kohler courage

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kohler courage

konfusion hi guys i've been looking at two mowers lately the jd L111 and the cub cadet LT1045.both have 20hp engines,the deere has the v twin briggs intek the cub has the single cyl kohler but thekohler sight says the courage has dual cam with nylon cam gears i would like to hear your thoughts on this engine,i really like the feel of the cub over the jd but im not sure on this new kohler courage engine
JTK Some kawaski OHV engines used nylon and/or composite cams/gears for years without issue. I wouldn't sweat that at all. I love cubs & deere's but personally would not buy a 1000 series cub (too much of a regular MTD for me) and the JD L series is pretty flimsy as well, as it was desinged as their box store volume unit. I'd stick with a sears craftsman for the $2300 & under price range.

sawboywv The courage engine is ECONOMY in a big way
Olds455 I agree with JTK. The L series Deeres were designed to compete with the Craftsman tractors primarily. Look into the Sears or other AYP units. Stay away from the Kohler courage. There are other reports of Kohler twin cylinder engines with many problems also. Shoot for a Husqvarna with a Kawasaki twin.
konfusion thx guys think ill go checkout sears
PJK If I was a mechanic I'd go for a used JD or CC with a drive shaft. Who needs 25 hp whatever the brand? Are you taking them to the track?
TEF Be advised that some of the Sears LT's are running these Kohler Courage engines as well.
jay hi just bought a cub lt 1042 with courage motor couldnt be happier if u compare mowers ull find the courage is very quiet the cub frame also provides tons of leg room as far as cam gears cant imagine kohler producing a lemon
dave I have the 23 hp twin. Lots of power and a great runner.The motor is only as good as the person looking after it. If you never change the oil Or maintain the unit , dosnt matter what motor, your going to have



Jimmy I am a technician at a Exmark/cub cadet dealership and the courage engine does have some problems with the dual cam single cylinder engines. The cam gears are made out of plastic and the compression release stop breaks off of the gear and the engine develops a noise that sounds like an exhaust rattle. The engine also sometimes will drag a little when starting due to the lack of compression release.
larry peugh I bought a 20 hp kohler single without any researce. I now wish i had waited for the briggs els, but it is too late now. What can I do to get the max life out of my kohler. I use it much harder than I thought I would. I mow ditches, banks and tall grass. I have gone to mobil 1 10w30 with a larger ford filter to get a little more oil out side the block for cooling and change oil at about 20 t0 30 hrs. this mower gas worked like a champ but I fear a short life
for it.

jimm I have a Kohler Courage that died after 23 hours. Mice had made a nest under the blower housing over the winter. I didn't know they could/would do that. Owners manual says to clean after 100 hours or so of use. I expected the piston to be seized but actually the crank seized in the lower case bushing. No warranty coverage for this one - an expensive lesson. I looked into a short block and was told by the Kohler authorized repair center not to bother and that the engine is a piece of junk.
Peter Carmouche Well as a practicing homosexual and baseball umpire/coach. I like anything with the name 'courage' in it. ;^) I also have less Herpes
flair ups because the engine is less stressful to use... Nice!

Pete J. Carmouche
Missouri City Texas 77478

M.M. Had a mid 1970's Cub,great machine,but was getting a little tired. Got rid of it in 2006 and bought a LT1042 with a courage engine.Should have spent the $$ to rebuild the old cast iron kohler. Have 67 Hrs. on the new machine,cracked short block.Luckily bought from a dealer who stands behind what they sell and is getting covered under warranty. Live and learn
D Casey I wish I had read this blog before my recent purchase. Just purchased (today) a Cub Cadet with 25HP Twin Kohler Courage. I traded in a Husky that had 500hrs on it's 18HP Kohler Command and had NO problems with it. The dealer was honest and told me the Courage was made in China and the Command was a better engine, made in the U.S., but was only packaged with the $3,000 range Cub Cadets, which is more then I need. He told me they had been selling the Kohler Courage dual cylinder for a few years, and have not yet had any major problems. The only thing I noticed today was it lacked power (for a 25HP engine) when going up hills - of course that could be the transmission also - but my old Husky charged right up the same hill. Well at least I have a three year warranty - if I could do it again I guess I would have got a Vanguard Twin - that is the happy medium between the Command and Courage. I will cross my fingers.
cuuz I bought a Toro with a 20hp dual overhead cam Kohler courage engine beginning of last summer. Last summer was pretty dry, not a lot of cutting. Pulled it out this year, and after 4 cuts, noticed oil dripping on the deck, left side. Appears the seal is gone underneath, will be having it professionally looked at/repaired.


At an initial investment of $1600, it has cost me $128/hour to operate it before repair. I believe the 2 year warranty is for parts, and may not be for labor, will have to see. Repairman says he has 2 other the same sitting there with leaks, guess I was lucky enough to get mine early........very early!
I would not recommend it if it has 12.5 hours and is already showing problems. Could be one in a million, who knows, will update after repairs are done.

R Wei My 20 hp dual cam Courage motor did develop a rattiling noise and last week the connecting rod broke which in turn destroyed the entire engine, crank, block, cams, piston, etc. I wonder if a Briggs motor would bolt up to my Craftsman mower?

D Casey Update on my Kohler Courage 25HP. After only 14hrs I noticed a significant oil leak out of the plastic oil drain valve. This plastic valve is on the Command as well as the Courage Engines; it was designed to make oil changes faster and "tool free" but for me it leaked. Sent back to shop under warranty, but man am I nervous now!!! I wish they just stuck with the old school metal cap and pipe to drain out the oil. Other then that the mower has run and cut beautifully - it is a Cub Cadet LT1500 Series. Anybody else have this problem?
Haseet Midroors I have a Cub wit a Kohler and its a peace of dung. I flipied it over and it wouldn't even krank back. It costed me over 1000 in medical bilz, plus a 5 doler quert of oilo. I'm so mad. Wish I had a briggs and strapon.
Please disreguard my spelwing.

Karen As a new widow I am making my first lone purchase of a new lawnmower. I'm looking at the Toro 20092 with a B&S and the 20099 with a Kohler Courage. Which model would you recommend (enginewise) and why?


JWC I have a 2004 Cub Cadet 1045 with the Kohler Courage 20HP and 44 hours. I started it one day to move it around in the garage and it ran fine next day went to mow grass it wouldn't start. After searching the internet I found that Kohler had issued a service bullitin about courage engines shearing flywheel keys due to the flywheel bolt not being torqued properly from the factory. I pulled the shroud and checked the flywheel bolt and bingo it wasn't much tighter than I could do with my fingers. dealer wouldn't even talk to me about providing the part at no charge but it was only $1.29 so I didn't force the issue. I am very dissapointed with Kohler since I thought they were the Cadillac of small engines. maybe I should've stuck with the Fords (B&S or Tecumseh). I never had a problem with either of them!

Scott I have a 20 hp courage motor on a LT-1045 and it is junk.
Stay away from this motor. All problems, from flywheel key way
to the plastic camshaft gears. Those in particular have caused me to replace valves.

Rcaton I have a courage 20 and i'm trying to change the dagnab, bleeping oil. There's a spigot arrangement at the bottom rear of the engine with something that looks like a hex head designed to open the spigot and let out the old oil. A 10 mm socket seemed to fit it, but when turned counterclockwise it rounded off and spit off the socket. It appears to be made of brass and fits no metric or standard socket I own. It also seems to be torqued down tighter than a tick. I need some advice or information before I screw something up.
Jeff C I have a Husqvarna riding mower with the Kohler Courage 20 H.P. motor. At about 28 hrs. my wife was mowing the yard and stopped for about 10 minutes. When she went to restart the mower it ran for about 1 minute at half throttle and then proceeded to blow a hole in the side of the block, dumping hot oil and smoke all over the place. Short block was covered under Husq's 2-year warranty, but the repair guy told me the Courage is about a 50 hour motor. JUNK!!!! The tractor is well made though. Very dissapointed because Kohler has always built great motors. I think the Command is much better.
Donald R Thomas I have a courage 20 sv600s and had a oil leak.
The mower is just out of warrentyand just starting its thrid year of mowing. Paid $1799.00
for the unit.
replacment engine will run $900.00 to $1,100.00.
pulled the cover off of the engine to look for the leak an found that all the bolts were lose. on the top cover .upon tighting the bolts we broke one and found a small crack on the block.called the 1-800-544-2444 and was told that they had a problem with this and that it would be repaired under warrenty and a small labor charge.I wish they would have sent out a recall notice on this engine.
I went and bought a new mower with a 23 horse Briggs & Stratton.same mower I have Lost my "COURAGE" to try another KOHLER. I always thought that kohler was a step above Briggs & Stratton.I would be hard pressed to buy another.

jzjz LOL, this article is a honey pot for ranters, exaggerators and retards. I have a Kohler command and courage and they both run fantastic. It's funny how something gets started about "plastic" gears etc and then that leads to only the customers who had problems showing up. SORRY, but there is no way to gauge the reliability from a page like this since it seems to attract only people who got defective ones that broke early. Not like there are many responses. Plastic is a generalized term anyway. There are a zillion different formulations and you can't assume this is the cause. But leave it to the general public to jump to conclusions. Even if the engine was a totally different design, you'd still have people writing in saying their engines quit in 10 hours as well. No matter what is mass produced, there will be lemons. I have this fantastic gps from Garmin. Go to some reviews and you will also see people telling you to stay away from it. (It broke in 10 hours and so on)

I was also told my year 2000 Kohler was going to be a piece of shit and the frame on my tractor was of cheap design etc etc.. One guy said the wheel rolled off the tractor and hit his house. Here I am in 2009, 9 years later, and it runs like a champ and so does the other 4 year old tractor with the courage engine. Yet there are people here that have the nerve to post that their engine lasted less than 30 hours and that should be the determining factor to stay away. DUH! If it's only last a short period of time, then it's defective. If an engine quits in 10 hours, the post is nearly worthless and not a true indicator of what to expect in terms of the life of the engine since it only shows it was a lemon.

What I hoped for was realistic, well thought out comparisons that talked about the over all life span of the engine. Kohler isn't going to put out an engine that lasts for 10 hours or even 50 hours, LOL. And I don't really care who flames me. If I've made it several years with it, it only proves that the design of the kohler is just fine..

David P I have a 3y old 19hp Courage on a Toro Mower. I knew when I purhcased it at Lowes for $1000 I wasn't getting a top of the line piece of equipment, but you do what your budget can stand.

No mechanical problems until this (3rd) year.

This year the valve cover gasket decided to start leaking. I pulled it off and found 2 of the bolts were hand tight. Could be factory error, could be vibraton. Didn't know until reading this post that the motor was made in China. That explains why the cork gasket crumbled like it did. Not everyhing out of China is junk, but a lot of miscellanous components (like gaskets) don't appear to be very good quality.

Power wise, it's not any stronger (maybe not as much) as my old 13 HP Briggs/MTD, but is a bit smoother and quieter running. Hard to keep the mower deck cutting level. It's hung on a cable system and everytime you bump something with the deck the cables slip and you start mowing unevenly.

My last mower was a MTD which is also considered a piece of junk, and I was only able to nurse it for 16 years before the mower deck was so rusted out there was no place to weld patches to anymore and the engine was pretty well shot.

I did replace the Briggs IC engine (with another Briggs) at about 6 yrs but that was because the wife had decided she was going to be the yard care person. She never checked the oil and you can't treat a Briggs that way.

You get lemons in everything, but so far I'm not calling the Courage one. And you can't pre-judge equipment based on what some service guy tells you. He may have been the guy who flunked out of 9th grade and the only job he could get was fixing lawn mower engnies, and he hates it.

If you're reading this post to decide whether to buy one, let your bank account be your guide. If you an afford it, by something with a Honda or Kawasaki engine. Buying brand name mowers doesn't matter otherwise.

My neighbor bought a new John Deere the year after I bought my old MTD. I paid $700 for mine, he paid $2700 for his. After the first month of owership, his JD decided it liked being at the reapir shop better than mowing grass.

For the next 2 years he borrowed my mower for at least 50% of his grass cutting because the JD was in the shop again. He finally sold it and hired a lawn service.

Scott Roberts I bought a new Dixon, kohler courage,,valve cover leaks after engine gets hot and thus oil drips onto the muffler causing massive smoke and all folks come running with hotdogs and steaks to grill. I paid 4300.00 for the mower From Hamilton Supply in Abilene Tx. They replaced the cork gasket and told me it was fixed. I drove 85 miles and picked it up, got home backed it off the trailer and it started smoking again. I drove another 85 miles and took it back. They called and said it was fixed. Another 85 miles put it on the trailer and shut off the motor and major smoke. They said that kohler said it was a muffler flaw, yesterday they put a new head, valve cover and new muffler and assembly new back half of frame. Picked it up backed it off trailer today and when I went from high idle to low idle it backfires so bad you cant stand to ride it. Im not sure if the motor is a quack or the dealer service department is a little under qualified to service it. I feel I should be entitled to a new engine or give me my money back. But I for one would advise you to look at all engines before you buy and ask what the quirks are. I dont think Ill be buying another Dixon, kohler courage, or any kohler product. Call it what you want but the proof is in the pie. I have to pay a kid with a sears craftsman to come mow my yard while my new dixon sits in a service shop. This has been going on 3 years now and my mower has 34 hours on it, and it is still in the shop. A lemon is a lemon but a nation wide problem is a bad design whether you hsve it made in china or the USA I think a class action law suit should be considered.
mjke mietkowski I have the kholer cour. on my cub cadet with 52hrs, and I have no problems. I use the best oil and do all the mait. my self.
Robert Rein Was thinking of purchasing a Kubota T2080 riding lawn mower. After looking over the specs I ascertained that it was powered by a Kohler engine, along with three other models. The model number on the engine listed was not a Kohler model # but Kubota 's . Further investigation revealed that the engine was a Kohler Courage not the higher rated Kohler Command engine. Nothing in Kohlers literature or dealer information revealed that fact. So much for Kubota's reputation for excellance. The 42 inch mower listed for $4,100.00. A lot to pay for a mower with a "crappy" engine. So much for the adage, " you get what you pay for""Buyers beware"
Robert Rein Was thinking of purchasing a Kubota T2080 riding lawn mower. After looking over the specs I ascertained that it was powered by a Kohler engine, along with three other models. The model number on the engine listed was not a Kohler model # but Kubota 's . Further investigation revealed that the engine was a Kohler Courage not the higher rated Kohler Command engine. Nothing in Kubota's literature or dealer information revealed that fact. So much for Kubota's reputation for excellance. The 42 inch mower listed for $4,100.00. A lot to pay for a mower with a "crappy" engine. So much for the adage, " you get what you pay for""Buyers beware"
Wayne S. I have a Sears tractor that is 13 years old with an 18 hp twin Kohler Command engine. It basically has been a trouble free, very good engine. Because of that,(and since we cut a lot of grass) I decided to buy a Ryobi tractor with a 19 hp Kohler Courage engine. The tractor is well built but in my opinion the Courage engine is a piece of junk. After only 3 years of limited use(with regular maintenance) the crankcase cover plate vibrated loose, and the block cracked on both sides and the lower seal leaks oil. I got the block tig welded and put the engine back together and after one month the exhaust valve spring retainer broke. The intake and exhause valve backlash adjustments also have to be redone once a month as the rocker arm screws seem to vibrate loose. I wonder what will break next? This motor seems to have serious defects and Kohler won't stand behind it after the two year warranty is up, so I would recommend not buying any tractor that uses it. I had a 26 year old sears Craftsman tractor with a Briggs on it, that I finally retired because the deck was shot, but that motor still ran! That's quality.
Kris junk pure junk paid alot of money for an engine that blew up with only 30 hours on it common plastic cam shaft whats wrong with people these days and of course it blew up just after my warrenty was up now im stuck with a new mower shit fucking engine and $3000 less in my pocket.
Scott H. I love my mower, Bought it new a lowes. I use it regularly couple hours a week, has about 80 hrs on it. and love it. Don't listen to all bad. They are good engines. Everything is not perfect and everything has problems.
Rick K I talked to the people that handle the complaints from Kohler Engines, they told me that my issue with my Kohler SV610-0021 is that during the mfg, they didn't torque down a few of the bolts because of a heating issue on the machine that did bolts on the head causing them not to fully tighten. I have to pay $300 to have them fix an issue they new about and could have prevented and yet no safety bullitein went out.
Mark W. My 3 year old Troy Bilt riding mower with a 19 hp Kohler Courage engine died last night after the oil leak out of the crack block. I have between 80 and 90 hours on it. I cut my 2 acres about 40 times. I paid $1300 for the tractor. That's a cost of $32.00 per cut plus 2-1/2 hours of my time. I expected more from this engine. Does anybody know of a compatible Briggs & Stratton?
Frank In the process of repairing my 72 hour old Kohler courage. While mowing a few days ago got into some deep weeds, motor started knocking loudly and then died. Since it's out of warranty I opened it up and found the rod cap on the connecting rod LOOSE. One rod bolt was finger tight! You could get about 1/16" seperation between the rod cap and rod. The plastic cam gears look fine as well as all else inside. I'm ordering a new rod and the couple of gaskets I need and hopefully be back up this weekend. The oil had just been changed for the third time but that wasn't the issue, some little 12 year old chinese kid was probably on his 42 straight hour on the assembly line and spaced it. Next time a little more research on my part will prevent the purchase of another chinese powered mower.
Keith Yep about 30 hours on the 19 Hp kohler Courage engine and the nylon can gears are shot. Bought it on a Ryobi lawn tractor some 4 years ago and already the engine needs major work. Anyone have a place to purchase Kohler parts at resasonable prices?
Bryan Johnson Year 3 with my Courage 19. Cracked block. Getting the run-around from Kohler. Bought at lowes for about $1500- they want nothing to do with me. Kohler customer service sent me to the regional distributor, they passed me on to the local authorized dealer, who told me to go back to Lowes. The circle is complete. I guess that's what happens when companies stop caring about quality and justify everything in dollars and cents. My opinion: steer clear of anything powered by the Courage line. Wish I had.
will kearney I have a 20hp courage on my cubby lt1045. The wife was picking up leaves with it, turned it off for a minute and went to start it and it wouldn't. I've taken the carb off went through it. It has tons of spark. I've checked all the wiring. Cleaned the points on the flywheel and the coil. I've tried priming it with gas and ether. Nothing other than an occassional backfire. Fuel pump works fine. Fuel solonoid under carb works fine also. I'm stuck and can't get it to do anything.
John Chenault Will, I can almost assure you that your problem is a stripped flywheel key! Pretty much same thing happened to mine and about pulled my hair out trying to figure out why a mower that ran fine a few minutes ago suddenly wouldn't start! Mine is also in an LT1045 I thought when I bought it I was stepping up from my old HUSKY with a 19HP Tecumseh but I was wrong! at least the old tecumseh would start in cold weather! When it's below freezing the Kohler refuses to crank past compression stroke even with a 55amp booster on the battery ! Luckily I have a B7100 Kubota compact tractor who's 3cyl Diesel has never failed to start even below zero!
Dale Jimmy your right on the money with your comment.my 1042 cubcadet 19 hp kohler courage motor did exactly what you said,compression release stop broke off at 117 hours of(babied use)i had it repaired for $130.00 my repairman said it could happen again at any time with these motors(kohler courage)is there anything i can do to help prevent this from happening again? thanks guys
Jimmy The bottom line is that you get what you pay for. And unfortunately for the general public the cost of mowing equipment has increased so rapidly that most people don't realize that they are getting inferior equipment when they spend $1500 to even $3000 on a lawn tractor or zero turn. I am not commenting as a "general public" guy. I have used commercial mowing equipment in the lawncare industry for twenty years and have also simultaneously worked as a dealership trained mechanic for John Deere, eXmark, Cub Cadet, Troybilt, and others. I know these engines and I personally would not buy a mower or any other equipment with the Courage engine on it. It sounds like a small handful of people have had a little good luck with them AND found their way to this site.

Jizz is right about one thing though, Kohler wouldn't knowingly send out a engine that they knew would only last 10 or 20 hours. They would make sure it would make to the end of the warranty period.
Back to getting what you pay for the 20 HP courage mentioned above by Mr Thomas that would cost 900-1100 dollars can be purchased here for a little over half that BRAND NEW


Look at the difference in the price on replacement engines and decide for yourself. They cost about half for some reason. Make your own assessment as to why.

john I have been a small engine mechanic for the last 23 years, and its not because I couldnt find another job. It has been my experience that the kohler courage single has much more catistrophic failures than all the other engine brands combined. Followed by the kohler command engine 25 and 27 hp primarily the vertical series, The briggs and stratton engines are much more reliable but are notorious oil leakers.Kawasaki engines are far better along with their desire for customer satisfaction. Kohler on the otherhand is difficult to deal with when you have a problem. the air cooled kawasaki is made in the u.s.a.
Jim I bought a Cub Cadet LT1045 and was very proud as I thought I had bought the best. After 60 hrs. the motor cracked. Now I am out of a mower and don't know how much it will cost me to repair. We took very good care of it. Winterizing, changing oil and filter etc..
Rick I too have a Kohler Courage 19 twin cam on a Troybilt lawn tractor. The mower is 4 years old and has mowed 3 seasons. I have an acre lot that I mow and have mowed twice this year. This week while mowing it started spraying oil. Upon inspection the block had a crack from the top front right corner about 3/4 way down side. There was no internal engine noise indicating a problem other than oil everywhere. Since there seems to be a problem with Kohler I have decided against spending $500 for a new engine. I'm leaning toward having the crack tig welded if possible, hopeful of getting this season out of it before buying a new mower next season. From the consumer comments on the Kohler engine, sounds like there should be a recall on the defects and improvements made in the design and materials used. I believe in regular maintenance and do it, and the mower hasn't been abused so I feel I have a right to be dissatisfied. I haven't contacted Kohler about this problem and it's evident it would be a waste of time. For the money, Briggs & Stratton has always been a good engine for me.
jerry 3 year old troy bilt with 19 hp courage that was well maintained with low hours has started blowing oil. Front right corner of head was cracked. Ground it with dremil tool and put aluminun epoxy in the crack. Has not leaked oil after 6 uses. Hope it last this season and i throw this piece of junk away or put a briggs and Stratton on it
dave torgerson 3 years and 83 hours and the block cracked!!! on my cub cadet lt1045! kohler courage20!! havent priced anything out yet but i bet im gonna have to spend a lot to replace it!!
Ben Just hit 100 hours on my Husqvarna and started to notice a knock. I searched for other people that had ran into similar problems with the Kohler Courage 20HP. I came across this site and read about some of the horror stories. I dug into the engine today and found out I too have one of the horror stories. Found the loose bolts on the crankcase cover, tightened them and looked for any oil leaks. I then found a big crack in the block. I may be "ranting" but this is horse shit! I was probably lucky to make it to 100 hours. jzjz is a moron. jzjz I have a "well designed" Kohler Courage engine you can buy.
Kevin Case I had 7.1 hours with my Kholer Courage engine on a 6000$ husqvarna and the carburetor is ruined. Cofer's small engine had the mower for 3 plus months now and still waiting for it but Kholer said the waranty does not cover that type of abuse. What abuse I put gas in it and did not get the correct specs of gas type from the station? JUNK pure JUNK!!!
DAVID my husband has a kingcat with a kohler couage we got it because we were told it was a commercaial
what BS had it 2years ands 5 mouths when i phoned them was told it was not commercaial but only for a round home so i have to find $5000 to buy new moter the wife said thay were f*** w***** as every one lied to us about it would not buy kohler again w***** thay are

Stacy One person says Kohler Courage engines are built in China and everyone believes them? They are built in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Just goes to show you can't believe everything you read!
charles huckaby i have a cub 1046 23 hp courage and at 76 hrs it has started to smoke like a freight train when you get it on a hill?any suggestions? i checked the tube that runs from crankcase to carb and no blockage
Rick Just hit 155 hours on my Husqvarna and started to notice a knock. Lots of oil leaking. I searched for other people that had ran into similar problems with the Kohler Courage 20HP. Found this site. What will I find? Cracked block? JUNK.
Almo I just had the identical problem as Ben above. My Husky with 20 hp Kohler Courage began leaking oil from the top and when I popped the flywheel to investigate, I found 4 loose crankcase bolts (one had backed out far enough to rub against the flywheel). Replaced them with new bolts and some locktite. Oil leak persisted and the crack in the block next to the cylinder became evident. It had lost structural integrity when the cover got loose. Piss poor workmanship, I'd say. Got 3 seasons out of it; 200 hours. Looks new but is currently worthless.
Mike Cassidy Have a cub cadet with a kohler courage 23, Wont start, Spark, gas and compression ok?, is it a flywheel key problem,inasmuch as it backfired when it gasped its last breath???
JASON GIBBS Guess what all 49.5 hrs and the lower block split in two. Pulled the top and three bolts are up against the wheel! Sweet mother of pearl, it was a month out of warrenty and do you think i would get any help or even a call from the company...Nope. I am not a happy man

Jim PLEASE READ THIS, BEWARE OF THE KOHLER. I bought my first mower a 2010 Husqvarna from Lowes with a 25 Hp Kohler Courage Engine on it. After 18 Hours of use the Engine shut off after about 10 minutes of use. I changed the spark plugs (gapped correctly), changed fuel filter, checked fuel line to see if kinked (was not), cleaned the pre-cleaner unit and re-oiled it and put back on, check the bowl to see if getting gas and it was, chenged fuel and added stabilizer to it, checked all fuses and saftey kill switch and working correctly. The fuel solinoid is reading for volts getting to it so I assume it is working. Checked for spark on plugs and yes they were firing. I did all of this first because a Kohler Tech suggested it. I then called Lowes and they said oh yeah its been 45 days and you can only bring it back for 30 days. I then took it to them and told them if someone comes in with cash for one of the best riding mowers they sell it should run longer than 18 hours of use and then they took it back and gave me a new one. I have had the second new one since July and have now got 20 hours of use on it and guess what is happening. Yes, the same damn thing. I am not a novice when it comes to engines and also maintaining them. I know the first variable is me and how I am using it, I think that a Kohler can handle a flat 3/4 acre yard. The second is the Husqvarna factor and other than the deck was about a inch off from one side to the other oh height, thats the only thing I found wrong with it (easily adjusted out). Then there is Lowes, they just hired some kid to work the summer and sell them to people like me and thats fine they can only do so much. Then there is the root of the problem and that is Kohler. I called Kohler, I should say I called Kohlers robot woman answering service and it directed me to my local service department for Kohler. Yeah, I could have figured out that one , maybe someone would call your company to see if you have any recalls or known problems with your product. All I get from your answering robot is some local guy who wants me to bring it in and replace a bunch of things that arent bad plus the one that is actually bad and pay for it all. Kohler has terrible customer service and the people I spoke to so far have made me feel like they are doing me a favor by talking to me.
Just take this into consideration before buying, I have not made this us or blown anything out of proportion to dramatize this.

bohdan47 I have 12 courages 15 hp . All of them was converted to propane.All have 400 to 700 hrs on floor buffers,and no problem ,no oil leaks,and use almost half of propane than ie.Kawasaki.Have hard start when new,and i use startin fluid,but propane is allways dificoult to start.
Jason Hello boys, add another Kohler Courage owner with loose coverplate bolts that caused a monster engine block crack. New in 2007, 112 hours of residential use with great maint. Unbelievable. I'm going to go outside and shoot it now.
John K Add another to the list. I got three years and a hundred hours. These engines are clearly cleverly designed to blow up but to get past the warranty period before the blow up. If anyone from Kohler bothers to read these posts, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Total JUNK.
g guys, i actually work for a distributor for small engines. there were some issues with loosening bolts on some of the courage motors initailly. it wasn't enough to do a recall though. the one thing i did notice is most of you people that are complaining about issues are buying your equipment from the big box stores. you are not getting proper service and questions answered. you are buying lower price units and expecting them to act like your high price units. when you buy a cub cadet or john deere for $1500, you are basically buying the same thing with a with another brand that would cost $1200. quit going to the big box store and buying this stuff. go to your regular small engine dealer and buy from them. when you have problems just after warranty period ends talk with the guy you bought from who wants to keep you as a customer. let them work for you. most of them will know who to call and get stuff taken care of for you even after the warranty is over. i deal with after warranty situations quite often and take care of a lot of them. not all of them but a lot of them. if you buy something from lowes and go into a dealer and ask him to take care of you, chances are you are not going to get the service that you think you deserve. the reason why is the dealer didn't sell you the machine and you are not a priority for him. he puts his customers ahead of you and is not going to go the extra mile for you unlike his own customer. people think they go to home depot and lowes and buy john deere and cub cadet and think they are getting such a great price but your are not. its generally the same price at a cub or JD dealer and they will service you like you are one of there customers. i also here about these "plastic gears" in the engine. half of your cars have "plastic gears" in there engines also. every small engine company has its issues no matter who they are. quit buying everything by price and expect not to have issues. kohler is a big name with a lot of history but to be competitve in todays cheap market they had to develope an inexpensive option. most of you dont realize that a kohler command engine costs more then most of these tractors with the courage engines in them. also for the 25 people on this forum that are complaining about there courage motors there a 500 people that are loving them. so next time you buy a small engine item go to a small engine dealer and buy from them. if some problem does come up after warranty you will have a better chance getting it taken care of.
walt Oh yea I got the sickness too... cover bolts loose,hitting flywheel oil spitting out the crack in the case and top.Rocker arms were so loose its amazing they were still opening the valves. Why dont we all get together and send our engine back to kohler at the same time. Maybe we could get on the cbs or nbc news!!!If I had my dozer Id run over it and mail it to them!!
Jim M. Does anyone know the correct spacing between the coil and the flywheel on the Kohler 20 hp Courage?
Herb JUNK 76 hours--throwing oil--service center says waste of time to rebuild--new replacement 1600.00 this engine was OVERLY maintained changed oil every two weeks thru out mowing season (changed filter every second or third oil change
Raymond B. I also have a cracked block om Courage 19 hp Kohler engine. Seems the 4 bolts on upper cover come loose & crack block. I am sure Kohler is aware of this problem. Would be nice if they let there customers know. I guess when you sell junk you want to keep a low profile.
ed I bought a Kohler Courage XT-7 last summer. It is front wheel driven mower. Two days ago, I started it to mow my lawn. During that time, there was still some leftover gas from last fall. When I mowed only for less than a minute, it suddenly stopped. Then I bought some fresh gas and filled in. Still it could not start. My mower doesn't have the prime bulb. I cleaned the air filter, checked the engine oil. However, when I tried to take the spark off, I did not have the right tool. After all of those steps, still it doesn't work. Can anyone have any suggestion? Thanks.
JBill I have a 14 year old Agco-Allis tractor/mower with a 14 hp Kohler Courage engine that is still running strong (did replace carb four years ago) and a 3 year old Simplicity tractor/mower with an 18 hp Kohler Courage engine that is just junk. The fuel solenoid went out the first week; now the automatic compression release is shot. I'll never have another piece of equipment with a Kohler engine. Ever.
Jim I have a Craftsman lawn tractor with a 20 hp courage twin cam motor. The tractor is over 3 yrs. old. We have annual lawn mower races and I have won two out of three. Don't want to tell you how tight I rev my "stock motor" but I will just say it's up there and have had "0" problems. I use 5-40 Mobil 1 and change it a couple of times a year. Recently checked my valve adjustment and they where almost spot on. Lots of power and smooth as well as reasonably quiet. Nicest big single I have experienced in a lawn mower.
Carol I have a 20 hp Kohler courage. The tractor will not idle fast. You can choke it to start it, but have to slow the idle so slow that it will hardly mow. On the advice of an authorized dealer, I replaced the carburetor. Needless to say, the part made absolutely no difference what so ever. Also, the plastic bracket that the carburetor mounts to is cracked ( from the factory) Spark plug is fine, but the spark plug cable upon ispection, the spark plug wire had electrical tape ( also from the factory ). I am desperate for any help... suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to put $300.00 in a $800.00 lawn mower. Carburetor was $116.00. Thanks for your time and help
RJRowe I have a 4 year old 19 hp kohler courage on a Cub. Will not start. seems to be having compression issues. Was initially over filled with oil by the repair shop and have not been able to use it since. Also has a knocking sound while turning over. Any suggestions? Thanks
Donald Neisler Got a courage 20, 4 years old, about 100 hours. Balancer bearings are shot, and it started knocking...only way to fix it is to buy a shortblock for $525....WTF?
Why can I not replace the barings or something. Second thing I noticed is the crank and rod didn't even have replacable bearings...JUNK.

Will First thing...Stacy is correct, the Kohler Courage Engine is and has always been manufactured in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Not in China. Second...all manufacturing has defective products that somehow make it out the door to the end user. Third...some end users will end up with a lemon. Having said that, it is a shame that there are major retailers that will not replace or warranty a unit for more than 30 days nor do they have the professional personel to determine when a unit is not the fault of the consumer. G is right...if you want qualified support, you must buy from an authorized dealer. They have a close relation with the distributor and manufacturer. Over half of these issues would have been taken care of and you would have been pleased with the product and service. Also...you would have been educated with the fact of not leaving your fuel in the carb for several months. Especially fuel with 10% ethanol. Definately do not use E85. These carbs on these small engines are not designed for more than 10% ethanol. The fuel can not sit for very long or you will have problems.

Gregg H Courage is a piece of junk stay with the command series and u should b ok.My brother has 4 dixons 3 with command series all with 2100 hundred or more hrs and one new courage sieze up at 84 hrs.I have dixie chooper with 27hp commnad and 350 hrs and she runs like a champ
Re: kohler courage

I have read every one of these comments and found that most of these people are buying from a big box store and are mainly buying single cylinder kohler courage engines. From looking at all the comments, most people have up to 100 hrs on there engine before having problems. I bought a Craftsman GT5000 in september of 2009 with the 26hp kohler courage engine on it (not knowing about all the problems people have had with them) and currently it has 247hrs on it. I have had only two issues with this engine so for though, the factory high idle setting was to low so I bumped it up from 3100rpm to 3500rpm, also I had to replace the exhaust gaskets because the engine was backfiring a lot. I do all the mantainance myself, and I don't go by the manual, I replace everything at 25 hrs except for sparkplugs (because I use platinum plugs) and the fuel filter (I always use fresh gas no more than a week old). I have never used 87 or 89 octane in this engine either. From the day I started the engine I have run 93 octane with a mix of seafoam fuel stabilizer and marine grade ethanol treatment. I have not had one carburator issue yet or anything else that is major. I cut commercially and I have tortured this mower and engine through 5ft tall grass on 102 degree days for hours at a time. I did not know that the courage was a cheapo and was not rated for heavy use until the end of last year, but why did they put it in a garden tractor then??? Up until the start of grass cutting this spring I have not babied this mower at all. To give you an idea of how bad I have been to it, I have replaced two spindles in the mower deck already, have had 4 complete front ends put in (axle, spindles, drag links, tires, steer plate, and gear sector), and I have bent the frame. The two things that have held up though are the engine and transmission.

I must say though that not every kohler is a lemon this page is just a page of the people who bought the lemons. Also do not think that because the Kohler Courage is a bad engine that means all kohler products are bad, because that is not true. The Kohler Command is put in Commercial mowers and is known to run for up to 5000hrs. John Deere, Craftsman or whoever, goes to these small engine companies (including B&S) and asks them to build and unreliable motor so you the consumer has to come back in 5 years to buy another mower. It all comes back to "you get what you pay for." So you didn't want to spend a lot on your lawn equipment, okay fine now here you are halfway through the summer paying someone like me to cut your grass because your mower is in the shop and you didn't spend the extra bucks for a better mower. That is the reality of the situation. As far as where these engines are built I have heard from mower shop mechanics that the courage engine is made in China but who knows. What's the difference though; even if it is made in the USA the same parts are still being used to put the damn thing together. If I were to do it all over again I would definatley have the command even though I have not had any major problems with my courage yet.

A suggestion to anyone who is going to buy a new mower do not buy from sears, lowes, or home depot. Go to a manufacturer like John Deere, Cub Cadet, or Kubota and ask them to show you the one up from the Lawn series tractors you see in the big box stores. For JD it is the x300 series, for CC it is the 2000 series, for kubota it is the GR Series. Yes you can pay from a few hundred dollars more to a few thousand dollars more but it will save you in the long run when you look back 20 years from now and you still have the same mower.

Re: kohler courage

Another Kohler Courage 19 hp. quality complaint.
My well cared for Cub LT1042 has the Kohler Courage 19 hp. engine. That engine has piss poor construction. After about 50 hrs. it started leaking oil from the valve cover, it was dripping directly onto the hot muffler. A new gasket solved that problem. I noticed more oil leaking from around the crankcase it was comming from an area under the flywheel. Upon removing the flywheel I found 5 of the front crankcase bolts loose, I could turn them with my fingers. One of the bolts was up so high it was hitting the bottom of the flywheel. How can so many of these engines come out of the factory and Kohler not take responsiblity. Luckily the block did not appear to be cracked. I personally will not buy anything made by Kohler again.

Dennis I have a kohler courage 23 in my Cub Cadet riding mower-tractor. While mowing, the engine started to slow down and speed up, cycling like that. After about another hour of mowing, it just quit. Being an engineer, I investigated and found that both intake push rods were bent almost by 45 degree angle and lying loose in the valve cover. It appears that the intake valves may have hit the top of the pistons, thus bending the push rods. The only cause I can think of is that the valve cam has slipped, so that the intake valves are extended into the cylinders when the pistons are at the top of the cylinders. Has any one else had this problem? Is this a known problem of this engine? Thanks, Dennis
Chasjohn I've found a replacement 19 hp Courage for under $500 on EBay. Not sure of the warranty? Have the cracked block, thinking about trying to have it Tig'd. Has anyone done this successfully? How much did the Tig repair cost?
I will take it down to the bare case and deliver it to the welding shop.

Bill Manhatten how did you get a picture of my engine? Thats exactly what I found and after cleaning the block found it had a 4-5 inch long crack on the rh side near the cylinder head.(120 hours) I talked to a CC Dealer and he told me that he has 2- 19hp courage engines in the shop with valve seats that popped out cylinder head (under 100 hours) and the engines are knocking or not running. He also wished me luck with the cracked block. He didn't seem to surprised that it cracked and wanted me to take it to another dealer.
The thing that gets me is this used to to a good name in the small engine arena and now they have ruined the company name they worked so hard to build. I also was told this engine was made in Mississippi by a Kohler email.
One last thing about some of the comments from the lucky few that have had good luck with this engine, count your blessings and hope you luck holds out. I am very disappointed with Kohler

Paul White I've read every one of these comments. I'm well aquainted with Kohler command and Briggs engines. I now have a Courage with less than 50 hours on it. Compression release gone. Can't start it for that reason. 96 command just worn out with several thousand hours. Briggs wasn't too bad but junked because of valve adjustments (compression release) Buy a command engine if possible. Buy a cheap courage and pay for a command. PS I've lived in Mississippi most of my life and that is no indorsement for quality. People are people everywhere.
pete p i bought a new simplicity regent in 06 with the kohler courage engine has less than 50 hours on it.
i paid 2400 for tractor from a dealer not a box store.
engine started getting load like it had an exhaust leak then got really load and started leaking oil, took to repair shop and the whole motor had a huge crack in it.
what a piece of junk kohler sucks

David Prior to owning a 26hp Kohler Courage engine in a Husqvarna lawn tractor I owned a Toro zero turn mower with a 27 hp Kohler Command engine this mower is commercial duty all the way, I got a deal on it at $8000 from a local dealer and his after sale service is without peer. Shortly after the purchased it I had a stroke. A few months later I called and spoke to the dealer regarding a belt that jumped off and the stroke came up. Later that day the door bell rang and it was the guy that sold me the mower! He crawled under the mower and slipped the belt back on and he wouldn't take a penny for the housecall or the work. If I had to buy another commercial mower Bob Hurley from Aldridge Durham Saw would be my first choice without question. He knows his equipment and has a heart that doesn't just pump blood. You would do well to cultivate a relationship with him, not only is he a great dealer, but an awesome friend. I also have a Husqvarna 26hp lawn tractor with a Kohler Courage engine, the engine has over 500 hours on it and has not had one problem. I change the oil and filter once a year and haven't even looked at the spark plugs. The command engines I have had will backfire if you don't let them idle at least 20 seconds, I haven't had this problem with the Courage. I didn't know about the problem with the plastic gears, but with so much competition from Asian engines, they wouldn't put their reputation at risk by putting a inferior part in their engines. Re: Husqvarna, I was refueling the tractor and some gas spilled on the fender when I wiped it off some white letters came off too, I called Husqvarna and they said; "don't spill gas on the paint" I will think long and hard before I buy another Husqvarna product. I have two Husqvarna chainsaws and was in the market for a really big saw, I bought a Stihl from Bob Hurley.
Bart I have a 3.5yo Cub Cadet LT1045 with a 19hp Kohler Courage. I really liked the ride of cut, but it was a lot louder than my folks Husky. I have a steep yard and the Cub seems to have a lower center of gravity and handle the hills better. My problem is with the engine. Last week while cutting the grass it started to make a knocking noise so I went to shut it off, too late. The connecting rod sheared off and broke the cylinder wall and punched a hole through the crankcase. Only 115 hours on the mower. I serviced it every year and just had a 100hr checkup. This engine is a piece of crap. $900 to replace on a $1600 mower. Trying to fix it myself but I cannot find a crankcase for sell. Very frustrated with Kohler. Warranty ran out in April, 5 mos ago. Pathetic. I will buy a Briggs or Kawasaki next.
wade I have a 2 year old Cub Lt1045 with 12.1 hours on it. I don't have alot to mow. I already have the valve cover leak (not bad) but this spring I helped out a neighbor who's mower died and mowed his lawn which was a bit high. Since then, my mower has smoked a bit and has lost quite a bit of power. I was under warranty (2 weeks left) and got the run around from the dealer to Kohler. It has the Courage20 and I'm stuck with this turd that I'm going to have to fix. My question is has anyone retro-fitted a different engine and what engine works? I don't want to sink more money into an already reputedly bad engine.
Steve I have a 4 year old Cub Cadet LT1045 with the Kohler Courage 20. At just over 100 hours the engine threw a rod. What a waste of money.
Raynond B. For everyone thst has a cracked block because of 4 bolts backing off behind flywheel on Kohler. I used J B weld & all kinds of expoy sealers nothing woked for over 3 cuts starting leaking again. What happens is that viabration will loosen the sealer. You need something that is flexable. RTV Slicone works just fine. When a mechanic told me to use this I thought no way this would work. I cleaned crack off & applied slicone. No leaks in 3 months of use. Hope this helps.
Jerry A I have a 2007 courage 20 with 250 hours on it and it dropped a valve. I found out as most of you did, it is junk. I would like to cross a B&S Intek or a Kaw engine to bolt up like the original. Any help with model numbers would be appreciated.
Not a Troy fan anymore After having my Troy bilt bronco for 5 years or so. It started with an oil leak that I thought was probably just a bolt loosening up from all the vibrations over the years. Being a master auto tech I have always maintained this tractor regularly to the degree of over maintaining it because I always want my things to last beyond their expected mechanical lives and appear in like new condition always. well after tracking down the oil leak that was due to multiple bolts almost all the way out under the engine cover and several others loose enough to turn by my fingers. I torqued them to spec and figured what a close call. I'm glad I caught that before it got any worse. Mind you the was Friday night in my not so well lit garage. So I pushed it outside decreased the engine and washed the whole machine. Went out the next day and mowed the lawn and the tractor ran great no smoke no nothing. Just very smooth. Pulled up to the garge afterward and I noticed a drip by the starter and I'm like what the heck. So I opened the hood and now I find this crack about 3-4 inches long in the block. It runs from the top of the block down a few inches in front of the starter and just behind the cylinder.
Craig I have a cub cadet with a kohler Courage 20 HP motor. SERIOUS OIL LEAK. After removing the plastic shroud I expected a gasket leak. I found a cracked block- 3" crack at the base of the Cylinder. Partsman tells me it is a common failure even though I only have 150 hours on the motor! Price to replace the motor is $900 but I do not want to buy the same crap. I found all of the bolts on the block cover to be finger lose! One of them had sheered off. I believe if they were tight the block wouldn't have cracked. When cranking the engine over, the crack opens 1/8". I tightened the bolts and the gap stays tight. I am going to wrap a large hose clamp like device around the block and cylinder to give more strength and repair the broken bolt. Use locktight on them, cover the crack with gasket sealer, and hope for the best. I will post a follow up as to how well it works.
Craig Used 1/8" cable and tensioner to hold the cylinder tight to block. Wrapped the cable around the block and over the top of the cylinder. Crack in block doesn't open up while running. Sealed crack with copper gasket sealer. I know this is not a permanent fix, but I do not want to waste big money on another inferior courage product. If I am forced to buy another Courage, I will do the following before using it:
Locktite all bolts in the crank case, and install cable. The thin block is only about 1/8" thick cast aluminum, when bolts come lose the strength is lost. Holes for bolts in the seal plate are 1/8 bigger than the bolt diameter, so once torque is lost- the whole system fails.

walter i have a JD G100 with the kohler 25 hp vert. shaft engine. it has 190 hrs. on it. was mowing with it everything running fine and all of a sudden smoke stats coming from engine loss of power and carb housing is full of engine oil. engine will restart ran usual tests engine compression 175 lbs. on left (sitting on seat) rh side pumps up to 150 lbs. Has any body been through this and point me in the right direction (no time to waste)
Craig 3 1/2 year old Courage 20 HP engine replaced by Kohler. The failure of the crankcase is covered by Kohler- even after warranty expires. They are shipping me a shortblock at no charge! E mail them pics of the damage along with a pic of hour meter and reciept. They DO back up their product! All the effort to save the motor because I assumed it would not be covered. Anyone with the same issues as I had should file a complaint with Kohler directly.
greg purchased an lt 1040 at the end of the season
upon starting it up for the summer.the teeth on the flywheel for the starter came off.covered under waranty.but they had it all summer.i purchased it because kohler was supposed to be a good product.i change the oil when required.
now the conecting rod broke.causing outher
problems.i do not think i will buy anouther one
chalk it up the experiance.

Bill I'm 64- thought I would treat myself and buy a Cub Cadet 1050 with the Kohler 25 horse now that we have a house with 3 acres of lawn and trees. The cub mows the lawn like a golf course. I have a Troy-bilt tiller- 30 years old, which has never failed me with a Kohler 8 horse motor, but that was before MTD bought them out and cheaped out on the quality. As many others have posted- don't buy from the big box stores. We live in Albany, NY. The oil pressure sending switch was leaking oil since startup. Home Depot wanted me to trailer my new Cub to their store, then they would truck it to the repair facility in CONNETICUT, diagnose the leak, and I could drag it back home weeks later. I stopped at the hardware store on the way home- a local Cub dealer, bought the switch, replaced it myself- cost me 8 bucks but it's fixed. Right now my flywheel has teeth missing and it won't start.
Re: kohler courage

Had the same problem with my Kohler SV590. Loose bolts - cracked crankcase. This was my first and now last Kohler engine.

DeeJay Seems there are too many of us who have experienced the loose cover bolts resulting in cracked block.
My 2005 LT1045 Cub Cadet 46inch with Kohler Courage 20HP engine started making a rattling noise so I pulled the engine cover and noticed that 4 of the bolts that secure the block cover were totally loose and one was rubbing against the flywheel. I snugged them all back down and checked the rest (also a little loose) and immediately started to see oil dripping from the front of the block and found a small crack in that position. I also replaced the valve cover that was leaking while I was in there. I have cleaned the engine block with brake cleaner and am going to try the RTV Silicone High Temperature that Raymond B. said worked for him. I will post the results in a few days (or weeks if it holds that long).

EJ Add another. I purchased a Husky with the sv610-0212. Literally blew a hole in side of the block...just like Jeff C experienced. Oil all over my lawn. No signals anything was wrong.
Don I have a Sears with a Kohler CV16S and it has lasted since 1995-2012 and still runs great. No smoking or problems. Replaced Steering wheel gear, pullies, etc and no problems with automatic. I cut 2 acres every week and a few hills. Hydraulic valves are nice. I service every year filter, air filter, oil filter, non meth gas, keep carb flushed when a little gummed. It cost $1600 back then. I seen the good engine and snapped it up. I would buy a command and mate it up if your courage fails. I believe there is a cartel that has decreased quality for profit to keep guys like me from buying good stuff and buying crap every 4 years. Light bulbs. Lawn mowers. Screw the consumer.
Terry I had my kohler courage motor in my cub cadet for less than 24 hours when the short block cracked. It was covered under warranty then another 25 hours later it cracked again with no warranty this time. The cub cadet dealer told me these motoe are junk and I should trade my mower in on a kawazaki vtwin. SHAME ON CUB CADET. From what I have read on this blog it should be illegal to use these mowers on a high end tractor
Jack Ballard I have a cub cadet riding mower model LTXS1050, model#13RP91AP056 with a Kohler model #715-0002 built 3/23/09. I have 50 hours on the mower/engine. As I was mowing last week the engine just started racing way too fast. Has anyone had a similar problem? What caused it? I have tried readjusting the governor as suggested in the manual. I can get it to idle just right at low idle position if I hold the idle linkage arm tight to the idle adjustment screw, but it revs up way to high as soon as I let the adjustment arm free. Can internal governor parts be failing after just 50 hours.
pete Same old story and pictures thought i was looking at my courage motor with its hairline cracks, bolts that were untightened and some hitting the fly wheel. I tig welded the cracks and built up some broken bolt holes, put it back toghter, and it worked fine for about 6 months, then i heard that same loud knocking sound, oil,smoke and saw a larger crack in the same area that i had earlier tig welded. Some people at this fractory need to be fired.
Brandon I've owned the 22HP command since last year. I put 22 hours on it and have not had any issues so far. Now this engine is one of the newer ones. I haven't seen a single person talk about the 22hp one, so maybe that's a good one to have. We shall see!
Brandon I've owned the 22HP command since last year. I put 22 hours on it and have not had any issues so far. Now this engine is one of the newer ones. I haven't seen a single person talk about the 22hp one, so maybe that's a good one to have. We shall see!
Brandon I've owned the 22HP command since last year. I put 22 hours on it and have not had any issues so far. Now this engine is one of the newer ones. I haven't seen a single person talk about the 22hp one, so maybe that's a good one to have. We shall see!
Mike Crittenden Mine is shutting off about every 6 -10 min. I want get me another one after owning one and after reading all the testimonials . Mine is less than 2 seasons old. Now, this is not an isolated incident. MINE IS A CUB CADET 20 HP. KOHLER ENGINE, I AM DONE AND THE REST IS UP TO THE MAKER OF THIS JUNK. THERE ARE ENOUGH COMPLAINTS AND WHAT IS THE VERDICT WITH A FIX, ASK A SALES REP RIGHT NOW AND THEIR ANSWER WOULD BE, O!!! THESE ARE GREAT MOTORS..!!! Listen, FIX THE PROBLEMS!!!!! OR STOP MAKING THE JUNK..... , OR, GO OUT OF BUSINESS, JUST SOMETHING TO CONSIDER??????!!!!!!!!!! ,,,,,,,,.................

Billbo I have a Airens with 18 hp Courage and it is a piece of junk. Won't start, very fickle. I'm going to try changing the fuel solenoid but at $70 it's a gamble. For those who posted saying $1500 mower isn't expected to function more than a year- your wallet is certainly bigger than mine. For a grand or more I don't expect a disposable mower. Got tired of the poor deck on my craftsman but at least the thing cranked, should have never gotten rid of my 20 y.o. mtd with the briggs. Stay away from Koehler!
Coast I bought my Husqvarna in 2008. In July of this year (2012), my son was mowing in the back yard and the thing started rattling and blew a hole in the side of the engine. And... like others mentioned, oil ran all over the place. I read all the posts here. After doing that, I decided to send a nasty gram to Kohler. I didn't expect much from that. At first I thought I'd just junk the rest. But I kept looking at it thinking that the rest of the mower was in great condition. I'm pretty handy with small engines, so I thought I could find a replacement engine myself and install it. I talked with some small engine repair guys and had a couple lined up that I thought about buying. Some told me I could do it with a few small mods (like my choke and throttle are on the same cable). Just when I was ready to buy one, I got a call from the Kohler rep for our region. He told me that even though my mower was not within the warranty period, they would do a shortblock for me and all I'd have to pay would be the labor. That ended up being about $180 or so. I felt like I couldn't beat that. I was looking at an engine for about $250.00 and I'd still have to do the work. So I went that route. All I had to do was provide proof of purchase and life was good. I decided to post this in case this thread was still live and the note might help someone else. It's now September and I've been back in the grass with the mower for a few weeks now. BTW, one of the official Kohler dealers in the area told me that a lot of these engines were put together in Mexico and that the bolts were not torqued correctly among other things that were not done right. He thought that the shortblock would work well for me.

One thing that would be nice for these posts is if they included the date of posting. Am I missing that somewheres?

dennis 20 hp kohler courage on husqvarna with 42 hours, oil leak then cracked block bolts on crank case loose and one sheered off. Kohler is helping with short block but the shipping and labor is on me. Should tightening the crank and head bolts be preventative maintenance? heard this happens all makes of engines with aluminum blocks
james have a 2010 husqvarna with 20hp kohler motor the engine started raceing away and blew the side out of it .i will not ever buy a kohler
Matt Does anyone have a good lower half of their 19hp kohler courage engine I just need the two cast bearing for the crank. As most of you no they do not sell them. you can just emaile me as i will not be on here often.

Robert English A lot of talk about the compression release on the Kohler Courage being broken. What is the procedure to repair it? Is it cost efficent to repair, or should the engine be junked?
nazbom After reading these posts I feel the same as most on here. I take care of my equipment and machinery and have had most every problem with my Cub Cadet powered by a 19 HP Courage engine. I used to feel the way some do about "properly" taking care of it would prevent these issues but damn I am religious about service and I the problems keep getting worse. Now I'm finally left with no oil pressure and am about fed up its a 3 year old tractor. I gave my Father in law my old lawn tractor I left for dead and it's still ticking. Anecdote in this situation counts for something I believe,
Mark I have a 19hp troy built rider mower just shut off gas good spark good oil good some one told me to set the timing can anyone tell me thr right way please thanks
Bob Purchased a Husqvana 24 hp V-twin Hyrdrostatic 48" cut w/Kohler Courage engine from box store today, 4/21/13. Paid $1809. Previously had a 42" scratch & dent bought in late July 19 years ago from same box store but finally quit. Great tractor w/B&S engine & only pd $500. After reading these reviews am quite concerned how long the Husqvana will last w/Kohler engine. Does anyone know where the Kohler Courage 2013 engines are made & if they still have problems as mentioned in these reviews? Not happy about our disposable economy & am concerned about keeping junk out of landfills and more $ in my pocket.
ike Looking for a direct replacement engine for my LT1045. The block is cracked on my Kohler SV600
I have see on another web site that the Briggs & Stratton Intek Vertical OHV Engine with Electric Start - 21 HP, 1in. x 3 5/32in. Shaft, Model# 331977-0001-G1 will drop in with no modifications even the electrical connector fit and are in the right location. Can some help me confirm this before I spend $550 on motor that I may not be able to use

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