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Murry Lawn Mower Not Working

Kingfish I have a Murry Riding Mower with a Briggs and Stratton 20HP V-Twin engine. The fuel pump is a Mikuni 808492 and I don't think it is working properly. I can pour gas in the carb and it will fire right up. The fuel lines are good and the fuel filter is new. The mower has set up for a while in indoor storage. Could this be caused by the fuel pump not pumping or could there be another problem? Thanks for your help. Kingfish!!!
john yes but check to see if fuel is getting to the fuel pump frist if not replace it line may be clogged
bontai Joe Most likely is your carb needs cleaning. Especially if you stored it with fuel in it. Fuel enters the carb thru the jets from the bowl under tha carb. You pouring fuel in bypasses this potential blockage in the jets. Cheaper to clean the carb than buy a fuel pump.
Ford Quinn I have a sears Craftsman GT5000 which has the same basic motor and the same trouble. I cleaned the carburetor and now it runs if I keep the choke all the way out. I don't know much about carbs but this seems to me to be a fuel pump problem. Gas line is clear! It is the same Mikuni 808492 fuel pump. What do you think?
Brad Wilkerson I have a Poulan mower with the same pump. The mower has 30 hours on it. The mower would rarely start and when it would it wouldn't run long if at all. I have been through eveything on the engine except for the cylinders. Everything was working properly. Finally blew out the Mikuni 808492 fuel pump with air from the inlet side and everything operated fine. I mowed for about 20 min and got off the mower and let it idle. It died and would not start back. I took the pump off and blowed it out again and it ran fine until if finished mowing. I am going to order a replacement.
kevin I am trying to figure out if the mikuni fuel pump is defective and could cause an excess of fuel to be dumped in the carburator. Is this possible or could there be another problem?
Thanks for any help!

grandpa's John Deere All,
I just went thru this with my John Deere L111. The Mikuni 808492 fuel pump has a tiny vent screen on the back side of the pump. It's smaller than a pencil eraser. Looks like a pimple when you do a top down view. It was clogged with dirt. I removed and cleaned it with compressed air and a tooth brush (old). Tractor runs like brand new! I feel your pain. Next time I'll clean it with a pipe cleaner so I won't have to remove the pump.

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