K-Gro/Noma riding lawn mower - HELP!

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K-Gro/Noma riding lawn mower - HELP!

Carol Can anyone tell me where I can find a diagram of how to replace a blade belt on a "K-Gro/Noma" 43" cut riding lawn mower? I bought it 2nd, 3rd or 4th hand and have no paperwork/instructions with it. Thank you, Carol
Larry E Martin does anyone have the diagram on how to put the
mower belt on the 43" noma riding mower, or
know where a dealer is in the vicinity of

J. Eric Edins can anybody can tell me the lenght of the NOMA 18hp 34 inch deck Belt I just need the belt in inches or whats stamped on the belt or both please e-mail me thank you.

Noma Tracto Model Number #E4318030

Tim I am currently searching for parts for one of these models also. Mine says that it is made by Murray, but I am finding that AYP ( American Yard Products) is actually the company that makes these and many other mowers. I haven't found my prt numbers and so I am still searching.
Neil I have the operators manual and the parts manual for the Noma Lawn tractors with the 43 in cut deck, If you send me mailing address I can make a copy of what u need and mail it back to you.
Ronnie I believe the belt number is 314108. I have the E4318030 and have had the same problem. Not for sure on the belt number but have searched extensivly and that is all I could come up with. If you found out anything please post.
bill Where in the world did this brand come from??
tommy i am looking for any who can help me find the mulch cover for my noma tractor i beleave part# is 5717-00 thank you
Todd Hatfield Yes, I would like to have a copy of the manuals, please. I just got a Noma lawn mower and don't know much. Please. Thanks!


marvin jones I have a norma 43 inch cut model number C4316040 shift on the go ,I have no paper work on this mower If anyone has this information I could really use it. Thank you
carlos i need a manual for a 43" noma riding mower .does anyone have a copy ?
or a diagram for the belt i'm not sure how it goes on thanks!!

Eugene I have a k-gro 42 inch cutting deck model #G4315040. Can someone help me locate the manual since I must replace the housing deck.

Sincerest thanks

David I need to replace the deck for model# E4314000 (14hp, 43" deck, not sure how old)and can't find a part number. Can someone please help me out?
Patrick Bause I have a NOMA riding lawn mower, model #B381 2210 and need a manual or diagram showing the steering assembly (parts & assembly) and also the motor wiring. If anyone has these diagrams, could you please e-mail a copy or info on where I can get them. Thanks.

Dan The part number (Noma) for the deck assembly on a
43" mower which was also sold as Sears Crafstman II
with all wheel steer,is a #329036,which supercedes
to a Murray number,and is no longer available.
Murray bought Noma during their expansion phase in the early nineties,obsoleted their lines,and is now
owned by Briggs and Stratton since their bankruptcy,
some blame their affiliations with Walmart for putting them under,don't know,but that's what a dealer has related to me recently.

steve buying a 43" k-grow mower if u need parts e-mail me. buying it for parts

Rick Walters If anyone has a manual for a Noma 43" cut with 15hp Kohler I would really appreciate it. Having deck and starting problems.

Bulldog The belt is pretty easy to put on this model NOMA
When I find a belt to put on I will post a message with my email and will send a picture if it.

Subject: NOMA can anybody can tell me the lenght of the NOMA 18hp 34 inch deck Belt
I have the same model NOMA #E4318030
The belt is 84" long exactly and 5/8" wide on the outside
I have a Gates POWERRATED 6982 which is 82" long and gonna try to make it work.
Find a belt Yet?

Thank You,

Angela Smith Can someone email me a diagram of how the belts go on the Weedeater 43" turbo deck lawnmower G4315040 KGRO?
Edna Can someone send me a diagram of how to hook the deck cables back up on the Noma 43" cut, we have no owners manual or please tell me where to find a manual or info. Thanks
Lyle Does anyone have a parts diagram manual for a NOMA Lawn Tractor Model 39122500 38 inch cut. My drive belt pulleys are wearing out.
Carl Sorensen i have a noma riding with 43 inch deck model number E 4318080. My left rear axle is broke and i cant find a diagram anywhere to get the part number off of. does anyone have a manual they can get a number out of for me. Many Thanks
Carl Sorensen i have a noma riding with 43 inch deck model number E 4318080. My left rear axle is broke and i cant find a diagram anywhere to get the part number off of. does anyone have a manual they can get a number out of for me. Many Thanks
lyonne boss
I have also one of noma lawnover and looking for part,s and a manuel for it. THANK YOU

mark i have a noma 12 hp 43 inch deck possibly ealy 90's cant figure out how to hook up the cable that engages the bades I think it needs a spring or something on each end no book or part # but I have model #c4312000 thank you
Gregg belt size for the noma 18/43" is 5/8x84"and the inside of the belt is originally flatter than1/2" for a sure grip,than what I found what is out there at farm and country store,where you can actually see and touch the belts in one isle of the store,most parts people never heard of noma tractors,mine is a all wheel steering,vanguard v-twin ohv 18hp briggs/sratton,very good machine,I need a manual if out there? any questions?
Catrena I have a K-Gro/Noma riding lawn mower mod#E431400 Sr#S007683331461. After some major serching I have found out that the belt is 5/8x86 and I also have a diagram of how it goes on. So if you are needing this info just email me and I will send it to you..
Barb I have a NOMA 18 H 43"cut Model 422 707. The cable is broken The tractor runs great. I just can't mow.

Thanks, Barb

Carmelo I have a K-Gro/Noma riding riding mower model#E431400, can anyone send me the deck diagram or deck parts list, I cannot find the part or part number to re-engage the blades. There is a part that connects the cable to the belt pulley.

Thanks, Carmelo

hjfhg broken belt
Dick I have a model #E 4314000 and need a diagram of how belt go on. It's a K-GRO 43" turbo cut.
PLEASE HELP....Thanks...

b This may help many:

I have a "KGRO PowerPro" and according to the owner's manual, the model is T4315. The manual declares its manufacturer as Murray. I've fixed this thing so many times I've lost count . . . usually blades, but a zillion other things as well.

Now, on the back is a listing of the various "Murray Lawn Mower Central Parts Distributors," 12 in all. I'm in NC, so the designated distributor is R.B.I. Corporation, in Richmond, VA.

They've had everything I've ever needed. I don't know if they're authorized to sell out of their area (most eastern states), and I've always ordered by part number. But it's a starting point. They can be reached at 804 550 2210.

(By the way, I've successfully bought belts at auto parts stores; you need lenghth/width.)

Good luck.

b Oh, adding that it's a 43" "Turbo Deck" (dual blades).
mike ashby im looking for a parts diagram for a kgro e4315010 please someone help its a 43" turbo deck
Murk I have a kgro E4314000 lawnmower and I need New wiring kit from the ignition to silinoid. Can any one help me

Re: K-Gro/ lawn mower - HELP!

Got a pic for my kgro power pro e4314000, need wiring for it, and I read someything about it and a craftsman model being similarn need help

Russ Have a 1994 K-Gro/Noma model E4341000-4098 rider that the deck cable is gone on, needs all new wiring and I'm also waiting for the carb rebuild kit for the B&S carb that likes to flood the cylinder of the 14.5 HP engine. It's a sound little machine and I have had it running a time or two (had to short the solenoid to start it though - argg!) and it runs smooth until the engine fills with fuel.

Looking for PDFs of service manual, parts manual, user manual, etc (all if possible) and of course good sources for pars such as the deck cable. Mine looks just like the one pictured, just needs some repairs and a good cleaning and waxing.

eric have the same mower as the picture
need a solenod and the small little plastic gear piece
any ideas the part number and where to get it ?

starter gear (enagagement gear) enages the fly wheel on the motor

carol Please help me find the right size belt for this riding mower and a diagram of how it goes on. Thank you so much.
Mike if you hhave your model numbers, you should be able to get a parts list, schematic, and most parts here. http://www.outdoordistributors.com/ABC/k.html
I order most of my parts from them. They are a little slow sometimes, but are cheaper thhan most sites I've found. They also have downloadable parts lists for most mowers.

DALE I recently acquired a KGRO Power pro 14 HP 43" turbodeck which i believe was new in 1994. The Model # is E4314000, Code # is 4073, serial # is S004168331461 supplied to Kmart by Noma Outdoor Products. My question is where can I buy the replacement blades?
Hector Colon i need a manual for a 43" noma riding mower .does anyone have a copy ? or a diagram for the belt i'm not sure how it goes on thanks!!
NOMA 14.5hp OHV 43" cut (F4315120) code 5101
please email me a copy of the belt installation diagram so that I can replace the belt.....
Thank you

Chuck I am looking for the spindle assembly for the mower deck. I need to manaul to identify the spindle. My model is a 43" cut # F4315020
john simmons need part # for belt on kgro power pro
14.5 hp briggs
43" turbodeck

ted novak we have a 43 cut #c4713030 model. the mower stopped moving.the belt is turning on top move lever and nothing happens. oil is full would like to get picture of trans, or any help you could send my way. thank you
Bev Lowrey Please send me the diagram of how the belt goes on. Thanks
Pete I need a deck for a Noma 43" cut. It looks to be an older model maybe early ninties....
Steve I need help. I have a kgro 14.5 hp power pro 43''cut quick shift single blade. Can someone please tell me where I can find the model number. I need a belt for it. Thank You
Greg I need information on the tension pulley for the deck on this riding mower. The riding mower runs fine but it won't cut. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Junaid hey guys, was able to get a parts list for the mower kgro power pro, model number g4315040

so, go to this link:


Then enter the following info:
Brand: Briggs and Stratton
1997 Models
Lawn and Garden
Lawn Tractors
43 inch cut

And from here you can view different diagrams and get the part numbers and stuff

Jon Fosdick The belt for the 43" cut Noma is a 5/8" wide by 86" long belt it is available through any regular v belt supplier such as NAPA auto parts.
J.Kurz I made a PDF format copy of my manual for the KGro E4314000 if anyone needs it post here and leave an email and I will send it to you. It shows all parts diagrams and lists and how to service most things.
Shar J.Kurz I need this manual desperately plz plz!!
J.Kurz Shar - I'm going to try to send it...I hope the file isnt too big (It's about 20 mb)

It's in 2 parts because I missed 3 pages in the original one.

J.Kurz http://rapidshare.com/files/391047023/KGro_Mower_Manual.zip.html

There is the link to the manual if anyone needs it...It's just a .zip with 2 .pdf's inside and about 20mb download.

tony I have a Kgro PowerPro 42" cut 18 hp and I need to know how to put the belt on the deck I need to find a diagran on how it goesa on
John Noma 43" F4315130 Drive belt.
If any one has a part number for this please e-mail me.

Thank you.

If anyone has drive belt part number or size for this rider pls email me.

J.Kurz I re-uploaded the manual for my mower (model 4314000)on Rapidshare if anyone still needs it: http://rapidshare.com/files/401461160/KGro_Manual_PDF.zip.html

Rico please help need part # for blade pulley
Will @J.Kurz: The link no longer works. Can you upload again?
Mick @ J.Kurz The Link Does Not Work
Mick @ J.Kurz The Link Does Not Work model e 4315000
Ralph Schade I have a Noma e4318080 lawn tractor. Does anyone have the steering schematics? It's the all wheel steering. I have a new steering assembly and need to put it together right...the first time.
J.Kurz Re-uploaded....again....last time:


Chris I need a wiring schematic for a Noma C4014010 riding with a Briggs & Stratton 14hp 294777-0335-01 engine. I have put the engine into an MTD mower and need to interface the wiring to the MTD.
Re: K-Gro/Noma riding lawn mower - HELP!

I live just outside Nashville Tn. not sure how far that is from some people needing a few parts but I have a KGRO model # f4315010 43" cut turbo, engine went bad so I dismantled and selling tires and wheels, deck, seat, wireing, key switch, email me and we see about a price. Thanks

may cunningham Need manual with diagram. Help...tire and excel fell off...help

may cunningham Need manual with diagram. Help...tire and excel fell off...help

peter durkin mower replaced key and celenoid what other sensor could be bad there are four other wont start with keythere are four other sensors which one is the problem the seat has continuty the brake also ime stumped help
chad phares I just bought a 1994 i beleive by the date on the manual that he gave me, kgro power pro lawn tractor the number on the front of the manual is t4314 whatever that means? it has a 43" deck and a 14 hp briggs in it and by what I've read on here it is a noma and on the front of the manual he has noma wrote in magic marker along with about ten other part numbers of things.My question is where can you buy the parts for these tractors, are parts still made for the deck? The deck needs some major tlc pulleys bearings and blades where can i buy them?anybody please help me out here thanks.
chad phares Ya i have a manual so by the sounds of it pick a number and get in line and tell me what diagram you wanna see and i'll do my best to get you the info, but I wanna know where you can get parts for this beast!thanks
Richard Maheu Need manual/wiring diagram for Kgro E4314000!
Richard Maheu Need it!
Richard Maheu Need it! Trying to get my email address in here.

Richard Maheu Naturally, once I figured out how to get my email address in, I screwed it up! It should be

tyler I would love to have a copy of this.
Pat Dugan real problems with belt size.
Patti I need a fuel cap, P/N 12501 that is listed in my manual. Have no idea what year my new, but used rider mower is, but it gave the previous owner many years of good service so I'm hoping for the same, but just need a new cap.
Bob Baloga Does anyone have a parts manuel on this Tractor. I believe it is a 1995 model from K Mart. It is a Murray Tractor.
terry I could use that info if you'd be so kind to share it with me also
Mark Earl I have a PDF file of the parts manual if anyone needs it.
charles please post diag for belt placement on 42inch cut kgro 18 horse Model LT4218
jerry needing your help with manule please help i need a copy of your manuel bad please send a copy.kgro power pro. mod#E4314000. thank u in advance
Angel looking for parts for F4618080. Can anyone direct me. Thanks
Joe Looking for a hood for a KGRO mower, 12hp 43" deck.
dan yes i would like a copy of the noma manual, just bought one, and need some parts
Nelson Hi, I have a Noma, Canadiana, model D4014-020, I'm looking for diagram or schematic showing where the deck belt pulley springs hook up. Can anybody direct me somewhere. Thank you so much.
mike i am in desperate need of the wiring diagram any help would be really appreciated.
Julia wang Dear Sir/Madam,
Good day.
This is Julia from xingjia company,China.Our factory is founded in 1997,specialized in manufacturing PTO clutch for lawn mower and snow plow.All our products with ISO9001:2000 and TS16949 certificate approved.
Any requirement,pls feel free to contact me.Many thanks.
best regards
Julia wang

Joel Eisenhauer Where does the spring on the tensioner pulley hook up to?
Aaron Heisler Recently found an kgro riding lawn mower g4315040. Any one have a manual pdf or other pease help need to knoe where tensioner spring as well as pto cable connects to. Thanks for your help.
Dennis demint need a mower belt for the 43" turbo deck kgro e4314000 what size is it?
Andrew Stitt have this mower complete except headlights...runs
solid 16 hp motor $200 cash

Clark Stock Looking for a drag link for a E4314000 Mower, Looking for a parts manual also, Thanks
Paul Kornis need idler pulley, and bolt and nut
can someone tell me the blade belt length for Kgro g4315040 When you find, please e-mail me at Thanks

Ray Madray need the size of a mower belt for g4315040
jim i need a spring for mower blades to work. model f4315110.its a spring with one long end on it 43 inch deck 14.5 hp ohv
Gene's Equipment any one have cross ref. chart to murry model
brad I have two mulch deck blades part # 514-255
these are nos in their package. writing says fits noma/kgro tractors 39" deck with 3/8 center whole if interested e-mail will take $25 for both blades plus S&H if required.

frank mcgregor
I need a wiring diagram for this mower

mikey lewis i cant seem to get my mower out of gear, and the linkage bar is still good. is there any way to fix it without beating it with a hammer or taking the whole thing apart??
Larry Case were looking for model number E4315010 and serial number S001580335805 turbo deck 43" cut... please contact Larry Case 12605634857. Thanks!!!
jack I need the deck engagement cable for a Noma lawn tractor model # 39122500 could you help me with a part number 12hp 39" cut? Thank you...Jack
Richard Gudz need starter switch and solenoid for Noma lawn tractor 39122500

Peter looking for manual and/or wiring diagram
dave conover need my parts manual or parts list

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