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Please help to identify Montgomery Ward Riding Mower

Please help to identify Montgomery Ward Riding Mower

This is a Montgomery Ward, the engine is B & S 8HP, the deck is 30". The gear box has only 3 positions, forward, neutral and reverse. It has a lever for acceleration. Electric start. Does anyone know what model number this is and where do I find a manual? I will like to change the transmission belt and the belt that drives the deck.

Joe Did you check on fender pan under seat or on bottom of seat for a id tag with mod & ser#?Mower may have been made by gilson or mtd,without mod & ser# have no way of knowing who made,if you do find id,if mod# begins with gil,was made by gilson,if it begins with tmo,was made by mtd,if you can't find any id tag,best thing to do is remove belts,look in local yellow pgs for a bearing supply dealer,take belts with you & have them measure & buy/order a set of belts,also try local napa auto parts,some stores carry a stock of generic belts.
rcbe take plenty of pictures before taking off/replacing anything.. will help a great deal. Also, tags, notes, etc. ....
Jason I'm trying to restore amontgomery ward riding lawnmower the model number is tmo - 1375a ifyou could help me out in anyway. I'm trying to find the original paint color
Greg Jason,
I also have a Montgomery Ward TMO-1375A I would like to restore. Have you found any information on this lawn tractor? I have not found anything except this post. The color on mine is dark green by I don't know if it is original. I use my Ward all the time.

JAck I have the exact sane tractor and i cant find out anything about it
Kevin Iím not sure when you posted you question but ....

I have the same mower and I have the manual.

The mower model # is TMO-33847A

Drive belt # is 754-0198

Deck belt # is 754-0167

Just today I sheared a bevel gear in the transmission.
So either I will be able to find a gear or I will have a mower for parts.

About 2 months ago I completely rebuilt the front end with new spindles, bushings, wheels ect.

Chet My lawn mower looks the same,except mine has a cream hood and orange body. Model #33864A H261C looking for information on it. 30"cut 8HP
Re: Please help to identify Montgomery Ward Riding Mower

Montgomery Wards/MTD mo# TMO 33864A
This little tractor is so obviously geared towards being your kids first lawn tractor it will jump out and bite you as soon as you see it up close.

This was built in 1981 by MTD for Montgomery Wards.
It's an 8hp Briggs, 30 inch cut mower with chain drive rear end and a tiny little two blade deck. The trans is forward, reverse, and neutral, that's it. It has a bit of an over sized hood for the size of the tractor ,but I think that was done deliberately for air flow around the engine.

The front tires are solid rubber and the rims have no holes for a valve stems. The rear tires are standard inflatable snowblower size tubeless tires made from REAL rubber, not the garbage tires that manufacturers like Carlisle tire company are making today with high nylon content that makes your sidewalls crack and split over the years.

It has two pedals one is a clutch on the left and one is a parking brake on the right, both have locking mechanisms that keep them fully engaged if you choose. It is a one cylinder electric start just like the larger tractors and it takes a small motorcycle style 12 volt battery.

This model has no head lights but has an an indentation in the hood that simulates headlights.

The construction is marvelous, top notch. The frame is made out of very heavy gauge steel similar to the older Cub Cadets construction. The blower chute is also heavy gauge steel not plastic like the new ones.

It has a hitch point to pull a yard trailer ect and some have bagger attachments.

I am 6' tall and 200 LBs and it drove me around pretty well. It cuts very well also, even in deeper grass because of the two blade deck having such short blades(15" which translates to 7.5" from tip to jack shaft)with a torquey little Briggs one lunger that is capable of spinning up a full 30" blade, and does so in many newer Murrays. This translates to higher and more powerful blade tip speeds. The small stature of the deck allows all the moving parts to be contained under and between the frame rails so no moving parts are exposed to the rider.

All in all, this is a really great first mower for any lucky boy with an awesome dad, even so, it caries a liability release on the back of the seat that says "never allow children to operate". This is probably why this mower only sold for a short while. It's so obviously geared towards the new child operator that it would be hard to deny in court.

If you are lucky enough to find one you should hold on to it because it is build to last for many many years and your first lawn tractor could turn out to be your grandsons first lawn tractor as well.

This is a bad a$$ tiny lawn tractor. Keep it in the garage so it doesn't get rusty. :)
I would give this one 10 out of 10 for your kids first lawn tractor, and 10 out of 10 for construction.

A manual is really not required for this one because it's so simple to operate however it may be needed for parts as they are becoming increasingly hard to find. Fortunately the machine is so well built that it rarely needs much more then a tank of gas and an occasional oil change.

Enjoy it because the lawyers have made these impossible to build these days.

Re: Please help to identify Montgomery Ward Riding Mower

Hi All, I rode from Smithfield NC to South Hill Va. (about 110 miles one way)yesterday just to buy a montgomery ward 8hp 30" cut riding mower. It's kind of a surprise for my 10 yr old nephew. I knew it was a smaller mowwer, but not this small. I love it though! I know my nephew will too! I don't know how old this mower is, but it's in excellent condition and runs great! Does anyone know the value of these mowers? I gave $125.00 for this one.

Jonathon T. Thorne
Re: Please help to identify Montgomery Ward Riding Mower

I need to find out the brand of this tractor it says OAKWOOD on the hood but I can't find a website that has a manual for the tractor in general, and not just the ENGINE !!

MadMax Its amazing I found this post......When I was about 14 there was an old house in the neighborhood we were exploring around which was owned by the local college for faculty to stay in. In one of the old barns there was this exact tractor. I remember the cap in the center of the steering wheel said "MTD 50 years." I was sure it was left abandoned by the previous owners and it could have been restored (which was my plan).

The current owner was out of town for the summer and before he returned where I could ask him to buy it or take it away, the college construction people cleared that part of the property BULLDOZING UP the entire building along with the contents inside....including that little mower...Into a huge pile of rubble.....I was so pissed because I knew it was a unique one! I had never seen such a cool little tiny riding mower...and never have since. Maybe I'll just fill the void in my soul with a Honda ATC70.

MadMax Actually now that I look at this....I was thinking that the tractor I noted above was 5HP and had no deck wheels. Does anyone know whether there was a second model of this? I do know it had 3 gears F-N-R with a lever that came out to the side right above the deck.
Re: Please help to identify Montgomery Ward Riding Mower

The mower is a MW model# TMO 33847A. I have the same one. pictured here. I recently snapped a gear in half and have been trying desperately to find a replacement part. If anyone has any idea what website i can use to find this darn part please, enlighten me!

OTTO Weigel I am trying to find value of a Montgomery Ward Model TMO 3360.A, 44 inch deck, 18 HP. Runs great. It has been in storage for years. Do not know the year. It is orange
Re: Please help to identify Montgomery Ward Riding Mower

Hi, Iím Kevin the 7th poster in this thread.
Here is some advice for whomever wants to keep their mower working.
I have had my Wards TMO-33847A since 1998. The 2 main things that have broken and were somewhat difficult to get parts for are the transmission and differential assembly. Both could likely have been saved with a little care and maintenance.
Itís in the manual to lubricate the Transmission and Differential Assembly but I highly recommend taking them off and apart and cleaning them and packing them with axel grease.
When mine broke I had to take them apart to see what broke so I could start the hunt for parts. What I found was grease that was dried out and hardened, caked in the cases but not touching the moving parts. The grease was simply too old and dried out to be of much use.
I have $300+ into parts to repair both assemblies. I like the mower and had just put $150 into the front end so I think it was worth it.
Another thing is DONíT pull too much Ö I broke my transmission pulling a thatcher (donít pull aerator either) Ö it was too much drag. I do pull a small trailer and it works great.
Feel free to email me for a copy of the manual.

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