John Deere 330 Garden Tractor

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John Deere 330 Garden Tractor

Mike Collins I have a John Deere 1986 330 Garden tractor (3 cylindar diesel) with 535 hours that I purchased from an individual in '95. I own 2 acres and have been using the tractor ever since. I have had no problems with this tractor what so ever. Everytime I start the engin, I get schivers all up and down my body because the engin is so constant. I feel like I could drive right through my house. My problem is that the tractor needs to be painted and that I stopped in to see the new John Deere models. I have my eye set on a new 455. The dealership that I am dealing with will only offer me $1,500 for a trade in. To me this tractor is worth WAY more then $1,500. Can anyone tell me what this tractor is worth? What would e the best way for me to market this tractor? Are there any web sites that I might try? I am located in Olathe, KS which is about 35 minutes south of Kansas City.
bontai Joe A 330 with just over 500 hours on it, is definitely worth more than $1,500. You could advertise it at classified section, which is a dedicated website for pre 1992 Deere garden tractors. They have over 2000 members and ALL are into Deere tractors. You will have to register, but it is free, and you can set up your account to be spam free. You can also list it in the for sale section of

But if all it needs is a repaint, why not repaint it? You oviously love this tractor. I'm a proud owner of 3 older Deeres from the 1970s-'80s, and have no plans to sell any of them. They are just too good a machine to get rid of. There is nothing wrong with the 455, except mabe the price, but for a LOT less $$$ you can have yours repainted like new.

Tom I agree with Joe. With low hrs. like that, you would be better off even if you took it to a body shop and have it painted. If you take all the green panels off yourself, it might not cost that much. I have a 332 that was painted professionally and it looks like a new one.
Mike Collins I was told that I could have it professionally painted (by a body shop) for $500. That to me seemed hi. What do you think? Is that reasonable?
Also, I have noticed that when I mow, I sometime see different debths in each of the three mowing blade. I'm only talking a very small differential but I can notice the difference (my wife can't). How can I adjust the debth of each blade??

Tom Yes,that sounds high to me, also. I would check other body shops. As far as the mower deck is concerned, check for play in the spindles by grabbing the end of the blades and try to move them up and down. You shouldn't feel any play to speak of. Also, make sure you don't have a bent blade. Have you hit anything lately while mowing? Are the blades sharp? Are all the deck wheels in the same adjusting holes? Good luck!
MC Thanks!
I will check.

bontai Joe To level up the cut, start with tire air pressure and make sure pressure is the same in the left tires vs. the right tires. I am assuming the front tires match and the rears match by size and manufacturer. Then go by your manual in leveling your deck (engine off!) Deere sells a plastic blade height measurment tool that makes things a little easier for less than $10, Your blade tips need to be the same height from the ground when aligned 90 degrees to the centerline of the tractor, and aprox. 1/4" lower in front than the rear when alligned with the tractor's centerline. You can also eyeball the mower deck it self to see if the tin has been bent in the spindle area that might cause one of the blade mounting shafts (spindles) to be cocked out of allignment with the other spindles (fixable with patience and a ball peen hammer). That should get you as good of a cut as possible. Also check for bent, or badly worn blades.

$500 for a pro paint job is not unreasonable. You have to figure prep time (sanding and filling in pits), priming, sanding again, then top coats (usually 2, sometimes more) plus taking it apart and reassembly if you don't want to do it yourself. I've done my own with rattle cans, and gotten decent results, but it definitely won't be mistaken for a pro job, and I spent a lot of time in doing it. Mine isn't rusty anymore and if I scratch it, I don't cry as much as if it was a $500 paint job (I do still cry), but mine are all working tractors and not show machines.

bontai Joe I just realized I should have offered you $1550 and told you to get the new 455, and get rid of the old dirty Deere... I guess I shot myself in the foot on that one, huh? I haven't seen a Deere 300 series diesel go for a nickle less than $2000 in my neck of the woods and some go for over $3000 based on condition. You haven't said how rusty yours is, but the with low hours on it, I'm guessing it can't be too bad unless it is stored outside in salty air. These diesels with good maintenance are good for 3000-4000 hours before needing serious work. And unless deliberately abused the hydros are just as bulletproof. I'm assuming you do change the hydro fluid and filter every 200 hours or 2 years as called for in the manual? The rest of the tractor is built like a tank. Typically, after 15 or 20 years, it is the electrical stuff that starts to need fixing. That is where the wonderful wizards at can be of BIG help. At least a dozen guys have already fixed whatever it is you broke and can tell you how to trouble shoot and fix the ignition system, charging system, etc. Plus there is a virtual encyclopedia of Deere knowlege in their archives. They even have info in their archives as to Dupont spec numbers on proper paint, or powder coatings if you choose to go that way. Hey if you really want a new one, great, but the machine you have is one of the great garden tractors and well worth fixing up.
MC Joe - You have convinced me that I am going to fix up my 330. Thanks again!
bontai Joe Yeah, I gotta stop telling folks how good their old Deeres are and start offering some low ball prices to see if I can score a bargain deisel somewhere....

maybe parked in some garage with an old, dirty, 1950's vintage "plastic" bodied 2 seater Chevy...

offer $1000 for the pair... yeah, now I'm dreaming!




larry hey fellas i bought my JD 330 for 500 yeah eat your hearts out now for the bad news: the steering did have some slack in it but not enough that the machine couldnt be used, now the last time i mowed with it something broke or came lose or whatever any way the point is now i have to fix the slack because it has about 2 rounds or more of slack. now for the question does anyone know how the steering box comes off i took out three bolts and looked as much as i can and felt as much as i can and i can not find another bolt. is there one hidden somewhere? please help and no i dont want my money back
Angus I recently purchased a 330 with a basket case engine. I am missing push-rods, rocker assembly, injector return line and injectors. If you have these items send me a note. The engine has 3300 hours so they don't need to be new.
Randy L. Emfinger Can anybody please help me? The wires were pulled off the solinoid on my 330 diesel by neighborhood pranksters along with other uncalled for vandalism. Would someone please look at their mower and give me the color order from left to right to recconect my wiring so I don't do serious damage hooking wires up wrong?
Dave Durham I have a 300 J.D that has been sitting for a year. It runs well, but since getting started again, the hydraulic system doesn't want to work. The book I have says nothing about the system. Can anyone give me some suggestions on where to start.

Dave Durham
P.S. Love the tractor, have had it for five years.

Larry Brown I need help with my kill switch, cables, and throttle linkage route on my 330 John Deere Diesel mower. Also can help on steering box, how it comes off. Please send information if anyone has pictures of routing on cables and electrical. I have completely overhauled engine. I forgot where all the wires went. Thanks. Larry
kenny Im glad to see everyone is going with the value of the 330. I recently bought one for 900. It runs perfect and came with the front blade. The guy was generous enough to throw in a 318 complete with everything except engine for parts... what a nice guy. I add it to my collection of a 66 110 and a 69 435 diesel. These tractors are used daily (weekly for the 110) and I could not ask for a cooler collection.
Jason Wells I am trying to replace the belt that drives the blades on my 330 I cant seem to get the tensioner pulley on the front to adjust enough upward? to get the belt to fit. What am I missing Any help is appreciated.
Mario Macak I bought a John Deere 330 Combine harvester. It was manufactured in early 1970's. Engine has 44 HP but there is problem in telling how many CCM it has. I cant register it here until i get that info so i will be grateful if someone can tell me that info.
Here is some info about JD same as mine if it will help.
Thx in advance.

casey I have a 330 john deere with 730 hours on it for sale. Always garaged, has 46" mower deck, 46" snowblower, and john deere factory hard cab. Also, paint is good. How much should I be asking for it? Thanks, Casey
Deric I am helping a friend clean out a garage and they have a 332 John Deere garden tractor that I was wondeing what it is worth. They want to sell it and it hadn't ran in 4-5 years but after pumping up the tires installing a new battery and washing it, it runs and looks like a new one. It has about 725 hours on it with a 46" deck. I beleive it to be a early 90's model. Help would be appreciated.
Steve I have a JD 330 1987 vintage. It was only made for 1 year 86-87. Mine has a 46" bed. Like you I need help with the belts. I need the part number of the primary drive belt. JD say go to the dealer but dealy prices are stupid and I know same quality belts are available at less than half the cost from the JD dealers. Does any body know the JD part number?
I can help with the belt fitting, which belt is it?
Steve C

Dale Shipley Dave Check your hydro release tabs. I have had one stuck down and part or all of the hydro's dont work. pull of your fender deck and see if they move up and down. They should come up when you start the engine, if working right
Craig I'm thinking about buying a JD330 from a friend and have used it a couple of times. It has less than 300 hours on it. Mostly good shape. When I try to accelerate I find that it starts slowly and then all of a sudden lurches forward and then goes fast. Up hills are a problem too. Sometimes it just stops and I have to "floor" it to get it moving. Once at the top of the hill it takes off like a bat out of hell. Any suggestions? Thanks, Craig
Joe I'm looking at a jd 330 with a 50" mowing deck has 1400 hrs on it great looking machine how much do u all think it would be worth. it has a 3 point hitch, wheel weights, front grille guard, and suitcase weights. would i have any trouble with it having the 1400 hrs
Re: John Deere 330 Garden Tractor

I have a 330 also and I love the thing also---Has the best sounding engine I've ever heard in a L&G Tractor I do think. I also have a 455 and I Love it too---Wish it sounded like the 330 running tho.

To paint one at a Good Body shop for $500.00 I don't think is bad really--There is lot more to it then you think to get it ready to paint and to paint it good too. Maybe do some of the work yourself on it getting it ready to paint --Save you some $$


Love My Old Deere

Don W. We bought our 330 for $100.00...had it running after fueling, rewiring, and a new battery... Then a trip to the dealer who rebuilt the deck, belts, bearings, and blades...we love the of 5 Deers we have... used weekly!!
Joe hey guys i was wondering where i could get a rear blad eto fit my 330? I'm having trouble cant find one anywhere.
Joe I have a 330 that has excellent paint, great engine, but leaks trans fluid, 1580hrs on the meter. north of Detroit what is it worth with a 50 in deck.
tim overly I bought a 330 at a auction for 1100 restored it 550 in paint me taking all parts off and sandblasted mower deck to bare metal primed and painted all new blades changed all filters repaced most decals plus other parts have over 2500.00 into. Can anyone tell me what it might be worth looks and runs like new nice machine.
Caleb My John Deere 330 has throttle issues. The throttle lever on the dash will not stay where I place it. It will always fall down to a near idle. Any solutions?
Tom My JD 332 (Yanmar Diesel), wiring harness melted and JD dealers cannot order them since they are no longer manufactured. Does anyone know where I can get one or find a used one to fit? The tractor runs well and I hate to get rid of it because of a wiring harness.

Lorraine McGuire I need a diagram for the deck belts...the one that attaches to the tension pulleys broke. I don't have a clue how to put it back on. I am not good at reading directions that is why I need a diagram...thanks ..!!!
Jimbo McGork Gentlemen...I have a John Deere 330 which was running beautifully untill it suddenly began to put out a total clatter from the valve train. I stopped the engine and popped the cap to the vlve cover and the train was quite dry. Broken pump or a clogged oil line or what? Any ideas? This Yanmar is a beautiful engine with 600 hours on it.
Ed Trudeau I have a 1986 330D soft sided cab that has been sitting in my barn since new and now I want to install it on my rebuilt tractor but can not find a manual or any pictures to help. Can anyone help me with pictures or better yet a manual? Thanks Ed

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