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Joe Try jacking up rear of tractor till both wheels are off ground,check that one of the shaft keys that ties rim to axle isn't sheared,if either key is sheared,tractor will not move,if both keys ok,then goto sears website & go into parts store enter mod# ,at breakdown choose diag of ground drive will show shift mech & transaxle,as far as an internal breakdown of peerless transaxles they are usually designed to be replaced as a unit,and not sold in seperate pcs,there is one listed on ebay in craftsman riding mowers-parts & acc,ends tommrow and is up to $171,must be a hot item.
Bob Williams I am having a difficult time changing the deck belt on a 42" deck for a 19.5HP Craftman. I bought a new one, but am hesitant to change. Previous one came off belt wheel and began to smoke. It was frayed and didn't move smoothly.
There is a template on the deck as to the feeding pattern, but I would like some direction.

wayne 18.5 h.p. o.h.v
Steve Blakeley my mower blade engage lever wont move into position

Mike Stiver I am also replacing the ground drive on a Craftsman tractor. Can anyone tell me how the pulley should go onto the ground drive and be held in place by a part named a key woodruff?
Allen Saffy I have a craftsman lawn tractor 917.272681 Lt 1000. It starts, runs good, till I release the clutch, then it dies. I know there is a faulty operator safety presence control problem. But what switch needs to be replaced? Any help will help.
Mike Hoffman I have no power, batt fully charged.
Mike Hoffman I have no power, batt fully charged. Model 917.272681 Craftsman.
Chad Savage I have a Craftsman 217.271014 riding mower. My brake pads are worn out. I beleive I have adjusted them as far as I am able. I think I need to replace the pads. Am I in for a major tear-down to get at them? Any simple tricks you can advise me of? Owners manual doesn't provide help. Thanks
Bridgid Cummins I have a Craftsman Model 917.270760 and need to replace the housing #128774. I successfully removed the housing, but I need to pull out the shaft assembly and do not want to damage it. Please advise on how to proceed.
Thank you.

Wayne Roark I have a LT1000. I need to replace the front support bracket on the chassis. Can anyone advise me on how to replace it.

Ge Xiong I have a Craftman Lawn Tractor 917-259556. I changed the spark plug and ignition module and still got no sparks. Can anyone advise me. What else could cause it to have no sparks? Thanks
Noah I have a Craftsman LT 1000 Model No.
It has an automatic transmission and when I engage it the wheels turn when the tractor is lifted, but when it is on the ground there is not enough force generated to move the tractor; Also the drive belt does not move too when the drive is engaged (or reverse)
I flipped the tractor over at one point to observe under the deck during a previous accident with my wife, in which she broke the aluminum housing mandrel needed to be fixed. Everything else works fine: brakes; mower blades can engage; etc.
Can anyone give me any advice as to how I should troubleshoot this problem?
Thank you.

Noah One more thing: the brake does stop the wheels from turning eventually when the tractor is raised on jack.

tabaji I have a Craftsman lawn tractor and something happened while mowing. Now to get the mower to go forward or reverse I have to pull back on the clutch/brake pedal. Works fine as long as I have it pulled back, but my foot is getting tired holding it in position so the mower will go. Please help
paul can you please send me a repair for a lt1000 craftman lawnmower.
jimmy crafton lt1000 craftsman automatic transmission,will not go foward or reverse.
eric I have an dyt 4000 garden tractor model #917.273642 and engine #31P7770348E1 which is a intek plus briggs 18.5 horse. I have no power at the coil so i traced back to key and still no power. I was wondering where the power comes from and also the engine barley turns over even with jumper cables on. It turns over fast without the plug in. what do i do with these problems?
Darwin Moen I have a craftsman DVT4000 Lawn tractor, I just put in a new battery and it still will not keep a charge. Once I get it running, now the Power Take off will stop during cutting. I fugured I'm not creating enough electrical power to run it? once the tractor stops, it needs to be jumped to run again. Do these tractors have a altenator? Where is it located.
Arnold Baker there is no fire coming to the spark plug

steve lewis i need to know where the clutch brake pedal switch is on my riding mower it is a craftsman model # is 917.273642. I t will start and run until you take your foot off the pedal. I also need a manual for this mower
Buster Lawson I have craftsman lawn tractor with automatic transmission have lost movemont,was mowing and stopped to talk with neighbor disengaiged mower shut down to idle when finished talking mower would not move neither forward or reverse
michael rudd i have a 917.273642 and when you let out the clutch pedal it kills the motor, can some one tell me what to do?
arvid mauritzson I am replacing the whole lower deck and yea you guessed it how do you put the idler arm back on I need a service manual so i can see how they go back on and yes i should have taken a pic but ole macho me thought he could remember ha ha so if anybody know where i can pick one up and sears said my 2000 craftsman welll, they said they can't find my model#917272085
Herman. Hering Obviously they have an alternator. It could be defect. The Voltage Regulator could be defect as well. And the battery could discharge by itself because there is still a consumer connected to it after the engine has been stopped.
jane woodard how do i repair the drive control lever on a craftman 700 series lawn mower model #917374567
Rob Rutherford
cutting grass w/18hp , 7 speed shift on go mtd yard man.clutch/brake pedal suddenly drops forward and transaxle feels like it is in 1st gear moving very slowly , moving gear lever has no effect and it feels loose

Felicia Tappan My scag has jerky running. It wants to pop a wheelie. What do I adjust to correct for a smooth ride

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