Snow thrower can't stay running

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Snow thrower can't stay running

Craig I have owned a two-stage Craftsman Snow Thrower model 247.887000 for a little over a year. (Engine model 143.045003). Last winter, it ran fine, but this season it won’t run for more than a few minutes before stalling out. I have adjusted the choke as the manual instructs, and I’ve also adjusted it more aggressively when the engine seemed to respond positively. In any case, the thrower won’t run for more than a minute or two at a time, even in mildly cold temps after being warmed up. I live in southeast PA, and it has been in the upper 20’s low 30’s.

I did not do a very good job of prepping the snow thrower before storage at the end of last winter, as I left a half tank of gas in it and did not perform the steps in the manual. Just before this winter, I replaced the auger belt, changed the oil, lubed a few joints, and replaced the gas with fresh. I did not replace the spark plug.

In total, the snow thrower has about 20 hours of use, if that. The guy at my local Sears said it sounds like it is a matter of “choke management”, but the choke did not need much attention last season. He also discounted the idea that maybe I need a new spark plug.

If anyone has any ideas, I would much appreciate them. I regret leaving a half tank of gas in there over the summer, but after draining the tank I saw/smelled no sign if varnish. I did not clean any internals, as I am not that experienced with that sort of thing.

Any ideas would be helpful.

modre won’t run for more than a few minutes

best answers come from accurate information provided.
if this information is accurate

sounds like it's running out of fuel.
make sure the gas tank vent works and the tank isn't pulling a vacuum

fuel filter isn't clogged

if there's a fuel pump on it make sure the diaphram doesn't leak

Joe If snowblower has a Tecumseh eng on with a hi speed needle on bottom of carb bowl,try turning needle valve out(counterclockwise) 1/2-1 turn & see if this cures or starts to cure your problem,sounds like hi speed jet is set too lean,if eng runs,after warming up,at full throttle back needle out till eng starts to miss with smokey exhaust.SLOWLY turn needle in(clockwise) till eng runs at full speed,keep turning valve in till eng starts to miss,turn valve slowly back out 1/8-3/4 turn till eng runs smooth.If you still can't get eng to run,after doing above I would suspect you have a load of dirt or water(caused by condensation) in carb bowl or a sticking float valve.As far as reaching carb needle this is blocked from view by heated carb cover,you'll have to adj. by reaching up into cover & the feel method,unless you want to take time to remove cover from carb.If carb has no hi speed needle,you probably have dirt in carb & main jet is blocked(hi speed),you'll have to remove,dissasemble,and clean out,which might not be a bad idea no matter which carb you have,and possibly replace fuel filter at same time.
daviddude that engine has no main adjustment screw(trust me on this) remove main jet bolt from underneath carb bowl. within the threads there are 3 pinholes make sure the holes are open and carb bowl is cleaned out. replace bowl and main assembly. you must use pump fresh gasoline on these engines.. the primer says 3 2sec interval pumps but, i pump then 7 pumps in a row the engine will run. good luck.
daviddude sorry about assuming it has no adj screw on bottom. the smaller new style tecumsehs do not but today i seen an 2 yr old 8 hp tecumseh powered ariens snowthrower and it had an adjustable main jet bad
Kim I have the same problem with my snowblower! I've cleaned out the bowl and checked the holes in the bottom bolt. Now what?
rik Got the same problem but with 10 year old Craftsman snow thrower. I can get mine to keep going only by continually pushing the Primer button (not a very practical solution - unless you have 3 arms). To me this sounds like not enough vacuum being generated by the carb? Or - perhaps you are right - clog somewhere - or poor mixture? Whacha think?
al I understand that Sears has sent out a bulletin to upgrade the Craftsman Snow Thrower model 247.887000 as a safety issue. I have not received one, does anyone know of this upgrade?
Vic Same problem. My Snow thrower would only run at full choke. It quit just when I needed it most.
maurice I have the same problem. The /thrower had ran out of warranty. Do you think that sears is still honoring the upgrade ? Please reply
Sean Same problem. Mine is in it's second season. Ran fine the first few storms and now won't stay running once I do one or two passes in the driveway. I checked the fuel - admitedly, I did not change the oil, though I checked the dipstick and it seems ok ...
J. Farly I drained the gas on my Sears Snowblower/Tecumseh motor, 5 hp. Drained all of it, put sta-bil in the remaining gas that I had, in the can. Put in only enough gas in the blower to try to start it. It fired right up, choke closed all the way. Wouldn't even run with choke open, I tried that, just to see. My neighbor, (80) years old said, a lot of times the float will get stuck with dirt, condensation, etc... Left the bowl on, and drained it by pushing up on the float. Runs great now.
iIrwin I need some diagram on how to adjust choke
tony of staten island YES - pressure relief valve limits maximum pressure to which tire can be inflated. Plastic rims may burst if snow tires are over inflated above 20 psi.
richard canderozzi did not ever receive the bulletin Sears mentions
Ted Johnson Where do I have to look to see this recall bulletin?
Dennis Cuervo I am also looking for the plastic part between part#2-4 that holds both cables.

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