scotts 2554 transmission or belt?

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scotts 2554 transmission or belt?

colin Ive got a Scotts 2554 it is the exact duplicate of one of the JDs and one of the Sabres. It has a hydrostatic transmission. Ive been pulling a grader alot lately and started to notice the mechanical transmission noise getting louder when under load and the machine not moving unless load is lightened. This problem has been gradually getting worse to the point that once the tractor has been running a bit it wont go up hill the mechanical noise gets loud and the accelerator vibrates a bit. I think a key point to make is that it does fine when cold. My dealer thinks its the tranny but I think its the belt because its been gradually getting worse with time and the hotter it gets the worse.
I know all I have to do is change the belt to see if it is indeed the belt but Ill be away for a couple of weeks and the thought that i may have to buy a $1500 transmission is making me lose sleep. Any thoughts?

bontai Joe I hate to sya it, but you are probably looking at a tranny replacement.
Charlie Yup, it's the transmission. John Deere has had a real problem with them. But that's what you get when you buy a cheap John Deere. Or any Deere for that matter!
Kevin Wow thatnks for thr tought and reasoning that went into those responces.. That would make me go spend 1500 for a tranny... Do you have any other reasoning ?
Tim Your Scotts 2554 uses a popular hydro transaxle, the Tuff Torq K66. It's in a lot of Deere's and in other garden tractor class machines, including Craftsman, Husqvarna, Simplicity, and others. It's designed for ground engaging, but it's not infallible if you've been working it hard and not maintaining it.

I'm not a hydro trans expert, so you can take my advice with a grain of salt, but it sounds like you may have cooked the trans fluid, and you might have ruined internal seals at this point. You can try replacing the hydro fluid--it uses 5w50 synthetic oil, and there is a purge routine that you can perform, which you can find on Tuff Torq's website.

If it does need to be replaced--and from what you describe, it probably does--you can probably find a used one, or an aftermarket supplier--they can be had for a lot less than $1,500 from what I've seen.

Jeff I have the Scotts 2554 and the trans leaks like crazy. Repair guy I use said it cheaper to keep adding 5/50 than replacing the trans.
Do you have access to a detailed parts list for this model? Maybe also the Power Flow Bagger for 54" deck.
Any hints or comments would be appreciated.

rick I also have a 2554 Scotts and had the leaking diff. problem. First and second times they tried to fix the leaks which in turn they made worse. I finally got them to replace the unit under warr.
I also put mine through some tough times but I service the diff. every year by changing the oil in the diff. and have not had any trouble with it in the last 6 years. I would say for you to drain the oil and see if it smells burnt or has any metal particles in it, if not then I would add new oil and check the belt and belt tension to make sure it is not to loose before spending that kind of money on a new one. hope this helps some.

Pat I have a 2554 with the exact same issue as colin discribes above. If it is a Trans issue and I decide to get rid of my 2554. Does anyone need any attachments. I have a Snow Plow and chains, Power bagger, Disk harrow, Box cutter, Rototiller. Most have hardly been used.
Jeff Pat, I have an S2554 and would be interested in attachments you described.
roger I am trying to find information on hoe to remove and reinstall my hydraulic drive belt. does anyone know how to do that? Thanks
Don I could write a book on this. I have had the tranny out of my 2554 3 times. Not an easy job. Started leaking at 200 hours and went out shortly after. John Deere customer service was terrible and useless. I called the Tuff Torq factory and a great guy answered and really helped me out. I had to take the tranny to their factory in TN. It is loud but has worked and mows great for the last 8 yrs. Hears the deal, the axels ride on bushings, not bearings. If you are putting any weight other than your own on the mower, you elongate the bushings (hog them out) at the top, and then the seals leak at the end of the axel. Also, I would not pull or push anything with this tractor. The tranny is too fragile. That seems to be the common problem above. Do not use attachments! Colin, because you only have a problem when hot, the 5/50 fluid may have broken down and you may get by with a fluid change. Roger, you have to get under the mower and you should be able to feed the belt on the pulleys. There are pulley guards to keep the belt on, but I was able to get the belt on between them and the pulleys. I have a farm tractor (80 acres) and you can believe I did not buy a JD after their terrible customer service on this. Ford gave me great service. Good luck, All.

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