Craftsman Tractor belt

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Craftsman Tractor belt

G I have an older (not sure of year) 46" tractor.
The blade that drives the deck and connects to the PTO broke so I replaced with a new one from Sears. After installing- I cut grass- When I cut the grass the second time- the new belt overheated and broke- It was so hot- I could barely touch it- What could be causing this?? I don't want to install another new one until I can figure out why it gets so hot

Joe Check for tight or bad bearings in spindle's for blades & bearings in idler pulleys,also check hanger arms for deck that one isn't broken or disconnected & deck hanging on belt,also double check belt routeing diag when you install new belt,belt may have been routed wrong & rubbing against something.
rifraf look under foot boards to see belt diagram
G Thanks- I checked everything. I put a new belt on and all idlers and wheels turn smoothly. nothing is rubbing. I cut about 3 rows of the lawn ans shut it down- the belt was so hot again- I could barely touch it. One thing i did notice is that it's the belt that connects the PTO to the deck. When I turn the belts by hand the PTO wheel has resistance to it- Is that the way it's supposed to be?

Ian Carr Anyone know where I can get a belt routing diagram for a Kohler Magnum 18 hp, model no. 917258870? I just inherited it, promptly broke one of the two V Drive Belts and the local Sears store says "good luck." Any ideas???
Dennis Ironically I found the information at the Sears website!

You can still order a new owners manual or the belt diagram decals for your tractor (amoung other pats).

Go to:
enter your tractor model number; 917258870
this will take you to a selection page with only one entry (your tractor), click on it.

Look under the "decals" tab.

The owners manual is part number 160397 and costs $10.80.
The decals are part numbers 146790 & 156849 and cost $2.91 each (might be nice to have).

You can also click on the "View Diagram" tab for any of the various categories and get an illustrated parts breakdown for that assembly.

G removed deck- Checked all pulley and idlers on deck- all is good-
Should the PTO move freely (by hand) with no belts connected to it??

bontai Joe Not knowing the model, the year or what type of PTO your tractor has it is difficult to answer. Does your PTO engage with an electric toggle switch? or by moving a lever a few inches?
G I do not know the year.
The model is 917.256600 and it's an electric PTO

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