Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower-LT 1000

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Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower-LT 1000

Laura Right now I'm deciding whether or not I want to purchase a one-year-old, barely used, Craftsman LT 1000 for $700 (originally bought a year ago for over a thousand). Any advice? Do you think this is a good buy?
zooks Sounds like a bargain to me, but im in england not the states, think you should look at your local sears store/website and see what special offers there are on clearance tractors, you might even haggle the price lower. I have a jonsered which comes out of the same factory as Husqvarvna/craftsman etc, happy sofar but the six speed peerless box can be a bit reluctant to shift sometimes, a common problem apparently.

Good luck !

Al Zooks is right about the clearance models. If you look around you can probably get a brand new leftover for about $800. Be careful though, if the one you are looking at is the 16hp model, it has the I/C engine. No oil filter and very basic splasher system. Also has steel axles, not cast iron, and a very small gas tank and seat. No anti-scalping wheels on the deck either. For about $100 more, you can find a clearance model LT2000 which overcomes all of these negatives.
bontai Joe I'd go with Al's suggestion. Now is the perfect time of year to look for leftover models at a decent discount.
Ray Blaylock Sears does not offer the manual hitch attachment for this model. The hitch attachment is needed to attach a cultivator, disk, and other attachments. Where can I find this bolt on hitch attachment? Thanks, Ray
Jim_WV Just saw an ad for Sears on there 2005 closeout models for a brand new LT2000 for $1000. You would be much wiser to go with something like this. You're getting a step up from the LT1000 model, a newer machine, warranty, and more features as mentioned. Check or your local sears store to see what they have offered.
Doug Nall Sounds like mine-it was hard to shift,finally couldn't shift..I removed rear end,took it all apart( big mistake)then found a rubber plug on top of case.sears doesn't tell you this..all I needed to do was add some light oil,like 30 w to thin out the original (500W tar) that was in there.Try it--works.
Edward Monley Please send price and technical bulletin
Laura Richards Where can I find a replacement motor for this mower? Help!


Tom Hughes I bought this tractor 9/3/03. Since then I've had 3 engines installed in 3 years. Now the transmisson is bad. I feel a tractor this old shouldn't have all these problems. They want $755.00 to fix the problem. Am I nuts or what?
Please reply. Tom

jim anyone know a source of owner manuals or repair maintaince manual for LT1000? Mine has Kohler 16 HP Engine and oil filter, thanks
Brymanks The Sears parts website has manuals. You'll need the complete model no. I have an LT 1000 that is 972.272672. The model no is under the seat.

Here's the website for the download where I found mine:!retrieve.pd?modelNumber=917.272672

Chris I have had a Sears LT-1000 for about 6 years now. Back when we bought ours, the LT-1000 came with a V-Twin 20 horsepower motor. Other than the larger 20 h.p. engine, it appears to be the same as current LT 1000s. Although, the tires may be slightly larger.

I have put this lawn tractor through some of the most arduous use imaginable. For one, I weigh 245 lbs.. I use the LT on slightly hilly acreage, full of gopher holes, sage brush, tumble weeds and what ever grows in the the hills of Southern California. I have gone up and down some very steep inclines in excess of 30 degrees up and 40 degrees down.

On some sloping terrain, where I am transversing sideways across the fall-line of the slope, where I have to shift my body weight into the slope, the LT just keeps on motoring across and cutting anything that gets in my way.

I am really surprised the LT has lasted this long. I have hit tree stumps with the blades(the stumps were about an inch above ground level)and only tweaked out the blades. The blades are fairly inexpensive and easy to replace. I go through a set of blades every year, as I end up wearing the blades paper thin.

I do all my own maintenance, changing the oil every couple years, although, I check the oil level frequently and never had to add any except for when I did an oil and filter change. I have had to replace the battery once after four years of use. I have had to replace a mandrel pulley and the main drive belt. And today, I just ordereded a Mandrel Shaft Assembly including new housing, shaft and bearings, in addition to a new set of blades; including shipping this order is only $74.00. I ordered from Outdoor Distributors(internet site); their prices are one third to one half of what Sears charges.

I do not like shopping at Sears too much lately. In my opinion, they are hiring people who never had a tool in their hands before they started working at Sears. Nothing bothers me more than when they ask if you need help and they couldn't tell you the difference between a 3/8 inch drive socket and a 1/2 inch drive socket.

That being said, if my LT1000 crapped out today, I would say I have received a fair value and then some for my money. This little LT has been tortured and tested. It has even sat outside for a good portion of the time I have had it, and the only outward sign of wear is the cracked seat and that only happened this year and where I live, it gets down to 10 degrees on Winter nights and 115 degrees on Summer days.

Guy My 1998 LT-1000 is getting oil in one cylinder- I think its time to put out to pasture. It died last time I asked it to cut 4" off the grass. A bit of rust on mower deck, brakes and clutch are shot, battery not holding a charge, I think it only cost me $1300 including the three year service contract.

I'm thinking about a new Sears YT 4000 as a replacement/upgrade for $1600. Any thoughts?

clarence roberts I have replaced air and fuel filters,solenoid,seat switch and will run about 20 min than die like it's not getting gas but it will start right back up and run for 1 or 2 min,does anybody have a answer?
brian Grass track is ridged. The left blade seems slanted leaving a high point in the middle of the two blades. I keep them sharp and they are not bent. Any advice on adjusting to remove this grass ridge problem?

DevilDog Run like the wind, dont do it !
Rick I owned a lt1000 for about 10 years cutting 2 acres of hilly terrain. Worked great. Very few problems, connector rod for front wheels broke, steering gear linkage wore down and belts fell off easily at first, until I modified the pins which hold it on. Then I sold it for $550 because I moved. I was pleased with the deal.
Mike I cannot find the oil filter on this model...does it have one? I read through the manual and it doesn't mention an oil filter.
Mike This is my model.

Re: Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower-LT 1000 16.5 hp

Mike This is my model

Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower-LT 1000 16.5 hp

Mark My LT1000 was jumping out of 3rd gear if you didn't hole the gear shift but now is doing it in other gers.It will just stop if you don't hold the gear shift.I guess the clutch is slipping, is there a way to adjust this or what does it take to fix this problem?
jane smith We need to replace the blades on our 42' deck with 5 star mounting hole. What is the part number and length to be sure we are going to get what we want? Thanks
Jean Madden This Message is for Laura dont know when you posted your comment about a motor about your LT 1000 we also own one, I received information on a Civil Suit Recall and you may now during this Year receive a 1 Year Engine Warrantee covered by Craftsman for this Riding Lawn Mower. We have the same Mower and are eligable for Extended Warrantee. This Year 2010 its a Civil Recall on ALL Purchase's on Push or Riding Lawn Mowers SOLD between Years I think it was 2000 and Newer for misleading hp speed advertising. Check into it before buying again.

Lawrence Fleming I have a sears lt 1000 garden tractor. It's been a good one. really no problems until now. My gas tank has a leak. I would like to know where i could find a replacement. Thanks for any help.
Sam Blanco Working on LT 1000, model #917.271653, has Brigs & Straton 17HP engine. After about 40 minutes of use the engine dies and will not start until waiting several hours. Have you experienced this problem and found a fix?

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