Montgomery Ward Lawn Tractor

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Montgomery Ward Lawn Tractor

Lance Does anyone know who made the Montgomery Wards TMO-3400005 AND TMO-3400006 model tractors? Or where I might get parts.
Jack made by MTD/Yardman,anyone who handles MTD/Yardman,what parts do you need,I have parts and manuals on these that Wards put out for these
God of ALL TMO-3398005 ZYJ-1388 B's I havent checked to see if these #s work yet but on the mtd website your tmo 3400005 translates into MTD model # 134Q699H088 & for some reason it also gives # 135Q699H088 for that tmo#
TMO3400006 also has 2 mtd model #s for some reason and they are 134Q699G088 & 135Q699G088,like i said i havent checked to see if they work meaning if the "o" towards the end of the MTD model #s is either a zero or letter O ,im sure you can figure it out if not click on my name and email me

Jim_WV Outdoor Distributors has parts for Mont. Wards tractors. You can copy and past the following url and it will take you to their web site.

Joe M. Lance go to, take off the TMO and put in 3400005 or 3400006 in the model number box and it will bring up your Tractor.
lb a piece of crap

SHERMAN GERORD i want to were can i get montgomery ward rideing mower parts
bryan pritchard I have recently gotten a montgomery ward riding lawn mower. I could not find any type of model number or such other than on the steering wheel (3730). The engine is a Briggs & Stratton 8hp. The mower is 38", orange and the engine was produced in 1985. I am looking for a owner's manual or operator's manual.
Joseph Jacques I have an old Montgomery Ward rider mower
model #GIS-33040B
serial #86X83005

I need a Steering Rod
and a Ball Joint ( right hand)

Where can I order on line, or is there a place hear in N W Arkansas

Eli Russell i have an older montgomery wards tractor and trying to find out what model. serial # 89 1230r
model # 1775 if you can help it would be great.


RIK I am looking for a steering shaft for an older Montgomery Ward riding
lawnmower, Ser# 37-001-3540 Mod# TMO-30000A/CO51H3 if this part is
available please email w/price. RIK

Tom Pinard Don't know if you ever got to the manuals you needed but try the link below:

Tim Archibald I have a montgomery ward riding lawn mower model number GIL 33145C. I need the spindle and the bearing that goes from the belt pully to the the cutting blade. Where might I find it?
Razia Akhtar i'm looking for the parts for my tractor.


Mel I have an older montgomery ward mower i was given and the model number is gone. (off the tag under the seat) any other stamped on the tractor? I am putting it back together and the fuel tank is broken any idea where i can get one? I also think it will be due some carb work when i get it ready for real work. It does start and run. thanks Mel
Yves I was given a Montgomery Ward rider looks great it run. Now let me explain, I pull the dipstick it smell like gasoline mix with the oil base. I drain the old oil, refill new oil fill the gas tank with clean gas it starts great and runs great, park it then I notice a smell of fuel in the garage, well well! the 1 gallon gas have totaly drain it self to the oil base again. Can anyone give me a hint on what is the problem do I have the wrong fuel filter?? I unhook the fuel line fom the carburator and the gas runs, I flip the fuel filter no change fuel still runs non stop, so I pinch the line.


Yves Gauthier
Westervill, Ohio 43081

Mike I have a 1992 Industrial (Montgomery Ward)riding lawn mower that I inherited. I have the mower running, but it will not idle up or down. It just barely runs. \r\n
There was not a throttle cable when I got the mower, so I plan on putting one on.

Before I purchase a cable, I would like to know why I cannot get the engine to idle up or down (even when I move the Carburator Lever by hand) Is there a linkage to the governer that may be missing.

I appreciate any insight at all! Mike

Jim Bailey I have a Wards lawn tractor that is in fare condition Moter runs great. Needs rust removed and repainted anyone interested in buying please email me with offer. Model zyj 13948
Golden Mark Thirty Two
Thanks Jim

todd I have a Montgomery wards mowing deck & bagger .
It is a vacuum fan system rear discharge deck. I think it is 38" it comes with the rear mount bagger. this came off of a 11hp riding tractor.
asking 150.00 If interested contact me @ my email address.

Mark For all who needs parts for Montgomery Ward Lawn Tractor also known as MTD 134Q699H088 (TMO-3400005) (1994) You can see the part numbers at the followoing site as well as order them.

Mark The page for parts for the Montgomery Ward Lawn Tractor also known as MTD 134Q699H088 (TMO-3400005) (1994) is

Just click on the required link once you have reached this web page.
Deck Assembly/Blades
Deck Lift & Hanger Assembly
Engine, External
Frame, Upper/Fuel Tank/Battery/Seat
Hood Style 9
Steering Assembly/Wheel, Front/Axle, Front
Transmission Complete
Wheels, Rear/Frame, Lower/Drive/Pedal Assembly

francis haun need a manual model ZYJ-96A ser# 37X2134 hope somon can help
George I have a Montgomery Ward Garden Mark Compact 7. Model #ZYJ1378A, Serial #96X4684. Lawn tractor and mower deck are in good shape. I haven't run it for about a year. I would like to sell it, I don't have use for it anymore. Asking $500.00 or best reasonable offer. I have pics. Just email me and I will send them to you.
Brian I have a riding lawn Montgomery Ward riding lawn mower Model ZYJ-83B serial 07X-2004.

I heard that these were made by Yardman and might have a cross reference number so that I can replace some parts. Or a manual even.

The lawn mower was my gradfather's and he has past. I believe it is from the 70's as I remember it since I have been growing up. It has a 5 horse briggs and straton engine with the motor in the back and is orange. It still runs and everything, but I believe one of the gears in the axle is worn and will not drive.

tc lillick I have a Montgomery Ward model TMN3390A, 38" riding lawn tractor. I need a battery and the original battery and manual are missing. A standard lawn tractor battey is to large for the compartment. What battery do I need and where can I get one?

Marc I have two montgomery wards tractors and just trying to figure out what years they are? The model numbers are

TMO 33860A D1100
TMO 33814C B
Any help would be great

Vern I was just given a Montgomery Ward lawn tractor w/o a manual and an almost completely unreadable data plate. Readable is,TMO 34 and no more. It is an 11hp engine and a 38 inch deck. Can anyone help with manual and or parts?
ROD Is there a s/n and mdl number Index posted somewhere so I can determine the year of my gil tractor? Is there another site didcated to the oler lawn tractors showing options and attatchments?
Eric I just acquired a MW lawn tractor Serial# TMO34508A Model EO61G. It is orange, has a 5HP Briggs&Stratton and a 26" cut. I would like to get a manual for it. Thanks for reading.
Justin looking for a rear tine tiller for a montgomery word to fit a 12 or a 15
Dorothy Drum Pritchard I am in need of an "index bracket" for my old MW mower? Any one help me?

Graeden Not sure how old this thread is, but here is a site for finding owners manuals to virtually anything, including many models of Montgomery Wards tractors:

Tim I have a Montgomery Ward model TMO-33908A lawn tractor, and I was hoping someone could tell me what company manufactured it and where I can get parts. It has an 11 Briggs & Stratton engine, 38" deck, electric start, and 5 speed transaxle.
Paul Praschak I have a 1990 montgomery wards tractor it is a 38" deck. I amtrying to find a deck it is starting to rust. The mower still runs great.
Diana Coles I have a 1938 Montgomery Ward riding mower. Can anyone tell me anything about it or tell me where I can find info(pictures,purchase price,& worth)Maybe an owners manual.
Ray schramm jr I have a yellow montogmery ward lawn tractor 10 not sure the year model number vh-100-149015 lookn to see whats its worth any ideads contact me at

Ray schramm jr I have a yellow montogmery ward lawn tractor 10 not sure the year model number vh-100-149015 lookn to see whats its worth any ideads contact me at

bob i have montgumery wards signature 2000 elite 18 hp 42" mower deck for sale , e-mail me for more info.
shane Hpw to put the montgomery ward lawn tractor 7 speed 12.42 how do i put the starter on sow the engine turn over cause it is spinning
but when i put the starter on it gets stuck

Roger Billings I'm needing to get a new belt for the above lawn tractor. Don't have old one. Other numbers found are: 13AU694H088 20/46 1B189C20148. It is the belt that goes from transmission to the motor. It's an older machine used. I need to know where I can order as can't get model to pull up so far.
John Stowe I need mower blades for a Montgomery Ward Model# zyj-1388b.

Blade #3604-45.
18" long 2"wide, 1.25 center hole, 2-5/16" dia holes 3.125" on center.

Anyone know where I can buy such blades?

Duane I have a Montgomery Ward Variable Speed 16HP Lawn Tractor Model GIF 33154 and need a Carburetor for it. Does any one know where I can obtain one?
Rolf Knieriemen I have A Montgomery ward Lawn Tractor Model # TMO33861Ac241c, 38'Deck 10HP.361cc engine. I'm Interested In any info I can find thanks.

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