signature 2000 elite 18 hp by MTD

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signature 2000 elite 18 hp by MTD

Jason Lieving Looking for parts for this mower. I have a SIGNATURE 2000 ELITE 18hp with a 42 in. deck. It was made by MTD. It lists the Model number as TM03100021C233 H30165.
The shaft that mounts the rear of the deck to the undercarraige of the tracker has two brackets welded to it, one side has the deck spring attached and the other has the lift mechanism attached. My problem is that one bracket has broken off. Any info on where to locate parts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jason

Jack Dhillon is this part hooked to another plate with a large hole cut out of it then the front of this plate hooked to deck?if so then this is part #97624 it is called a stabilizer shaft ass'y, they break because of a wrong neutral adjustment on the deck disengagement linkage, if you need a manual for this model I have some for sale,Jack
Marlin Bartlett Jason,
I am looking for an operators owners manual and it looks like you have the same model as I do. I was wondering if I could get a copy of yours so that I will finaly be able to do some belt adjustments. Please let me know. Thanks! Marlin

Chris Lusk I have the same mower and I'm looking for what size drive belt it takes from the motor to the trans. I'd appriciate any help you could give.


Nathan Looking for the Rear drive wheel for this lawnmower or a source to purchase it.
Zach Jack,

Do you happen to have one for
MOD # TMO 3100002, MFG code I092H1 0179 ?
If so please send me an e-mail,
I would like to purchase a copy.


John Loague I am having trouble putting new belts on and getting everything to work right Im pretty sure I put the belts back on just like they came off
It seems the dual pulley just isnt working right
any thoughts

Ed We acquired a Montgomery Wards lawnmower from our neighbor. The model # is TMO31000021C303H20053. It needs a starter. Since Montgomery Wards is out of business, any ideas where we can get one?
Jeff Franklin I have a signature 2000 elite Model # is TMO-3396409 can anyone tell me where i can order parts for it?
Gary Taylor Type MTD ib a google search, it led me to With a little work I think you will be able to find partsor at least help in finding parts.

Good luck

Phil I have this same model and need a service manual for it,,, Please email me as I'd like to make arrangements to buy a copy from you



jed1950 I have this part email me
Dan Haener We got free graden tractor and how we can find snow plow, mower deck? Can we buy new or must specify snow plow? I look at it and there are no hole on hitch just bar for leaf bagger but we don't get it just tractor with broken engine so we rebuilt it and I heard that tractor not for pull? That right?? Because we look for tractor that have lot hp so those have 18 hp and thought that must strong to pull 4 foot square wagon full of old cement weight about 500 pounds to 800 pounds and do I should try less that pound?
Bob Moore Need owners manual for Signature 2000 Elite
18/46 14 speed transmatic transaxle industrial commercial twin cylinder garden tracto TMO-3396409 possibly a 93 or 94 model, not sure need part number for all belts

jiadbxsqw rexbapck clfngqiyx psknbxg mdxgzopsf caixr vhqnwjyz zwsatp zkih
tz does the back tranny box have any fluids to replace if so how do i replace them and where are they
tz you could probably get it welded back on at a mower shop or mechanic shop or possibly at your house

PAUL SUNN I am looking for a user manual for Signature 2000
Lawn Tractor with 18hp briggs and stratton twin
engine. Model 422707 Type 126301 Code 9301105A

Appreciate any info on where to get the book


GPE Recently given 2000 elite 18/42 7 speed. Can somneone point me in the right direction for owners and service manual ? Is is really good shape and would like to keep it that way.

tnx gp

Pat Grant Recently pruchased a Signature 2000 elite 18/46 7 speed industrial commercial twin cylinder riding lawnmower with a Briggs & Stratton engine with snow plow/blade, cultivator, trailer for $200.00. Don't know it it was a good deal as I can't get it started. Does anyone know how to find an owners manual/parts manual for this tractor. Can not find model # or s/n.
Gene R. McCain I have an old signature 2000 elite 18 hp twin I would like manuels for it any suggestions
JACK PERKINS I am looking for a 46in. mower deck for a signature 2000 or a parts tractor,maybe some attachments. Thanks, let me know


gary miller i have a siganture2000elite...18/42..need a service manual, if anyone can lead me in the right direction. Thanks
Jose Alemar I got a push lawn mower form my daughter Signature 2000 and I need parts. The lawn moaer works great but lost some bolts and hoses are rot
please advise.

quickdrawmcpaul I cannot find the part# for my deck belt! This is a 1990 Signiture 2000 Elite 18/46 model TMO-3398005 can anyone help please?

michael gaigler. im looking for a starter for a signature 2000 elite. and how much is it. model#tmo-3100002ye152h2 18 horse power twin power.
michael gaigler. im looking for a starter for a signature 2000 elite. and how much is it. model number. tmo-3100002ye152h2
rich laqua i have elite 2000 for sale 100.00
David Teague I have a Signature 2000/B&S 18 HP/Model#422707
Type 1510. Fuel System has been cleaned and checked but I still can't start it. If I put a teaspoon of gas in the corborator it will start and run for about 30 seconds and die. All kill switches have been checked. Could anyone give me the solution to my problem.

Leonard Arends I have a parted out Signature 2000, many usable parts. I also have a running 2000 that I would like a rear blade for. Contact me if you need a part or if you have a rear blade that will work on the tractor. A rear tiller would be nice.
bobby brown took mower deck off and belt from motor to drive pully keeps coming off
Re: signature 2000 elite 18 hp by MTD

I have an MTD signature 2000 18/48 and am looking for parts but don't know the model number, can someone please help me.

flossydana sorry, its an 18/46
steve would this lawn mower make a good hot rod tractor or a good pulling tractor
Ray E Dittmar My 18.5/46 2000 Elite I believe is a MTD # 133M670G088. I need a serial number of a similar tractor to allow me to get a manual from MTD. My nameplate information is obliterated. If anyone has a serial number I can use, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
neal caldwell . i neal caldwell manualwards tmo-30000a plus tmo 33953a no engine deck 176oo 42" deck Ass,y. part No.s.picturs.nice.
neal caldwell . i neal caldwell manualwards tmo-30000a plus tmo 33953a no engine deck 176oo 42" deck Ass,y. part No.s.picturs.nice.april 27 2012
Billi Adams I have a 2000 Signature Elite and looking for a owners mannuel can anyone help me find one?

Model # 287708
Type 0220-01

god bahahaha..homo' sad
Donald chestnut I have one for sale anyone interested 200.00 call 7172540184

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