Ariens EZR 1742 Timing issues...

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Ariens EZR 1742 Timing issues...

Joe Dee Hello All...
I have an Ariens EZR 1742. I am having blade/timing issues in that I need to learn how to set the timing on the blades. It seems that occasionally, the blades go out of time. Does anyone know how or can direct me to somewhere where I can learn this? It costs me $50 every time I take it to repair man and a week wait... I have a owners and parts manual which tell me nothing (maybe looking in wrong area?). Is there a manual that can direct me how??

Thanks to all!
ANY help on this matter is greatly appreciated...


Joe Dee
Lawn People of Florida

Joe Dee Got it. Thanks you...
Bob Lewis Hi Joe,

I have had my EZR 1742 for years. There is a tension adjustment under the black cover, make sure it is tight. It will keep the belt from slipping and therefor keep the blades 90 degrees apart.

To set the blades, loosen the tension adjuster and set one blade forward and aft while setting the other side to side. Yes, they should be 90 degrees apart. Tighten the tension and flip the deck over, spin one blade and make sure there is clearance.

I don't have a torque specification for the tension. I just tighten it down good and tight.


G McNeil I would like to keep up to date on issues related to the Ariens EZR 1742
doug Joe...also have ezr....take deck off hangers and slide out from under unit...remove black shields..14 bolts...loosen two bolts holding tensioner bracket..loosen "tensioner" (bolt with spring) and remove belt from cogged pulleys...note tops of pulleys has a white triangle....also note white triangle on deck for each pulley.align each pulley with deck mark..reinstall belt..being carefull to keep both aligned with its own mark....tighten eye bolt with spring. compress spring until it is 3/4 in long...retighten "bracket". install covers, then deck, and you are done. That belt should not be "jumping time" check belt for "missing or broken or worn "cogs" That "tension bracket" is probably cranked down where it won't tighten belt. loosen the slotted end, so it will pivot and is able to take slack out of belt before tightening the other end....lock down..

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