Gilson tiller parts

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Gilson tiller parts

Mike I have a Gilson compact tiller and the pulley for the drive belt is bad. Anyone know where I can get one?
Mike I guess I sould have said that the bad pulley is actually the belt tightening pulley, not the drive belt pullley.
chris i would take your model number and hit your local lawn-boy dealer. gilson was made by lawn-boy for awhile. you can post the above info and i can try and look up part number for you.
Mike I will try the lawn boy dealer. the model number on the tiller is 51095 44845. Please let me know if you find something.


chris hey mike heres some info from lawn-boy. the idler pulley p/n# is 33632 which supercedes to 740051, about 15.00. the belt p/n is 33622 which supercedes to 700860.
Mike Thanks Chris. I took your e-mail with me to the Lawn Boy dealer and got the exact pulley I needed. Thanks again for your help.
Greg Holenberg I have a Gilson Tiller model 51114 5HP that I got in a Zillion pieces. I am having trouble figuring out the belt arrangment for both Drive and reverse.

Does anyone have a diagram for these belts?


Mike I got the pulley and it works great. Now I found that the main gear that drives the tiller tines is badly worn and slipping. I took that main gearbox apart and located the gear. It looks to be brass and is about 1 7/8" in diameter with a 13/16 shaft size and is double keyed. Any way you could find me a part number for that?
Mike Chris, I took the serial number from my Gilson to a couple of Lawn Boy dealers in the area and they said that they have no way of cross referencing the numbers from Gilson to Lawnboy. My model number on my gilson is 51095 44845. I need the brass gear that drives the tines. It is driven by a worm gear which is driven by a belt from the motor. Can you help me with a number that I can take back to the dealer?

Thanks in advance

r cav Hi, Lawnboy put out Micro Fiche for Gilson Equipment. I have one in front of me now as I type this reply. I just have no way to copy the part that has the info on my rear tine tiller. Tomorrow I will try to take photos of the screen at a friends shop. My scanner does not do negitives to my dismay.
r cav Hi, Lawnboy put out Micro Fiche for Gilson Equipment. I have one in front of me now as I type this reply. I just have no way to copy the part that has the info on my rear tine tiller. Tomorrow I will try to take photos of the screen at a friends shop. My scanner does not do negitives to my dismay. Look here.

Ray I have a tiller 51095 44845 the same as mike can you tell me the lawn boy dealer you got the pully from.
Floyd I have a Gilson Tiller model #

I have A Gilson tiller model Gil -1580J serial #302682 - 137 were can I get a parts brake down on what goes were and what the correct parts #'s are and were on earth can I get parts it's a good tiller very heavy duty please help if you can thanks in advance.

David I also have a tiller made by Gilson. It's a Wards model GIL 1580G. The idler pulley is warn out. It is ~2.00" OD, ~1" ID, and 11/16" wide. Any idea on P/N and resource to get one from?

Mark Does anyone have a belt configuration for a Gilson Tiller model# 51114 5 hp???? Would appreciate any info. Thanks
steve I'm looking for a gilson brass drive gear also with 1" shaft size and 2-3/4" od dia. on teeth

where can you buy this item

Dennis I am looking for replacement tines for a gilson rear tine tiller anybody help or tell me where to find any I found some a a local hardware but not ready to pay 300.00 for just tines
Max Plattner David,
It is funny that you are looking for a pully system for a 1580G as I am too. What I have found out is maybe like you they do not make the part anymore and you have to find one that is being parted out. I have finaly gone to the extreme to have our local machine shop make me one. It's not done yet but it will cost me $40.00. The tiller is in such good shape that I though it was worth that. I have found a guy that has a 1575C that he is parting out but do not know at this time if the pully system is the same. Thats how I ran into your ad while trying to find something out on this tiller. Feel free to contact me if I can help further. Or maybe by now you have found something to fix yours and I would be interested to hear how you did.

Max Plattner Not sure if this helps but I have a model 1580G and I have a breakdown. Let me know if this helps.
Rollie My friend has a Gilson S 14 garden tractor with a mouinted tiller, and the chain drive gear and shaft are bad on it. anybody know where to find parts for it?
Durwood I'm in the middle of this quest - but have a front tine tiller that I had to replace the large brass drive gear on (Montgomery Ward made by Gilson). I bought new at that time but later found a Gilson snow blower drive that was exactly the same. The gear and shaft gases with bushings fit also (basically everything in the the drive except the shafts that the tines).

I just bought a rear tine tiller and have the same problem as other - tines and shaft bearings needed.

Richard Rose I'm looking for a replacement Engine Speed control for a Gilson Tine Tiller RT5S Model 51183A. The part # is 218976. Would anyone have any idea where I can find one ?


Bob Rapp I'm looking for the belt configu. for a tiller anyone have a pict. they can send me?
Bob Nancy Rapp Max do you still have that diagram of the pulley system. Please email me.
marc laflamme I have a Gilson Tiller model 51114 5HP that I got in a Zillion pieces. I am having trouble figuring out the belt arrangment for both Drive and reverse.
Does anyone have a diagram for these belts?


Fred Belknap I need tines for a Gilson 5hp rear tine tiller. Mine are completly worn out.
Kevin I have a Gilson compact tiller in running condition, very clean actually, and it is model number 51095 44845. I am considering seeling it. Where can I find values for such equipment?
bill staples need help with belt installation for my rear tine tiller mod51134fz46866 ser 1062c1 410 your help would be appricated thank you bill

Colin I need a right rear hub for my Gilson 16hp Tractor Model#53019 44233. Does anybody have a tractor they are parting out?
bill staples need help with belt configuration for reartine tiller ser. 1062c1 410 thank you bill
Harold Sheets I have a 4 hp Gilson Model # 245 42003, The serial # is 831811, I am looking for a Manual and a drive belt? Any help would be appreciated. Thank Harold Sheets
Vernon Troxel I have a real old tiller built by Tiller Manufacturer at P. O. Box 2787 Commercial Street Station Springfield Missouri 65803. The drive belt has stretched beyond usefulness. Is there a way, other than removing the engine, to remove the old belt and replace it with a new belt? I am 80 YO. My dad bought the tiller. Thanks.
Luke I am trying (unsuccessfully so far) to replace teh choke cable on my Gilson Model 10-343-01/Serial 663541 front tine tiller. I am trying a universal choke cable, but it doesn't do a very good job of opening/closing the carb. Is there a special part available just for this that would make my repair job easier?

Dave-Alaska Gilson Brothers was purchased by Lawn-Boy, who in turn as purchased by TORO Company, and operates as a separtate division. I located another source of PDF manuals at:
He has a list of manuals available for free download. Give it a try.

Drive belts, see these site: (drive belts .... all manufacturers) (belts again)

Good Luck

Dub McMillion I am in need of a manual that shows how to hook up the belts 39000B is the modle number on the frams I don't use the internet so my friend is doing this for me so you will have to call if you please would 1-269-963-8244 or e-mail with your phone number and I will call you back THANK ANYONE FOR YOUR HELP
chris I have a gilson brothers tiller and need belts for it, the model number in 51114 45432. Can anyone help?

DON Hi I have a gilson tiller model 511848537 and am haveing a hard time finding parts. Many adv they have gilson parts but always zip when you put in a part number. I am looking for the following.
CAP SCREW 70090 [4]
Can any one help????

virgolson I have a Gilson tiller model #5101524866. Does anyone have clutch to fit this unit. new or used?
Nick Edmondson Hi,I have an old montgomery wards rear tine tiller
with a gilson model number. Everything works fine I just need the tines, most of them are broken. I'm looking for any parts new or used.

model-GIL 39032A
Serial-1037F2 077
Thank you,

John Lee The belt guides above are great but I'm still lost. I have a GIL 33425A Twin 16 656cc riding tiller that thrashed its ~35 year drive belt. Went to deer, they tried to measure but it is to short. I think I've figured out how it is suppose to go on but does anyone have a PN for the belt or equivlent? the 33425 is not listed on anyones list/website
Tkx in advance

George Seifrit Need repair manual for Gilson Compact Tiller Model 51095 44845.
Roy Jaynes I need part number 5117048245 for my Gilson Tiler. Do you have one?
Joe Fenn I have a Gilson Bros. tiller, model no. 51097 44834. I'm looking for the idler pulley and the belt for the reverse drive, and also a diagram showing the installation for the reverse drive. I have not located anyone yet who can obtain these parts for me, and that includes local Toro dealers. Many thanks for any assistance you can offer.
Dany Tremblay HI,
I've also tried to find some information on how to route the reverse drive belt on a Gilson Tiller I'm restoring. I found an owners guide and part list with exploded view for a Gilson model 1580 tiller. I sent it on megaupload to share at the following link:
(copy and paste to you browser)
Hope this can help !
Have fun

jerry i have a tractor mounted gil.33059a tiller that i need the brass drive gears for it, got any ideas where to look.
don franklin I'm looking for a brass 1" gear to drive the tines by the worm gear, It is approx. 2-3/4" in diameter, with a 1" center. Where can I buy this item? Thanks in advance.don Email address:

Mike Basler I need a belt for a Gilson compact tiller.Model number is 51095 44845. Any ideas? Thanks


Bob I have an old Gilson Tractor model 53019 44233 with a snow blower attachment. I have been changing the belt every year because it breaks. Could someone let me know why this is happening. I believe I am putting it on right but I do not have a manuel. I got this thing used back in the early 80's.
Eldon Jahn I have a Gilson rear tine tiller model 51151A. I need help with the belt partern since it was apart when I got it. A Owners manual and part list would be a dream. Pulley and belt information would be appreciated - ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!! Thanks
john I am looking for an owners manual for a gilson tiller model 51134dz46778 any help would be great thanks
mike I could not find belts for my ford rear tine tiller mod 09gn 1114 . I did some research and found its the same made by gilson for ford. same tiller. I went to a ford tractor dealer and managed to find them i have the PN#251392 PN#86514571 mine are on order. I hope this helps and saves you some headaches
Bill I have a Gilson rototiller Mod. # 51114 need to know drive belt sizes and where to find them thanks
Harry I have a Gilson rear tine tiller Model #51183A 48972
. It is a RT5S and I need to know the belt size that runs the tines. Please email me

Andrea Labbe We have a 5 horse briggs model 51114 45432. Where can we find new tines for it?
Ed need digging tines for wards GIL 1580H and where they can be purchased
Don This appears to be the right forum. Tough one here, I think! Have had my grandfathers '72 Monkey Wards/Gilson for 20 years. Have replaced the bearings in the main drive pulley several times but this last time not soon enough as it is now all chewed up in the bearing seats. Welded up a new shaft to carry it, but...Of course I can bore it larger but where can I find a replacement part. Have plow, disc, mower, snow thrower with all working, if I can replace the double V pulley.
Randy A
Re: Gilson tiller parts

Amazing! Toro has my Western Auto-Wizard-Gilson model GIS 2120 A38 rear tine tiller listed in their database. The phone number that was listed above by Ray was so very helpful, thanks Ray! The number for Toro again is 1-800-348-2424 So anyone with parts questions for Western Auto, Wizard, Montgomery Ward, Gilson tillers give them a call, and they will send a parts manual free of charge.

rj i have a gilson tiller model#51148b-46868 and need to find bearings for the tines and manuals for it so i can restore it like it was when my dad bought it new i cant find any thing for it any help would be great thanks email me at if u have anything for me
Pat H. i have a gilson brothers tiller model 51081 44081. does anyone know were i can get a copy of a service manual for this. I dont know the year it was built. it's been a great machine, but I was just out back tilling a new spot for a garden and the tines quit turning. It may be low on fluid, but i'm not sure of were the proper level should be or the type of fluid to use. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
Gayle Moon Hello, have a hwi 3.5 hp front tine tiller here curious what hwi stands for and need 92) belts for this tiller can you help please???

Joe Walter I have a Gibson tiller model 51095 I would like to find new tines for the tiller. Where in South Dakota may I find something like this.
Mike Litzinger I need a chain case assembley tine drive for a gilson rear tine tiller model 51114
rick i'm working on a gilson 245 tiller, i'm sorry to say, parts are impossible to find. took the gearing apart, the brass gear will cost a little over $200 to make, so is the tiller realy worth rebuilding?? shaft is no big deal to make and the to brass bushings too. but the gear is too costly. unless someone has a handle on the gear, i do have a chassi and tines!
mike Looking for Gilson pulley #702596 and #200164, both are for Model #51134 45917 rear tine unit, late 70"s?

Both pulleys are worn down in belt groove, but the machine is a love affair with me so want to keep it running.

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