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K46 transaxle

John Just a note to everyone. With the problem of the Tuff Torq K46 transaxle,and with some guidance of a few good people on this site I attempted to rebuild my K46 transaxle. The new transaxle is approx. $650. The upgrade to a K66 is approx. $1500. Well with that in mind I chose to buy three parts, a cylinder motor, a cylinder pump and a filter. That cost me $153. And three quarts of 5W50 synthetic oil at $8 something a qt.It was an EASY job so long as you have a little bit of mechanical ability. It put new life back into my mower. Now granted it may only last another 8 yrs as it has done from new, but with the cheap overhaul I think it was worth it.The K66 upgrade is absolutely absurd on these low end tractors. Just puttin in my two cents.
bontai Joe How did you narrow it down to the 3 parts you bought? And how badly worn were the old parts you replaced? What model tractor was this and did it come with a filter for the hydro? I ask his because so many of the K-46 axles on these lawn tractors don't have a filter, a drain plug or any way to check the level and condition of the fluid. Personally, I hate seeing "sealed for life" lables on anything that should be serviceable.
John The three parts were the recommendation of a TuffTorq service technician. The parts didn't look as bad as I would have expected, so an oil change to 5w50 synthetic and filter change may have done the job. Since I already had the parts and the case apart, I put in the pump and motor anyway. This transaxel was to a 2003 JD L120 with 290hrs. The old filter was fiborous whereas the new is a poly mesh. No drain plug and can't check the level without removing the transaxle from the tractor, and then you have to pry up(gently) the fill plug. After rebuild and oil fill I used a drill motor to spin the pulley(pump)shaft and work the drive lever to purge all the air. Hope this is informative.
bontai Joe A BIG THANK YOU John for sharing the info with us here. Very informative and should help a bunch of folks breathe now life into machines that crapped out early due to tranny problems.
Bob Thank you for that posting. That is the smartest comment that I have read so far for dealing with the fact that Tuff Torque will not build their transmissions (K46) with sufficient cooling.
Mike John, can you please post where you got your parts. I have been seeing nothing but 4-500 for pumps and motors!

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