Belt diagram for a 46" cut huskee mower

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Belt diagram for a 46" cut huskee mower

Cathrine Rega I did not get a owners manual and have hit something that messed up my deck. I took it to the repair shop and had it repaired but now I
can't figure out how the belts go back on the mower. It is a 25 horsepower huskee serial and model numbers 13AZ608H131 1J173H10048
Please help me with a drawing of this and I can figure it out (there are two belts)???
Thank you Cathrine Rega,

Dennis Webber This isn't your exact model, but should be close enough to figure out the belt diagrams.


Chris I am trying to find a belt diagram for a 46 inch cut Husky riding mower. The model number is 13AT688H731. I have the belt the is listed for the mower but when I put it on it is way to big. Thank you so much.
alan gordon What size belt does the Huskee Supreme SLT 4600H need? I am speaking of the belt that engages the mower. The manual doesn't say and whoever I just spoke with (not Huskie) doesn't know. I inherited this mower and the belt always smelt like it was burning. It started slipping and I found it was shredded. I thought it was old and went and bought a new one same size (1/2 inch by 90 inches). After one mow it started slipping and I found it was shredded also?
Frank D Blandori I need to know what size of as belt to get for my lawn mower and the cost.
Wilbur Shaffer Need to know how to replace belt?
Roger D. VanZant There is a jerking, jumping action in my lawn tractor.
I beleave it is in th drive belt adjustment.
I need help in the method of adjustment.

amanda jo If you have three blades this may help to put the belt back on... just figured ours out after not able to find a diagram online...the inside of the belt will touch the disks that turn the blades, the outside of the belt will touch the small disk in the middle that does not turn a blade. This will fix the problem of too much slack. It makes a "S" shape...start at the disk which has a place for two belts (one is attached to the motor to turn it) the second is the one we are discussing, put the inside of the belt touching this disk then guide the belt so that the outside of the belt goes around the disk that does not turn a blade(called a tensioner I think - and the belt will go around it on the opposite side from the disk next to it which turns a blade), curve the belt around so that the inside of the belt goes around the middle disk which does turn a blade, then the belt will stretch to the other side of the deck where the inside of the belt will go around the disk which turns the outside blade. Hope this helps someone!

jesse looking for deck belt diagram for my huskee 21hp 46" cut mower model #407777
brianprince my 46in huskee keeps moving after i let off the pedal..think i have the spring on the ideler pulley in the wrong place...
James Little Just need belt diagram for 46" cut huskee mower
TERESA ROBERTS need diagram pictures to replace belts

help full This is the same deck under my Huskee 46"

Bud Hall Yes!
Thankyou Dennis Weber for your diagram on the 46" Huskee mower.

Brian Need help to determine the two springs that engage the cutting blades. Mower was missing these two parts and I cannot figure how to install, if anyone has a photo of theirs showing the two main springs and how they connect to engage the blades...thanks.
Kayron L. Jones Need belt diagram for 4600LT riding mover.
jim allen the belt that drives the blades keeps comming off.The authorized repair shop has replaced/put it on twice to no avail.
Patricia Gouker it eats the belts

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