Help with John Deere 160 riding mower rear end/transmission

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Help with John Deere 160 riding mower rear end/transmission

Gary Anyone know about the repair or servicing of the rear end on a John Deere 160 LT? Mine just developed a problem where it will barely go forward in any gear, jerks and makes a clicking noise, goes in reverse just fine. Also mowing deck works fine. Thanks!
Todd My JD 160 just started having this exact same problem yesterday. It seems to be some sort of drive slippage. Guess I'll remove the deck and start investigating. LMK what you find and I'll do the same
Gary Mine started having trouble in only 3rd gear, then all the sudden all forward gears pretty much wouldn't work, reverse was ok. I just picked up a used transaxle yesterday and plan to replace it within the next couple of days. I'll post the results.
Gary I replaced the Peerless transaxle and it runs like new!
Todd Appreciate the update, I've been looking for a replacement transaxle. How did you find yours so quickly and what did you have to pay?

Ryan I just learned that my transaxle is cracked. The mower had been working great, but I noticed it was leaking tranny fluid. Come to find out the part for the LT160 is damn near $700. Someone please tell me where to buy a cheaper one or even a reconditioned one for that matter.
Todd I hear ya....if it's just leaking and the tranny is still sound then I'd try sealing the crack with JB weld or something along those lines.

The 160 is a sealed tranny so you'll have to break it open to add more bentonite.

The transaxle seems to be the weak link on this LT...guess that's what you get with there seems to be a strong market for these Peerless parts. There are used ones going on Ebay right now. But there's no telling how long those will last either. I'd rather have a rebuilt one which is what I'm searching for.. or will rebuild myself if I can find the time.

Myron 5 speed trans went on JD 160. Picked one up on ebay. Wondering if anyone can answer basic question of how to safely lift tractor and stabilize so I can get trans out and work on it? Concerned about safety with wheels off and all that weight hanging above my head and chest. Thanks.
Rick I have a John Deere LT160. It runs fine for a little while, then it loses drive power. It will barely move in forward or reverse. It gets worse if I'm going up hill
Jeff I also have a LT 160 that loses power,forward+reverse.Was told it was the trans,you can by a replacement kit for 1600 hundred. Its a cheep trans that was made in china.Very unhappy with my Deere ,i also have replaced many belts.Junk,Junk,Junk!!!!!.

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