Jon deere 212 transaxle noise

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Jon deere 212 transaxle noise

rifraf my John Deere 212 has a howl in the transaxle mostly in high gear.where can i get a diagram of this transaxle. better yet are parts available?and ideas or advice would sure help .
Let it howl! Don't mess with it. It's rare when an older 200 series Deere hasn't got a noisy rear-end.
That thing will howl, for probably another decade or two. Don't worry about it. Seriously.


rifraf mine is so noisy that on the road in high gear you cannot hear the motor.and that's ok?
Well, You really shouldn't be running it on the road, in 4th gear with the variator all the way out. If at all possible the machine should be trailered. It was never meant to travel at top speeds.

I just assumed you meant while mowing at a normal speed.

Like I say, most 1970's and 80's 200 series Deeres have loud rear-ends. Very common, and usually not a serious concern. However, your situation may be a bit extreme.

The problem with "repairing" that transaxle is that it's not a "do it yourself" type of thing. That transaxle is pretty complicated, and any attempt to open it up can get a novice in over their head, fast.

Taking it to a dealer is cost prohibitive, to say the least, if they'ed even want or know how to work on a "legacy" machine. Perhaps you can find an experienced "shade tree" JD L&G tractor repair person in your area, but that's not going to be easy either.

Best bet is to look for an inexpensive "parts machine" with a known good rear-end. Swaping them out is within the realm of the competent "do it yourselfer".

In the short run, I'd suggest stop traveling at "high speeds" on the road, with it [the machine was never meant to do that] and change the rear-end gear oil. That's pretty straight forward.

There are two "plugs" easily visible at the "front" of the transaxle. One on top, which is the filler hole and the oil level check hole, and a second plug below that one for draining the fluid. Use a name-brand 85-W-135 gear oil. Fill the rear-end until the oil comes out that top hole. The same hole your using to fill it. You'll need a tube to get the oil in there. Best bet is to look for a tube setup that screws right onto the gear oil jug. Any competent autoparts store clerk should be able to find what you need.

Best of luck.


bontai Joe Mike is right! The 200s tranny and rear axle make some noise in top gear. I don't know why, for sure, but they do. Replace the oil as he suggests with the best quality gear oil you can find, and as long as it doesn't pop out of gear, or make any grinding noises, or loud clicking or shuddering, I'd leave it alone. There is almost 1.8 zillion little parts inside, and unless you have rebuilt a lot of gearboxes, it is not do-it-yourself stuff.
rifraf I changed the oil in the transaxle ,I put in 85w135 like you said and it made a big difference. I puchased this 212 two weeks ago and was told the engine leeking a little oil, well someone had put the reed vale in the breather in wrong and it was blowing oil out of every gasket,so I torethe engine apart put in new valves and had the crank turned .010 undersize then put in a new connecting rod and all new gaskets, now it runs excellent,I was a little worried about the trans but with your help and some of the right oil i have a KEEPER. thanks rifraf
chip The problem I have is that the rear end seems to be locked up. I was mowing and had to place the tractor in reverse, and when I went tro place it back into 2nd gear, it locked up. In trying to move the tractor, one tire moves forward and the other moves backwards.
I have the tractor taken apart to the point that I have removed the shift handle and can see inside the gear box, but can not get anything to move. Should I take the axle to a shade tree mechanic or just try and find a replacement?

larry have a JD 212 ,was plowing snow hear a clunking noise as I was backing up, and its like the transaxle went out, can put it in gear ,but wont move, tried all the gears but wont move, belts in on and the trans axle pully is turning.

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