Lawn tractor vs garden tractor

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Lawn tractor vs garden tractor

Eric T lewis I was just at the Murray website, and cannot tell the difference between a lawn tractor and a garden tractor they look identical. Does anyone know the difference?
paul reznicek Eric, lawn tractors are designed mainly just for mowing, generally up to about two acres or so and towing light yard trailers. They have a light duty frames, axles & transmisions, and the rear wheels are usually held on by clips. In short, lawn tractors are, for the most part, light duty machines made only for mowing.

Garden tractors, on the other hand, are larger machines, built on heavier duty frames and usually have more horsepower. They have larger wheels, stouter axles and transmisions, and the rear wheels are usually bolted on. Made to mow up to the five acre range, the mower decks are wider in most cases and they can mow taller, denser grass. Besides mowing, garden tractors are designed for use with ground engaging attachments for plowing and tilling, grading and boxblading, snow removal and towing. There are a wide variety of attachments available for garden tractors. If you have other jobs to do besides mowing, then a garden tractor is a better choice.

bontai Joe Paul has it about 100% right. A lawn tractor cuts lawn. Some companies sell attachments for lawn tractors to allow tilling, and snow removal, but they are for light duty use. If you need serious tilling done, heavy snow removal, or want to pull cultivators and plows through your garden, a garden tractor is better suited, although they cost more. Some companies split the hair even finer by offering a "yard" tractor allegedly between a lawn and garden tractor. Be aware that Murray's web site is unchanged from 2004 since they went into receivership and were taken over by Briggs & Stratten for non payment on engines they bought. I'm not sure if they are even making machinery this year.... what you find in the stores might be left over from last year.
Eric T Lewis I asked because I just bought a used tractor. I don't know if it lawn or garden. It's a Murray Select Twin Auto 42" with a 17HP Briggs and Stratton.
Tractor Model# 42571X8A

I bought it not working for $200.00; It cost $86.00 to fix plus eight hours work.

I have it running and cutting good, but the man who owned it before me left it in the rain alot and the mower bed is rusty. I don't know if I should keep it or sell it for a profit and buy a better one. I think it's a '99 from the date stamp on it. If I do sell it I don't know how much to ask.

I don't know anything about riding mowers except that I want one and don't have the money for a new one. I just want something reliable.

Eric T Lewis PS I have owned two Murray push mowers, and love that Briggs and Stratton engine. I think it's a real Die-Hard.
paul reznicek What you have is a lawn tractor. If the deck just has some surface rust, and is not rusted through, or any of the deck components are comprimised, then you should be ok. If your feeling industrious, you could pull the deck, bead blast, prime & paint it, and store it indoors when not in use.

You say it's running and cutting good, and if it's doing what you need it to do, then for $286 you really cant go wrong. Find a manual for it and follow it, do the maintainance, keep the oil and filters changed regularly. Take care of it and it should last a long time.

bontai Joe In my neck of the woods (northeast PA) you might be able to sell it for around $300 which is about what you have in it. Murrays don't hold their value well, especially when our local Walmart sells their left over new tractors in December for as little as $499. If you have need of a true garden tractor, sell yours and look for a used Deere 210, 212, 214, or 216, or a Cub Cadet 1250, 1450, 1650. These pop up fairly regularly for around $500 in running condition, needing some cosmetic TLC. But as Paul said above, if yours does what you need, keep it. You might get several more years of grass cutting out of it with just a little maintenance.
Dennis Webber GARDEN tractors are designed to use 'ground-engaging' implements such as plows, roto-tillers and any implement used by a lawn tractor. Powered implements will be powered by the tractors PTO shaft(s).

LAWN tractors are designed to use accessories which do NOT engage the ground; such as mower decks, snow throwers, wheeled carts, etc.

Note that it becomes cloudy sometimes where some lawn tractors can use a roto-tiller, only if it is self-powered (has it's own engine).

Life of a Murry is around 5 years, my last one went 8 but the frame (body actually as it doesn't really have a frame) was bent from mounting and dismounting on the left side. Never could get the deck to adjust level after the 5th year.

Sears Craftsman (made by AYP) is a much better buy, esp. when they are on sale.

John E I appreciated the distinctions made above. Note: I have very little experience with Murray, but I bought a house in early 2011 which included a still-functioning 12hp 38" Murray built in 1972! It died the same year, but I was impressed with its 40 year longevity. I replaced it with a Husqvarna 26V54.

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