Engine quits after 3 minutes but will restart John Deere LX178

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Engine quits after 3 minutes but will restart John Deere LX178

Jon My Deere LX178 starts easily and runs fine, but quits after 3-5 minutes. It can be restarted almost immediately, but then runs for a shorter time and quits. If I disconnect the fuel line at the carburetor, there's plenty of fuel flow when cranking. I had similar symptoms a while back that were fixed by replacing the fuel line running from the fuel pump to the carb that had developed stress cracks (it makes a very tight curve). I replaced all the accessible fuel line and the fuel filter: no major improvement. I thought vacuum might be developing in the tank due to a plugged vent hole in the fuel cap, but it has the same symptoms with the cap off. I also replaced the air filter. The carburetor is only a year old, so I suspect the problem is elsewhere, but of course the carb could be faulty.

Any ideas? Has anyone else encountered this behavior?



rifraf could be the shut off selonoid on the carb.(two wires going to it).
Joe If you can keep gas level in tank higher than top of carb,try bypassing fuel pump & go direct to carb,see if this cures problem,you may have a fuel pump going bad,sucking air around diaphram on pump body or if pump vac operated a bad or loose vac line to pump.If gas line exits from top of tank you will have to suck gas thru line to start syphon feed from tank,also if you have have replaced fuel filter & it's an inline between tank & pump check if owners manual has a parts list,check if there is a filter in tank,some of the models with fuel line exiting top of tank had a filter on end of pickup inside tank,this might be dirty & plugged,or check with local jd dealer if you don't have parts list.
Hank Jon, I am having the same problem. Neither a John Deere dealer or a local repair guy have been able to fix it. Have you had any luck yet? Thanks. Hank
BENNIE WALDRON I have the same problem, even replaced the $80 fuel pump but did not solve the problem. First problem I have ever had with the mower in 11 years.
Paul I had the exact sample problem on my lx 178. I read all the posts. I did each step separately to see if the problem could be solve. Cleaned carb,replaced air filter replaced fuel lines, replaced filter, check gas cap and check gas shut off value. Still had the problem. I would run around with the hood up to check the level in the gas filter. I could see gas but felt the level in the gas filter should be higher. I did notice, in my case, that it seemed to cut out when I was on a incline or going up hill. This took me back to the carb. Re-checked it again. still the same problem. I was reluctant to change the fuel pump at $130.

I then had a brain storm. I had noticed small pieces of grass clipping in the gas tank.

I bought this tractor new and have cut 6 acres for 12 or 13 years.

As I said earlier, I check to see if the gas value was working. Turn it off and the engine died. Turn it on and gas would flow. But I thought, What if the tiny pieces of grass clipping are being sucked up out of the gas tank and are getting stuck in the gas cut off valve. I took the valve off. I blew into it and it semed to work but I then took it into the shop and with a bright light looked into the valve. Sure enough it was full of grass. It took 20 mintues to pick out all the clipping with a piece of wire and air hose. I put back on the tractor. I have now have over 10 hours on the tractor, up hills, on inclines and every other possible sitution.

It has not cought, sputtered or died. In my case it was the gas valve. I have now installed an additional filter in front of the gas valve.

Jerry Krat I had the same problem with my LX178. I found the the clip that holds the needle valve to the float was broken off and missing. With cabureter off of the engine with float bowl remove I noticed that the float moved independently of the needle valve and the needle valve stuck in seat until I bumped it. My engine labored while cutting lawn and occationally acted like it was running out of gas. After cleaning the carb and re-connecting a new needle valve to the float the mower runs like it did when it was new.
John Had the same problem - loosened the gas cap a bit and it fixed the problem.
Mark I'm having this same problem right now on my LX 178.
I guess I'm gonna have to try replacing the fuel pump and see if that fixes it. But yes, 130 is steep, especially if it turns out not to be the problem.
Also does anybody know a link where I can find a good diagram of the fuel lines on this mower? I might have put some of them back on incorrectly and I can't find a diagram anywhere on the web for this. Sure would appreciate any help you can give!

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