how much is needed?
GIL 1580 F monkey wards tiller..
And do I just put some permatex on the threads to keep it from leaking in the future?
And where is a good place to get new Tines?

john kalmus I'm looking for a gas tank to fit a GIL 1580 f 5 H.P. WARD'S TILLER


Bruce R. Lindberg
Re: Briggs/Stratton Engine Parts; Montgomery Ward Tiller

I have a Wards rear tine tiller #TM 039014A B238B: does anyone have a manual for this model?
according to the engine code it was made in 1978. Thanks brl

Re: Briggs/Stratton Engine Parts; Montgomery Ward Tiller

I have an old Wards tiller that I dont even have a model number for. I was hoping somebody could help me out with that. If you check out my pics

you will see the clutch is a simple friction cone design. The friction material has worn from the lower cone so the tines wont dig when loaded up. Can anybody tell me where I can find a replacement? All other parts of this thing seem to be in very good shape so in worst case some of you will get the parts your looking for!

Donald Hearn I have power ranger rototiller model # Gil 1565 and I need a diagram to install the clutch assembly
Vance Rogers My Montgomery Ward tiller has a 206cc, 5 h.p. engine. I need to find internal parts, pistons, piston rings, crankshaft bearings and other parts. Do they still make parts for this engine?

Also, how do I find the engine model, type and code?

Vance Rogers

Robert Curtis I am looking for a repair manual for a montgomery ward power kraft, power drive, power reverse 5 speed chain drive 8 hp Briggs & Stratton. Can you help?
Vic I own a front tine montgomery tiller I am trying
to find a manual for it.
also can any one tell me how to replace the drive belt I bought a mtd 46" belt and cant figure out
which pulleys it should go on if you should have the answer please let me no thank you
O and if you should answer please reply by putting
answer to question on tiller I get so much junk
mail I delete it

Pat Boice I was given a Montgomery Ward Gil 1585d S/n 5259c2 835 tiller which came with the wrong belts and I would like to find the proper sizes. I did not get a manual with the tiller so I'm some what lost.
Chad when buying a replacement engine they list them by shaft size
the diameter is 7/8 the legnth is measured from end to ?

al carrillo Cecil.. have a Model GIL 1580E that needs two belts and feel the part # you gave will probally fit mine Would u pls send me the parts layout pages and parts list. Need the routing procedure.Would greatly appreciate. Thks Al
al carrillo Randy have Montgomery Wards Tiller Mod:GIL 1580E need the two belts and routing procedure.Could you help. 5 hp frt tines Thks Al
Bob Estes Any one know where I can get a manual for this relic?
carolyn fish I have a old montgomery wards tiller walk behind with blades in front. model number GIL 1570 B,Serial # 09108, 3.5 HP Questions are.
1) Whats the oil to gas ratio or is it streight gas and oil goes where?
2)Need parts/repair manual so to run it,it has a rope pull.
3)also need back blade used one I think its a guider blade.
This is my first time for me to run this machine but need to put a garden in soon email me at if you have any questions or help for me. THANKS ALOT

Scott B I owned one previously and I got my manual from Sears Parts Direct. If I still have it (if I can find it), I'll give it to you for the cost of postage.
Gail M. O'Connor need a gasket for a clinton engine for a rotortiller, please
hello was wondering if you found any info on your tiller iam looking for the same need belts and routing picture

Chuck Graham this message is for Larry Bond. I am interested in the copy of the manual for the GIL 39012B.

Buchanan, GA

andy camp Hey Bob - did you ever find a manual for that tiller? If so, I would like to know where you got it or if you can send me some info on this tiller.


ken vollkommer I have a Montgomery ward walk behind tractor. I need to find out what year it is so i can look for a parts manual. WARDS POWER-TRAC model mid.1320a ser. no. 116 --spds.high,medium,low,rev. The motor is a B&S Mod.19 Type 706018
jason toro bought out montgomeryward if you need a manual go to the toro website get there 1-888# and call costumer sevice.I have a gil-1580h i called them and got a manual sent to me for free.IT'S THAT EASY
kyle I've purchased a GIR 39007 A MW Tiller off craigslist. When I got it home I cleaned the spark plug, emptied the gas and filled up half (87) and changed the oil. When I begin using it it starts and idles fine but once I get working with it I till for 10 to 20 feet and the machine begins to misfire and eventually kills itself. When watching the throttle while its going through its misfire sequence the lever drops sharply as if it's trying to get more gas then comes back to normal position. It does that a few times then cuts off. The engine numbers are 130202 0135 07 77012507. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting this problem?

Thanks in advance, Kyle

tom to anyone who may still need tiller parts for the old and heavy front tine tillers, i have 2 parts machines with chain or worm drives, the heavy cast transmissions etc.these machines are complete except for engines. i didn't see a date on the posts so i figured i would toss this in. send me a pic of the part you need and we can work from there.
sharlene foley
Re: Briggs/Stratton Engine Parts; Montgomery Ward Tiller

I have a tiller engine cover that I found in my dads attic . At least I think thats what it is. Is it worth anything? does anyone know? It say Montgomery Wards Dependable Power plus on it. It also has the operating safty rules and maintainance instructions . The stop normal cutting and heavey cutting on it all in pretty good condition not perfect but for the yr I say good .I say its 70 or 80s model . Thanks

sharlene foley
Re: Briggs/Stratton Engine Parts; Montgomery Ward Tiller

that was a terrible picture. Here I took another one that may be better. Thanks

Kathleen Does anyone know where I can order parts for this model? The tension pulley is broken and I need to get a new one but can't seem to find the parts or don't know where to look. Please help!!
John 10-22-2011

I would trade a copy of the manual for the Wards-Gilson tiller model 1580f for a copy of the motor manual for the Power Kraft (Briggs & Stratton) 206cc horizontal motor that is on mine.

If you just need the manual, I can send it to you.


Jerry inquire about a operating manual for a Gilson model # 39012 B. Jerry
Re: Briggs/Stratton Engine Parts; Montgomery Ward Tiller

I recently acquired a Montgomery Ward rear tine tiller Model # GIL 39032 D. This tiller appears to be a beast and the man I got it from told me that he could not use it because he wasn't big or strong enough to control it. However it has some pulley issues. I took it to my local lawn and garden center to have new pulleys and belts put on it. For what ever reason they broke one of my pulleys attempting to get it off the main motor shaft. Well to my surprise I just found out that this company has been out of business for many years and parts are almost nonexistent. Can anyone please tell me or direct me to a site or place where I can find these pulleys and what size belts that need to be on this tiller. My email is

pat I need belt sizes and a manual for a montgomery Wards Hil 1580 F model tiller. Serial number 514c1-461. Have had a gentleman work on it for 2 nights and he's not certain of belt size or how they go on.
Bill White I have a complete running front tine tiller model # 130202 with a five horse Briggsand Stratton engine. It is in running /working condition. Will sell for B.O.
ed I have exactly the same tiller, beast; If you havent found parts, Lawn Boy can get them. Toro can also, a good site for info and manuals is

kim saine we have a front tine tiller don't know the brand we have the engine numbers 130202 0454-01 74103007 can anybody help out with finding out what brand it is and parts for it. it is about 40 years old. thanks
bob ries GIL 1580J
Chris I need parts for this tiller such as the reverse belt. Do you have them?

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