montgomery ward rototiller tiller parts manual

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montgomery ward rototiller tiller parts manual

gen i need a manual for montgomery ward tiller
GIL 1580f,1580g or 1580e? i have to get a breakdown of gearbox/transmission with a parts description oil seals are leaking and brass worm gear bad shape, does anyone know where to get some replacements?

Joe I believe gilson made some of the mw tillers(gil in model#)toro now owns gilson,gilson parts are still supported by toro,thru their lawn-boy dealers(so I'm told)check your local yellow pages for a lawn-boy dealer or do an online search for gilson+tillers & see if you get anything.
Ken Were you able to find a manual for your rototiller? I have a Montgomery Ward (Gilson?) self propelled model GIL39012B, but I can't find any information for it. Just wondering if you've had any luck or if you can help point me in the right direction.


Brett Fahrenkrug model #: GIL 1580 F
serial #: 57X20099

Brian Edmonds I have a gil 1508 e that I just taken apart and the pinion & worm gear are bad too, I would like to find some parts too .
Daniel Marin Did you ever fine the manuel. I have a Montgomery Ward
Model: GIL 1565 G
Serial Number: 8138F1 231

I'm trying to find an owners manuel....can you help?

Daniel Marin Did you ever fine the manuel. I have a Montgomery Ward
Model: GIL 1565 G
Serial Number: 8138F1 231

I'm trying to find an owners manuel....can you help?

Daniel Marin Did you ever fine the manuel. I have a Montgomery Ward
Model: GIL 1565 G
Serial Number: 8138F1 231

I'm trying to find an owners manuel....can you help?

Daniel Marin Did you ever fine the manuel. I have a Montgomery Ward
Model: GIL 1565 G
Serial Number: 8138F1 231

I'm trying to find an owners manuel....can you help?

jed1950 did you find your parts I may have what you need,have some manuals also
stacy want a manuel for motgomery ward rear tine tiller
model#gil 39012 b
serial#9123l 1 901
can you help

Ronald R. Souza Looking for a manual for a Montgomery Ward ,2 HP,
power craft...power drive....tiller. Model No.
GIL 39000D....Serial 2088F1 890.

Our belt is in need of replacing plus a metal piece with bearings?

Its a small tiller.

Any help will be appreciated.

Gordon Allgrove I inherited 4 hp Tiller (covered with cobwebs)but mine is a model TMO 39083 [s/n L174B] does that model signify that Toro owned the company by then??

The pulleys need to be burnished and Briggs Stratton motor needs to be thoroughly checked. I'll need parts like the shifting cables as well as the Throttle plastic piece (cracked), and the Owners manual. The 3 belts look like I could use automotive types, is that Ok??

(Santa Cruz Mountains - Left Coast)

Tony Isaac I need a rebuild kit for a 8hp briges and stratton engine.
thierry need a manual or imformation for tiller safety power reverse model-gil 1580f ( motor kawasaki fa210)
Loleta I an in need of the belt nos. for a montgomery ward self perpelled real tine rototiller model no. GIL 39032 B serial no. 1091C1273

bradpionk I was wondering how to get my belts on a mont. wards. rototiller serial # 1104c1-904
gil 39032-b

any help will be appreciated thank you

Scott Guttenberg I have a gil 1580 f and am looking for belt sizes and how they are run on a 5hp briggs and straton
Paul Humphreys I have a montgomery ward 5hp roto-tiller. it has engine problems; who wants to the worm drive parts (the Tranny) ? COTACT ME AT
Paul Humphreys I have a montgomery ward 5hp roto-tiller. it has engine problems; who wants to buy Parts? contact me at
Dean Wren Ijust bought a tiller like yours...TMO 39083A
Did you ever find and books on this? and if you did can you help me where to look?

Leroy Tarpley I have a rear tine tiller Power Craft 5HP 206CC Briggs&Strattion Ward Power Plus and I need the complete manual or a copy there of.
Gary I have a Owner guide / Parts manual for a GIL-39012B Rear Tine Tiller..if you need copies let me know and can reprint it and send for min cost/shipping . Getting this one back going..
mark has manuals for 2 montgomery ward/gilson tillers
William Pyle I have a montgomery wards rototiller'
Model GIL 1545D
Serial number 57X24232

I need to find the seals for the gear box shafts that extend from each side for the tiller assembly & a manual

William Pyle Need seals for bottom side shafts to tillers
Lance Davis Im looking for any and all info/manuals for a Montgomery Wards Tiller model # GIL 39012B

tim I have a MongomeryWards Tiller, Mdl. #GIL39032F,
Serial #3049C1-416, with the B&S 5 HP. Hoping to find a manual.

James Goff I borrowed a neighbors tiller and the worm gear broke and I suspect it is beyond repair because before using I added oil and it looked dry when I removed the fill screw. I would appreciate any information on where I can get gears or the whole worm gear unit for this: Gilson Brothers Co. Model # 61176 47272 Serial # 3073B2 419 Lucky for me my neighbor has another tiller.
KennyG Can anyone tell me where I can fond a service manual for a montgomery Ward rorotiller. It's a self-propelled 5hp perfectionist, model# GIL39012B, serial# 8347L1508. Thank You
gb I am looking for a parts store that wood have a glass gas bowl and a gas tank for a Montgomery rototiller. model #c 11 1558a Ser#27 x 11449.for sale san diego california. thank you
mike Mendez Looking for a parts manual and parts for a Wards rototiller model GIL-1545B. I will appreciate any help you can provide.

Handy Andy
CT TORO website has a Gil - 1571 manual online free - may help
Joe Check here

josie this sight has manuals for most old rototillers i believe.
ken Looking for a parts manual and parts for a Gilson rototiller model 51114 45432. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brian I am looking for a tiller belt pulley for a Montgomery Wards GIL-39012B. Thanks
Mrs. Joe Mills My husband is looking for information on a Gilson Brother's rototiller Model # 51182 48573
Serial #528781 743, could you please give us some information on how to get the information, he needs belts, and a tire. It is a rear teal, or at least give us a phone # so that we can call for help.

Thank you

RANDY MILLER looking for a manual for a gilson model 51114 rototiller can any one help?
tony joyce I have a Gilson Brother Co. tiller model 51075 43780 with serial 109. I am looking for parts and manual-any body got any ideas???
tony joyce I bought a Montgomery Ward tiller today that is model Gil39011A. I will pay for a service guide/parts manual. It has engine 130292 type 0803-02 Briggs and Stratton 5hp. It has forward and reverse gears.

I also have problem with it cutting off. It leaks gas out of choke and has to be babied to start. Then cuts off when out in gear at times. Seems to be a carburator problem, but not sure. thanks-Tony Joyce

Paul Did anyone ever find a manual, just want to know how to put the main drive belt on, is it just like the reverse, twisted and is it the same belt, I have one on, but it looks too small?

James E I have a GIL 39001A that needs a new friction coupling, if anyone knows where to get one it would be much appreciated.
Arthur A Garden Tiller model: 51075 43730
A manual would be nice, but a source for parts - and a carburetor kit would be excellent. Are there replaceable seals for the choke?

kelvin chess wondering where to buy parts for older reartine 5hp. wards tiller. drive train for tillerblades . thanks.any help appreciated.
Gus Gilson 1545C Please help with photos of belt/ pulley configuration, parts sources, and a manual. Thanks Very Much

manual should be in a pdf file at the bottom of this page.....

D. Goveia Looking for belt for Montgomery Wards tiller.Model GIL 39000D Serial #2988FL890 Thank you
Mike Darrah Looking for parts manual for Montgomery Wards rototiller.Model GIL39012B. With 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine.
Frank Youngblood Wards tiller: mod no 39000 A, ser no. 5337C1 476
Briggs & Straton engine.
need idler pulley and belt.


Rajesh Hello,
Could you please advice where to get belt for an old tiller GIL 39000 D.

Ray Alexander Where do i find the serial number on this tiller needing to order a muffler
David I am looking for a drag bar for a 5 hp Montgomery Wards rototiller
Model # GIL1580J
serial# 301882 912
Does anyone know where to find one?

John I need a manual for a GIL 39000A model tiller. It is a 2hp Montgomery Ward with a Briggs and Stratton engine. I think the "worm" gear is bad and I need to find a new one. It is a brass gear.

leo looking for a set of tines

gilson tiller:

model# 51084
serial# 21101

lou Does anybody have info on a Aldens 5 hp B&S model FS42-6040AB? Wom manufacured it and are gearbox parts available/ Thanks
Tim Rhoades Can you find this tiller parts manual, GIL-1545B. Thank you,
frogg I have parts and service manual for: 5HP Montgomery Wards tillers: GIL-1580E & GIL-1545D. 15.00 per or offer. Frogg

Mark Montgomery Wards 5 hp tiller engine parts here.
Ordered a gasket and a main seal showed up quick and fit perfectly.

Robert I need a picture of how my new belts go back on my 39012 B Wards rototiller, please!!
Kevin I own a monkey ward tiller GIL- 39012 a and have a manual for it. A. I can scan it and e-mail it if it will help.

Peter R I have a Montgomery Ward Rototiller Model GIL 39032 B, Ser. # 1027761 561 or 107761 561. Am looking for the belts, their sizes and/or a supplier. A parts manuel anda source for parts to be purchased would also be desirable.
Don Need how belts go on Model Gil 390125 Thank's Don
Don Whitaker I have a 5 horsepower roto tiller from montgomery ward Model no. gil 1580j Serial no. 3074b2 488. I need a manual can you help. Don Whitaker
Noah Bailey I have a Montgomery Ward GIL 1575 E rototiller need a manual or help with the pulley system please email!


Dan I see a lot of you are looking for a manual for the model GIF-1580F. I just found one. Is there a way of posting a PDF file to this forum?
Allen Lawson Need manual, especially the belt diagram
for the drive belt that turns wheels forward
and backward.
Montgomery Ward Tiller (rear tine}
Model GIL 39012 B
4 hp

Arlyn I am looking for a manual for a Montgomery Ward Tiller, model GIL 1578, or copies of the pages relating to changing the drive belt.
Thanks, Arlyn,

Echo I'm looking for belt sizes for GIL 39032 D. Any info would help
James Scott Mine is a 1508 E or F Can't tell. Front tine Tiller. I need Air Filter assembly, reverse belt and Manual. Any help would be appreciated.
Greg I need to replace belts for a gil 1575 e. I can't seem to get the right size. Please help if you can. Thanks
Troy I have a Montgomery Wards tiller model# GIL 33163A. Looking for parts manual or any info on were to get parts?


david cunningham i need this too
lurch I am also looking for a manual for a GIL 1580 F. Any help finding one would be greatly appreciated thanks
tom have 2 old front tine tillers with cast iron worm drive cases and another with chain drive tines plus multi speed transmissions. no engine. but i cant bring myself to get rid of them. i know someone out there is looking for these parts, send me a pic of what you need. maybe we will get lucky and match them up. not looking for too much

Robert Montgomery Ward/ 5 HP/ Power Craft complete all original starts one pull. For Sale. Make offer.
Model number GIL 1580I, Sserial Number 1083F1 840
Thank You

robert need worm gear for 1972 wards rototiller #gil-1565e part#1104
gil looking for bearings for belt pully on model#gil 1575E 4speed 5hp
Arlyn I Need a 21" v-belt for a Montgomery Ward GIL 1578-B Roto-Tiller
maria eichner need a parts breakdown for a gilson 1580A and a
gilson 39011A.
please email me if you know where I can look this up

Cliff Hello, if anyone can help me find a manual for a Montgomery wizard, Gil 39000d tiller.

Thank you

i am looking for a brass gear for a green star front tine tiller, anybody got suggestions where to find this??

Jimmy Young Someone please help...I need the belt sizes for a Montgomery Ward roto tiller model GIL 1575E...
joe looking 4 a manual or parts list for model # 39000 a ser. # 6062c1 850
joe looking 4 a manual or parts list for model # 39000 A ser. # 6062c1 850
Bill I have Montgomery Ward tiller GIL 39012 B

Can't get the wheels off . Need any help I can get.

Bud I have a MW 5hp tiller Model 1580g w/Briggs and Stratton Eng. no. 130202 0135-07. Not getting any spark, gotta be the coil maybe. Need repair manual to troubleshoot and hints on repair of same....Any Ideas?
Irene Y Valenzuela need manual to put back together

Roger Need to get a pulley for a GIL39000D Serial #2020F1 603. Any ideas?
Darrell I'm lookin for a manual for a 39008B
John Looking for a manual or pic of how belts go and tensioner springs
Gene I have a montgomery ward rototiller model GIL 1580F. I need the belt size for forward and reverse. It was my granddads he got sometime in the early 70's. I got it going but no one can help me with the belts. Thanks for any help Gene.
Mike Wilkinson I have a Wards Garden Mark tiller 5 hp Powr-Kraft 4 cycle by briggs & Straton model # Gil-1580D Serial # 96X70910. I am not getting spark at the plug. What do you think the problem could be.It hasn't run for about 10 years. I have cleaned the fly wheel (lightly sanded to remove rust film ) and also the contacts which I believe bring current to the plug.Any help would be greatly appreciated
Joe Gutierrez I'm looking for manual for MW tiller TM039080A. Any help appreciated,\.
Jeff Blodgett I have a "Gil 1580 G" tiller with a Briggs & Stratton 5hp engine, I need new belts and a look at a manual, if any one can help? Thank you.
christopher Tiller parts for sale bad carburetor.
ROBERT HELMS am working on a montgomery ward tiller model GIL1580E..need belt sizes forward and reverse. and hook up of engager lever. bob

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