remove drive shaft X485

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remove drive shaft X485

Richard I have a 3 yr old X485 Deere. This year I just can't get the drive shaft disconnected so I can remove mower deck. Lubed it, took a wheel off for better access, but can't get coupler to go more than 1/4 inch. Any tips?
bontai Joe drench it in penetrating oil is all I can think of.
Linda Rodgers Having same problem here with removing driveshaft for my X575. It feels as though one of the internal balls came loose and won't allow the full release. I've turned the coupler while pulling and can feel parts moving around in there that shouldn't be moving around. I think it's like tumblers on a safe. Keep playing with different positions while pushing on the inner parts. It's hard to push and pull at the same time. Mine is still stuck. I don't believe that oil will help.
Randy Having same problem , I am going to John deere tomorrow and see what they say . I don't kown if can remove the snap ring on the back side of the locking collar if that would let things come apart. Also going to look at the repair kit for the lock collar to get a better Idea on what to do. I might have to take my cutoff saw and cut the locking collar . But before I do that I am sure that the John deere Dealer has run into this same Problem.
billjr Well after almost 9 years and 675 hours I too experienced this just to day when trying to remove the deck to put my snowplow on. Never in all the previous years had any trouble what so ever putting it on or taking it off. I do it from the back and it does seem like the inner cover on the rear of the collar is not compressing all the way around. Like there is something internal holding it out. Has anyone ever come up with a solution? I don't see any dates here so I'm not sure this will ever be read. Today btw is 12/1/2012.

Thanks, Bill

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