ariens rocket tiller

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ariens rocket tiller

ken i am looking to purchase an older model tiller since they actually used real material to bulid them not this thin metal of new ones. i located a ariens rocket rear tine tiller with a 7 hp tecumseh motor. i believe it to be and 80's model but dont have the exact model number. does anyone know how well built they were or if you can still get parts for them. i dont want to waste money on something that is a complete dinosaur,
bontai Joe I don't know anything about Areins tillers other than they were never a big part of the market. If you want an older tiller, I'd suggest looking for a Troy-Bilt Horse model. Can still get parts, manuals, and they are plentiful on places like Ebay.
Matt Hey I have one that my grandfather gave to me. I have used it before he gave it to me I like the weight of it it really can dig in if you want it to and the parts are still available. Ariens is still in business they just don't do much in the way of non commercial equipment. but there are enough of these around that the parts are available and the engine is a standard tecumseh pto style 7hp engine. My aunt borrowed it and broke the carb off the engine (don't know how)but we had to get a new one and it wasn't that hard to get.
Jimmy BUY IT! Probably worth $1500
bontai Joe I've never seen a used Ariens tiller sell for $1500 on Ebay, infact having just done a search for one, couldn't find any at all on Ebay. Ariens is known for the quality of their mowers and snowblowers, tillers wasn't a big part of their product line. I did know someone that had one and liked it, but if you are looking for an older machine that parts are easily available for, and has an honest rep for dependability, I still say an older Troy-Bilt is the best machine to be looking for.
Paul Good evening,
I recenttly purchased a very used fron tine tiller. I just had it worked on (tune up)and the mechanic told me the front gearbox seals were pretty much toast. I don't know where to find a model number for the tiller. All I know it has a 3.5 Briggs on it with 4 tilling tines. On the cover you can barely see what appears to be "The Rocket Line" then underneath that it says "Power Equipment".. I was wondering who might help me locate the front gearbox seals and if there is a users manual for it somewhere. Thanks for the assistance.


John Howard I also have an Ariens Rocket VII tiller and am looking for parts. (Rear tines and belts) As far as I can tell these are good machines. The one I have is in great shape except for the motor. I have to rebuild it but Tecumsa parts are always available. If anyone knows where to get parts for the tiller itself, I'd appreciate hearing. Thanks


shawyn you be nuts not to buy that tiller.We have 2 of them that my dad purchased in the 80s.Ones an 8hp the other is a6.5hp both rear tine.TROY built doesn't even come close to the old ariens tillers.For starters they are to light on the frontend they tend to jump&buck around can go to your local rural king supply store&buy a new motor if needed or northern tool to buy one.You can order all the parts you want to at K&T SAWSHOP.COM or LEON DUIS at salem'IL (618) 548-2922 Heck for about $400.00 you can rebuild the whole thing.These are tillers your grankids will hand down to their grandkids!
Jacob Wever I also have a Rocket VII. I bought it used 10 years ago and blew the original Techumseh engine out of it and replaced it with a B&S 8hp I/C engine after modifying the engine mount plate. I did away with the auxillary shaft.

Since then the engine has gone again and been replaced with a 13 hp Champion with electric start. I am looking for more tines to mount on it. Any ideas on where to get them?


Kathleen Any one interested in buying a Ariens Rocket VII?

Kathleen Any one interested in buying a Ariens Rocket VII?

jeffery I have a rocketv looking to get $150 needs to be cleened to run call 614-295-8325 columbus ohio
Cal I have the Ariens Rocket V and this is one of the better tillers I have used. It was my dads and this machine will tear up the dirt and it is well build and you will not find a better one if you can find one.
Roger Anyone got a picture of the belt layout on the Ariens Rocket V tiller. I removed the engine for service and have numerous pulleys and two different sized belts.
S. C. Parks The Ariens Rocket tiller is a solid unit with all gear drive. Not as user friendly to switch speeds, swing or adjust handlebars as the Troy-Bilt Horse, but will do the same work.

The Ariens Rocket gearbox will get water inside if the tiller is stored outdoors in the weather. Check the dipstick for rust before buying one.

I used to repair small engines and lawn/garden equipment as part of my business.

Harry I've owned an Ariens Rocket tiller for 33 years and have put it through heavy use. It's still in great shape. I've ovehauled the engine and changed belts occasionally, but have had no problems. It's the best built tiller I know of - much better than Troy. I have three other family members who also own Ariens Rocket tillers. They have also had very good results. They are currently selling for around $300 in local auctions. Don't pass one up if you get the chance.
Dave this machine sat for fifteen years and alittle work and it runs great,my mom has a troy built,i would say old ariens and troy built are real close,ariens being easyier to work on and a great tiller...
James I too own an Ariens Rocket Tiller 7hp and have used it since 1977. I have a Troy Bilt 8hp but I believe the Ariens to be superior. I prefer the Ariens over the Troy Bilt for tilling. Since 1977 I have had to clean the Carb and recently I replaced the throttle shaft which was worn from all the years of service. Old Ariens *****!

drenafraser looking for a worm wheel from gear box off ariens rocket if anyone knows were i can get one please let me know thanks
jaslyn I was researching prices of ariens tillers - 7hp. I was wondering if anyone could help me in my quest to find an answer.... here is my question.
I really know absolutely nothing of roto-tillers and I got one from my grandfather who passed away, it is an Ariends Rear Tine Tiller with a 7Hp Tecumseh engine - he only used it once before he got leukemia. So it is practically new. It is roughly ??-7-?? years old??? The sticker up by the handles states AR7020. My uncle said it was over 3,000.00 new - but I've had another fellow on craigs list (where I have it listed right now) tells me no way it could have only been like 900.00 - who is right - which makes sense to you? I can not use it my property is all rocks and I do not want to damage it at all, so I am selling it, so, is this guy just trying to get a steal of a deal?? OR is this machine really worth 3,000 new, like my uncle told me? THANKS, any help is appreciated!!!

drenafraser looking for a secind hand tiller doesnt matter if
engine not working as need the cog part and cant get one anywhere

Harry I need a new set of tines. Does anyone know where they can be purchased?
Stirling Try Hope this helps...
Stirling Does anyone know if there is a plow attachment available for the Ariens Rocket tiller?


r. gutheil looking for ariens part #s 1142 1143 1144 1145
David Nelson This is the THIRD time I've attempted to contact you on this previous e-mail. Will someone please reply if you have the part(s) or not?

Thank you.

David Nelson

(Previous e-mails)

I need a pulley and belt that controls the forward and reverse motion of a ROCKET Tiller, Model T-35, 3.5 HP. (Serial # 78-11286 - not sure if the "1's" are ones or sevens.) Also if you have one, a repair manual for this tiller.

Thank you.

Julie I have an 7HP Ariens Rocket Rototiller, "the original workhorse", all original, that I would like to sell. It was my dad's. I used to use it, but honestly, getting too old to do major yard work anymore. My neighbor has been using it every summer to keep it going and I start it during the winter, starts every time. It is a 4 tine with 2 extras (and fender extensions) that are currently not mounted. I'm not very computer savvy, but I think I can send photos. Make me a decent offer. I'm in east-central Illinois. Thank you.
Gary Got a Ariens Rocket 7, been in our family since brand new, never and I do mean never, have I had any trouble with it. It has an attach hoe and also has electric start with does work. Getting too old to use it, prefer to just hit the farmers market now. If interested please call 704-320-7810. Price is firm at $400.00..


Mike I have a super clean and all original Ariens Trans-A-Matic rear tine, big 2 cyl. Wisconsin for sale. Northern Illinois. If interested, I can forward pics. Looking for $1,200.
doug gillis i JUST AQUIRRED AN ARIENS RT 7020 TILLER w/tecumseh 7 hp eng. I basically got it free from a neighbor. It needed some work like tighten/clean carb but it runs and digs down dirt-including tilling new dirt within a few passes. It handles very well- works as well as an old troy built-80's era. It pulvarizes the dirt easilly.
Randy Cook I have a ariens rocket tiller model 901003-000101. I bought a new engine.A briggs & stratton.I need to know how to install it.model # 1202920570ba serial#090417-8835-128.If anyone can help.thanks.
gary Ariens Rocket VII still available, new telephone number - 704-779-4286
david newburn sr. I have an Ariens Rocket VII, FOR SALE !!!! It has a 10 hp BRIGGS, new tractor cleat tires, new belts, and good tines.... SOLID TILLER does a GREAT job!! TOOOO much horse for me!! Till an one acre garden in about two hours!! $ 1300.00
completly rebuilt!!! from ground up!!!!

Ron I bought one new in ,79 and wore out Tacumseh engine and put a BS on with no reverse. A couple years ago I but a big two speed Huskee thinking it would be easier to handle as I am a little older now. What a piece of junk. I got lucky and sold it and now restoring my Ariens. Sure hope I can find my manual
David Newburn Sr. 5/24/2011 I have an Ariens rocket VII for sale. disabled now ,love the tiller, but can`t use it any more... contact at You will not find a better machine on open market!!!
Mike Hi, My tiller is broke - just the motor though.
it's a rocket, has a 7 Hp motor on it.
the HH70 140027B.

I really just need a new motor but if i had a whole other tiller i could probably use those parts as well.

I would love to get one - i really miss this beast - I help disabled people here in teh area to be able to have gardens and I can't do it without my tiller.

I have stuff to trade if you like - or i can pay up. If we can make a deal. i am In Idaho - But I have shipped small engines fed ex before and it's not really that tough. any Ideas?
i am SERIOUSE - Seriouse enough that i am going to call all those numbers up there if no one replies right away. LOL I REALLY NEED MY TILLER.
does this reply back to my email? I am saving this page in my bookmarks i will check back every day - multiple times, K? Today is 5 29 2011.

Even If all you can do is teh Motor it would really help. Or maybe we could do a big parts box.
I have Pay Pal also. :O) Please no scammers. that's just a waste of time. Thanks.

Mike In Idaho.

Mike Ok - I just wrote to two of You.

I don't wanna bug everyone at once. LOL Dave and Kathleen - I picked you two.

I am so happy to have found this page! I thought I broke this thing forever. what happened was I hit a bump and my Handle broke just enough to twist and I lost control for just a second - long enoug for itto flip over and suck in a large amount of dirt ( the air breather broke off )
It was horrible - the dirt went all the way in with rocks and everything and packed the cylinder head instantly trashing the thing.

i have the handle welded all back like new again and alls well sept that Motor.
i tried to take teh wheels off to clean them up but they are rusted on there pretty good so i left hem alone b4 I break something else.

I can't wait to hear from some one with good news. the property i till makes it possible for people have a great fun reason to go outside instead of sitting alone in there houses. It's an amazeing thing what a little thing like this can do for some one.

kathleen for sale Ariens Rocket tiller 550.00 obo
Mike wow !
i still have the same problem. also have another thing now.
people think these were made of gold or something - they are cool - nice - built well - but no one paid 2000 bucks for a tiller on the 70's much less 3500. LOL
hell you could geta nice car for that then. Real Nice!
anyway - there is no way i would pay that much for a tiller, i'd buy a donkey and a plow before I did that. kathleen - you have a more reasonable price - I am afraid I live too far from you however and your email address is dead by the way. shipping would be insanley high anyway.
I almost got me the correct motor off ebay for a price i could swing but some one sniped me in the last second. he got it for 175 shipped. Nice deal - wish it were mine. :O) my search continues.
by the way - i got mine for 50.00 and it worked perfectly before i wrecked it. just sayin.


dave I`m glad that you found ( your rocket) for 50.00 you WILL NOT find an professional grade tiller in ILLINOIS for less than 1000.00 unless you want junk like a troy built,sears,cub cadet..etc.. The tiller I have advertised has a 10 hp briggs engine, by it`s self cost 550.00 retail. And fyi there is a differance between a rocket and a rocket VII for one the VII is a lot heavier and A LOT BIGGER!!!!

Alot heavier than what? my Rocket is a Normal Rocket - with the reverse gear from the second shaft - the ten horse Briggs engine you have mounted on it must be something something that was done after the origonal was ruined.
if the ten horse you have does not allow for reverse then your rocket is down graded , not upgraded.
Thanks though, my rocket is not golden - LOL.. but when I get the motor I need for it or rebuild this one i will still have less than 200.00 in it.

the Rocket VII is a 7 horse power tiller - powered by a dual Shaft HH70 Tecumseh engine. the second shaft is 3/4 inch 2:10 Pto spins clockwise for the reverse. This tiller tills in both directions and the tranny allows for a neutral tines - rev - neutral Tines Fwd, and both directions tilling. Without reverse the LOT BIGGER TILLER we are BOTH TALKING about - really SUCKS when you have to move it bakwards. LOL

rocket 4 - 4hp with 1" shaft and 3/4 pto 2:10
rocket 5 - 5hp with 1" shaft and 3/4 Pto 2:10
see the pattern?
Rocket VII with a ten Hp briggs. = modified.

Grover Just purchased a B&S 1100 OVH 7.5hp w/PTO for $383.00 from Small Engine Warehouse in Dunkirk, IN.


Rick I have a Rocket VII which I bought new Model 140038C with a TECUMSEH HH70 7 HP asking 450.00 or best offer. In Michigan
Don My Ariens Rocket got clobbered when a truck slammed into my barn and damaged its contents. Only noticable problem - the wheel got bent. No OEM parts available anymore. This tiller is now officialy orphaned by Ariens. I am willing to do one of two things - I'll buy your parts and rebuild it or I will sell mine for parts so you can rebuild yours.
Mike is back again. Great News for me Boys and girls. I found another one! Oh yeah. the same Model ROCKET VII that I had and was looking for parts for. except this new one has Factory electric start and FREAKING HEAD LIGHTS!. LOL No Kidding, I can't believe it!
You would never Guess what I paid for it. I was just looking for parts for mine and mentioned that I neededa engine with a reverse Pto secondary shaft and some turkey farmer guy emailed me back and said that he had a motor like that on a old Tiller that he did not want, he said that he didnt like the tiller because it was way too big for him to run and that he didn't wantt o take the motor off to sell to me but that I could have the whole thing for 80.00.

He didnt even know what type of tiller it was, he did say that it was big and orange so i just hoped for the best.

WOOO! HOOO! Brand new looking tires in this, has a starter and a battery like a Motor cycle and a set of head lights ! LOL It's amazing!

Next season Tilling is going to be AWESOME!!! I still have My Old Girl here - needs fixing. If i can get some parts up I will get the old one running as well.

or maye someone from iowa or ohio will pay me 1,000.00 for it. that would make christmas better here.

Keep your eyes out guys. the deals are out there. i'd dig that bent wheel car crash barn find one if I was close enough. sounds cool to me depending on the price.

gary bennett I have an Ariens rocket tiller that has a broken piston. It has the Tecumseh HH70-140038c engine. I have found several sites that sell the parts but the parts diagrams do not list the roller bearing that is on the crankshaft. Does anyone know where I can get info about that bearing?

charles reynolds i have read a quite a few coments on here and on a couple of sights about this rocket 7 tiller i bought one yester day for 30 dollers needs a gas tank though i hope this tiller is half as good as i have read when i find a tank i will find out charles portland ore
Rebecca Martin I have an Ariens Rocket rear tine tiller that was purchased new by my dad that I am selling. It has a newer 8hp Tecumseh engine with the reverse shaft. Starts and runs but could use a tune up. The two speed gear box is in good shape but the tiller gear has worn bearings and seals. I have pictures that I would be happy to email to anyone interested. My email address is and my phone # is 479-293-3zero2zero. I live in the London, Arkansas area. 12/18/12
Michael Looking for a crank for an hh70-140039c. I will take a bad engine if the crank is good. Or a tiller any condition if I can get the motor.
chris humphrey Looking to buy an older Rockline tiller. 3.5 briggs 26" tines. Need a tiller for home landscape and small garden use. like the old look of the tiller and gear box look but worried about replacement parts later. Like the look of balance from the tines to the lower handles compared to other manufactures.
Kelly Found a few good nuggets of information here, but what we need most is a compilation of sources for anything "Ariens Rocket Tiller." I've been looking for a replacement carb for an HH70-140038C for several days actually... on the net. I was very well pleased to find my Rocket VII at a local garage sale for $350.00. The guy said it was too unruly for him... when I got it home I found that he had the tiller bar upside-down and not engaging the ground at all. No wonder he couldn't control it! ;) If anyone has found any sources for parts please pass the gravy... 4/18/13
robert wilson I have two ariens tillers....1 is 8HP(an awesome machine!) the other is a rocket...I want to sell one of them.....Blair Auto in Blair county, Pa. (rt 36 at catfish, just s.of Hollidaysburg, Pa.) I think gravely purchased ariens..part are avail....I purchased somefrom choo choo part in Florida.(cheaper) as for troy not waste your money.... Ariens made a real tiller !!!!! I would not trade an ariens for 3 troy bilt !!!!
bob I own a 1973 7hp rocket with the extra tines and shield installed. it cuts a wide deep path. It use to have the oil bath air filter which I changed to a paper setup. I also had to replace the tine shaft and bearings. I was able to order a new shaft for the tines from ariens. This is a strong well built machine which use to retail for about 2500 to 2700. I also own a john deere 8hp tiller. It is not even close to the ariens in quality or tilling power. If you need parts call directly to ariens, they helped me out.
Oscar Gonzalez I have a Ariens roto tiller RT7020 with a 7 hp hz engine. I loan it to a friend and he burn the engine. Found out that the crankshaft is no good when I took it to get rebuild. So needless to say I am looking for an engine with a 1 inch shaft and a 1/2 or 3/4 shaft. Its a two belt system. If you have such an engine please call me at 419-308-2605. My location is in Ohio.
Rick Zoerb I have an Ariens Rocket VII rototiller for sale. Asking $495.00 obo. Includes a furrow blade (not sure if this is the correct term). Good rubber and always a dependable runner. Recently added a new carb. Very slight leak in the rear end unit. Call Rick @ 715-360-2223 and I'll be happy to send photos.

Don T My brother in-law has a model 900901 Ariens rocket that got pushed outside with no air cleaner on it. Tecumseh 140027B HH70 engine is toast. I found a Tecumseh engine from a Sears track snowthrower that has the 2 horizontal shafts for $100 (started on the 1st pull Nov. 15th in nePA.) The drive pulleys are different,I think it will work with some "engineering". It's a really well built machine that is gonna help me go big with my garden.Keep you posted.
Todd 3/31/14 looking to buy ariens rocket vii call Todd @ 3522204276 thanks
bh I own the 7hp rocket with oil bath air filter now upgraded to std filter. Has extra set of tines and shield. Very strong and heavy duty. You can't do better than this machine. I also have a John deere 8 hp walk behind rototiller with 20 hours. Lots of bells and whistles on this machine but still does not match up to the 1973 rocket. They both have reverse and 2 forward speeds. I was able to gets seals and a new shaft for the ariens with instructions for replacement from ariens. If you have a chance to get an ariens go for it. Not much can break that you can't get parts for. My ariens is in great shape and my deere looks brand new. The tines on the ariens are tough compared to the deere. They both can turn up 6" to 8" rocks and rip thru roots. I broke a tine on the deere but not the ariens. I probably put 200 to 300 hours on the ariens over 6 years(2 large yard renovations plus large garden work). The extra width on the ariens is a huge time saver and doesn't slow this machine down at all. I haven't used either in the last 2 years and probably won't use either this year. I would hate to part with either.
Bob Anderson Looking for replacement rebuilt motor on old rear tine Rocker. Engine. EXTRA LIFE. MODEL 901003. SERIAL 012232.


mark Ariens rockets were the tiller of tillers. My dad sold ariens for years. The only problems we had with them was operator error or just flat used to death. Why they don't make them now? My answer would be because they didn't make no money on parts like the other brands. Guys around here used them for tobacco patches and big gardens. They loved them. My dad passed couple years ago and I still have some parts for ariens stuff and some equipment if your in need give me a shout I may have it. No motors
Ray H. I have Ariens rocket tiller model no. 901001. I need a new brass worm gear. Anybody know where I can find one? It has a 7 hp engine .
Larry Cadwell I have an Ariens Rocket tiller that I purchased new in 1973 or 1974. I used it for 4 years and then gave it to my dad. He used it very little. It was used again in the early 2000's and then retired again. I used it in 2014 and again this year. It was burning some oil and finally the engine siezed up. My local Ariens dealer claims that the 2 shaft engines are no longer available nor are the parts to repair them. I would like to find an engine or to sell the tiller to someone who has an engine.
Travis I have this one for sale on craigslist. Runs pretty great and only needs one belt replaced because it is starting to fray.

Rebecca Martin This Ariens Rocket has recently sold.
thomas ververs nice page, very helpful thanks
Tracy napier Gary Bennett, Could you please let me know where you found the parts for your tiller. My husband has the same model and we can't find the piston etc anywhere. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Ray Hall I have a model 901001 ariens rocket tiller. I need a new brass worm gear and gaskets for it. Can anyone tell me where I can find them? Thanks,Ray
Mike Stano My pull cord assy isn't grabbing the slots on the engine pully assy what can we do to fix replace etc. Thanks, hope there is an easy way to repair it.
Hosea I am looking for a twin shaft engine can any one help where to find one?


bh The time has come to sell my rocket 7hp. Its in great shape.I posted it early in February and got 2 responses already. Price is 450 but could probably get more if i waited. I just need the space in the garage. This is a fun machine to use.

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