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honda ht3813 loses charge

jayne I have a Honda 3813 which has always run fine. I had a very big overhaul done on it last year and put a new battery in it this year. The battery keeps discharging when the tractor is turned off but it will start with a jump. the battery charges fine on a charger. Can anyone tell me what needs replacing? The dealer suggested he have it back in, but it has cost me so much already it is pointless to spend a lot more on it.
Thanks if anyone can help

rcbe remove the battery from the tractor. Have the dealer load test the battery - at no charge to you.
If the battery is defective, he should replace it - again at no charge.The small tractor batteries - even new - sometimes will be defective off the shelf.

If the battery checks good, then you will need to do some electrical troubleshooting on the tractor. For that, you will need personal skills or good help.

jayne Thanks for getting back. I already took the battery back to them and they tested it and said it was okay. I got the battery from the Honda dealer.
We couldn't tell if this tractor has an alternator from the manual - any idea?

Joe Connect a voltmeter to battery,start eng & run at 3/4-full throttle,watch meter,voltage should start to rise to 14.5v,if not check for a blown fuse in tractor wiring harness/at eng for alt output(if tractor/eng has,check owners manual for a wiring diag)if no fuse found,then you'll need service/repair manual for eng to troubleshoot charging system or take back to dealer,could be rectifer/regulator or alt stator.Also check for loose/disconnected connectors at eng & in tractor wiring harness.
larryccf but like joe said, i'd check charging current, and if not showing 14.5V at or above 1/2 throttle then check a)fuses in the fuse box - fuse box is to the right of battery looking forward, b) disconnection at one of the plugs in the wiring harness leading to the rectifier (rectifier is that aluminum finned item about midpoint of engine on left side (again left looking forward from operator's seat)

if it's the rectifier gone bad, or the stator coils, i've got a svc manual and can scan that page of the manual - the stator coils are under the flywheel which means the engine has to come out to get to em -

throw me an email if you need it

buying a svc manual btw, is a big assist in a lot of items, especially preventative maintence - i've got a 3813 and never could figure out the clutch linkage and mine had about a 12 second delay in clutch engagement after changing gears - found the one adjustment bolt hidden under the frame - took 10 minutes and i'm back to a 1 sec delay after gear change
but there's a ton of stuff you'll find handy

can be had at - just punch in HT3813 in the search box - mine ran $43 iirc

larryccf clik on my name to email me
davey You say it discharges when tractor is not running... after you jump it does it charge back up after running awhile?
jayne Davey,
Once it has been jumped it runs long enough to do what we want, but then will not start again by itself.

Joe Did you connect a voltmeter to battery & see if voltage on same starts to rise with eng running 3/4-full throttle?
davey wow...could be a few things ranging from, whoever overhauled it forgot to hook wire from regulator to battery post on solenoid (starter relay) to blown fuse to bad regulator module (the finned box on side of engine) to the alternator windings burned out on stator. if i knew how many wires come out of the finned box on engine,(regulator box) perhaps i could be of more help. i dont get honda engines thru here hardly at all.
jayne So we checked everything out and it looked okay. Now it is starting fine first time and keeping a charge. I have no idea what we did to 'fix' it but now it is working it doesn't matter.
Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions and I know where to come next time something happens.

stephen hondaht3813 may need a charging stater p/n 31630-890-95$132.95 & a rectiafier p/n 31600-kg1-902 $112.75 dealer told me the engine has to be taken out the stater is under the flywheel big your local dealer for more info.

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