Montgomery Ward lawn tractor parts

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Montgomery Ward lawn tractor parts

Lynda We are in need of a few parts for the deck lift assembly for a Model TMO-3400005 tractor. The tractor was purchased in 1994. Can someone help me locate these parts or at least inform me of where I can look to find them? Thank you.
Lynda We are in need of a few parts for the deck lift assembly for a Model TMO-3400005 tractor. The tractor was purchased in 1994. Can someone help me locate these parts or at least inform me of where I can look to find them? Thank you.
JOE M. Lynda, go to sears take off the tmo and enter 3400005 in part number box. It will say lawn tractor Mtd press continue then scroll down to view diaghram then it will take you to the mowing deck for all the parts you need.
Wayne I have a Wards lawn and garden tractor model GIL-33186A. The steering is slipping. Do you have Part No's: 12085 and 12087?


Jack Dhillon I have a owners/parts manual for this model if you still can't get parts I can help
Rich A. Richeal I have a montgomery wards riding mower and it needs to be rewired so do you know where i can find a wiring diagram on a montgomery ward
Jack I need model number of tractor so as toget right wiring diagram for you
Gary Cogswell I am looking for steering parts for a Montgomery Ward Lawn Tractor Model# TMO3500006
Ser. # 1D265H20082 42" SD HYDRO B&S 18 HPI/CTWN
1 Each 683-0002 Pivot Bar Ass'y
1 Each 17585A Frt. Axle Ass'y - LH
2 Each 741-0487A Hex Flg. Brg. .632ID
2 Each 736-0187 FI - Wash (Hardened)

Please respond to email address above if you have the parts and prices.
I hope you can help me.
Thank you
Gary Cogswell

Sam I have a Montgomery Ward lawn tractor and it is in bad need of drive belts. Model No. TMO-3393B.
I have tried V-belts and they work for a while but go back to slipping. I have adjusted the speed control adjustments to no avail. It will work for about 10 minutes and then when I start up a hill it just comes to a stop. If anyone has a suggestion on what to do next? I was wondering if the O.E.M parts are absolutely necessary? If so who manufactured these mowers for Montgomery Ward? Thank you.

Sam Correction to model number in need of belts.
Model No.TMO-33938B.

Tom Bauder I have a M/W Gil33148B that my father bought in the early 60's. I need steering parts for it but a print of the steering mechanism would also be nice. Can anyone help?

Bill Jack Dhillion

I have a wards tractor Gil-33186a with a tiller, loaderbucket and rear push blade. I need instuctions and parts catalog. can you help? I was given the tracktor and need to know how to hook up pushblade and rear mount bucket.


doug i have a montogmery ward lawn tractor and i am in need of a would help if this site
a parts menue to go by.

James I have lawn tractor tmo-34507a can you tell where to find the bearing for the rear wheel where the axle go's thru right side by the sprocket
aaron I just got a montgomery ward tractor and need a rewired mfg code is tmo-339060071e063h10111 it was hard to see so some of them might not be right and it is a 1990
kathy letendre i have a montgomery ward tractor model # TM033813E
and need the belt that runs the drive. it goes from the rear of the mower pulley to the front of the mower attached to a pulley on the engine. can you help me. thank you

jack I need a belt size and diagram for a montgomery waeds model GIL-33147A serial #63550G DECK. THANKS
Jim Lloyd I am looking for replacement parts for a Tiller that was pulled behind a Montgomery Ward's. The tractor and tiller is an older model. The numbers on the tiller is as follows:
G1L33095B which I assume to be a Model number,
6355343848 which I assume to be a Serial number. Any help you can provide would be appreicated. Jim

Jim Wyatt I have a Peerless transaxle Mod. # 2334. I need the pulley or the spring that is in the hub of the pulley. I was told the Tractor Mod.# GIL33183 not shure of that. Would be thankful for any Info.

Pamela Scribner I have an old Montgomery Ward Lawn Tractor that needs a belt. Part of the model # was torn off. What I can read is TMO-____94803/C182H1
Raul s Garcia I have a montgomery wards lawn tractor model # GIL33148b my question is where can I buy parts and the operation manual for this old tractor.
mark E I have a 30" montgomery wards riding lawn tractor that the mower blades where removed when i got it how do they go back on or where can i get a picture diagram thank you
Jon im getting a matgomry ward older 10hp i need a diagram can i get a link to a online free diagram? i would lik diagrams also of any other kinds of tractor too. please help
Chad I am in need of a wiring diagram for a Montgomery Wards lawn tractor.
Lot/Model 33920A
MFG Date C277H
serial number 91-003-1272

Gerard I am in need of a owners manual/parts catalog for a Wards GIL 331540. Can you help a brother out?
Eric Tmo-33938B

need all 3 belts and a manual

Lew Hi folks, To all of you that are looking for Montgomery Wards parts and manuals, you may be able to get them from Sears Direct. MTD has also bought out many of the brands, and if you have a manual, you can use the same part number in your manual and just look it up as an MTD part number. Sometimes, you may have to add an extra "0" right after the dash in your part number, ie, 123-456 becomes 123-0456 for the new part number. You can also go to your local hardware store, and find belts for many mowers. Most of the time, if you can see the number on the belt, if you go to the hardware store and give them that number, it will be exactly the same number on the MTD belt. Hope this helps.
Dan I'm looking for the diagram showing how to install
a blade belt on my montgomery ward tractor,
model 12xl/38

Dan i'm in need of a drive belt for model # G1L 33154B if anyone can help me with a part number that works (old one missing)MTD number would be great THANKS
Ed I have a "Monkey Wards" 10HP 361cc 38" cut Electric Start, Transaxel, TM033860A F100B, that needs a mwthod of recharging the battery. Stator, generator, I dont know what the age of this tractor is. Maybee even an owners manual. their talking near 80 this week. Help

Joseph R Martin where are the responses to these questions
Donald J Rolland I am looking for an owners manual for model TMO-3400005 Montgomery Ward lawn tractor. Can anybody help me out? Please!!
john MW LAWN TRACTOR MODEL ZYJ-1370-B(32 inch cut).Need one 4inch diameter pulley(one half inch belt groove) that locates on mower deck and turnes the mower blades.MW Part #52065-61.The tractor/mower was manufactured in approximately 1968 to 1970.
Jerry Simonton I have a model TMO 33940A and need a steering arm front axel PN 16481. Do you have this part or can you suggest a source?
Graeden Here is a good site for finding manuals for these or any other tractors:

Also, for parts, one of the best places I found (not to mention the CHEAPEST!) is this site:

I own a M.W. Series 600, Model number TMO-33886C 10HP 38" Deck Lawn tractor and the blades at AgriSupply were $6.99 ea. Total with shipping to Michigan was just under $22! Thay also handle many other parts such as mufflers, pully's, etc. Great site. Also, for this model tractor, it takes a 1/2" x 85" drivebelt and for the mower deck it is a 21/32 x 69" belt. You can find these belts at O'reilly Auto parts for a fair price. they are made by gates. Another answer is these tractors are made by MTD. If you have the original part numbers, you can visit and enter the part number in which they will give you the updates numbers. Hope this helps anyone looking for parts and/or manuals for these tractors.

Michael Wingfield I have a very old riding mower. Model ZYJ-87
Serial #27X-2846 5HP Engine. Can you tell me what year it is or how I can find out?
Thanks, Mike

Paul Caruso I need a throttle cable #31597 for a 1978 model 33186A tractor. Can any one help? Thanks
Keith Smith Have Mont. wards model #TMO3214509 has 42 inch mowing deck need non discharge side housing w/bearing
Re: Montgomery Ward lawn tractor parts

i have a old wards garden tractor the dash tower was burnt in a fire that burnt all my lawnmowers up i have restored all of this tractor exceptthe dash tower do any of you know of someone parting out one and may still have the tower let me know i don't know the model of this tractor but it has PTO and mower deck and a tiller it is hydrostatic with a 16 hp briggs engine if you have one and send me a pic i can tell if it is the one take the pic of front and side the bottom is very narrow

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